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Disclosure: This content is reader-supported, which means if you click on some of our links that we may earn a commission.

The next deal you close should be in a plush, ritzy office. Don’t you want to be respected and make a huge impression? Today, you’ll discover how to do that through virtual office services. We spent dozens of hours researching features and providers so you can cash in on the benefits that will grip your clients the instant they walk in. We recommend Davinci as the best virtual office provider for most. They have a local and global footprint, incredible locations, and premier services that can’t be ignored, even if you tried.

The Best Virtual Office Services For Most

Davinci Logo

Davinci Virtual

Best For Most

5000+ furnished, technology enhanced meeting rooms in over 1,500 locations worldwide, live chat and live answering services, and affordable pricing. Plans start at $49/month.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so is your first impression when you have a meeting for the first time.

Davinci boasts elegant virtual offices at a sliver of what you’d pay to rent the entire office space. Plus you get premier treatment for you and your visitors when you stroll into your virtual office to do business. Services like catering, live chat, mail delivery, and high-speed internet are included.

The 5 Best Virtual Office Services:

  1. Davinci – Best for most
  2. Alliance Virtual Offices – Best for all-inclusive virtual office services
  3. Sococo – Best online office technology for remote workers and teams
  4. Allied Offices – Best for virtual phone system services
  5. Office Evolution – Best for entrepreneurs and small businesses in the U.S

When It Make Sense to Invest In Virtual Office Services

If you’re a small or solo operation, you may not have (nor want) your own office space. It’s expensive and, most of the time, unnecessary.

But what about when you actually do need one?

Whether that’s for having a business address to register your business and receive mail at, answering and routing inbound calls, or holding meetings, you can get the best of both worlds with a virtual office.

Your workers can be as remote as they’d like, but when you need a face-to-face huddle, it can happen there. Same for important meetings with potential clients, partners, or investors.

Good virtual office providers can forward mail from the business address you keep at their office space to your home or another location. They can also answer phones, route crucial calls to your personal mobile device, and take messages.

Basically, you get everything you’d need a physical office space for without committing to an expensive long-term lease and worrying if you’re getting your money’s worth out of it.

Take care to make sure a virtual office provider has a location where you’re based. What’s nice is that many have large enough networks that you could have multiple locations set up for where you have clusters of workers based.

There’s a lot to like about virtual offices, especially in this modern era of more prevalent remote work. Read on to find out more about our top picks.

#1 – Davinci — Best For Most

Davinci Logo

Davinci Virtual

Best For Most

5000+ furnished, technology enhanced meeting rooms in over 1,500 locations worldwide, live chat and live answering services, and affordable pricing. Plans start at $49/month.

Davinci Virtual gives you way more than you pay for. With over 1,500 locations in over 50 countries, you can manufacture the image you want for your business, from anywhere you want in the world.

Let Davinci Virtual be the catalyst for your business expansion.

Every Davinci Virtual location supplies presentation tools, live answering services, and conference rooms so doing business is uniform no matter the location. The attractive office spaces will make claims on your behalf your clients and prospects will confirm with new deals.

Being a client presents you with a wide variety of features beyond a professional business address:

  • Mail receipt and forwarding
  • High-speed internet
  • Lobby directory listing
  • Day offices
  • Lobby greeter
  • Business support center
  • Catering
  • Registered agent and license hanging
  • Live web chat 
  • Live and auto receptionists 

With Davinci Virtual, you have an exquisite place to conduct interviews, hold business meetings, or use for training employees, all at a price you’d find on a clearance rack at Macy’s.

Davinci’s pricing starts at $49 per month. Charges are based on location, like most virtual office providers. Also, with Davinci there is no month-to-month service; you are required to sign a six-month contract. 

However, pricing is transparent. On Davinci’s website, type in your zip code or city and receive an instant quote on how much your monthly charges for that location’s virtual office space will be. For example:

  • Tokyo, Japan: $198/mo
  • Aventura, Florida: $54/mo
  • The Bronx, New York: $69/mo

With 4.2 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot, based on over 1,000 reviews, Davinci Virtual proves responsive to concerns of customers with a staff that’s solution driven, in addition to providing high-end furnished office spaces around the world and other innovative services. Try Davinci today.

#2 – Alliance Virtual Offices — The Best Inclusive Virtual Office Services

Alliance Virtual Offices logo

Alliance Virtual Offices

Best Inclusive Virtual Office Services

Extremely affordable, take advantage of mail handling services. Get a local or toll free business number and instant access to 1100+ locations in 40 countries

Alliance Virtual Offices extend a host of options for businesses, virtual office services being one of them. This includes more than most companies give at a flat rate per month! 

Alliance is known for their outstanding flexible pricing plans and only providing the services you need. With offices in every major city worldwide, they are an excellent choice to maintain or create a professional identity no matter where you are. 

The value offered by Alliance is hard to beat and they make it simple to change your plan on the fly. The platform offers a comprehensive dashboard to control your account online, remove services, check invoices, and even select a new location in one day.

The standard plan includes: 

  • Premium business address
  • Mail handling and mail forwarding services
  • Friendly customer support
  • Live receptionist
  • Local or toll-free number
  • Over 1,100 locations in 40 countries
  • Low-risk pricing
  • Private offices and hot desks

Alliance offers pricing based on location. That’s no different than other companies, but what you get starting at $49/month is phenomenal. For exact pricing, type in your city on the website and you’ll get  the monthly rate for available locations. 

The service is second to none, and with a 4.7 Trustpilot review average from over 600+ happy professionals you can see why Alliance is on this list. Alliance sets itself apart with its service and dedication to excellence. If you need a new business address today, you can get one from Alliance in minutes, not days.

#3 – Sococo — The Best for Remote Teams

Sococo Logo


Best Online Office Solution

virtual online office space for teams, real-time office management, work remotely-side by side! Plans start at $13.49/mo/per seat.

Sococo takes the loneliness out of remote work by manufacturing an online workspace that feels like you’re in an office around friends (as much as you can stand your coworkers, of course), no matter where in the world your team is located. 

This is an online office where you are side by side with your team. You can see groups meeting in the virtual conference room and even see when screen sharing is occurring. Sococo offers unique services compared to other types of virtual office services offered by other companies in this space. 

Integrate Zoom, Webex, or Google Hangouts to use video and chat features. You are also given up to 300 minutes of voice and video from Sococo each month. This platform removes the barriers that physical distancing can create. 

By having the ability to hire the best fit for your team no matter the geographical location, Sococo empowers you to promote diversity, foster creativity, and reduce turnover. Here are just a few features you receive with your virtual office:

  • Choice of floor plans and office decor
  • Share documents
  • “Knock on door” instant collaboration
  • Real-time office management—see who’s working in real-time
  • iOS and Android mobile apps
  • In-app chat
  • Video conferencing
  • Sharable meeting links for guests
  • Multiple concurrent screen shares

Plus, they offer a classroom setting. You can literally recreate classrooms in the cloud. It simplifies remote teaching in our new world of remote work and schooling. 

Sococo pricing is simple to grasp; you pay by the seat: 

The superior benefit to Sococo is the ability to see where people are in real time. Chat, video conference, and collaborate virtually with a click of a button. And the price is extremely reasonable. 

Companies like JetBlue, FlexJobs, and Ultimate Software promote and use this service to keep a cohesive team dynamic. 

#4 – Allied Offices — The Best Virtual Phone System

Allied Offices makes managing your business on the go a breeze. You can literally run your entire business from your smartphone; an irreplaceable benefit if you’re always on the go. 

You can make business calls from your cell phone through the Allied Offices mobile app! This also includes business SMS, phone routing, and business e-faxing.

Allied Offices’ mission is to make things extremely easy for you with their virtual office solutions, so you can focus on business. 

Let’s look at some other services they provide:

  • Meeting spaces
  • LCD TVs 
  • Copy and print services
  • 24/7 access
  • Mail and content safety
  • U.S.-based receptionist services (live or automated)
  • Appointment booking
  • Account manager

Live receptionists place orders and are available in your time zone, even after hours and on weekends!

Pricing is straightforward. It’s based on location for the U.S and Canada, so simply pick your city and you will get pricing for that office location. 

There are three pricing tiers: 

  • Allied Flex, the lean and cheapest option 
  • Allied Pro, for maximum capability at a good value
  • Allied Live, for the full range of options and offerings 

Plans start as low as $44, but may be different based on your location.

If you do a lot of business on your phone, then this is the plan for you. This cutting edge virtual phone system service allows you to manage your business on the go without sacrificing your professionalism and gives you all the advantages of having an office without the lease. 

#5 – Office Evolution — The Best for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses in the U.S.

Office Evolution logo

Office Evolution

Best for entrepreneurs and small businesses in the U.S.

Feature rich coworker spaces, business address, live personal receptionist available 24/7, flexible pricing by hour, day or month

Office Evolution is the perfect virtual office service provider for a professional entrepreneur looking to start off on the right foot. CPAs, financial planners, consultants, startups, and daily collaborators all use Office Evolution’s services. 

Coworking rentals and conference rooms are available for meetings and brainstorming sessions. For more serious players, phone answering services are available, allowing you to focus more on your business and less on answering calls. 

Office Evolution focuses on building relationships and really focuses on solopreneurs and small businesses through offering real business solutions catered to you.

Being a solopreneur, you occasionally need special treatment. You need to drop in unannounced to make copies, use WiFi, or grab a workspace to finish a quick report. Office Evolution accommodates this lifestyle. 

Here are some of the services you receive:

  • Personal locked mailbox 
  • Business address
  • 24/7 workspace access
  • Print and copy services
  • Private office
  • Nationwide access
  • Conference rooms
  • Free WiFi

And another thing:

You have the flexibility to take things month to month or decide on a long-term contract. Either way, Office Evolution caters to the fluctuating finances of a solopreneur or small business owner.

There are two virtual office plans. One is priced at $99 and another is $179. Both plans include the core features of a staffed receptionist to welcome clients, fully furnished work spaces, onsite support, and more.

If you are a solopreneur or a small business that craves that personalized attention while still getting the advantages of owning a premier office space, Office Evolution is exactly what you’re looking for.  

Methodology for Choosing the Best Virtual Office Services

I get it, there are a lot of options and services to choose from and that can cause confusion and doubt. Now that we’ve shown you the top five companies, let’s discuss what makes these recommendations great and how you can decide which one is right for your business

When you go through this process, think about these considerations:

Business Address

All of the companies on this list offer a professional business address for your company. This allows you to set up shop in your local area or do new business nationally or globally, if you so choose. 

This also enables you to receive and send mail from your business address,an essential part of virtual office services. A business address increases your professionalism as a business owner and is important to have for transactions. 

Office Space

Having the authority to conduct a meeting with a client, collaborate with team members, or host a video conference with your team and your investors is part of business. Having office space that is flexible enough to hold two people or 200 is essential.  

Whether you want shared coworking space, private offices, or a dedicated desk to keep your documents, all but one of these companies (Sococo) over delivers in this department. 

The ability to scale your office space up or down as you need it is a desire many business owners have, so researching the top companies that offer you flexibility is a priority. 


Now this is always number one on most business owners and entrepreneurs lists, and for good reason. Every dollar counts and the advantage of a virtual office is its capability to be affordable yet still offer all the benefits of leasing a physical space. 

Most of these companies allow you to use only what you need and scale up as you begin to grow and need more services. Some even offer month-to-month and hourly services so you can see if they are right for you. When considering your choice, ask what you’re getting for the monthly fee and if it meets the requirements of your business completely. 

Extra Amenities

Free high-speed internet, catering services, onsite management options, receptionists, and video and audio tech are just a few of the perks to look for.

Going through the included benefits will help you pick the best services for your business based on your needs—a serious consideration when you’re deciding where to spend your money.

Obviously, we couldn’t list every extra feature in this post, so do your best to slowly review all the additional amenities provided. 

Customer Service

Here at Crazy Egg, this is a big deal for us and we hold this high up on a weighted scale. 


Because it’s the customer service and the people who run the virtual office that make or break your experience and that of your clients and team. If this is lackluster, your business suffers. 

It doesn’t matter how impressed your client is when they pull up to your office space on Park Avenue West in New York City! If you have to wait 30 minutes for a conference room you booked last week, it’s not going to look good. 

So we made sure all the reviews and experiences people have with these listed virtual offices are accurate. Whether it’s the receptionist or the phone answering service, service trumps everything… get it?

Davinci Logo

Davinci Virtual

Best For Most

5000+ furnished, technology enhanced meeting rooms in over 1,500 locations worldwide, live chat and live answering services, and affordable pricing. Plans start at $49/month.


Davinci is our top recommendations for most users. They offer all the amenities you could ever need. 

Brand new, wet-behind-the-ears startup? No matter. 

Are you a budding small business pushing to create a name internationally? No problem. 

Each can help you build the reputation you need, scale, and get noticed.

However don’t ignore the others on this list. They should be considered as well, depending on your situation. 

Don’t forget this methodology when you go through this process when selecting virtual office services for your business. 

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