BlueJeans Review

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BlueJeans is a strong contender as a conference call service. If you’re looking for top-notch audio quality, look no further.

It comes with a host of other notable features, such as custom branding, encrypted calls, and no time limits on meetings. Though the service does lack some collaboration features like file sharing, and it can suffer from connection issues.

Compare BlueJeans to the Best Conference Call Services

BlueJeans is a solid choice if you need a call service with clear audio quality. The Dolby Voice technology minimizes background noise and maintains a stable volume.

That said, BlueJeans did not make our top picks list due to latency issues and some missing webinar features. We picked the seven best conference call services, looking in-depth at the characteristics of each. See all of our top picks to get an idea of how each product stacks up.

BlueJeans: The Good and The Bad

The Good

Secure Meetings: BlueJeans provides great security for its meetings. It uses AES-256 GCM protection so that all content sent is encrypted. A randomized nine-digit ID is assigned to every session to keep credentials private. Any participant that might cause problems is removable from a call with a single click. Passcodes are also enforceable for each meeting for extra security.

Reliable Customer Support: BlueJeans offers customer support in a variety of ways. It has a solution center that details crucial parts of the software. There’s also live chat and phone support 24/7. The live chat is responsive, and email updates keep the customer informed throughout the process. It also offers international support and a dedicated US number.

Great Call Audio Quality: BlueJeans uses enhanced Dolby Voice technology that provides crystal clear audio quality. The tech eliminates background noise and makes conversations easier to understand between participants in a call. Dolby-powered directional audio also allows you to hear each voice based on its location, so it feels like you’re in the same room together.

Unlimited Meetings: There are no limits on your meetings with BlueJeans. Other competitors enforce time limits on calls, such as Zoom’s basic tier, with a 40-minute time limit before it cuts out. BlueJeans offers unlimited meetings on every level, regardless of what you pay—this includes endless group meetings for several teams.

The Bad

Latency Issues: BlueJeans suffers from latency issues more than its competitors. Unfortunately, this is a vital part of any conference call service. Users have mentioned slowdowns, including lag between calls. Video meetings can also struggle—there are user-reported instances where calls have cut out without warning.

Recorded Content Quality: You can record audio and video content with BlueJeans relatively easily. But there are sometimes issues with the quality of the recording itself. Voices can sound quiet and distorted. Some long-time users have mentioned that the content isn’t always entirely recorded and that sections are missing. This issue won’t always be down to the user’s internet.

Lack of File-Sharing: While you can share videos between participants, BlueJeans doesn’t allow you to share simple files or documents. Most competitors offer this feature as standard, so it’s surprising to see this missing. It means collaborating teams will have to find another way of sharing files, reducing the product’s functionality. For some, this will be key. 

BlueJeans: Pricing and Options

BlueJeans Pricing

BlueJeans comes in three different packages: one for video conferencing, another for live and interactive events, and a third that connects your existing conference rooms to Microsoft Teams Meetings.

The primary purpose of this review is to focus on the video conferencing package and the prices concerning that.

For video conferencing, BlueJeans is available in three distinct tiers, as shown below:

The first is BlueJeans Standard. This tier is the cheapest available, and when paying annually, it’s $9.99 per host per month. On this tier, one of the key perks is that you can host up to 100 participants, making it suitable for both smaller and larger teams.

On top of that, you get unlimited one-on-one meetings and group meetings, with no time limits like some competitors enforce—a substantial addition. While the recording features aren’t always the best, you’ll also have access to five hours of content recording.

Some other great features here are the smart meetings that allow you to capture the most critical parts of a session. There’s also built-in fraud detection and AES 256-bit encryption—meaning security won’t be an issue with BlueJeans. You’ll get it all in that first offering.

The second tier, BlueJeans Pro, comes in at $13.99 per host per month and boosts the number of participants up to 125, not to mention access to analytics. The analytics allow you to measure your meetings’ performance. We’ll dive into this further a bit later on.

The final distinction in this tier is the useful sales integrations with Zoho and Gong—not to mention the collaboration integrations with both Slack and Microsoft Teams. Depending on what you already use, these are worthy extras.

BlueJeans Enterprise, the last tier, is, of course, for much larger companies that need it all. In this package, you’ll have access to unlimited recordings, dedicated account managers, and brand customization options. The pricing is a customized quote, so you’ll need to contact BlueJeans directly.

The overall pricing is competitive and holds up well against services like Zoom. For instance, Zoom starts at $14.99 per month per host and supports meetings for up to 100 participants.

A free trial is available, and you can receive unlimited access to BlueJeans Enterprise for 14 days with no credit card required.

At the start of this section, we mentioned the package for live interactive events and connecting existing conference rooms to Microsoft Teams Meetings. Let’s talk about them briefly.

The events package is available for $83 a month, as detailed below:

Tier one of this package includes the ability to host an unlimited number of non-concurrent webinars, features workflow and reporting, and a moderator dashboard. It’s good to see these options available on the webinar side of things, improving the functionality BlueJeans offers.

The Microsoft Teams Meetings Gateway plan is as follows:

It’s available for $99 per room per month. This package is a gateway service that connects incompatible devices and networks that work under different protocols—in this case, connecting your existing conference rooms to Microsoft Teams Meetings. It’s a valuable service for those who need it.

BlueJeans Analytics

BlueJeans offers analytics through its Command Center. These analytics will allow you to receive in-meeting analytics and real-time alerts.

You may be wondering why you need analytics for a conference call service in the first place. The answer is that analytics can help to troubleshoot problems and ensure the best outcomes for every meeting.

For example, you’ll be able to see the active number of users, total participants, and the number of meetings you’ve hosted.

In addition, the analytics can show you the number of positive meetings you’ve had and any comments received during them.

With the real-time system, you can see room-specific status dashboards, giving you a handy overview of things like room availability and participants’ readiness.

We particularly like seeing the travel costs you’ve saved, and you can download and share this data in a CSV format or using APIs for extra analysis.

It all comes down to making meetings more enjoyable and productive, which is a good area of focus.

What BlueJeans offers with its analytics solution isn’t something you can’t find elsewhere, however. For instance, top competitor RingCentral provides access to advanced analytics where you can see users, calls, devices, numbers, and queues.

That said, not all conference call services provide users with this feature, and it’s available on the second plan onwards. We think it’s a decent part of the package.

BlueJeans Mobile Integration

BlueJeans offers a dedicated mobile app allowing you to take video conferencing with you. The process is as simple as downloading the app from the iOS or Android stores and getting started.

Like the desktop app, the mobile app’s UI is both straightforward and easy to use. It’s intuitive from the first point of use with larger buttons that stand out on smaller mobile screens. You’ll be able to view the strength of your connection to help prevent calls from cutting out.

Almost all of the critical features in the desktop app are available on the go, from screen sharing to the participant view feature. You can also record content straight from the app and mute audio and video as needed—good for times when this might be disruptive while commuting.

None of these features are groundbreaking. Competitors offer dedicated mobile apps and similar functionality. For instance, GoToMeeting’s app allows you to schedule future meetings, and invitations are as simple as sending an email.

That said, BlueJean’s mobile integration works well across devices, which will be important for many users.

BlueJeans Dolby Voice

BlueJeans uses Dolby Voice technology for its meetings. This tech allows users to experience enhanced audio during their calls, and it’s fair to say it’s noteworthy. The feature lets participants hear each other clearly, and you can communicate as if you were in the same room.

Using spatial audio presents the speaker’s voice from their distinct location. In other words, it’s easier to focus on the content of the call. This fact is true even when voices overlap, making group participation easier.

BlueJeans is ahead of the competition here. Not all of its competitors offer audio quality at a similar level or even use the same technology to power calls.

Most users will find better audio calls to be a helpful feature, so it’s a worthwhile addition.

Unfortunately, latency issues can sometimes affect the crisp audio by delaying its delivery.

BlueJeans Screen Sharing

Screen sharing is an essential feature of a conference call service, so we’re glad to see it as part of BlueJean’s offering.

The ability to share your screen can speed up countless meetings and cuts down on the need to constantly share files. It’s also highly beneficial when training staff and going through processes.

You’ll be able to grant control of the meeting screen to anyone in that session. Other participants can then comment or suggest changes to documents quickly and easily. Screen sharing is specifically good at fostering teamwork and collaboration.

It’s important to note that screen sharing is achieved through the application. Meaning: if you’re presenting from a web browser, your spectators won’t see all of your other programs.

What’s more, the size of the screen share is adjustable with an easy-to-use slider.

The options provided here are more than good enough. It’s not an area where BlueJeans is going to fly ahead of the competition, though. Screen sharing is common in other tools, and while we’re more than happy to see the feature, you’ll find it elsewhere, too.

How BlueJeans Ranks

The big question is how BlueJeans stacks up against the competition.

In a nutshell: this is a middle-of-the-pack call service that gets a lot right. The pricing is fair, and features such as Dolby Voice technology and top security help to improve the value of what’s on offer. That’s without mentioning robust security and a solid mobile app.

That aside, BlueJeans didn’t make our top picks list due to its latency and lag issues, lack of file sharing, and problems with recorded content.

We created a comprehensive list of the best conference call services available today—to see our top picks be sure to check out our guide here.

  1. Nextiva – Best conference call service for most
  2. RingCentral – Best standalone conferencing solution
  3. GoToMeeting – Best for keeping your remote team cohesive
  4. Grasshopper – Best mobile virtual phone system
  5. ClickMeeting – Best for webinars and conference calls
  6. Zoom – Best for hosting video conference calls
  7. Vast Conference – Best for instant conference calls
  8. – Best free conference call service

To conclude, BlueJeans is a good conference call service. Keep in mind the latency and recorded content issues, but know this is still a call service worthy of your consideration.

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