Greenhouse Review

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Greenhouse is a leading applicant tracking and recruitment management solution that helps organizations find, qualify, and hire the right candidates for any position.

It is among the top collaborative hiring solutions, allowing you to involve all the relevant stakeholders of your organization in the hiring process and providing you with all of the tools to make better hiring decisions.

But with so many different applicant tracking software in the market, is Greenhouse the right fit for your business?

We’ll answer this question in this detailed Greenhouse review.

Let’s get started.

Comparing Greenhouse to The Best Applicant Tracking Software

There’s a lot to like about Greenhouse since it’s a complete recruitment and onboarding solution for small, mid-sized, and even enterprise-grade companies. It is among our top picks for the best applicant tracking systems (ATS) because of its well-rounded features that allow companies of all sizes to scale their hiring process. 

Greenhouse stands out with its modern and easy-to-use applicant tracking and onboarding features compared to other top HR solutions. We researched some of the leading applicant tracking software and found that Greenhouse was among the best solutions available. However, several other recruitment and onboarding solutions also made our list of the best applicant tracking software. So, if Greenhouse isn’t exactly the solution you’re looking for, see all of our top picks here and why they each made the list.

Greenhouse: The Good and The Bad

Greenhouse is packed with impressive applicant tracking and onboarding features that significantly reduce hiring errors and simplify your hunt for the best candidates. However, like any other product, Greenhouse has some weaknesses as well.

Greenhouse provides you the tools and features to help you find suitable candidates with the right technical know-how, job experience, and personality traits that match your organization’s culture.

It helps you make a strong impression on your candidates by pricing them a memorable recruitment experience through branded careers pages, focused interviews, and automated email follow-ups.

Despite all this, Greenhouse has a bit of a learning curve, lacks robust reporting and analytics, and has just average customer support.

Let’s explore more of the pros and cons of Greenhouse in the following sections. 

The Good 

Facilitates Structured Hiring: Greenhouse makes your recruitment process more transparent, consistent, and fair with structure hiring, which defines a successful candidate’s role, requirements, experience, and attributes before a job is open. It describes the criteria for every hiring position and ensures that you evaluate candidates based on data and numbers instead of the immediate impression of the hiring manager. 

It also ensures that every job opening is generated because of a clear organizational need. It aligns every new role with your company’s goals. The structured hiring approach ultimately improves the overall recruitment process of your organization by providing a credible interview process to your candidates and transparent evaluation tools such as candidate scorecards to the hiring managers.

Offers A World-Class Candidate Experience: The candidate’s experience in your recruitment process plays a crucial role in attracting the best talent and converting them into employees. Greenhouse offers several candidate experience tools that help you create a strong impression on your job applicants. It starts with a custom branded job board and careers page on your company website that shares the details of all the open positions and gives your candidates an inside view of your company culture.

Once a candidate applies to a job, they’re sent pre-designed branded emails from your company’s official email address. The candidates are updated on the interview schedule via email, and reminders are sent to everyone involved in the hiring process to ensure they come prepared for the interview.

Simplifies Inclusive Hiring: Maintaining workforce diversity is among the biggest challenges for modern-day businesses. However, with Greenhouse, it becomes your company’s biggest opportunity.

Greenhouse provides tools to facilitate inclusive hiring that ensures your workforce has the best talent regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, and any other background factor. It shares recruitment tips with your hiring managers to reduce any potential for bias. Plus, it offers valuable tools such as “Say my name,” which candidates can use to record the correct pronunciation of their names.

Similarly, it offers a transparent candidate evaluation process that ensures the best candidates make it to the top by requiring the hiring managers to break down their feedback and reasons for accepting or rejecting a candidate.

Customizable Recruitment Process: Greenhouse allows users the flexibility to customize their entire recruiting process and pipeline for various roles. With over 360 integrations, you can really make Greenhouse fit your specific needs when hiring and how you approach recruiting. This includes custom workflows, customizable fields, profile tracking, scheduling assistance, and excellent pipeline visibility. 

Excellent Onboarding Features: Once you hire an employee, Greenhouse provides you the perfect solution to create a memorable onboarding experience that allows your new hires to get familiar with their immediate team members, managers, and other relevant stakeholders across the company. Some of the onboarding features include a personalized welcome experience, automated tasks, an organized resource hub, team member introductions, and customized email workflows for offer letters, paperwork, and next steps. You can have a structured onboarding process and even gather feedback from newly-hired employees on the process to continue making improvements. 

Numerous Third-Party App Integrations: Third-party integrations play a critical role in helping you expand the benefits of an applicant tracking system and getting more out of it. Greenhouse integrates with more than 360 different HR, sourcing, recruitment, productivity, and scheduling apps.  

Users rave about the many options for integrations, including job distribution apps like Join and Seek, almost 30 different screening tools, and video apps like Zoom. You can explore their app gallery or browse the various app categories to find the apps you need.

Easy-To-Use: Greenhouse comes with an intuitive user interface that clearly lists all the primary features and tools. Users also get an account dashboard that gives them a snapshot of their hiring and onboarding pipeline. In addition, every component comes with small snippets of helpful content to guide users. Overall, you won’t have any problems using Greenhouse, even if you’re a first-time user.

Handy Mobile App: The Greenhouse mobile app is available on iOS and Android and is available for all users, no matter what subscription tier you purchase. From the mobile app, you can review all applications, go through the interview kits, see candidate profiles, fill out candidate scorecards, manage offers, and see all open positions.

The Bad

Problems With Candidate Management: Greenhouse offers excellent applicant tracking and onboarding features. But some of its more minor candidate management features hurt the overall user experience. For example, there’s no option to add candidate notes, which hinders collaboration. In addition, the text box you get in the profile section doesn’t have a text formatting option which means you can’t create bullets, bold, italic, etc. Similarly, searching for similar candidates based on resumes is quite complex.

Not Easy to Implement: As with any tool, it can take time to implement and deploy a full-service solution like Greenhouse. While the company does offer a knowledge base and training videos, there is no option for live training, even via video. This is true for updates, too. Greenhouse is a great tool most users do recommend to others, but it is not as intuitive as some other similar tools on the market. Once the tool is implemented, however, users praise its easy-to-use and attractive interface.

Lack of Robust Reporting: Greenhouse offers over 40 pre-designed reports that provide insights into the most frequently analyzed hiring metrics and a report builder to create custom reports. However, users report that the reporting features feel clunky and are not customizable enough. Greenhouse does not have the depth of reporting and analytics features that some other full-service HR software offers. It also lacks some executive-level and company-view reporting options. Some reporting exists, but it is not as robust as one would like to see with this type of tool.

Average Customer Support: Greenhouse offers excellent help content for every feature in their knowledge base. However, their in-person support has room for improvement. On various review sites, users have frequently mentioned the slow or lack of response from the support teams.

Greenhouse Pricing and Options

Now that we’ve analyzed some of Greenhouse’s main pros and cons, let’s evaluate its pricing and plans.

Greenhouse offers separate plans for its recruitment and onboarding services. Each service comes with three pricing tiers based on an organization’s size.

There’s no free trial or free plan for any Greenhouse services, though you can view a live demo.

Let’s explore each service and its plans one by one.

Greenhouse Recruitment

Greenhouse Recruitment offers three separate pricing plans for various businesses and end-users.

Here’s what each plan offers:

Greenhouse Essential, its entry plan, offers all the core recruitment features such as applicant tracking, structured hiring, collaborative hiring, multi-channel sourcing, and several other valuable features. It also offers diversity and inclusive hiring features along with several security and compliance features. The Essential plan is ideal for small organizations with limited recruitment needs.

The Advanced plan comes with all the Essential plan features and several advanced features such as custom reports, CRM Essential + 10 events, scalable workforce, etc. This plan is an excellent choice for organizations with fast-growing recruitment needs.

The Expert plan is designed for large organizations and enterprise companies with numerous functions, large hierarchies, and distributed teams. It offers all the features in the previous two plans and unlimited CRM events, more collaborative hiring features, advanced customization, etc.

How much does Greenhouse cost? Unfortunately, Greenhouse does not publicly list its prices, but the pricing is based on your organization size. To get an exact quote, you need to schedule a call with their sales team. 

Greenhouse Onboarding

Greenhouse onboarding solution comes with two plan options.

Like Greenhouse Recruitment, there’s no free plan or free trial. But you can schedule a free product demo if you’re interested in becoming a customer.

Here’s what the premium onboarding plans offer:

Greenhouse Welcome, the entry-level onboarding plan, offers integration with Greenhouse  Recruitment. You also get Welcome experience features that include a series of welcome content pages that introduce new employees to their manager and share a high-level introduction of your organization.

Greenhouse Onboarding includes all the Welcome features plus document signatures, contracts, and several advanced integrations.

Like Greenhouse Recruitment, the onboarding plan pricing is also not publicly available. You’ll need to schedule a call with their sales team to get a precise quote.

Let’s now analyze the core features you get with Greenhouse.

Greenhouse Applicant Tracking & Recruitment Features

Greenhouse is known for its top-notch recruitment and applicant tracking software. It offers a complete hiring solution covering all aspects of the recruitment process, from candidate sourcing and evaluation to interview and finalization.

It offers high-quality collaborative hiring features that allow you to involve all the relevant stakeholders in the hiring process. For example, you can use its collaboration platform to share candidate profiles with other team members, seek their feedback, tag them in conversations, and ask them to rate various profiles for further processing.

You can also develop a candidate referral program to encourage your employee to refer suitable candidates. There’s also an option to instantly post job openings to all the top job sites and platforms to save your time.

Greenhouse also allows you to develop a transparent and credible hiring process by helping you build candidate scorecards for various skills and attributes. These scorecards are fully customizable and will enable you to seek your hiring team’s feedback on the tangible skills of a candidate instead of any potential personal bias.

You also get comprehensive candidate experience features such as branded career websites, pre-interview emails and notifications, automated reminders, and many more.

Overall, Greenhouse Recruitment empowers you to create highly scalable recruitment processes designed to hunt and hire the best available talent.

Greenhouse Onboarding Features

A memorable employee onboarding experience goes a long way in helping your new hires succeed in their job roles and retaining them for the long term.

Greenhouse onboarding features offer customized welcome content for your new hires through beautifully designed web pages and emails.

This content introduces your hires to their team members and helps them understand the organization’s core objectives. Similarly, the onboarding process simplifies the documentation and contract signing phase by sending all the required documents to the relevant stakeholders for e-signatures.

Greenhouse offers a collaborative onboarding process that ensures that all the stakeholders involved in the employee orientation phase are fully on board and provide a memorable welcome experience to your new hires.

How Greenhouse Ranks 

As we’ve shown you in this detailed review, Greenhouse offers all the core recruitment and onboarding features along with several advanced solutions for growing companies.

When compared with other top applicant tracking software, Greenhouse stands out because of its scalability, collaborative hiring features, an intuitive user interface.

This is why Greenhouse is among our featured picks for the best applicant tracking software. However, our list has several other excellent options designed for various types of businesses.


Overall, Greenhouse simplifies the hiring process and helps you find the ideal candidate for different technical and non-technical positions with its excellent applicant tracking features and ensures that employees stay with your company for the long run by providing them a memorable onboarding experience.

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