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The modern workforce prioritizes flexible working options more than ever. Busy parents want to balance parenthood with work, and solopreneurs want to freelance their way to building a business they love. Enter FlexJobs, the job posting site that connects flexible employers to flexible workers. Although its pricing might initially deter you, FlexJobs’ plans hold lots of value for frequent hirers, including detailed reporting and unlimited searches for candidates. 

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Comparing FlexJobs to The Best Job Posting Sites for Employers

FlexJobs suits employers looking for remote or flexible workers, such as job-seekers looking for hybrid remote/on-site roles. Through its detailed screening process, FlexJobs identifies credible employers with flexible opportunities and matches their job postings with workers who want to freelance, work from home, or simply work around their busy personal lives. With that said, if you’re looking solely for on-site, full-time workers, FlexJobs won’t be the right job posting site for your business.

To find the best job posting sites for employers, we researched dozens of sites, compared their pricing and plans, read reviews from real employers, and tested them with trials. See all of our top picks to learn what they offer and determine your best option.

FlexJobs: The Good and The Bad

The Good 

Flexible Plans: Whether you have a few jobs to fulfill in the immediate future or have long-term hiring needs, FlexJobs has a plan that will probably match your recruitment needs. Plans are available in one-month, three-month, and 12-month terms, allowing you to hire for as long as you need to and not pay for a month more than your business requires. 

Unlimited Posts and Searches: No matter your FlexJobs plan, you can access unlimited job postings and searches to help you find the right candidates for your job without limitations. This is in contrast to other job posting sites that limit features on low-tier plans that could influence the efficacy of your hiring process.

ATS Integration: Keep your FlexJobs account connected to your recruiting and hiring workflow by integrating it with your application tracking software (ATS). Simply grab an XML file of your job feed, and FlexJobs will upload it to its system to allow your jobs to post to the site automatically. Doing so can save valuable time, allowing you to spend more time getting suitable candidates for your jobs.

Recruitment Add-Ons: If the features of a regular FlexJobs plan aren’t quite enough for your recruitment needs, set your sights on its add-on features. For instance, your business can enter FlexJobs’ virtual job fairs to connect with candidates on a more personal level and spread awareness of your company. Or, opt for targeted email blasts that put your jobs or company on display for job-seekers who receive FlexJobs emails. 

Detailed Reporting: Get detailed insights about your job postings and company performance via your reporting dashboard. Employers can see how many job-searchers viewed their company, how many people have applied for each job, and view various trends over specific periods to determine whether they should tweak their recruiting strategies. 

Account Pausing: Want to take a break from hiring after filling your current positions? You can take advantage of the savings of an annual plan but still pause your account when needed. FlexJobs allows up to 60 days of pausing without including it as used time, so you can pick up and begin hiring again when you’re ready. Log into your account anytime to see how long you have left on your pause. 

Dedicated Account Support: With FlexJobs, you don’t have to settle for generic customer support. Instead, paying employers get dedicated account support that understands your hiring needs and tailors its assistance accordingly. 

The Bad 

No Free Plan or Trial: Testing a job posting site before paying for it helps determine whether it has the features you want and gives you the expected results. Unfortunately, FlexJobs does not have a free plan or trial for employers. A potential workaround is buying a one-month plan and requesting a refund if it doesn’t work for you, but you must do so within the first seven days of signing up to get your money back.

Not for Conventional Jobs: FlexJobs targets remote and flexible workers, so if those aren’t the kind of candidates you’re looking for, it won’t work for you. Therefore, businesses that want to use FlexJobs for flexibly scheduled jobs but also have positions seeking on-site candidates may also need to use an additional job posting site.

Job Searchers Must Pay: Job-seekers pay to look at a FlexJob’s job details and apply. Plans start at $9.95/week, which can be relatively pricey for people searching for work. Pay-to-search job sites like this could limit your pool of candidates by weeding out potential matches who don’t want to pay.

FlexJobs Pricing and Options

Employers choose between three FlexJobs plans based on how long they want to use the service:

  • 1 Month: $399/month
  • 3 Months: $859/quarter, or about $286/month
  • 1 Year: $2,999/year, or about $250/month
FlexJobs pricing plans

Each plan includes mostly the same features, like unlimited job posting, unlimited searches, dedicated account support, and detailed data reporting. The exception is the annual plan, which offers ATS integration to help you sync your job posts seamlessly to FlexJobs.

The primary difference between plans is price. The one-month plan caters to smaller businesses who might just be looking for one or two spots to fill within the next few weeks, while the annual plan is best for long-term, continuous hiring. 

You’ll save 35% off the price of a monthly plan by choosing the latter option, and the quarterly plan includes a 30% savings.

Because there’s no free trial, companies could benefit from trying the one-month plan to make sure FlexJobs is the right fit. You can always switch to a longer plan after your first month to take advantage of its savings.

Although pricing for employers might seem steep, it’s important to think about value. Unlike other sites that cap how many postings or candidate searches you can have with each plan, FlexJobs allows unlimited of each regardless of your plan. 

The transparent and all-inclusive pricing makes it easy to budget your recruiting needs.

FlexJobs Job Posting

To post a job on FlexJobs, you’ll first need to create your company profile and fill out all required information. FlexJobs vets its companies, so the more details you add about your company, the better your chances of approval.

Once approved, you can begin posting as many jobs as you’d like. Each plan includes unlimited job postings and an easy-to-use dashboard to post jobs.

If you have an annual plan, you’ll have access to ATS integration to have your posts from Workday, Greenhouse, or other ATS platforms sync directly to FlexJobs to broaden your pool of candidates.

Contact your dedicated support team for guidance to get things moving if you encounter any hiccups when posting your jobs. 

FlexJobs also includes various recruitment help articles for employers to make the most of the hiring process.

FlexJobs Recruitment

In terms of recruitment, FlexJobs provides a lot of perks to employers to get the right candidates to fill positions. 

As an employer, you’ll get unlimited resume searches and—with an annual plan—the ability to submit your job feed from your ATS to automatically sync with FlexJobs for a hands-free job posting experience.

Employers can also create a company profile to act as a hub of brand awareness on FlexJobs. Fill out this profile when you sign up to include a description of your company, your social media links, company testimonials, and other information that job-seekers may find helpful in their job search.

You can also use your profile to tell potential candidates about your mission of flexible working.

Your profile links to the job posts you currently have available, making it easy for searchers to find one that they might qualify for. 

FlexJobs offers employers add-ons to assist their recruiting efforts, including participating in virtual job fairs and hosting webinars with job-seekers to build brand awareness. 

FlexJobs Data Reporting

A somewhat unique feature of FlexJobs for employers is its data reports. 

Recruiters can get detailed reports about their companies and job postings via their FlexJobs dashboard. The reports show things like how many views their company profile received or how many people have applied to each job posting.

Filter out the information you don’t need to create the reports you want. And, choose different periods to narrow the data to the timeframe you want to review to get a more accurate picture of your strategy’s performance.

FlexJobs Dedicated Account Support

FlexJobs has a dedicated support team specifically for employer services. These support specialists are trained to help employers with their recruiting needs, navigate the site and employer dashboard, and get the results they want from their recruitment efforts.

The team can typically respond to any virtual concerns or questions within one business day and is available by web form, snail mail, and phone. 

Overall reviews from recruiters across various review sites praise the customer service team for quick responses and ample help for whatever issues they have.

However, we would prefer to see more flexible support hours available on the employer side. FlexJobs’ current support hours of 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. MT Monday through Friday seem limited for a dedicated support team.

FlexJobs Employer Resources and Discounts

Your FlexJobs membership includes discounts to other companies and services that could aid your recruitment efforts, adding extra value to your subscription fee.

Here’s a look at some of the benefits you’ll receive as a paying member of FlexJobs:

  • Dell: Exclusive Dell discounts for FlexJobs members include free shipping on select computer systems, 30% off select configurations, and a best-price guarantee.
  • WeWork: Get 10% off 12 months of a flexible co-working environment from WeWork. 
  • ZoomShift: ZoomShift is a scheduling and time management tool gifting 50% off your first three months after a 14-day free trial to FlexJobs employers. 
  • Delegate Solutions: This company matches employers to virtual assistants who can take time off their hands. Get an exclusive discount when you sign up as a FlexJobs employer.
  • Blank Slate Technologies: FlexJobs members get 10% off a custom onboarding and training process from Blank Slate Technologies. 
  • Nimble: Get a 14-day free trial of Nimble’s CRM software plus $10 off each license you own on your first month of a business plan. 

FlexJobs Member Upgrades

FlexJobs employers access must-have features for recruiters with any paid plan. 

Still, if you need more, you can always take advantage of the numerous upgrades FlexJobs offers, including premium placement for your jobs to show up at the top of search feeds and virtual job fair access.

Employers can also opt in to get their job posts highlighted in FlexJobs’ social media or email marketing campaigns. 

Or, get support from FlexJobs experts to improve your recruitment process and branding. A specialist can analyze your branding, flexible work mission and implementation, press strategy, and more to help your company attract the best candidates.

How FlexJobs Ranks

FlexJobs is the best job posting site to find remote and flexible workers for your business. Job-seekers come here looking for flexible opportunities, including freelance and part-time jobs. If your company prioritizes scheduling flexibility, FlexJobs is an ideal place to find talent looking for it. With its unlimited job postings and resume searches on each plan, FlexJobs gives employers a lot of value, especially compared to other recruitment sites that cap these features for low-tier plans.

Consider exploring our top picks for job posting sites for employers:

  1. Indeed – Best for Most
  2. LinkedIn – Best for Attracting Passive Candidates
  3. Scouted – Best for Hiring Recent Graduates
  4. FlexJobs – Best for Hiring Remote and Flexible Workers
  5. Snagajob – Best for Filling Hourly Roles


Does your company prioritize flexible working? If so, FlexJobs is undoubtedly one of the best job posting sites you’ll find. It includes unlimited job posting and resume searches for the life of your membership, giving you limitless recruiting opportunities. The addition of special member discounts, ATS integration, and a detailed company profile gives extra value that isn’t available on other job posting sites. However, it is an investment, and there’s no free trial to test before committing. Therefore, you might want to try other services with trials or free plans first to rule them out before jumping into FlexJobs.

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