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ClearCompany is a leading talent management and HR solutions platform designed to help organizations attract, screen, engage, and retain the best talent. It provides a wide range of HR and recruitment solutions such as applicant tracking, employee onboarding, performance management, etc. In this detailed article, we’ll break down the key strengths and weaknesses of ClearCompany and help you decide if it’s the right solution for your business.

Compare ClearCompany to The Best Talent Management Software

There’s a lot to like about ClearCompany. For starters, it’s one of the most user-friendly and intuitive HR, recruitment, and talent management solutions out there. It offers an aesthetically pleasing user interface with all the key options listed for the users. 

ClearCompany’s talent acquisition, applicant tracking, and onboarding features are also quite impressive. It helps you locate the best talent based on the criteria you define for your ideal candidates. Once you find suitable candidates, ClearCompany makes it easy to contact them by locating their email addresses, contact numbers, and social profiles. You also get access to a host of interview and candidate evaluation features to ensure that you shortlist the best candidates possible. And finally, ClearCompany offers an excellent onboarding experience that helps your company leave a lasting impression on your new employees.

However, despite these strengths, ClearCompany did not make our list of the best recruitment and talent management solutions. It’s not a bad product by any means. In fact, it offers very impressive all-around HR and talent management features. However, we recently performed an in-depth analysis of the best recruitment and talent management solutions. Our research discovered that many other HR products in the market offer superior talent management, tracking, recruitment solutions, and other supporting features. We would encourage you to see our list of the best recruitment solutions to see how they stack up against ClearCompany.

ClearCompany: The Good and The Bad

As we said earlier, ClearCompany offers lots of great HR, recruitment, and talent management features. In fact, calling it just an applicant tracking or recruitment system would be an injustice. It covers everything from talent identification, filtering, tracking, and management to hiring and employee onboarding. However, like every product, ClearCompany also has a few weaknesses.

In the following sections, we will evaluate some of its core strengths and weaknesses in detail.

The Good

Easy To Set Up: ClearCompany offers a seamless account setup process to ensure that you’re well-equipped to utilize its features to the fullest.

Whether you’re using a talent management solution for the first time or switching from another solution, ClearCompany’s representatives assist you all the way. For example, when creating a new ClearCompany account, you’ll need to share details of your organizational goals, the various job roles in your company, and the ideal candidates you’re looking for. Plus, ClearCompany will seek input at different other stages of account setup to ensure that it has sufficient information to help you find suitable candidates.

ClearCompany’s user experience is among the best in this industry. This is why when you start using the product, you won’t take long to get it used to its features and tools. It offers a clean and attractive interface with all the necessary options visible on your dashboard.

Excellent Branded Career Sites: Your company’s career page is often your first interaction with a potential employee. If it leaves a strong impression on your visitors, you’ll find it easier to persuade the best candidates to work with you.

ClearCompany makes your job easier by offering a high-quality branded careers site. Here’s an example.

You can customize ClearCompany’s site template to your brand’s color theme and use it to position your company as an ideal employer. Since it’s a responsive website template, your visitors can view it on any device easily. You can list your latest job openings on the page, give candidates a view inside your company culture, or share employee testimonials to attract the best candidates.

Detailed Analytics And Visualization Tools: When you have a large workforce, it’s critical to understand their needs, identify best performers, detect employment trends, and have clear statistics on its composition.

ClearCompany’s detailed workforce analytics cover all those areas and offer much more than basic statistics. You can use various analytics reports to gain meaningful insights into the drivers of employee and business performance. For example, you can view reports on employee engagement, workforce diversity, gender balance, pay equity, tenure, attrition, and attributes of top performers.

Similarly, you can forecast employment needs for the next quarter or year based on employee hiring trends and engagement levels.

You can also organize reports into different dashboards to help you gain deeper insights. Reports can also help you identify the best talent sources, find the common patterns among your A-performers, and develop talent pipelines for future needs.

World-Class Customer Support: A quick analysis of the top user review sites shows that most consumers are happy with the customer support standards of ClearCompany. Users have highlighted their swift response and hands-on approach to customer service. 

As a ClearCompany customer, you get access to phone, chat, and email support. Plus, you also get assistance from their support team during the software onboarding process. And wherever needed, you can seek help from their technical experts for issues regarding software deployment, migration, data handling, or any other technical matter.

High-Quality Help Resources: Apart from providing excellent customer support, ClearCompany also offers an impressive range of help resources.

Its resource library contains several talent management guides, templates for creating hiring plans, interview scripts, resource management guides, and many other valuable resources.

It also has a leading industry blog that regularly publishes articles and guides on various aspects of HR, talent acquisition, workforce engagement, employee motivation, evaluation, appraisals, etc.

Suitable For All Industries: One of ClearCompany’s biggest strengths is its flexibility and customization. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, you can trust ClearCompany to help you with talent acquisition, management, evaluation, and engagement. 

This is why ClearCompany has more than 2000 customers in more than 138 industries, including education, healthcare, engineering, retail, manufacturing, government, non-profits, real estate, technology, entertainment, and many others.

To make your experience even better, ClearCompany has specific industry specialists to help customers optimally use their product.

The Bad 

Software Bugs: Despite being in business for more than a decade, ClearCompany’s software glitches and bugs are quite annoying. Users regularly face issues accessing various features in the software and have to wait for a technical support representative to resolve them. The common issues include software freezing, links not working,  and slow speed.

Jack Of All Trades, Master Of None: ClearCompany offers a comprehensive HR and talent management solution for businesses of all sizes. However, unlike many other leading HR solutions, it doesn’t really excel in any of its offerings. Its features are not as robust as some of the other HR solutions we’ve reviewed on our site. But it gives users enough functionality at a reasonable price to become a viable solution.

ClearCompany Pricing and Options

Talent management and HR are crucial business functions that play a vital role in the long-term success or failure of a company. However, they do not directly drive revenue for a company.

This is why the cost of a talent management and recruitment solution needs to be viewed from the perspective of the overall organizational goals.

ClearCompany offers two different pricing plans for different types of businesses. 

1 – ClearCompany Platform Access

ClearCompany’s Platform Access plan offers its full range of features. It comes with all its core solution modules which include the following:

  • Application Tracking System
  • Employee Onboarding
  • Performance Management
  • Goal Setting
  • Employee Engagement
  • Analytics And Insights

It gives you a comprehensive HR solution to attract and hire the best talent to your company, engage them through various strategies, and reward the A-players for their performance.

How much does the ClearCompany All Platform plan cost? 

ClearCompany has not publicly stated the cost of its plans on its pricing page. However, discussions between current and former ClearCompany customers indicate that their pricing starts somewhere around $7 per employee per month.

But you’ll need to contact their sales team to get an exact quote for your company.

2 – ClearCompany Modular Access

ClearCompany also offers a customized modular plan in which customers can choose the modules they want instead of paying for the complete feature suite.

As a part of the modular plan, you can choose one or more modules in ClearCompany, depending on your business needs. 

This plan is handy for small businesses and startups with small teams looking for limited ClearCompany features. Similarly, comp[anies who are already using other talent management solutions but want to utilize one or more specific features of ClearCompany will also find the modular plan more feasible.

ClearCompany does not mention the price of individual modules on its pricing page. Therefore, you’ll need to contact their sales representatives, share your specific business needs, and get a custom quote based on your module selection. 

Let’s get a brief overview of the different ClearCompany modules and what they offer.

ClearCompany Applicant Tracking System 

ClearCompany’s Applicant Tracking System is a complete solution for sourcing, evaluating, and hiring the best talent on autopilot.

It comes with features such as passive candidate sourcing by identifying the right profiles based on your criteria. Similarly, it provides a complete job board management system to post openings to the most relevant portals directly from your software.

It also offers a referral management system that provides a reward system for your current employees to refer outstanding talent.

ClearCompany also provides you a text hiring system using which you can invite job applications via SMS.

This, along with several other features, allows you to quickly connect with the right candidates to schedule a formal interview.

And talking about interviews, ClearCompany’s ATS comes with a complete video interview platform ideal for hiring remote employees. Add features such as background checks, interview feedback, and offer management, and you’ve got a comprehensive applicant tracking and management system for your company.

ClearCompany Onboarding

Employee onboarding has a significant impact on the performance of your new employees. ClearCompany offers you all the features necessary for a seamless and memorable employee onboarding experience.

For starters, your employees get their own new hire portal branded with your company’s colors and designed to provide all the necessary information to your new employees.

You get a central equipment dashboard to ensure your new employee gets access to all the necessary systems to start working.

Similarly, you can systematically introduce your new employees to their team members by scheduling meetings for remote and in-house employees.

ClearCompany also takes care of all the necessary forms, contracts, and documentation by sending them first to the new employee and then to the relevant departments for further processing.

ClearCompany Performance Management

Transparent performance management is not only critical to your employee’s growth but also for your organization’s long-term success.

ClearCompany offers a wealth of performance management features such as 

  • Quarterly, Bi-Annual or Annual Performance Reviews
  • Peer reviews
  • Time-based reviews
  • Goal setting and alignment
  • Real-time feedback

You also get many employee recognition features like company and team-wide celebrations and official shout-outs on Slack or other company platforms.

To measure satisfaction, you can also run employee surveys and anonymous polls within your teams and across the company.

How ClearCompany Ranks 

When you compare ClearCompany with some of the other top talent management and recruitment platforms, its intuitive user interface and comprehensive features really stand out.

While we won’t call it a top-tier HR solution because of the limitations we’ve discussed in this article, it certainly falls in the middle of the pack.

To better understand how ClearCompany stacks up against the other top recruitment solutions, don’t forget to read our analysis of the best HR solutions.

  1. Zoho Recruit – Best software for recruiters
  2. JazzHR – Best for syncing recruiting with your software
  3. Workable – Best recruiting software for occasional hiring
  4. Freshteam – Best for most
  5. Ascendify – Best recruiting software for enterprises
  6. Recruiterflow – Best for staffing and recruitment agencies
  7. Recooty – Best applicant tracking system (ATS)

To sum up, ClearCompany is a popular talent management solution that offers various recruitment, performance management, and employee engagement features. Considering its tentative monthly cost compared to other similar tools, it’s certainly an option worth exploring. 

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