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ClickMeeting is an excellent conference call service. You’ll be able to host webinars and internal conference calls from the same platform. The service also offers unlimited meetings, and you can use up to four cameras during webinars. That’s without mentioning HD voice and video quality. For hosting webinars, it’s the best tool for the job.

Compare ClickMeeting to the Best Conference Call Services

ClickMeeting is the best conference call service for hosting webinars. If you specifically want to host live webinars and internal conference calls, it’s our top recommendation. 

ClickMeeting made our ultimate conference call services list for that reason. There we picked the seven best call services, looking in-depth at the characteristics of each. See all of our top picks to get an idea of how each product stacks up.

ClickMeeting: The Good and The Bad

The Good

Dual Purpose: ClickMeeting is suitable for both webinars and internal conference calls. In other words, not only can you host webinars directly, but you can also use the service for standard conference calls. Some competitors charge extra for this, so it’s an excellent offer when you break down the value. 

Tool Variety: ClickMeeting has a vast number of tools you can use, including standard video conferencing tools such as screen sharing, and more creative ones like creating polls and surveys. There’s a feature available here for everyone, and the variety is more than impressive.

Custom Branding: You’ll be able to rebrand the UI of ClickMeeting to your exact requirements, from the webinar room to your email notifications and even the waiting room for participants. Plus with pre-loaded templates and call-to-action buttons, there’s a lot you can do with the call service.

Make Money: Another excellent perk of ClickMeeting is the ability to make money from using it. You can effectively sell access to your webinars and monetize your expertise. It’s as simple as enabling the feature and deciding which webinars you want to monetize. PayPal processes the transactions, so you can rest easy knowing your earnings are safe. 

The Bad

Limited Participants: You can only have up to 25 participants in conference calls no matter which plan you choose. This limit is restrictive compared to other conference call service providers on the market. If you need higher total participants, you can pay for more as an add-on to your plan, but it isn’t cheap. For example, 100 participants costs an extra $60 per month. 

Expensive: It isn’t just the add-ons that are costly. The service in general isn’t that cheap compared to competitors. Even the cheapest paid plan starts at $25 per month when paid annually, making it one of the more expensive options out there. There’s a lot of features and functionality for that, but keep the price in mind. 

ClickMeeting: Pricing and Options

ClickMeeting Pricing

ClickMeeting is available in three key tiers. They are Live, Automated, and Enterprise, as shown below:

The first tier is technically a free 30-day trial, giving you access to a vast number of features for that time but requiring an upgrade once it expires. The free plan allows for five cameras in sessions and an unlimited number of meetings and webinars.

There’s no doubt this is a great free trial, even when you consider it’s a standard part of most call services. The length of the trial and the variety of tools available stand out.

Moving on to the first paid tier, you’re looking at $25 per month. The cost is more expensive than some competitors, but you are getting both webinars and conference calls for that price.

On top of that are six hours of recorded content and 1 GB of file storage. Both are relatively generous in their offerings.

The first paid plan also allows you to monetize your expertise with paid webinars.

We think this is a great feature. You’ll be able to choose which webinars you’ll charge for and can integrate your webinar account with PayPal. Attendees are charged once they join a paid webinar.

Other features of note on this plan include toll-free numbers that allow users to join an event like a phone call. We also like that you can create Q&As, polls, and surveys to keep users engaged.

The second paid plan, Automated, as the name suggests, is about taking those core features and adding automation on top. It comes in at $40 a month, which is pricey, but you’ll have access to automated recurring webinars for that.

These webinars allow you to upload your webinar recordings and order them in a timeline. The platform then runs the webinars as planned, without your input. It’s a powerful feature to have, especially if your business uses evergreen webinars that can run throughout the year. 

The Automated plan permits you to use on-demand webinars too. These are webinars an audience can watch at any time. The best bit is that you can export leads to your CRM of choice.

Other useful features of this plan include automatically streaming your webinars on Facebook or YouTube and auto-publishing the recordings to the correct profile pages. These tools are suitable for companies where webinars are a central part of their business.

The final tier here is the Enterprise variant. The prices aren’t listed, and you’ll need to contact ClickMeeting for a custom quote. It’s fair to say this is for those that need everything ClickMeeting has to offer them.

Extras on this final plan include additional attendees, live streaming services, and the ability to create a white label webinar platform for your business.

High prices aside, it’s clear ClickMeeting has something for every stage of business. There are some convincing features on every plan. Keep in mind all the prices listed here are when you pay annually and for 25 participants:

If you need to pay monthly, you’ll be paying 20% more. Boosting your number of attendees will also quickly add to the price.

ClickMeeting Add-Ons

ClickMeeting offers a range of add-ons should you need them. You’ll be able to add more presenters for events, increase the number of attendees allowed, and boost your storage space for recorded content.

If a webinar is a panel discussion and requires more than the default two presenters, you can quickly buy up to four additional presenter spaces.

There’s also the option of buying additional video streams, up to three extras, and a recording archive add-on. The recording add-on allows you to store your recordings in the cloud, and you can retrieve them as and when you need them.

Other add-ons can give co-workers access to the primary account, which enables multi-user management. This add-on is a good option when you need additional login credentials for several people in a team.

Similarly, if your business is growing, you might need sub-accounts. The sub-accounts allow others to host and run their webinars from the central account.

These are all key extras you can add at any time, which is great for scaling up your business.

ClickMeeting Analytics

ClickMeeting can give you access to statistics, or analytics, where you can view detailed information about online events and webinars. These statistics can help you to make forecasts and see where trends are appearing in the data.

You’ll be able to analyze data on specific attendees and use it to advance your content’s performance over time.

Online event summaries can show you how long your event lasted, how many people attended, and how long they stayed. Other details include the number of visitors, devices, votes, poll and survey responses, and an event’s rating.

Details like where your attendees come from and email addresses are also valuable for adapting your marketing strategy.

The performance rating side of things lets you know how your attendees thought the event went. They’ll be able to leave feedback so you can see what’s working and what isn’t.

Analytics like this are available on many conference call services, but it’s still a feature we expect to see as standard. ClickMeeting’s statistics are a valuable part of the overall service.

Even better is that all of the ClickMeeting plans offer these reports, so no one is locked out from using them.

ClickMeeting Presentation Tools

ClickMeeting gives you access to a host of presentation tools to increase the efficacy of webinars.

You’ll be able to share key content in well-known formats such as PowerPoint, Excel, and Keynote.

You can easily present to co-workers documents, sites, and other projects, not to mention the ability to show documents as slides. Drawing and making notes on this content is both quick and easy to do.

The whiteboard feature specifically allows you to use text boxes, arrows, drawing tools, and an eraser as necessary. On top of that, you can draw on documents together in groups to help get points across.

ClickMeeting is also a great call service for businesses that perform many presentations then. This fact speaks to the wide variety of tools on offer. 

Better yet is that the platform is updated with new presentation tools over time, so you can be sure it’s a safe bet for the long-term as well.

ClickMeeting Chat

ClickMeeting offers two parts to its chat functionality: moderated chat and private chat.

Moderated chat allows free-flowing text conversations with an audience while limiting disruption. You’ll be able to choose which comments to publish live.

Meanwhile, private chat allows you to have conversations between the presenter and a specific attendee.

Other features here include the option to store your chat history for future reference, and you can manage real-time feedback and reactions.

What’s more, your chat can is translated automatically when a new message is posted, helping to break down barriers wherever your attendees are located.

Essentially we’re looking at some typical chat capabilities here, but it’s yet another piece of an effective service.

ClickMeeting Breakout Rooms

ClickMeeting’s breakout rooms are a place where you can meet participants online in smaller event rooms.

Fundamentally you can divide an online event into these small rooms and let each group work on different topics.

A good use for this would be the increasingly common remote conferences where attendees can take part in workshops. Another would be to work on a larger project but to brainstorm ideas in divided teams.

One thing’s for sure, the post-pandemic world is turning to these types of solutions, and it feels like ClickMeeting has this area well covered.

There’s also the ability to create up to 20 breakout rooms, choose their duration times, and assign each attendee to a particular room randomly or manually. You can move participants from one room to another and can turn their mics on and off.

Sharing screens is as simple as a click of a button, and you’ll also be able to set the duration of each room.

On the security side, breakout rooms don’t use public URLs, so sessions are protected from intruders.

There’s little doubt ClickMeeting provides you with everything you need. While competitors like Zoom offer this functionality as well, it helps to round off a comprehensive service.

How ClickMeeting Ranks

So how does ClickMeeting stack up?

Well, we’re pleased to say this is a top contender in the conference call space.

With an enormous number of tools and the option to host both webinars and internal conference calls, it’s certainly a call service that’s more than worthy of your consideration.

In fact, we created a complete list of the best conference call services available today—to see our other top picks be sure to check out our guide here.

  1. Nextiva – Best conference call service for most
  2. RingCentral – Best standalone conferencing solution
  3. GoToMeeting – Best for keeping your remote team cohesive
  4. Grasshopper – Best mobile virtual phone system
  5. ClickMeeting – Best for webinars and conference calls
  6. Zoom – Best for hosting video conference calls
  7. Vast Conference – Best for instant conference calls
  8. – Best free conference call service

We have little problem in saying ClickMeeting is the best conference call service for hosting webinars.

Whether you want great custom branding features, need to add a new revenue stream to your business, or want to use the service for conference calling, ClickMeeting is unlikely to disappoint.

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