Recooty Review

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When organizations struggle with tracking job applicants as they move through the hiring process, recruiting software can help. Recooty delivers an easy-to-use interface ideal for small and medium-sized organizations that want to track potential recruits. For small businesses with minimal hiring needs, Recooty offers a robust free version as well, delivering solid performance in all aspects of recruiting. 

Compare Recooty to the Best Recruiting Software

Although Recooty has quite a few helpful features for businesses that need to post jobs and find applicants, its primary strength lies in applicant tracking. This involves reviewing resumes and applications, scheduling interviews, and tracking candidates through the hiring timeline. Some organizations struggle to track applicants in a timely manner, losing candidates to other jobs. Recooty helps avoid this issue and landed it on our top list of recruiting software tools. 

Beyond applicant tracking, Recooty’s overall feature set is versatile enough that we named it as one of the best recruiting software options. To find the best recruiting software, we studied multiple packages. We compared the pros and cons of each one, determining which have the strongest features in certain areas. See all of our top picks.

Recooty: The Good and the Bad

Although Recooty belongs on our list of the best types of job recruiting software, it does have a few drawbacks. Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of this software can help a business determine whether Recooty will fit their specific needs.

The Good

Intuitive Interface Recooty is incredibly easy to use. It allows teams to be up and running with their hiring processes quickly and with very little training required. Some small businesses may be able to post their first job within several minutes of starting to use the software.

Track Candidates Efficiently: Recooty monitors the progress of all candidates for a particular job. This simplifies the process of seeing where each candidate sits in the timeline for hiring. Additionally, organizations can keep a list of candidates for future consideration who didn’t receive the job this time.

Automatic Screening: To speed up the process of going through resumes, Recooty performs a keyword search. It seeks to match up the job applicants’ job requirements, find the strongest applicants, and save time.

Simple Job Posting Process: Posting jobs through Recooty is a simple process. With a single click, hiring coordinators can post the job to several boards at once. Any editing changes to the main job listing automatically show up in the other listings, further saving time.

Reasonable Pricing: Compared to other recruiting software packages, Recooty costs less. Its free tier has strong features for small businesses, while its pay tiers are reasonably priced versus competitors.

Streamline Interviews: Setting up and scheduling interviews is a challenging and often time-consuming part of hiring. Recooty helps automate the interview process, sending emails to candidates about the interview schedule. It also tracks all scheduled interviews, allowing the organization to avoid double-booking interviews.

The Bad

User Limits: For those subscribing to the Basic or Pro tiers of Recooty, only one person can use the software. This is a highly restrictive limit on the number of users. It won’t work well for a company that needs to have multiple people involved in the hiring process.

Lack of Advanced Features: Recooty will not provide the high-end features that large businesses may need for the hiring process. It doesn’t contain an internal communications option to discuss candidates and save messages, for example. Its features are better for SMBs.

Limited Customization Features: For organizations that need to change the software’s hiring pipeline steps to fit a particular requirement, Recooty doesn’t allow this option. 

Recooty Pricing and Options

Recooty is a cloud-based software. It offers two paid tiers, along with a completely free tier. A 15-day free trial period is available for the premium tiers, which is great for potential buyers unsure of its features.

Recooty also offers a customized tier for those who need more features than are available in the three standard levels. Customers will have to contact Recooty for a price quote for this bespoke tier.

Basic Free Plan

The Basic tier is entirely free to use and there’s no free trial period.

Only one person may be part of the Recooty account in the Basic tier. But users can have up to three active job posts at a time.

In this tier, a small organization can build a branded careers page on its website. It provides a professional-looking job posting landing page that can make a small organization seem larger.

Users of the Basic tier will receive applicant tracking features and the ability to share job postings from Recooty through the organization’s social media accounts.

Small businesses with limited hiring needs and with one person in charge of posting jobs and tracking applicants will be able to use the Basic tier well. 

Pro Plan

The Pro pricing tier is available for a single person in the organization to use. It costs $29 per month when billed monthly and $24.92 per month when billed annually ($299 total per year). Pro subscribers receive everything in the Basic tier along with a few additional features.

Organizations can have 10 active job posts at a time with the Pro plan. Organizations will be able to post their open positions to multiple job boards simultaneously, which saves time. After narrowing the list of candidates, Pro subscribers get help scheduling interviews from Recooty.

Recooty also offers priority customer support to Pro plan subscribers.

The Pro tier works best for small and medium-sized businesses with one main person handling job postings and recruitment.

Ultra Plan

With the Ultra pricing tier, subscribers will pay $49 per month when billed monthly and $41.58 per month when billed annually ($499 total per year). Ultra subscribers will receive all features found in the Pro plan, along with additional features.

With the Ultra tier, up to 25 team members can use Recooty, and they can work out of different locations. This is the highest number of users Recooty currently offers.

Ultra subscribers can also have up to 25 active job postings at a time. Under the Ultra plan, users can perform multiple import and export functions to create valuable reports.

Recooty Ultra is an ideal option for medium-sized organizations with several people managing job postings, recruitment, and hiring. 

Recooty Applicant Tracking System

During our research of the best recruiting software tools on the market, we found that Recooty’s applicant tracking system (ATS) is one of the best available. An ATS helps an organization migrate its hiring work from a manual approach into a more streamlined digital process.

The ATS helps with recruitment by filtering job applicants and finding those who best fit the job posting criteria. It helps with organizing the applicant pool. It gives the hiring personnel a single platform to track every aspect of the hiring process.

By streamlining the process of finding the best candidates, Recooty’s ATS saves businesses quite a bit of time.

As a general rule, large companies are the most frequent users of applicant tracking systems in the hiring process. Recooty brings the basic features of an ATS to the reach of small and medium businesses, all in a cost-efficient manner. 

Recooty Branded Career Page

When an organization wants to make a great first impression on potential job candidates, having a sharp-looking website is a good starting point. The organization’s website is often the first thing an applicant will look at when considering a position.

Recooty helps you create a career page on your website that showcases your organization’s branding and point of view. When potential applicants visit your website to search for jobs, they see a well-designed page.

Should a potential applicant not find any desirable job openings on the career page, Recooty includes a link that allows the applicant to submit a resume anyway. If desired, the recruiting coordinator for the organization can then add the applicant’s information to the Talent Pool (which we’ll discuss later) to consider them for potential job openings in the future.

In addition to listing the job openings, Recooty’s career page can include a profile of the organization and stories of current employees. Job candidates can use this information to envision themselves as part of the organization.

When creating Recooty’s branded career page, organizations will receive a variety of benefits, including:

  • Not needing knowledge of coding 
  • Creating a career page in several minutes
  • Free hosting through Recooty

Recooty Job Posting Features

Posting jobs is a challenging part of the hiring process. It can take quite a bit of time to post jobs effectively on multiple websites and job boards.

It’s also a vital part of the hiring process. If great applicants can’t find an open position, the organization will have fewer candidates than it should have.

Using Recooty, an organization can post jobs to several boards at the same time. Recooty offers access to a mixture of paid and free job boards, including:

  • Careerjet
  • DrJobs
  • Facebook
  • Google for Jobs
  • Indeed
  • JobisJob
  • JobInventory
  • Jora
  • Monster
  • ZipRecruiter

Recooty can also put postings on specific local job boards.

Social Media Recruiting Campaigns

Recooty also helps an organization advertise the job openings on its social media accounts. Should the organization want to run a social media campaign to recruit candidates for a particular job opening, Recooty can handle this process.

While posting to job boards, Recooty also adds the latest information on each job to the career page on the organization’s website. Using Recooty keeps all of the information about current job openings up to date.

Setting Up Specific Job Locations

For an organization with multiple locations, it’s important that any job postings specify the location. Some applicants may only be looking for local jobs, so the job’s location is a crucial piece of information in finding the right candidate.

Recooty allows organizations to set up each of their potential job locations in the software as part of the group’s settings. Some of the information Recooty will store for each office location includes:

  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code

When posting a job for a specific location, just select the saved location from the settings to streamline the process. This ensures that the location information for the job will be accurate. The information will be consistent from one job posting to another as well.

Recooty Candidate Management Features

As job candidates apply for an open position, the number of applicants may become overwhelming quickly. If only one person handles the applicant search for an SMB, having several dozen or even one hundred resumes to sort through can be a significant challenge. 

Determining at a glance where each candidate sits in the application process can be equally challenging.

Recooty uses its ATS to automatically search through resumes for experience and skills that match the requirements for a particular job. The software then shortlists those candidates, giving the hiring coordinator a headstart on finding the right applicant. 

Additionally, Recooty lets the hiring coordinator see where candidates stand on the hiring timeline. The administrator can see which candidates are ready for an interview and who still need to complete any prerequisites. 

Recooty Interview Features

Some hiring coordinators may need help with the interview process. Asking the right questions and helping job candidates feel more comfortable are important skills. Recooty helps to develop interviewing skills while also handling setting up the interviews.

From within the candidate’s profile, click the Schedule Interview button. Pick the desired date, time, and location, and Recooty will email the candidate with the information.

When candidates agree to the interview, Recooty updates this information in the software. The hiring coordinator can see a list of all scheduled interviews at any time through Recooty. This ensures there’s no overlapping of interview times and dates.

Recooty Talent Pool Features

For some job openings, the organization may end up with several great candidates. Unfortunately, when the organization has only one job opening, those extra candidates cannot join the organization.

With Recooty, organizations can save the resumes and details regarding those extra candidates in the Talent Pool section of the software. 

Should the organization have additional job openings soon, the hiring coordinator can access the Talent Pool and find previous candidates. The coordinator can reach out to those candidates to see if they might still be interested in joining the organization.

The process of posting a job opening, sorting through resumes, and conducting interviews with multiple candidates can be time-consuming and costly. By having ready-made candidates available in the Talent Pool, the organization may be able to fill those jobs faster and at a lower overall cost.

Organizations can manually add people to the Talent Pool or pull the information from currently submitted resumes for other jobs.

How Recooty Ranks

For those SMBs seeking a versatile option in recruiting software, Recooty is well worth considering. Recooty is extremely easy to use, yet it has quite a few advanced features to recruit and track applicants. 

Recooty helps with the entire process of finding applicants for job openings from beginning to end. Organizations that need help with posting jobs, accepting applicants, shortlisting candidates, and interviewing candidates can count on Recooty.

Small businesses can use Recooty to create a career page on their website that features its branding. This gives the company the ability to seem more extensive, which will impress candidates.

Those who subscribe to Recooty will have a limit of one person using the software unless they subscribe to the Ultra pricing tier. This strict limit can be problematic for businesses that need multiple people to aid in the hiring process. 

Additionally, Recooty doesn’t offer a complete human resources software suite. Some companies prefer having their recruiting software integrated into their HR software.

However, Recooty’s drawbacks will be minimal for those businesses that need a robust applicant tracking system. Recooty’s ATS ranks near the top of the charts versus other recruiting software packages.

When we researched the best recruiting software, we selected Recooty and six others as our top picks. They include:

  1. Zoho Recruit – Best software for recruiters
  2. JazzHR – Best for syncing recruiting with your software
  3. Workable – Best recruiting software for occasional hiring
  4. Freshteam – Best for most
  5. Ascendify – Best recruiting software for enterprises
  6. Recruiterflow – Best for staffing and recruitment agencies
  7. Recooty – Best applicant tracking system (ATS)


Digitizing and automating parts of the employee recruiting process can be challenging for small businesses. They may lack the personnel to create and run an in-house software package. Recooty is a solid choice to simplify this process. Recooty offers end-to-end job posting and candidate hiring functions, all in an easy-to-use package.

Recooty doesn’t have the feature list to deliver the desired results for huge organizations that need to hire dozens of people per month. But it will give smaller organizations the ability to make the hiring process run smoothly, giving job applicants a strong first impression.

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