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Disclosure: This content is reader-supported, which means if you click on some of our links that we may earn a commission.

Ever wondered how someone in your office slipped through the cracks and got hired? It was because of poor recruitment. We’re going to show you how to avoid that happening in your business. We searched high and low for the best options available and figured out Jobvite works best for most. They have the easiest interface for improving your recruitment, interviewing, and hiring processes. And that’s not even close to the best part about using them.

The Best Applicant Tracking Software for Most



Best For Most

Use Jobvite to find top-level talent while lowering your candidate acquisition costs. Streamline the hiring process with automations, candidate screening, and digital offer letters.

Human resource departments needs to manage hiring and recruitment at scale. So you can understand why applicant tracking software is so useful.

Jobvite is packed with resources to recognize the best candidates for your business. The cost of recruitment—and failing to secure top talent—are higher than ever, so having Jobvite in your corner makes it easier to bolster your team with talented individuals.

The Best Applicant Tracking Software Options to Consider:

  1. Jobvite – Best for most
  2. Greenhouse – Best for scaling your hiring process
  3. Pinpoint – Best for in-house recruitment teams
  4. SmartRecruiters – Best for enterprise recruiting
  5. Recruiterbox – Best for collaborative hiring
  6. APS – Best for simple onboarding

When it Makes Sense to Invest Into Applicant Tracking Software

Applicant tracking is for any business that must improve its hiring process. The software is extremely versatile and can be used in a wide range of potential departments.

More often than not, HR departments or whoever manages the hiring process will be using ATS software the most. However, the software is also popular for third-party recruiting agencies and staffing firms.

The software is perfect for larger organizations that hire frequently. If your company is expanding or you have lots of employee churn, ATS software can help in both scenarios. 

Some small businesses can benefit from applicant tracking software as well. However, it’s less common for smaller organizations. ATS software is really made for businesses that hire frequently or at scale. If you just hire one or two new people per year, you probably won’t need ATS software to manage this process. 

#1 – Jobvite — The Best For Most



Best For Most

Use Jobvite to find top-level talent while lowering your candidate acquisition costs. Streamline the hiring process with automations, candidate screening, and digital offer letters.

Jobvite gives you a complete product suite for end-to-end talent acquisition. Grab the best talent for your business effortlessly. Everything you need is wrapped up in one simple-to-use dashboard.

The platform has received recognition and rewards across a wide range of categories, including recruitment marketing, video interviewing, onboarding, candidate relationship marketing, and more. 

The mastery of these categories is what solidified our recommendation as best for most businesses.

They also have ATS solutions for various business sizes from emerging markets to mid-market and enterprise.

And according to the Jobvite website, this ATS software can help reduce your candidate acquisition costs by up to 30%.

Think this through for a second. Imagine being able to add an extra 30% into improving other processes. Can you see the massive increase in productivity that will provide?

The software is designed to help you fill open positions quicker with top-level talent.

You can streamline your entire hiring process efficiently with built-in automations, candidate screening, and everything else you need to make better decision making. 

In addition to the traditional application tracking features that you’d expect, Jobvite also has tools and benefits like:

  • Employee referrals
  • Job invitations through 300+ networks
  • Branded career sites
  • Custom requisition workflows
  • Candidate communication tracking
  • Candidate engagement scoring
  • Interview kits
  • Custom evaluation forms
  • Smart interview scheduling (with automation)

All of these features can be managed directly from the Jobvite mobile app. 

Once you find the ideal candidate for an open position, you can use the software to send them an offer as well. Jobvite seamlessly integrates with DocuSign, so you can secure your candidates as quickly as possible. 

Jobvite also has a wide range of tools and resources for things like employee onboarding, video screening, reporting and analytics, diversity and inclusion, text recruiting, and more. 

No matter your business size or tenure doing business, you will definitely benefit from this robust ATS solution and is our main recommendation for most businesses. Request a free Jobvite demo to get started

#2 – Greenhouse — The Best For Scaling Your Hiring Process



Best For Scalability

Complete solution for recruiting and onboarding. The Greenhouse ATS will improve your hiring process while making it easier to manage relationships with candidates over time.

Greenhouse is built to optimize the hiring process for businesses of all sizes. They have solutions for small businesses, mid-size organizations, and enterprises alike.

In addition to recruiting, Greenhouse’s software also supports the employee onboarding process.

The software is extremely versatile. It’s the perfect solution for growing businesses that need to scale their hiring process. With Greenhouse, you’re able to do things like:

  • Improve your overall hiring experience for candidates and hiring managers
  • Implement a fair and equitable hiring process
  • Source and nurture top-level talent
  • Leverage data and reporting for continuous improvement
  • Empower stakeholders
  • Track candidate relationships over time

Greenhouse is great for organizations with hiring teams. The ATS has built-in communication tools so your team can communicate with each other for shared application reviews, offer approvals, and more. 

Another top benefit of Greenhouse is its candidate scorecards. This makes it easy for your team to evaluate different skills and qualifications of your applicants. 

At the end of the day, prospective candidates will really enjoy the process. You can use Greenhouse to create branded career pages, facilitate emails, and automate surveys to get feedback on the process from new hires and applicants alike. 

If you’re ready to take your hiring process to the next level, Greenhouse will be a top choice for you to consider. For such a robust solution, it’s surprisingly easy to use, even if you’re new ATS software.

There are a few different plans for you to choose from, depending on the features you need. Pricing is not available on the Greenhouse website.

Request a free demo to learn more.

#3 – Pinpoint — Best For In-House Recruitment Teams



Best For In-House Recruiting

Take control of your hiring process without using a third-party agency. Post open positions to 1,450+ job boards, schedule interviews, conduct video interviews, and retain top-level talent.

Lots of the best ATS software on the market today is built for staffing agencies and recruiting firms. But Pinpoint stands out from the crowd, as it’s specifically designed for in-house recruitment.

This talent acquisition software allows businesses of all sizes to take total control of their hiring process.

In addition to attracting new candidates and managing the hiring process, Pinpoint also has tools to help you retain your talent. You’ll be able to set new hires up for success by providing them with a personalized and engaging onboarding experience. 

Some of the top features, benefits, and highlights of using Pinpoint for applicant tracking include:

  • 1,450+ free and premium job boards
  • Employee referrals
  • Recruitment advertising
  • Online applications
  • Branded career site
  • Multilingual support
  • Job requisition management
  • Candidate profiles and talent pools
  • Interview scheduling
  • Video interviews
  • Candidate communication management
  • Candidate scorecards
  • Offer management
  • Team collaboration tools

The list goes on and on. This is one of the most feature-rich solutions on our list, and it’s super easy to use. You’ll also benefit from automated recruiting workflows and powerful reporting analytics. 

There are two Pinpoint plans to choose from—Growth and Enterprise. The Growth plan supports 20 active jobs, and Enterprise supports unlimited jobs. 

Pinpoint pricing is not available online. Request a demo to get started.  

#4 – SmartRecruiters — Best For Enterprise Recruiting



Best for Enterprise Recruiting

ATS software made for organizations hiring 10+ roles simultaneously. Post open positions on 200+ job boards and leverage automations to acquire new talent.

SmartRecuriters is an enterprise-grade ATS software. It’s trusted by well-known names like Visa, Skechers, Equinox, and LinkedIn.

The software has everything you need to source top-level talent while streamlining your hiring capabilities. SmartRecuriters is built for the modern workforce.

The entire SmartRecuriters platform can be broken down into three categories—attract, select, and hire.

SmartRecuriters makes it easy for you to post open positions on a wide range of networks and 200+ job sites. The software supports social referrals, field recruiting, direct sourcing, ads, and has an employer branded career website as well.

In addition to applicant tracking, SmartRecuriters has screening assessments, candidate search, interview scheduling, smart workflows, a central messaging system, and automations to manage everything.

Once you’ve chosen a qualified candidate, you can choose a hiring plan and send them an offer letter. The software supports reference checking, e-signature, background screening, and more. 

The core ATS solution from SmartRecuriters is called SmartRecurit. But you can add-on other tools like SmartCRM, SmartAssistant, SmartGlobal, and SmartMessage, depending on what features your business is looking for. 

As an enterprise-grade tool, SmartRecuriters is built for companies hiring for 10+ positions simultaneously. It’s also a popular choice for hiring agencies. 

Pricing is not available online. Request a free demo and contact the SmartRecruiters sales team for a custom quote based on your business size. 

#5 – Recruiterbox — The Best For Collaborative Hiring



Best For Collaborative Hiring

Recruiting and ATS software with built-in team tools. Unlimited job postings, unlimited collaborators, and custom workflows.

Recruiterbox is quickly becoming one of the most popular applicant tracking software options on the market today. 

The software has facilitated more than 1+ million interviews. Over 5,000 applicants are hired every month through Recruiterbox.

The software makes it easy for you to attract candidates with job boards, employee referrals, and recruitment agencies. You’ll also benefit from other collaborative hiring tools, all built-in to the ATS system. Recruiterbox provides a centralized location for your team to add comments, ratings, and provide feedback on candidates. No more bouncing back and forth between emails, spreadsheets, and other third-party platforms. 

Use Recruiterbox to automate interview workflows and evaluation templates. 

In addition to applicant tracking, Recruiterbox has automation tools, candidate screening tools, and scalable candidate sourcing. All plans come with unlimited job openings, customizable workflows, and unlimited collaborators. 

Request a live demo of Recruiterbox to get started.

#6 – APS — The Best For Simple Onboarding



Best For Simple Onboarding

All-in-one HR software with features for applicant tracking, payroll, employee self-service, benefits administration, and more. Onboarding new employees is easy with tools like e-sign, checklists, and automated file storage.

APS is an all-in-one solution for workforce management and human resources. This award-winning software comes standard with tools for recruiting and onboarding as well.

For those of you who want an easy way to onboard candidates through your HR software, APS will be a top choice for you to consider.

Applicant tracking is just one of the many features offered by APS. As a complete HR tool, APS comes with features like benefits administration, performance management, attendance and scheduling, Payroll, employee self-service tools, and more.

The software is a popular choice for small businesses. APS has industry-specific solutions in categories like:

  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Nonprofit
  • Financial services
  • Wholesale
  • Restaurants
  • Education
  • Religious organizations
  • Oil and Gas

Once you’ve narrowed down the best candidates with the APS applicant tracking system, onboarding new employees is a breeze. You can create checklists for managers and employees alike to ensure everyone has what they need to proceed. All documents can be e-signed and everything is automatically stored in the employee records files.

APS is ideal for businesses with 25 to 100 employees. Request a demo to learn more. 

Methodology For Choosing The Best Applicant Tracking Software

Finding the best ATS software for your business can be challenging if you don’t know what to look for. We’ve identified the features that must be taken into consideration as you’re shopping around for different solutions. 


The first thing you need to do is assess your hiring needs. How many people do you hire per year? How many active job postings do you typically have simultaneously?

Certain solutions are built for hiring at scale, while others are intended for infrequent hiring or small businesses. 

You definitely don’t want to outgrow your ATS software. So if you don’t want restrictions, look for a solution with unlimited open positions. 

Team Collaboration

Today, hiring has become a collaborative process. Between employee referrals, third-party agencies, and more, multiple people tend to have the final say in who gets hired to fill open positions. Then think about the transition from the initial hire to getting that person’s information to HR. 

But with so many people weighing in and involved with the process, it can be tough to keep track of everyone’s thoughts and notes without built-in team tools. 

If you just have one hiring manager who oversees the entire process, then these features won’t be important to you. 


ATS software is supposed to make your life easier. So look for automated features and workflows that streamline the busy work.

I’m referring to things like automated candidate sourcing, interview scheduling, and administering paperwork. 

Doing certain tasks at scale manually can be a huge waste of time. But the best ATS software has automated tools to handle these tasks for you.


Posting jobs and finding qualified candidates is only half of the battle. You ultimately need to fill open positions and retain your new hires. 

Look for ATS software with built-in onboarding tools. Features like offer letters and e-sign make this process easier for everyone involved.

When a new employee enjoys their onboarding experience, it’s less likely that they’ll churn.



Best For Most

Use Jobvite to find top-level talent while lowering your candidate acquisition costs. Streamline the hiring process with automations, candidate screening, and digital offer letters.


What’s the best applicant tracking software? 

With so many great options to consider, naming just one as the best overall isn’t very realistic. But after extensive research and testing, we can confidently recommend the six options in this guide.

Use our methodology and recommended use cases to find the best ATS software for your business and hiring needs. 

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