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iSolved Time is a customizable time and attendance system that offers powerful features for all your HR needs. Whether you need to boost employee engagement, find an industry-based time-tracking solution, or want a more comprehensive payroll process, iSolved Time is an excellent platform to utilize. 

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iSolved Time Compared to the Best Time and Attendance Systems

iSolved Time is one of the best time and attendance systems on the market today, an excellent service to help you grow your business to its full potential. But, they’re certainly not the only option that made our top list. Here are our Golden Eggs, brands other than iSolved Time that are also quality time and attendance systems:

UKG Ready is a flexible, 360-degree platform that handles time and attendance as well as everything HR. Learn more about this robust tool and reach out to UKG’s sales team to get started.

Deel has the features you need to track time to pay workers their hourly wages or to track time so you can properly bill your clients. Request a free demo today.

uAttend is another excellent system for small businesses that need to manage their time better from anywhere with the help of its mobile app. Schedule a free demo of uAttend today

QuickBooks Time lets you build custom schedules, send invoices to remote workers, and easily manage breaks and meeting times. Get 50% off your first three months.

iSolved Time: The Good and the Bad

After extensive research, we found that iSolved Time offers excellent time and attendance features with only a few drawbacks. Let’s take a deep dive into both sides of the spectrum before you decide.

What iSolved Time Is Good At

iSolved Time is a flexible solution that works for a wide array of industries and niche time and attendance needs. And, it’s easy on novices and the less tech-savvy, too, supported even further with solid support. 

Adaptable time tracking: If you need to handle employee hours in multiple work environments, iSolved offers both physical and virtual time clocks. Track employee time entries across different home offices, locations, and hybrid worksites, plus enable virtual time clocks through iSolved’s mobile app. iSolved’s physical time clocks work on their own, so there’s no need to opt into additional software to sync the system. All your time data is saved to each device automatically.  

ACA compliance: iSolved Time works for organizations that have to be mindful of Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance. The platform’s reporting helps in a few ways, such as meeting the requirements for submitting care staffing information under Payroll Based Journal reporting or determining if you meet the threshold for an Applicable Large Employer. 

The iSolved Time website’s page for ACA tools, including determination testing, look-back reporting, and scheduling tools.

Having a clear understanding of how many full-time employees you have and whether any part-timers are approaching that designation will help you avoid paying penalties and other headaches. Despite being a lightweight tool in most regards, iSolved Time comes in very handy in this use case.

Easy scheduling: Build and compare employee schedules and monitor attendance with iSolved’s drag-and-drop scheduling system. Utilize time cards with employee alerts to see all assigned schedules and actual hours worked. iSolved Time also lets you configure attendance rules, including in early, in late, out early, and out late. 

Make modifications quickly, view your schedule by day, week, two weeks, four weeks, or six weeks, customize notifications, and generate PDF and Excel reports, all from within iSolved Time.

Custom rules: Beyond being able to customize notifications and alerts for clock-ins and clock-outs, iSolved Time lets you create custom settings and notifications for overtime pay, missed punches, and punches outside of specific geofenced areas to eliminate costly payroll errors and streamline your time processing. 

Employee self-service: iSolved Time doesn’t require any special training to use, for you or your employees. Employees can clock in and out through their web browser, plus view their schedules and accruals and enter requests to department supervisors. iSolved also makes it easy for employees to set up their own virtual clocks to eliminate the need to log into the iSolved platform to punch in and out every time. 

What iSolved Time Is Lacking

While the above features are great qualities of iSolved Time, there are some flaws that users have noted. While these may be nitpicking for some people, they might be deal-breakers for you and your needs from a time and attendance platform. 

Slow support: Despite iSolved Time offering a robust knowledge base and live chat support, many users have complained it often takes a long time to receive a response. This has been a persistent enough problem that some have changed services because of the poor support. It’s not all bad though, as some users who claimed the support was slow still found the help they needed in the end, and the customer representatives were friendly and patient. 

Dodgy mobile app: iSolved offers a mobile app called iSolved Go, which is currently available on the iOS App Store and Google Play. A few users found it wasn’t as functional as they hoped it would be. For example, one user said that the mobile time clock would sometimes stop working during an employee’s shift and wouldn’t count the hours from start to finish, meaning the user had to punch in their hours manually instead. Another mentioned the app didn’t record time past the first 15 minutes with no apparent solution. 

Zero integrations: Most time and attendance software offers a suite of integrations to expand its functionality. Unfortunately, iSolved Time doesn’t offer any integration marketplace or additional capabilities to make the software more functional for its users. While not a big deal for some folks, you’d need to upgrade to iSolved’s full HCM system if you really want your time and attendance software to sync with other tools you use.

iSolved Time Options and Pricing

iSolved Time offers its main product, the platform for time and attendance tracking, as well as two helpful tools to allow you to get the most out of this software.

iSolved Time

The main product offering that we’ve covered above, iSolved Time is a lightweight, functional system for tracking time and attendance and handling clock-ins, scheduling, overtime, and more.

Since it’s cloud-based, it is incredibly easy to set up the first time and manage from anywhere. Employees can use the web portal to clock in, view their timecards, and make requests, while admins can use it to monitor hours logged, incurred overtime, and schedules, while also being able to generate reports and more.

The iSolved Time website’s main page for time and attendance tracking features.

Collect, manage, and process your employee’s work hours all from one convenient platform, made even more convenient through numerous self-service options.

There are no set pricing plans for iSolved Time. You can view a demo on the website and then request a quote by submitting a form with information about your company and your time and attendance tracking needs.

iSolved Time Clocks 

If you want to track your employee’s time with physical time clocks or utilize them in combination with virtual time clocks, iSolved offers seven options to add to your workplace. 

The array of time clocks ranges from swipe card readers, proximity readers, key code access boxes, and touch screen clocks. And many of the clocks use biometric technology to protect your business from time theft. 

iSolved Time’s NXG G7 physical time clock. 

You can choose between iSolved’s NXG and Velocity time clock models. The Velocity clocks are perfect for job sites, as they offer rugged models with appropriate protection for the outdoors. Some other Velocity clocks can calculate job costing and department transfers for all accounting processes, too. 

The NGX clocks, on the other hand, are all wireless and offer front-facing cameras, advanced kiosk features, multi-functional punch screens, and backlit keypads. 

All iSolved’s clocks have 20-day battery backups, break and meal buttons, and schedule lockout, among other features. 

Pricing for time clocks isn’t disclosed on iSolved Time’s website, but can be inquired about when asking for a quote for the software.

iSolved Time Mobile App

Track, monitor, and submit time punches on the go with iSolved’s mobile app, iSolved Go. Available on both Apple Store and Google Play, you can allow employees to punch in remotely or admins to monitor everything from anywhere.

iSolved Time’s mobile time tracking is available on Apple and Android devices. 

The app seamlessly integrates with the rest of the iSolved Time platform, giving you access to all your data and schedules for added convenience. 

The app allows for individual and group punches, task information, and restrictions, plus includes these extra features:

  • Stored logins
  • Employee schedule viewing
  • Punch GPS recording
  • View and download paystubs
  • Offline punch storage
  • Time off requests
  • Update tax information

iSolved Go is a free mobile app available on the Apple and Google Play store.  

iSolved Time in Summary

Overall, iSolved Time is an excellent time and attendance system because of its physical time clocks and flexible mobile app. iSolved’s drawbacks won’t necessarily break the product, but you should still consider them before investing in the software.

However, iSolved Time isn’t the only time and attendance system that offers powerful features. UKG Ready offers exceptional industry-based tools to help simplify tedious tasks. uAttend is another great option to help small businesses with a free mobile app for on-the-go monitoring. Deel is a great option if you need other HR features, too, for tracking things like PTO. And if you are looking for an expansive platform for your accounting needs, QuickBooks Time is the perfect solution.

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