Best International Payroll Services Compared

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International payroll services help companies process payroll for workers in other countries. We spent 10 days reviewing more than 15 international payroll services to find the best ones. As a result, we decided that Papaya Global is the best global payroll company for most because of its flexible tools, payment features, and immigration services. 

The Best International Payroll Service for Most 

Papaya Global logo

Papaya Global

Best Global Payroll Company for Most

Advanced data security, expenses management tools, and customized reporting all help to make Papaya Global a great choice for most companies. Add to that powerful automation features and robust document management, and you have everything you need.

The best global payroll company for most is Papaya Global. The ability to process payments with third-party agencies, along with the expense management tools and advanced data security, means you get everything you could possibly need with Papaya Global—it’s a comprehensive solution.

We also like the statutory and customized reporting and expansive immigration services that obtain work permits without hassle. Read on for more about this superb payroll service and while you’re at it, see our other top picks, too.

The Best International Payroll Services To Consider

  1. Papaya Global – Best global payroll company for most
  2. Deel – Best for flexible global payments
  3. Remofirst – Best for simplified global payroll management
  4. CloudPay – Best payroll service mobile app
  5. Oyster – Best for compliance
  6. Rippling – Best for reports
  7. Remote – Best for paying contractors

When It Makes Sense To Invest In International Payroll Services

Before we look at our top picks, it’s worth thinking about when it makes sense to invest in an international payroll service.

For example, if you have international employees, there’s a good chance you must observe the regulations in place. The rules typically involve making payments into local bank accounts and signing extra contracts than those required domestically. Following these regulations can be confusing, and it can take up a lot of time. A good international payroll service can help you deal with these regulations quickly, keeping you up to date and within the law.

You might be in a situation where you need to hire a new employee at home or abroad and get them onboarded. The company system will need to be smart enough to integrate each new hire, and most aren’t up to the job. An international payroll service can ensure you successfully onboard new hires without added difficulty, all while keeping lawful.

Perhaps you’re finding payroll errors to be an increasingly common occurrence in your company. There may be teething problems and other significant disruptions, which can seriously impact your employees’ well-being and their overall lives globally. Going for an international payroll service instead allows payroll to be processed accurately and on time. Any new locations are set up in the system immediately, stopping these problems in their tracks.

If any of these problems sound like something your business contends with, international payroll service is the answer.

#1 – Papaya Global – The Best Global Payroll Company for Most

Papaya Global logo

Papaya Global

Best Global Payroll Company for Most

Advanced data security, expenses management tools, and customized reporting all help to make Papaya Global a great choice for most companies. Add to that powerful automation features and robust document management, and you have everything you need.

Papaya Global is an international payroll service that works for most companies because of its bevy of helpful features and flexibility.

Take the robust document management system that keeps employee data in one place or the automated payroll processing that prevents human error so your staff gets paid accurately and on time. We like the fact that employees can log in to the platform on their own as well. From there, they’ll be able to view payslips, report PTO, track their working time, and even direct questions straight to you.

An image of the Papaya Global payroll and salary update interface, showing the ability to edit separate company locations. In this image, the interface shows editable company locations in the United Kingdom, Australia, Poland, Japan, and Italy.

Through automation, Papaya collects all of the required documentation for employees, wherever they happen to be across the globe. All of their information is synced and updated automatically, and helpful alerts get sent to employers when they need to check documents.

Papaya Global starts at $20 per employee per month for all-inclusive payroll. They also have a contractor plan that supports both foreign and domestic contractors, starting at $25 per contractor per month.

If you need an employer of record in other countries, Papaya Global offers this service at $650 per employee per month.

You can get started here or request a free demo today.

#2 – Deel – The Best for Flexible Global Payments

Deel logo


Best for Flexible Global Payments

For businesses that need flexibility in how they fund their accounts, Deel provides support for dozens of international currencies. Its service automates quite a bit of the work required for running payroll, and Deel offers multiple experts to walk you through any tricky processes.

Deel attempts to simplify all aspects of running international payroll by offering funding options in multiple currencies and by automating many of the payroll processes. 

Deel can:

  • Pay contractors, direct employees, and employers of record (EORs)
  • Instantly calculate tax withholdings and employee benefits for you
  • Create invoices for contractors automatically

Basically, Deel wants you to only have to update new hires, terminations, and salary raises, and it will take care of the rest, including all the associated calculations. 

Deel also provides your organization with a supplemental payroll team, giving you hands-on support you need in case you run into any problems.

A screenshot of Deel's product homepage, promising "everything you need to scale a global team"

When you need flexibility in the currencies you use to fund your account, Deel has you covered. It supports those you’d expect across Europe and North America, but it also supports several other worldwide currencies that others on our list may not offer, including the Brazilian real, Polish zloty, Turkish lira, and many more.

Deel separates its pricing plans into solutions for contractors, EOR employees, and direct employees. When paying EOR employees through Deel, your plan starts at $599. Subscribing to a plan to pay contractors starts at the low cost of $49.

Deel doesn’t provide detailed pricing calculations on its website, so you will need to reach out to Deel for an exact price quote. If you are working only with direct employees, you can start the process of using Deel for free by requesting a product demo.

#3 – Remofirst – Best for Simplified Global Payroll Management

Remofirst logo


Best for Simplified Global Payroll Management

Remofirst makes it easier to manage your global payroll, automating many aspects of paying international contractors. Remofirst simplifies invoice management and generation. It then gives you the ability to send money in your primary currency before it converts the payment into the local currency for the recipient.

When you have international contractors and employees, making sure they receive their payments on time is an important aspect to keeping them motivated and happy. Remofirst offers global payroll management services that greatly simplify all the tasks required to manage your workforce, including generating payroll. 

Remofirst book demo page.

With Remofirst, you can automate much of the administrative work required to pay contractors and employees in their local currencies. It automatically ensures you remain in compliance with local employment regulations, too, constantly monitoring for any local changes to rules.

When generating payroll for your employees, freelancers, and contractors located around the world, you can use a single invoice to pay all of them. You can submit the invoice in your preferred currency, such as U.S. dollars or British pounds. Remofirst takes care of converting these payments into the employees’ local currencies.

Should you reach the end of your time working with a contractor, Remofirst also can help with the offboarding process. This payroll service ensures that all steps in offboarding go smoothly and adhere to local regulations.

Remofirst’s prices offer you both an employer of record subscription option for $199 per person per month and a contractor management option for $19 per person per month. You can add on other items, such as a health insurance offering, for an additional price. Additionally, you won’t have to pay setup fees or make minimum deposits when paying your contractors. 

Reach out to Remofirst for a free demo and to learn more about how its services can help you with global payroll management.

#4 – CloudPay – The Best Payroll Service Mobile App

CloudPay logo


Best Payroll Service Mobile App

CloudPay offers a full mobile app with easy navigation, and employees can see their wages wherever, whenever. With payroll experts ready to help, as well as detailed analytics and the ability to import existing data, it’s a comprehensive solution.

Having a great mobile app your employees can use to view their wages is becoming more critical—luckily, CloudPay more than delivers here.

The mobile app features easy navigation, and employees can see a detailed breakdown of their wages wherever they are—signing into the app takes less than a minute on average. Employees can also better achieve their goals with guides and valuable resources on financial well-being found within the app.

CloudPay's Global Payroll landing page

Impressively, the content for the app is automatically localized depending on where your employees are, updating them with information on the fly so they can continue to earn without trouble. If they have any problems, CloudPay offers dedicated and localized support teams that can step in to help out when required.

Add to that direct access to payroll experts, detailed analytics, and the ability to integrate existing payroll data with leading HCM (human capital management) software, and you have the complete package. CloudPay doesn’t offer its prices directly, and you’ll need to reach out for a custom quote.

#5 – Oyster – The Best for Compliance

Oyster logo


Best for Compliance

Worried about keeping up with changing international regulations? Don’t be. Oyster ensures that privacy and security requirements get met, whatever the country. With custom contracts, a cost calculator, and employee onboarding, you can’t go far wrong.

Staying compliant with payroll is an important issue that businesses around the world face. Fortunately, Oyster offers a solution that keeps you on track.

The software offers a variety of top-notch compliance features, ensuring that privacy and security requirements in every country get met. The software designs specific contracts to reduce your liability and protect you against country-specific risks wherever in the world you decide to hire.

Oyster's global employment page highlighting payroll compliance benefits

You’ll be able to hire contractors or full-time employees in minutes, and once you find the right candidate, you can generate a new contract in a few clicks. You can also manage all of the contracts in one place, and if you have any doubts, a network of legal and HR experts is available to step in and assist.

Oyster also offers complete employee onboarding, an employment cost calculator and contractor risk assessment, and access to the Oyster Academy to train your team further.

Oyster’s Contractor plan starts at $29 per contractor per month and supports localized contractor payments in more than 120 different countries. But most of you will likely need the Employee plan, which is $499 per month per employee when paid annually upfront and $599 per month per employee when on a month-to-month plan.

#6 – Rippling – The Best for Reports

Rippling logo


Best for Reports

Make smarter, better decisions with a powerful payroll system backed up by detailed reports. Rippling tracks work hours, offers a full mobile app, and you can pay employees and contractors wherever they are in the world in seconds. Don’t miss out.

Reporting features allow companies to make better, more informed decisions and are crucial to success. Rippling offers reports which empower you to make smarter choices as a result.

You’ll be able to use a library of pre-built reports or even create custom ones using your existing employee information. You can break down these reports by divisions, dates, and other variables and can then visualize and share them across your departments for better decisions all around.

Rippling run payroll screen.

Rippling allows you to track where time is spent and the cost of that time by task, location, and client—you can update employee pay rates as they change jobs too. That data then gets synched with over 500 apps, from accounting software such as QuickBooks to time-tracking tools like TSheets.

There’s a complete mobile app where employees can see their pay stubs, request time off, and view their W2s out and about, and you can pay employees and contractors wherever they are in the world in a matter of seconds—all from the same platform.

Rippling starts at $8 per month per user, but you’ll have to reach out for a custom quote for an exact price.

#7 – Remote – The Best for Paying Contractors

Remote logo


Best for Paying Contractors

Remote allows you to pay contractors in over 170 countries with no hidden fees. With localized contracts, an expert support team, and industry-leading data security, you can be sure you’re in safe hands. Try the free plan available today.

Contractors are more than beneficial for most companies today. Still, international contracting often creates a series of problems that can be off-putting, to say the least—this is where Remote steps in.

Remote—yes, that is the full name—allows you to pay contractors in over 170 countries in a single click, with no extra fees. You’ll be able to manage invoices and payouts using the platform quickly, and localized contracts are reviewed and guaranteed to be compliant with local tax and labor laws so that you can rest easy.

Remote landing page for contractor management

That’s without mentioning the expert support team ready to step in whenever you need them and the built-in protection for your IP and invention rights. Industry-leading security also backs up the platform and actively detects and neutralizes threats, so your data stays safe.

Remote offers a simple and affordable plan designed specifically for managing and paying international contractors. You’ll pay just $29 per month per active contractor with zero exchange fees.

It comes with everything you need to onboard contractors with localized contracts, and you can automatically generate 1099s for US contractors.

For those of you who need help paying international employees in addition to contractors, Remote has an employer of record plan that starts at $599 per employee per month. This comes with everything you need from local payroll to taxes, compliance, IP and invention rights, legal support, and more.

Additionally, qualified startups can receive a $1,000 discount for an unlimited number of hires for 12 months. They can also receive 15% off monthly contractor management services.

You can get started right here.

Methodology for Choosing the Best International Payroll Services

Here are the most significant factors you need to consider when picking the best international payroll services for your needs.


We think all international payroll software should allow employees to use self-service features whenever they want.

In other words, your employees need to be able to log in and view their digital pay stubs and year-end tax forms quickly and easily. Not only does this build trust, but it also gives them a sense of ownership.

Almost all businesses will benefit from employee self-service functionality, so be sure it’s available—not all software on the market offers it.

Payroll Support

There will always be times when companies need help with their payroll; after all, it’s a complex area, and it only gets harder when paying multiple people across different countries.

Look for international payroll software that offers help when you need it. This help could be through a dedicated support team or a single expert assigned to you as a central point of contact.

Most businesses will need help at some point with their payroll, especially those with international contractors. We think this is far more than just nice to have, so think carefully about your choice.

Mobile App

Mobile apps today are expected, and international payroll services that offer them instantly have an advantage.

A reliable mobile app will not only be bug-free, but it will allow your employees to check their wages and stay up to date whether they’re in the office or not.

While not an essential requirement, we still think a payroll service offering a complete mobile app is suitable for most companies, certainly for remote-based firms.

Papaya Global logo

Papaya Global

Best Global Payroll Company for Most

Advanced data security, expenses management tools, and customized reporting all help to make Papaya Global a great choice for most companies. Add to that powerful automation features and robust document management, and you have everything you need.

Further Reading

Our team here at Crazy Egg has extensively covered payroll topics on our blog. To learn more about payroll, including how to run it accurately and remain compliant, check out these resources below:

Expanding Your Knowledge: Best International Payroll Services


Processing payroll for workers in other countries will only become more commonplace in the ever-growing digital world, so it’s best to pick wisely.

The best international payroll service for most is Papaya Global, while the most flexible platform for global payroll and payments is Deel.

CloudPay has you covered if you want to manage payroll mostly on the go from your mobile device. For worries about compliance, opt for Oyster, and if you pay multiple contractors in other countries, Remote is a solid choice. For reports that allow you to get ahead, Rippling offers that and much more.

When choosing the best international payroll service for you, be sure to consider the support available and the self-service features that will benefit your employees.

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