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Disclosure: This content is reader-supported, which means if you click on some of our links that we may earn a commission.

Comeet is a solid applicant tracking system, or ATS, that makes collaborative hiring a reality. Its tools enable you to plan, source, screen, interview, and automate the hiring process. For small businesses that care about making quality hires, Comeet is one of those go-to tools. We dive deep into its array of features below. 

Compare Comeet to The Best Applicant Tracking Software

Comeet didn’t make it on our list of top applicant tracking software. In the end, there were other options that had a wider array of tools that catered to more specific business needs. 

Still, this doesn’t mean that Comeet can’t prove to be a strong tool for the right business. It comes with plenty of hiring tools that are necessary for a speedy, streamlined vetting process. It also offers enterprise-level solutions for bigger businesses that would like to onboard it as its applicant tracking tool of choice.  

If you’re looking to learn more about our list of top applicant tracking tools check out our guide. We spent tons of hours researching which ATS comes with the best features according to different business needs. You can see all of our top picks and judge for yourself.  

Comeet: The Good and The Bad

No one tool is perfect. There are pros and cons to them all. We go through a quick candid list of both the good and the bad that Comeet has to offer. 

The Good

One-click job postings: Automate the job posting process by posting to the more popular job boards like Indeed or Glassdoor with one click for free. 

Candidate database: Easily sift through a pool of candidates with boolean search, tagging, and saved search views to find someone to fill your new position without having to fish for new candidates all over again. 

Recruit in 40+ languages: This can be a great perk if you’re an international brand since you can accurately post job openings in a ton of different languages without missing a beat. You can even configure email templates by language and location. 

Workflow alerts and automated emails: With Comeet’s workflow alerts and email automation features, everyone on your hiring team will be in the know on what’s happening every step of the hiring process. 

Offer letter templates: When you don’t have to start an offer letter from scratch, why should you? Workflow templates let you create offer letters in less time and with more efficiency. 

Historical hiring data: Comeet tracks and records historical time-to-hire data so you can have an estimate of the average time it takes to hire a candidate from sourcing to offer letter. You can also cross-reference data with finances and operations for a more streamlined recruiting process. 

Careers pages: Comeet can either host your careers page for you, you can embed the careers pages on your site without any fancy technical know-how, or if you use WordPress you can simply download and activate Comeet’s app to get the job done. 

Employee referral program: One of our favorite Comeet ATS perks is that it comes with a built-in employee referral system. Too many applicant tracking tools leave this crucial part of the hiring process out. With Comeet’s employee referral tools, you can keep your employees engaged as they refer higher-value candidates through a mostly automated process that lets you set commission rates and track referrals.

Budgeting tools: Chances are, you’re dealing with a sourcing budget. Comeet comes with a set of built-in budgeting tools from which you can create custom reports. This way, you always know what sourcing investments are actually paying off as you recruit candidates. 

Extended collaboration features: With Comeet you don’t have to conform to only collaborating with your in-house team. It brings together both internal and external teams and enables them to communicate in one dashboard seamlessly. 

Branding flexibility: The way your company brand is perceived when you’re in the middle of the hiring process can either work for you or against you. Comeet allows you to customize and include your branding in emails, your career page, and throughout the interview process. 

Granular query capabilities: A lot of applicant tracking tools claim to arm you with the ability to store and sift through data. Comeet takes it a step further if its pre-set reports don’t do it for you. You can customize the data output by all sorts of values so you can extract what you need from your data. 

Video interviewing: Comeet lets you conduct video interviews with the help of Zoom so that you can reach candidates that can’t make it to the office for a face-to-face experience. 

The Bad

Does not offer a mobile app: If you’re looking for on-the-go hiring management tools Comeet might not be your best choice since it doesn’t offer a mobile app to help you take care of business outside of the office. 

Limited integration features: Depending on the integrations you’re looking for, Comeet might leave a lot to be desired. We recommend you look closely at its integration capabilities if this is an important feature for you. 

Duplication management could be better: Though Comeet comes with tons of useful tools for collaborative hiring, it can sometimes have problems with duplicate information management as candidates move through the hiring process. 

Extra costs: You’ll have to pay extra if you’re looking to fulfill data migration needs, one-on-one training, or onsite implementation. 

Comeet Pricing and Options

  • Lite
  • Ultimate
  • Enterprise

Comeet doesn’t publicly list its prices, but it does list a general three-tier plan you might be interested in once you get a personalized quote. Its Lite plan is best for collaboratively sourcing and hiring talent. It also comes with tools to help you engage possible candidates.

The Ultimate plan comes with everything the Lite plan offers plus more specific tools that ease the hiring process. These include features like being able to create and send offer letters, e-signing tools, or requisition approvals. It also includes the ability to create one-click video interviews. 

Comeet’s Enterprise plan is geared for teams that want to access custom legal resources, programmatic exports, and branded email domains. You also get a dedicated success manager to ensure you onboard Comeet successfully and to answer all your questions. 

While Comeet does come with some extra useful tools like its e-signing feature, video interviewing tools, and programmatic exports, you won’t get access to its best tools unless you opt for one of its higher tiers. All things considered, its starter tier only offers the essentials needed to collaborate on the collecting and vetting process of job candidates. 

Support is yet another factor to consider when you’re weighing the pros and cons of using Comeet. While you get access to online chat support on all three plans, it isn’t until you opt for the Enterprise plan that you get access to a dedicated success manager and one-on-one training. Take note that if you’re planning on needing any data migration there’s an extra cost associated regardless of what plan you choose. 

We recommend taking the time to schedule a demo to learn more about how Comeet works. It’s hands down one of the best ways to determine if a tool is truly the right fit for your existing workflow and hiring process.

How Comeet Ranks

So, how well does Comeet measure up to other applicant tracking software? Well, for starters there are a ton of applicant tracking tools out there to choose from. So you definitely have options when it comes to choosing a tool with the features that work for you.

Though Comeet didn’t make it on our top list due to other contenders having a more useful array of tools we liked better, it’s still a mid-tier tool worth considering. Granted, Comeet isn’t a super-robust applicant tracking tool like Greenhouse, which is purposefully built for large businesses with hundreds to thousands of employees to be able to recruit, vet, and organize job candidates at scale. 

It also offers additional tools specifically built for building company culture and choosing employees that reflect any diversity and inclusion initiatives. With Comeet, you aren’t necessarily going to get access to tools like that. Instead, it’s built for a more straightforward hiring process that uses the essential recruiting tools to get things done. 

It’s the same with an applicant tracking tool like Jobvite. It’s built to cover a wider array of recruiting needs that include tools for recruiting events, the onboarding process, college recruiting, executive recruiting, employee referrals, and even tools for specifically hiring veterans. 

Take Recruiterbox for example. It’s also a great tool for collaborative hiring, much like Comeet. It also offers many of the same tools that serve similar outcomes. But you won’t truly know the difference between either tool unless you take the time to demo them. Much like Comeet, Recruiterbox doesn’t list its prices publicly, but it offers a demo. 

Each ATS comes with its own set of nuanced tools that can function better for one business than another. Admittedly, this is the reason why it’s hard to name one overall winner that trumps the rest. Each tool is built for different needs. As far as Comeet is concerned, it can be useful for a wide array of SMBs that need the essentials plus a little extra. 

It’s only when you start looking for hyper-specific hiring tools that you’re better off looking at other options. We’ve listed a quick overview of our top picks in the applicant tracking software space here. But you can check out the rest of our top picks for more details about what makes them so useful and who they’re most useful for. 


Comeet is a solid ATS that offers useful tools to help you streamline the hiring process. It puts the ability to create screening questionnaires, conduct video interviews, and e-sign key hiring documents at your fingertips. While it’s a sufficient applicant hiring tool for SMBs, it’s when you start looking for more specific or enterprise-grade tools that you’re better off looking at alternatives. Schedule a demo with Comeet today to learn more about its hiring tools. 

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