Best Webinar Software Compared

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We reviewed 20 of the best webinar software options, judging them against the most important features and use cases for this type of product. Livestorm is our favorite webinar software because it offers a simplified interface while including just about every feature you need. Its free plan includes unlimited webinars, allowing you to test it fully instead of just trialing. Continue reading our guide to find the best webinar software for your situation.

Top Webinar Software: Golden Eggs

Our Golden Eggs represent the top webinar software options out of the 20 we researched.

Livestorm is an excellent option for beginners, offering a simple solution for online webinars without lacking in features. Get lifetime access to a free plan with unlimited webinars and up to 10 attendees. 

Unlike other webinar software providers that price their plans according to features, ClickMeeting prices its plans based on the number of attendees. Get a 30-day free trial to test it out.

BlueJeans allows for meetings with up to 150,000 attendees, making it ideal for large-scale events. Receive unlimited access to BlueJeans with a 14-day free trial.

Webinarjam is highly-rated for its versatility in creating webinars to fit virtually any event or situation. Grab a 14-day trial for $1

Get a completely customizable webinar experience with Demio. Use the 14-day free trial to test Demio and see how it sets itself apart.

Best Webinar Software Golden Eggs

Webinar Software Review Process

Below, we’ve reviewed each of our top selections for webinar software. To make it easier to find what you’re looking for, we categorized each service by use case.

In the end, we selected 20 platforms to review and found seven distinct use cases for webinar software. These use cases are:

  • Internal training
  • External training
  • Audience interaction
  • Educational webinars
  • Remote work
  • Livestreamed events
  • Sales, marketing, and lead generation

Considering these use cases, we selected a few webinar software products that fit each specific need. For example, webinar software that offers detailed analytics can be helpful for sales, marketing, and lead generation, but may not be as necessary for teams prioritizing collaboration.

Under each use case, you’ll find a few of your best product options and the features they include that fit the bill. It’s our goal for our research to bring you a giant step closer to choosing the webinar software that has everything you need.

We also ensured that the selected products fit important criteria most people look for in webinar software. Read more about that in our section breaking down those criteria.

Webinar Research by Crazy Egg

The Best Webinar Software for Internal Training

Internal training is one of the most popular reasons to use webinar software. It connects teams for professional development and implementing new best practices. The right webinar software will have simple setup, proper recording and engagement capabilities, and allow participation from a large number of attendees at once.


ClickMeeting logo

ClickMeeting is simply one of the best webinar software products for internal training, with features like breakout rooms to train separate departments and immersive screen sharing, where trainees can join in for interactive learning.

Webinar hosts can customize their webinars with their organization’s branding, which makes for more professional orientations and meetings. They can also password-protect training webinars to ensure that only invited staff join.

Another standout feature is ClickMeeting’s built-in capability to issue endorsements when participants complete a webinar. Hosts can use this to offer a certificate of completion once a team member has finished their training.

Read our full ClickMeeting review for more details about its features and capabilities.


BlueJeans logo

BlueJeans can handle meetings of virtually any size with its flexible attendee limits, allowing up to 150,000 participants simultaneously. So, if your enterprise needs to train people en masse, this is a great way to go.

Ensure that your teams get the exact experience they need from your internal training webinars by integrating BlueJeans with learning management systems like Utobo, Docebo, Intellum, CirqLive, and Adobe Captivate Prime. 

Plus, BlueJeans’ customization tools let you create unique registration pages for each team’s meetings. BlueJeans hosts can also select permissions for attendees, meaning that no one without those permissions will have access to a meeting. Or, opt for giving participants a unique password to keep your company’s information safe from accidental joinings.

Not sure if BlueJeans is right for you? Read our full review.


Demio logo

Scheduling can be a challenge when it comes to getting all staff to attend internal training webinars. Demio assists with its extensive scheduling options. You can set webinars to recur or be a one-time event. You can set blackout dates to ensure recurring events don’t conflict with your general calendar. 

But you can also schedule attendees to join at specific points in your live event, great for those marathon training sessions that span several departments or need input from different teams. For example, have your marketing team attend for the last 15 minutes of the meeting to discuss marketing-focused issues. Their invites will only let them into the meeting at their selected time.

Demio’s in-depth analytics help you determine when staff is most active in your training webinars, making it easier to hone your methods for future sessions. Reports will even let you know what they viewed or downloaded while attending.

Start a 14-day Demio trial to test it out for yourself.


Zoom logo

Zoom meetings are laden with great accessibility features. Use all the tools that help you accommodate trainees, from real-time closed captioning to support for ASL translators and screen readers. 

Have a large company training to tackle? Zoom can stream from 49 cameras with 100 panelists to capture all the necessary angles and information. And those accessibility features still perform at that scale.

Audience engagement during webinars can enhance the outcome of your training. Zoom’s interactivity features include screen annotations and up to 50 polls per event to let trainers get continuous feedback and encourage participation.

Learn more about Zoom’s full range of features in our detailed review.

The Best Webinar Software for External Training

Whether you offer live demos or recorded webinars to cater to customers using your products or services, the best webinar software for external training can help. Educate new customers and strengthen your relationships with them through professional webinars delivered on one of these platforms.


ClickMeeting logo

When you sign up with ClickMeeting, you’ll get access to online meetings and webinars with one all-inclusive package. Therefore, you get to choose which format is right for your customers.

Thanks to customized branding features, each landing page, registration form, invitation email, and webinar page is custom-fit for your business. You can even send customized, automated emails for follow-ups with select ClickMeeting plans. And videos record in full HD with as much as ten hours of storage, so you can let customers watch training videos on demand.

Plus, the breakout rooms are essential for those of you in B2B, training entire companies or organizations. Split large sessions into smaller ones for tailored, direct training, then leverage the software’s Edu Mode to reduce screen clutter and really deliver your knowledge. On top of that, embed text or image-based calls-to-action in your training sessions for deploying special offers (or, say, lead magnets in product demos).

Learn more about ClickMeeting’s features in our full review.


Demio logo

Demio is an excellent product for smaller groups of trainees. Consider it if you have an exclusive webinar to train a group of team leaders or a pre-launch webinar for a specific number of interested decision-makers among your customers. Plans allow for between 50 and 1,000 meeting participants.

Invitees get unique joining links that no one else can use, so you can ensure only the right people join. Warm up and welcome participants with automated and customized emails, plus branded webinar pages, all of which feature your brand logo and colors.

Small business owners who do external training for smaller groups should enjoy Demio’s quick and simple setup, and the clean user interface that makes designing webinars a breeze.

Try Demio free for 14 days.

GoTo Webinar

GoTo Webinar logo

You don’t want to pay for a continuous service full of perks you don’t need when you host only the occasional webinar. GoTo Webinar offers an affordable pay-as-you-go plan, so you’ll only pay as often as needed. It’s just $19 per month plus a flat rate for each event, ranging from $149 for up to 500 attendees to $499 for up to 3,000.

Offer live, hybrid, on-demand, and automated training sessions to your customers. Personalize your meetings with custom branding, plus even build channel pages that display past, current, and upcoming webinars and events. You will need a standard GoTo Webinar plan to deploy channel pages, though.

If you do bump your plan into a monthly subscription, you’ll also get unlimited cloud storage to host your training sessions on-demand for however long you need, plus a boatload of other great features.

Discover more of what GoTo Webinar has to offer in our in-depth review of its parent product, GoTo Meeting.


Webinarjam logo

Webinarjam is a full-throttle solution for businesses of virtually any size to host just about any kind of meeting for customers you can think of. The product supports live streams, automated meetings, and live events, to name a few, providing an array of ways to deliver external training sessions.

Gone are the days of audio, video, and other technical malfunctions interfering with you connecting with your audience on a webinar. If you experience issues, just hit the meeting’s panic button. Webinarjam will react by opening a new room and redirecting everyone.

Webinarjam’s templates simplify the process of creating registration pages, too. Use the drag-and-drop builder to perfect the look and add necessary elements. Then, utilize the built-in split testing tool to see how each page performs for signups.

Request a free demo of Webinarjam to get started.


BigMarker logo

Get all your customers and potential leads in one place with the help of BigMarker, which hosts up to 50,000 attendees at a time on a custom plan. Can’t get everyone a spot? BigMarker leaves space for up to 100 recordings so that non-participants can watch on-demand.

Cater to scheduling needs by using BigMarker’s automated features to schedule just-in-time webinars or create recurring or series webinars. Attendees never have to download software to view a webinar or participate in a live event.

Audience-facing landing pages on BigMarker are a treat for your customers, too. Start with one of 15 landing page templates to create a professionally designed page in minutes with no design experience necessary.

Try BigMarker’s free seven-day full-featured trial.

The Best Webinar Software for Audience Interaction

Audience interaction can make a webinar a true success. Polls, surveys, quizzes, chats, and other interactive features let you learn about your audience, educate them, and measure your webinar’s success.


Livestorm logo

Livestorm has all the basics for audience interaction, like file sharing, answer notifications, polls, and on-stage invites. Participants can also post questions for hosts to answer during live Q&A sessions, while Livestorm displays the question as you answer it.

Breakout rooms let you engage your audience further, splitting up attendees into groups that make sense for different types of content. Participation tends to rise when the number of other participants drops, so use Livestorm to plan events that focus the right message to the right people.

Whether in breakout rooms or the webinar at large, you can leverage many features to stoke audience engagement. A real standout is the ability to add CTAs to your webinar or breakout rooms, encouraging attendees to follow up in a specific way (like downloading a resource or filling out a webinar completion survey).

Get a free trial of Livestorm with unlimited webinars with up to 10 attendees.


Webex by Cisco logo

Webex is another excellent option when audience engagement is a priority. It features the basics, like breakout rooms, chat, and polls and quizzes. Audience members can even share animated reactions throughout presentations and events.

However, its versatile polls make it stand out. Build them with multiple-choice questions, open text boxes, rankings, word clouds, and other interactive ways to get feedback from your audience and test their knowledge. 

Screen-sharing also reaches another level with Webex. Presenters can add an overlay of their video onto their shared screen so the audience can focus on both simultaneously. 

Get all the details about Webex in our Webex software review.

GoTo Webinar

GoTo Webinar logo

Infrequent webinar users might choose GoTo Webinar for its pay-as-you-go pricing model that still includes basic and necessary engagement tools.

Hosts can message the entire audience during webinars to give them useful information, like a link to a referenced website. They can also use annotations to add more information to their presentations and meeting rooms. Polls, Q&A, and post-event surveys are also included with GoTo Webinar.

If you have multiple people presenting during a webinar or are running the event with round-robin participation, hosts can pass screen-sharing to a person of their choice to let them present at any time. 

Read our GoTo Meeting review.

Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect logo

Adobe Connect may not include every tool you need for audience engagement out of the box, but that’s okay—you can add what you need with 27 custom apps that enhance interactivity in every corner.

Embellish your webinars with soundboards, a live quiz game, live interactive rankings, or rapid flash-feedback via Agree to Disagree. That’s in addition to the basic features for questions, polls, chat, and hand-raising that come standard with the software.

With Adobe Connect, you can grant control to your screen to attendees and they can also allow hosts to control theirs. When it’s time to divide teams for more focused engagement, split the larger group into as many as 20 breakout rooms.

Attend a live demo of Adobe Connect.


Zoom logo

We know that Zoom is a solid free webinar option for those prioritizing affordability, but you might be surprised to know that it’s still one of the best options for audience engagement. Zoom stacks up against some heavy-hitters thanks to allowing up to 50 polls per event, plus file-sharing, hand-raising, chat, and more.

Furthermore, Zoom actually has some of the most advanced polling options. Each of the 50-per-session polls can host up to 50 questions, each with images if you prefer. The polls are also highly interactive with real-time scoring and multiple question types, like long answer boxes, rankings, and fill-in-the-blanks.

Hosts can also give control of their screens to others, even when they’re using screen readers.That maintains the fantastic accessibility Zoom meetings deliver while fostering collaboration and engagement.

Learn more about Zoom here.

The Best Webinar Software for Educational Webinars

E-learning is a booming industry, and webinars have helped it explode. Whether you use webinars as an educator for virtual classrooms or you have a business that sells coaching or professional development sessions the right webinar software can provide a functional solution for interactivity, custom experiences, and engagement.


Zoom logo

During the pandemic, Zoom became a household and classroom name and it still functions as a leader for educational webinars. Its affordability is a highlight, but hosts also enjoy its scheduling flexibility for live, hybrid, and on-demand webinars. That versatility can help coaching businesses and higher education institutions that need adaptable scheduling.

For both schools and coaches, making webinars accessible to all is essential. Zoom delivers AI closed-captioning, screen reader support, sign language translators, keyboard shortcuts, and more to help everyone enjoy, participate in, and learn in classes. 

With advanced polling tools, you can make classes interactive and make adjustments or digressions in real time. Plus you can deliver deeper layers of information through on-screen annotations. 

Read our full review of Zoom.


Demio logo

Demio stands out in the education industry for its analytics. Demio prioritizes marketing webinars, so reporting is a key element of its success. But it is easily applicable to educational webinars and coaching sessions.

Educators want to know who downloaded resources, how many students watched a class, and what students use accessibility tools to access webinars. Using this information, you can make adjustments to future courses or follow up with attendees to make sure they’re getting the right information out of each session.

It also has some other noteworthy features for educational webinars, like the ability to add students at specific blocks of time during a webinar. That’s good for mentoring sessions, one-on-one presentations, and rotating groups when you’re delivering a class to several different groups of students over the course of a day. 

Try Demio for yourself with a 14-day free trial.

Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect logo

Adobe Connect is a top option for accessibility, ensuring no student gets left behind.

The software can transmit audio in different languages, assist the visually impaired with flicker-reduction, and offer navigation through an on-screen menu rather than a traditional mouse. Keyboard shortcuts, hand-raising, and real-time closed captioning further assist with inclusivity.

With Adobe Connect, you can prepare for lessons by uploading class materials beforehand. Hosts also have two-way screen-sharing with attendees and get in-depth analytics to measure their class’s success. 

Learn what Adobe Connect has to offer with a live demo.


EasyWebinar logo

EasyWebinar‘s desktop app is free for anyone to download, so students don’t need to worry about paying a fee to attend. 

Educators get detailed reports about each webinar that make improving and tailoring events to your students’ needs easier. EasyWebinar tells you the date and time participants watched your on-demand webinar, what time zone they connected from, and how much of your webinar they completed. You’ll also see if they clicked through to a resource or offer and what interaction they last had, like downloading class materials.

EasyWebinar offers nine different ways to schedule educational webinars, including automated one-time events, recurring events that can be localized by time zone, right-on-time events that stream every 15 minutes, and more. That way, students with busy lives can learn from you when their schedule permits. 

Try EasyWebinar free for 15 days.


MyOwnConference logo

The pricing model of MyOwnConference could be enticing for educators with small class sizes. Rather than a one-size-fits-all subscription, this software charges by the number of attendees. If you have 20 attendees or fewer, it’s free. That’s great for smaller educational institutions and coaches who don’t want bloated classrooms.

MyOwnConference allows for pre-uploaded resources to get everyone up to speed before your class begins. Then, connect students to necessary resources—such as homework assignments or recommended further reading—during a webinar by creating easy-to-see CTA buttons on your videos or live sessions.

This software is also great for panel discussions and classes with multiple presenters, as it can handle up to 10 participants talking at once without annoying issues. Plus, webinars on MyOwnConference allow for playing videos from YouTube or traditional upload when you want to integrate prerecorded portions into your class.

Use the free version of MyOwnConference for up to 20 attendees.

The Best Webinar Software for Remote Work

Remote work has boomed, especially amid and as a result of the pandemic. Today, remote teams meet over webinars to collaborate, enhance company culture, and bounce ideas off one another. Tech teams can even work with customers remotely via webinars to fix common issues with software or equipment. It’s more important than ever to keep remote workers accountable and engaged with your company through digital tools like webinars.


Livestorm logo

If you’re looking for webinar software that keeps remote workers engaged, Livestorm is a must. Utilize the 29 potential integrations with software like Salesforce, Pardot, HubSpot, Pipedrive, Slack, Keap, and more to connect your workflow and keep teams productive. 

You can customize all aspects of Livestorm so meeting rooms reflect your company branding and culture. Send teams to breakout rooms after webinars to let them extrapolate on what they heard within their teams and start working ahead. Plus, you can utilize them as well for team-building, creating stronger connections between employees who never see each other in person.

Livestorm also excels with accessibility, allowing remote workers to access content in 24 languages or use closed captioning to catch every detail. They can also catch live-streamed webinars via Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch.

Try Livestorm for free for 14 days.


BlueJeans logo

Give your remote workers the flexibility they need while keeping them on-task using BlueJeans for your webinars. 

First, its accessibility offerings are head and shoulders above other competitors, like up to five simultaneous real-time interpretations, automatic transcription, and sign language interpreter pinning. Its automated closed captioning spans 70 languages from across the globe.

Second, BlueJeans integrates with 48 tools for IT management, sales, collaboration, scheduling, and more, keeping your workflow moving without missing a beat. 

Finally, participation is seamless on BlueJeans. Add polls, quizzes, and other interactive elements to keep team members engaged. And, when sharing your screen, participants can zoom in and out to catch key details.

Read our review of BlueJeans for more details.


Webinargeek logo

Webinargeek‘s unique participation tools can keep remote teams more plugged in than ever. Beyond chat, polls, and quizzes, you can use chat-to-email to send transcriptions of chats to each participant, invite teammates to co-host, and add information boxes to pinpoint key points.

Webinargeek also integrates with an incredible 4,000+ services, bolstered by Zapier. It plays nicely with HubSpot, the entire Google suite (including Tag Manager), AWeber, ConvertKit, and many more. Integrate your webinars with virtually every tool your employees need to complete their tasks.

The platform supports password protection to make sure your remote work efforts stay within your organization. 

Get a 14-day free trial of Webinargeek to test the waters.

Zoho Meeting

Zoho Meeting logo.

In addition to basic screen-sharing capabilities, Zoho Meeting offers a mobile-friendly screen-share experience that doesn’t interfere with your webinar’s live or on-demand video. Participants and hosts can even record a screen-share to use or review later. This is great for cross-departmental work and presentations.

Companies already using Zoho products will find that their tools integrate perfectly with Zoho Meeting, of course, but the webinar software also connects key work apps like Gmail, Slack, and Outlook.

Stream webinars for up to 24 hours to give everyone the ability to attend, regardless of the time zone they connect from. That can be a huge benefit for global operations whose workers can’t always jump on calls at the same time as one another.

Discover more about Zoho Meeting in this review.

Vast Conference

Vast Conference logo

Vast Conference allows for fully mobile-powered webinars, so you can host a webinar on the fly and your team can connect with one another via their smartphone from wherever they want. You’ll still have access to screen-sharing, downloadable resources, and real-time chat, even if you’re hosting from your phone.

This is a platform uniquely suited to on-the-go or deployed remote operations. Run webinars or meetings from job sites or anywhere else in the field.

If you haven’t found anyone to moderate your webinar, you can elect for operator assistance. This fully managed service has real operators announce joiners, record events, and test audio and video quality before the event starts, which can be a big help if you’re bringing clients or stakeholders onto calls. They’ll even help you plan events to ensure successful webinars for your team. 

Make sure Vast Conference is the right solution for your team with a free 14-day trial.

The Best Webinar Software for Livestreamed Events

Livestreamed events are one of the most popular uses for webinar software. Some options have features that make live streams more accessible to all, like converting content to an evergreen webinar for on-demand viewing and deploying elements that boost the interactivity of a live event.


BigMarker logo

Make live streams a breeze with BigMarker‘s easy-to-join events. Provide one password for everybody planning to attend and they’re good to go. This accessible software means no attendee needs to download anything in order to join.

Customize the branding of your emails and registration pages using the drag-and-drop builder or start with a template to get invites and forms up and running in minutes. Then, preupload content to orchestrate a perfect live event, complete with links, attachments, CTAs, and more.

You can even take your event off the BigMarker platform to reach new and wider audiences. Stream your live webinars directly to YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, or your website with ease.

Test BigMarker for yourself for 7 full days free.

GoTo Webinar

GoTo Webinar logo

If you have a Pro or Enterprise plan on GoTo, you can use GoTo Webinar to stream your event live. GoTo Webinar doesn’t place a cap on the length of your event, so you’re free to stream for as long as you see fit.

Where this product excels is in its custom branding, which is helpful for live streams where attendees may not have much awareness of your brand. You can really wow them with an immersive, custom experience. 

GoTo Webinar even gives you a microsite channel with custom branding that lists upcoming events and displays current live webinars, so your audience knows where to find your content any time. You can even leave past events on there for on-demand access after the live session has concluded.

Learn more about GoToWebinar in our review.


Crowdcast logo

With select plans, Crowdcast can be an excellent solution for live streamers, although its pricing likely works best for people who are going to run live events fairly often. You can only live stream on its higher-tier plans, but Crowdcast averages about $15 less than competitors’ comparable enterprise-grade tiers.

Crowdcast allows live streaming to multiple other platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, and Periscope, great for casting a wide audience net. Everyone can register and join using the same URL for streamlined accessibility.

That makes this a great solution for solopreneurs who run coaching or other seminars, aspiring influencers whose ascent relies on live streams, and organizations that regularly run live events that bring in attendees from all around the internet.

Get a two-week free trial of Crowdcast with up to 10 live attendees.


LiveWebinar logo

Get up to eight hours of live streaming on any LiveWebinar plan, plus room for up to 1,500 attendees. That makes this a solid choice for businesses with typical live streaming needs. If you have more people show up than you intended, you can add them in blocks of 50 for a little extra expense.

Hosts can upload necessary documents and resources to their webinars before it goes live, ensuring that any materials attendees need are easily accessible. LiveWebinar comes with six room layouts for you to choose the style that works with your content and goals while adding a more unique look and feel to your live events.

LiveWebinar’s real-time chat translation and optional use of live translators make it a widely accessible solution for live streams that bring in global or diverse audiences. Share your stream with ease to Facebook, Vimeo, and YouTube, as well.

Test out LiveWebinar with a free plan.

The Best Webinar Software for Sales, Marketing, and Lead Generation

Business owners and marketing teams often use webinars for lead generation, marketing, or sales. They want to establish authority with professional, branded landing and webinar pages, keep customers moving through their funnels with accessible webinars and CTAs, and get detailed analytics for tracking progress.


ClickMeeting logo

It’s easy to integrate your company branding with ClickMeeting. Add a background image, your logo, and customize the colors of your landing pages and modules to build brand awareness. CTAs on webinars are easy to see so attendees don’t miss your key offer or discount, and you can customize those to match your branding, too.

The software is highly versatile, too. Create just about every kind of webinar you’d need to keep your sales funnel moving, including live streams, recurring events, and on-demand viewings. 

Personalize ClickMeeting’s automated emails and invitations and add text boxes to registration pages to collect the information you need from your audience. That will help you in targeting webinar messaging to the prospects and leads that show up.

Is ClickMeeting the right choice? Read about its features in our review.


EverWebinar logo

EverWebinar lets you quickly create effective, evergreen sales and marketing webinars, like on-demand, hybrid, and just-in-time events.

Include easy-to-spot CTAs in your videos to sell to your audience as they watch. Whether you opt for image-based or text-button CTAs, they’ll be virtually impossible to miss.

A feature unique to EverWebinar is its ability to simulate a live chat, making it seem like other attendees are also participating. This is an interesting way to stoke your real attendees’ engagement or deliver information they need in a way that supports the content of your webinar.

Get a 30-day money-back guarantee when you try EverWebinar.


Crowdcast logo

Crowdcast brings a social aspect to your sales and marketing webinars. Stream webinars to meet the needs of anyone in your audience without jeopardizing that social feel, like hybrid, live, and replays. This makes it an excellent option for real, genuine engagement with your leads.

Add your branding to your generated microsite where people can register for webinars and learn about upcoming events. You can also customize invitation emails, push notifications, and marketing and sales emails.

Audiences can ask questions using a button while in the waiting room to get answers before the start of a webinar or for you to answer during the event.

Try Crowdcast free for 14 days.


Webinarjam logo

Use Webinarjam to meet your audience in every step of their buying journey with automated, live, hybrid, on-demand, and just-in-time webinars, available on its mid and highest pricing tiers. Create a series of live and prerecorded video sessions that address concerns and boost interest as prospects turn into leads that turn into qualified leads ready to purchase from you.

Webinarjam translates webinars into 24 languages and live streams to YouTube and Facebook. Clear CTA images and buttons point attendees in the right direction for taking the next step on the sales journey.

Start with a registration page template that’s fully customizable using a drag-and-drop builder to give it a look and feel you want. Built-in split-testing lets you try different formats to see what boosts conversions the best.

Try Webinarjam with a free demo.

What Matters When Reviewing Webinar Software

To accurately research and compare the best webinar software, our research team identified seven popular use cases and ten crucial criteria that prospective webinar software buyers should consider. We then used these criteria and use cases to find the options that best fit webinar users’ specific needs. Read more about the criteria we’ve used in our research below. 

Attendee Participation

Webinar software doesn’t serve much of a purpose without the ability to encourage and assist attendee participation. Interactivity is a must, as is a simplified user experience that makes it easy for attendees to join.

When It Matters Most:

  • Educational webinars – Educators and professionals offering educational webinars need interactive tools, like quizzes and speaking invitations, that keep attendees engaged and participating.
  • Sales, marketing, and lead generation – Use polls, surveys, quizzes, and other features that help you learn about your audience.
  • Internal training – Engagement tools and screen shares are necessities to ensure that participants retain the information they learn.
  • Audience interaction – When your audience can connect with you on a deeper level, they’re more likely to trust you and buy from you.
  • Collaboration – With breakout groups, virtual feedback, and other important collaborative tools, your staff can work together toward their goals.
  • Remote work – Give teams the right tools to remain productive through live meetings and webinar training.


Many webinar products on our list let you create CTA buttons to let attendees know where to buy something, download your resources, learn more information, or sign up. Creating a CTA on webinar landing pages can give you one more tool in your toolkit to get teams or customers where you need them to be.

When It Matters Most:

  • Sales, marketing, and lead generation – Move your leads through your funnel with a clear CTA for sign-ups, purchases, or requesting more information.
  • Audience interaction – A simple CTA button can entice attendees to interact with you even after completing the webinar.
  • Remote work – Send remote workers to extra resources that let them remain productive with a CTA on your webinar.

Measuring Success

You’ll need webinar software with in-depth analytics and reporting if you want to know how your webinar performed in terms of engagement and results. Keep track of a webinar’s performance across the board, from knowing how long participants stay tuned to seeing how many people downloaded your free resource.

When It Matters Most:

  • Educational webinars – Keep everyone on the same page by seeing live results of quizzes conducted via the webinar and rehashing any information that may not be clear. 
  • Sales, marketing, and lead generation – Discovering what CTAs work best and when people click away from your webinar can be crucial information for improving your future events.
  • Internal training – See which staff members attended and participated in your webinar to ensure compliance or give completion certifications.

Webinars on Autopilot

Autopilot features in webinar software provide flexibility with scheduling for both you and your participants. You won’t need to run your event in person when you have autopilot on your side, making it simple to keep your workflow moving.

When It Matters Most:

  • Sales, marketing, and lead generation – Save time for other tasks by letting your software’s autopilot move leads through your sales funnel or generate leads for you by catching potential customers at their discovery stage.
  • External training – Let customers choose a convenient time to watch your webinar while still delivering all the information they need about your product or service.

Webinar Capacity

Even if you don’t currently host webinars with a massive number of participants, you might in the future. Webinar software should never limit you in this area. If your budget allows, consider choosing software that lets you scale with large maximum participant capacities. Some options offer flexibility when more attendees show up than you originally planned for.

When It Matters Most:

  • Sales, marketing, and lead generation – You never want to limit the number of potential leads who can join your webinar.
  • External training – When more customers than you expect show up to watch your webinar, you want to be prepared. 
  • Audience interaction – Not only should multiple attendees be able to join, but they should also be able to participate to the fullest.

Accessibility for All

Making webinars accessible for all is a no-brainer. Webinar software can provide real-time artificial intelligence captioning, screen readers, chat translation, and attendance from multiple devices to make it easy for anyone to attend, regardless of their needs.

When It Matters Most:

  • Educational webinars – Make sure your students gain the knowledge they need from your webinar through inclusivity.
  • Internal training – Cater to all needs and potential gaps in information with accessible software.
  • Remote work – Workers should be able to access your webinar from wherever they are on any device they choose, including their smartphone.
  • Collaboration – When everyone can join and participate seamlessly, collaboration becomes simplified.
  • Livestream events – Diverse audiences should be able to attend your webinar with all the accessibility features they need.
  • Sales, marketing, and lead generation – Never miss a potential sale due to a lack of accessibility.

Custom Branding

A webinar landing page should make clear what brand the webinar is for. Use your software’s custom branding tools to help, such as adding logos and customizing landing pages to include your messaging and brand colors. The most comprehensive products also offer custom invitations, branded waiting rooms, and automated emails that further set your brand apart.

When It Matters Most:

  • Sales, marketing, and lead generation – Build awareness of your brand and keep your business in the minds of leads who attend your webinar.
  • External training – Build trust with your audience with branding that stays with them on every step of their journey.
  • Livestream events – Everyone attending your live stream event will know they’ve reached the right place, thanks to your branded webinar.

Webinar Recording

Live events can be excellent for interactivity and engagement, but it’s unlikely that everyone you’d like to attend will be able to. The ability to record a webinar is often a necessity for most. Consider allowable recording lengths and cloud storage space when searching for the right webinar software. Some offer unlimited recordings and storage for affordable prices.

When It Matters Most:

  • Internal training – Teams that work different shifts can still catch a recording when it fits their schedules.
  • Sales, marketing, and lead generation – Keep your sales funnel moving with recordings that leads can watch when it’s convenient for them.
  • External training – Let customers watch your demo as they move through your product’s features at their own pace.
  • Livestream events – Keep the original feel of your live stream event intact while providing an optional recording for anyone who couldn’t attend.
  • Educational webinars – Attendees can rewatch a webinar to catch any information they didn’t get the first time. 


Keep things as simple as possible for hosts, moderators, and attendees with a webinar software that easily pulls everything together. The right product will take time off your hands with a quick webinar setup, streamlined invitations, and a modern and sleek UX/UI design that gets to the point.

When It Matters Most:

  • Internal training – Uncomplicated is key when multiple team members use your software to host or attend meetings.
  • Educational webinars – Attendees shouldn’t need a degree to learn how to attend and participate in your webinar.
  • Remote work – A straightforward interface lets all remote team members get what they need from your webinar.
  • Collaboration – With little to no learning curve, teams can get straight to work during your meeting.
  • Livestream events – No attendee gets left behind when a webinar has a smooth joining process.

Security and Moderation

Security is vital to consider whether you host an exclusive event or have secure information that only specific people should know. Webinar software can include helpful solutions, like unique joining links that only one invitee can use. Moderation tools are also beneficial to host text chats or kick guests who aren’t following the rules.

When It Matters Most:

  • Educational webinars – Secure settings and invitations keep the focus on your webinar.
  • External training – Ensure positive experiences for all attendees with secure webinars and moderation controls.
  • Audience interaction – Moderator chats allow participants to ask questions or connect with one another during a webinar.
  • Sales, marketing, and lead generation – Set up launches and private events for leads using unique invitation links.
  • Collaboration – Lock webinars for breakout rooms to keep team rooms secure.
  • Remote work – Give freelancers and remote teams exclusive information that won’t fall into the wrong hands.

Further Reading

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