Best Job Posting Sites for Employers Compared

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Disclosure: This content is reader-supported, which means if you click on some of our links that we may earn a commission.

Recruiting the perfect candidate can be a lengthy and arduous process. But using the right job posting site can ensure you promote your open job role to the best candidates from the get-go, facilitating a much smoother experience. We spent dozens of hours reviewing all of the top job posting sites to bring you the cream of the crop. We found Indeed to be the best for most thanks to its usability, cost-effectiveness, and the sheer volume of potential candidates. 

The Best Job Posting Sites for Most Employers

Indeed logo


Best for Most

Want to get your open job role in front of as many candidates as possible? With unlimited free job posting and a centralized dashboard to manage applicants, Indeed will help you find the perfect candidate in no time.

Whether you’re a small business looking to fill one open position or a large corporation with dozens of open job roles, Indeed can make the process almost effortless. Indeed is cost-effective, easy to use, and lets you manage your job posts from one central dashboard. It also gets over 250 million visitors monthly, so you can guarantee your job will get views.

With free unlimited job postings and budget-friendly job sponsoring, your open job role will be seen by thousands of qualified candidates with just a few clicks. Indeed also lets you schedule interviews and track overall recruitment progress to offer a unified recruitment experience. Get started with Indeed for free today.

The Best Job Posting Site Options to Consider

  1. Indeed – Best for Most
  2. LinkedIn – Best for Attracting Passive Candidates
  3. Scouted – Best for Hiring Recent Graduates
  4. FlexJobs – Best for Hiring Remote and Flexible Workers
  5. Snagajob – Best for Filling Hourly Roles

When It Makes Sense to Invest Into a Job Posting Site

Although it is possible to source candidates through word-of-mouth, social media, or your company website, using a job posting site to advertise your open role will significantly increase your chances of finding the perfect candidate by putting it in front of more candidates. 

Many of the best job posting sites also have applicant tracking or management systems that allow you to connect with candidates, schedule interviews, and track the overall recruitment process, making the journey more streamlined for everyone involved. 

If you’re unsure of the right time to invest in a paid job posting site, here are some scenarios in which we think it will benefit you:

  • You have multiple open job roles to fill
  • You want your open position to get in front of many applicants as possible
  • You want to advertise the job to candidates outside your organization
  • You want access to a candidate resume database to hand-pick the best applicants for your position
  • You want to establish your brand as an employer

The great news is that all of the top job posting sites cater to businesses with smaller hiring budgets, so there is no reason not to get started with one right away.

#1 – Indeed — The Best for Most

Indeed logo


Best for Most

Want to get your open job role in front of as many candidates as possible? With unlimited free job posting and a centralized dashboard to manage applicants, Indeed will help you find the perfect candidate in no time.

Indeed is one of the most popular job posting sites in the US. With over 250 million monthly visitors, Indeed can put your open job role in front of highly qualified candidates actively looking for new positions. It also offers unlimited free job posting, pay-per-click options, and mobile recruiting. These are just some of the reasons why we recommend Indeed as the top site for posting available positions. 

Indeed is extremely easy to use. With unlimited free job postings, you’ll have your open position in front of the right candidates with just a few clicks. Indeed guides you through building your job post to ensure you include essential information to attract great candidates. You can even add screening questions to test candidates’ skills before they hit apply.

Encourage more visibility by sponsoring your open job to fill your role even faster. Indeed says that sponsored jobs are 4.5 times more successful in resulting in a hire. The best part is that you set the daily budget that works within your means, and you’ll only pay when candidates click on your post. 

Want to take your recruitment to the next level? Indeed Resumes allows you to search millions of quality candidates who have created a resume directly on Indeed. This feature lets you find qualified candidates faster by targeting applicants within the right industry or who hold the right qualifications or experience for your role. Contact the best candidates directly on Indeed to schedule an interview. 

Indeed Resume offers two pricing subscriptions to suit varying budgets:

  • Standard – $100 per recruiter, per month for up to 30 contacts per month
  • Professional – $250 per recruiter, per month for up to 100 contacts per month

If you sign up for an annual subscription, you’ll get a 20% discount on the quoted prices. Aside from the increased number of contacts, the main difference between the two plans is that the Professional subscription also allows you to send messages to multiple candidates at once. 

Post your job on Indeed for free today!

#2 – LinkedIn — The Best for Attracting Passive Candidates

LinkedIn logo


Best for Attracting Passive Candidates

Want to increase your chances of finding the perfect candidate for your open role? Use LinkedIn to recruit passive candidates! LinkedIn allows employers to network, connect with, and woo potential employees, even when they aren't actively searching for a new role.

You’re probably already familiar with the way LinkedIn works. Rather than a traditional job board, LinkedIn is a social media platform for professionals who want to connect and network with like-minded people. 

What sets LinkedIn apart from any other job board is that you won’t just get access to candidates actively seeking a new job. You’ll also gain access to people who are not searching for a new role but certainly wouldn’t pass up a great opportunity. That’s why LinkedIn is the best for recruiting passive candidates. 

Posting a job on LinkedIn Jobs is easy. You can craft the perfect advertisement with access to 137 job description templates (or write your own from scratch) and set your parameters to target the most qualified candidates. LinkedIn’s clever matching algorithms can deliver qualified applicants in as little as 24 hours when you set personalized screening questions.  

Once your open job is posted, you can share it with recommended matches or target highly qualified passive candidates via LinkedIn’s InMail at no extra cost. 

Although posting a job on LinkedIn is free, if you really want to level up the exposure of your ad, you can pay to promote your post. Promoting your job will push your advertisement to the top of the search results, increasing the number of targeted applications. You’ll also receive alerts from LinkedIn on qualified candidates so that you can encourage them to apply if they haven’t already.

LinkedIn allows you to set a daily budget to control total spend with promoting open jobs, but you will need to spend at least $6 per day for the benefit. 

Try sourcing highly qualified candidates on LinkedIn today!

#3 – Scouted — The Best for Hiring Recent Graduates

Scouted logo


Best for Hiring Recent Graduates

Looking for a bright mind to join your team? Scouted helps match new graduates with potential employers by showcasing their experience and attributes alongside their qualifications. They also boast a 95% retention rate.

Scouted works on the philosophy that people bring more to the table than what’s on their resumes. Employers that hire through Scouted consider a candidate’s personal attributes and budding potential alongside their qualifications. That’s why Scouted is the perfect job posting site for employers looking to hire early or mid-career candidates. 

To gain opportunities through Scouted, candidates must complete a comprehensive profile detailing their skills, experience, and attributes and answer Scouted’s virtual interview questions. For employers, this means you’ll have pre-qualified, curated candidates right at your fingertips!

Furthermore, when you post an open job role, Scouted’s smart AI technology will automatically filter and suggest the candidates that best match your needs. This puts more time back in your day to focus on nurturing the right candidates throughout the process. Scouted says that employers who hire through its platform boast a 95% retention rate.

Scouted also allows you to optimize your hiring process with a sophisticated pipeline designed to identify bottlenecks before they occur. You’ll have a dedicated Scout by your side to help you with sourcing and evaluating candidates and negotiating compensation for their skill level. 

Scouted is not the cheapest platform out there, but it certainly is a unique one. The three pricing plans on offer include:

  • Self-Service: $499 per month for two job slots and self-filtering
  • Self-Service Plus: $999 per month for two job slots and automatic filtering
  • Enterprise: Flexible pricing for a curated service with endless support

Scouted offers early-bird discounts and annual pricing, too. Start hiring with Scouted today!

#4 – FlexJobs — The Best for Hiring Remote and Flexible Workers

FlexJobs logo


Best for Hiring Remote and Flexible Workers

Filling remote roles or hiring flexible workers isn’t challenging with FlexJobs on your side. Post as many open job roles as you like and gain access to thousands of high-quality, remote workers, all under one roof.

If you’re looking to fill full-time or part-time remote roles, hire flexible workers, or source a freelancer for a specific project, look no further than FlexJobs. Founded in 2007, FlexJobs has loads of experience in helping employers build their remote workforce. 

FlexJobs helps employers appropriately market their brand and their open job roles in a way that is attractive to remote workers. It also provides access to an extensive pool of high-quality candidates. If you’re new to hiring remote workers, FlexJobs will even offer advice on the best branding and recruitment strategy for the job to ensure you’re set up for success. 

When you work with FlexJobs, you can post as many open job roles as you like for one flat fee. You’ll also get unlimited access to its resume database to search and recruit the perfect candidate for your position. 

Level up your recruitment with optional add-ons, including hosting virtual job fairs, running webinars, sending targeted email blasts, and more from one place.

FlexJobs offers three pricing options based on the length of time you expect to utilize its services. They include:

  • Good Value – One-month membership for $399 per month
  • Better Value – Three-month membership for $859 per quarter
  • Best Value – 12-month membership for $2,999 per year

All three memberships include unlimited posting and resume searches on FlexJobs. However, the Best Value plan also offers ATS integration and assistance with a longer-term recruitment strategy. 

Submit an employer application to get started with FlexJobs today!

#5 – Snagajob — The Best for Filling Hourly Roles

Snagajob logo


Best for Hiring Remote and Flexible Workers

Need to source an hourly worker? Or perhaps you need to fill a shift at short notice? Snagajob is the perfect platform for you! Using clever match-making technology, Snagajob delivers the very best candidates straight to your inbox.

If you’re looking to recruit hourly workers, Snagajob is the best platform for you. You can post an open job role or even just an open shift, and Snagajob will use its match-making technology to put the best candidates right in your lap. Snagajob is so good at matching the right candidate to your needs that you’ll need 50% fewer applicants than if you were to use another provider. 

Snagajob claims to fill two-thirds of all US hourly roles each year. On most occasions, it can also help you to fill an empty shift in 10 minutes or less, taking pressure off you and your managers when a team member calls in sick. 

You’ll also power through the recruitment process faster with end-to-end applicant tracking and online new-employee paperwork that is 100% compliant. The best part is, the onboarding software is mobile-friendly, making it even easier to get employees started on the job right away. 

If you’re a small business with less than 100 employees, Snagajob will set you back $89 per month per job post. If you’ve got more than 100 employees, you’ll need to contact Snagajob for pricing. 

The monthly fee gives you access to more than six million hourly workers, the ability to create posts in just a few minutes, and the option to set pre-screening questions to exclude unqualified candidates automatically. 

Find your hourly workers with Snagajob today!

Methodology for Choosing the Best Job Posting Site

Each of the job posting sites we’ve mentioned can offer you a different candidate experience. When it comes down to it, which features really matter when choosing the best job posting site for your business?

Applicant Screening Capabilities

These days, job seekers tend to put their hat in the ring for positions that they aren’t necessarily qualified for, despite the outlined requirements. Sifting through unsuitable applications not only takes hours but is also be a waste of your time. 

That’s why choosing a job posting site that has applicant screening capabilities is crucial. Look for a job site that allows you to set screening criteria to automatically reject unqualified candidates when they apply. And sites that also automatically notify those applicants of their ineligibility receive bonus points for saving you the trouble.

Type of Job

Who are you trying to hire? If you’re a large business looking to recruit a marketing specialist or a new HR manager, using a generic site like Indeed or LinkedIn will likely suit you just fine. 

If you are a smaller business, operate in a niche market, or are looking for a particular type of employee, niche job posting sites are going to be more suited to your needs. For example, if you’re looking for a freelance or remote worker, you’re likely to get applicants with better suitability from FlexJobs than you are from Indeed. 

There are endless job posting sites out there covering just about any market. Think about the type of candidate you are looking for and match the job posting site to those needs instead of using one site for everything.

Candidate Traffic

How many visitors does the job board get every month? Ideally, you want to get your open job role in front of as many candidates as possible to increase your chances of finding the perfect addition to your team. With this in mind, choosing a job posting site that is regularly visited by a significant number of candidates is vital to your ad’s success. 

That doesn’t mean just going for the most well-known site. Dig in to find out if the job board you’re considering has a high volume of traffic in the specific job type or industry you need.

Indeed logo


Best for Most

Want to get your open job role in front of as many candidates as possible? With unlimited free job posting and a centralized dashboard to manage applicants, Indeed will help you find the perfect candidate in no time.


Using a job posting site can make finding a new employee less arduous, more efficient, and more enjoyable for both parties. Most of the top job posting sites can make the process even easier by pre-screening applicants, facilitating interviews and onboarding procedures, and giving you unlimited access to a database of highly qualified candidates.

Indeed is the best platform for most due to its usability, pricepoint, and volume of potential candidates. LinkedIn is a great tool for employers looking to recruit passive candidates or connect with applicants on a social level. 

If you want to welcome a new graduate to your team, Scouted can help you with that. But if remote or flexible workers are more your thing, you’re better off using a platform such as FlexJobs to nail the recruitment process. And if you want to fill an hourly role, Snagajob is easily the best option for you.

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