Best Logo and Brand Identity Services Compared

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Disclosure: This content is reader-supported, which means if you click on some of our links that we may earn a commission.

Creating a dynamic and impressionable logo and brand identity that accurately represents your business takes more than a simple sketch or a splash of color. After reviewing some of the most popular logo and brand identity services out there, we’ve compiled a list of the five best options to help you cultivate the right image in your consumer’s minds. Our best for most users is Tenet. Backed by a strategic team, this agency delivers effective branding strategies to instantly catch people’s attention.

The Best for Most

Tenet logo


Best for Most

Trusted by MasterCard, IBM, and Xerox, Tenet is the clear best brand and identity service for most people. Its unique blend of branding and innovation strategy is one of the most reliable systems on the market today.

Tenet is our #1 recommendation for brand innovation and consulting. It gives clients an effective and fast way to improve their brand identity to touch hearts and activate minds, helping them stand out from their competition.

The company gives personalized attention to all its customers, focusing on the smallest of details for every project. This customized service, along with its emotional and functional approach to branding, has helped Tenet establish itself as a major name in high-end branding.

The Best Logo and Brand Identity Service Options to Consider

  1. Tenet — Best for Most
  2. Catchword — Best for Naming Recommendations
  3. Desantis Breindel — Best for B2B Brand Differentiation
  4. WANT Branding — Best for Logo Design
  5. Traina Design — Best for Full-Service Branding

When It Makes Sense to Invest Into Logo and Brand Identity

You need an effective logo and brand identity, regardless of whether you’re a B2B SaaS startup, a D2C brand, or a consumer tech company.

Amazon, Coca-Cola, Apple, and Nike are some brand names that instantly evoke emotions, images, and sometimes even cravings. But these brands weren’t built with a single marketing campaign. 

Instead, it took years of investment for them to get where they’re at now. Many experts claim investing in your brand paves the way for high returns, putting you on the fast track to success—something the above brands are excellent examples of.

But the question arises when you should invest in your brand identity.

Situation 1: When You’re Just About to Launch Your Brand

Pre-launch is the most sensible time to invest in a logo and brand identity.

This will help you establish the fundamentals behind your brand identity, including your brand logo, color palette, visual systems, typography, and of course, your brand name. 

Getting these visible aspects of your brand right will allow you to bring in consistent sales and even make product rollouts more successful.

Situation 2: When You Want to Attract Better Customers

Fine-tuning your brand identity to appeal to your ideal customer personas makes it more likely for them to buy your product or service. Customers are also more loyal over the lifetime of their relationship with your brand.

Investing in logo design also makes sense when your brand is growing through significant growth. This will help you bring more attention to your company while simultaneously making a good impression on customers, thanks to the increased brand visibility.

Situation 3: When You Want to Command a Premium Price

You may have heard the saying, ‘People don’t buy products; they buy brands.’ It’s true.

People are willing to pay premium prices for premium brands. Think Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Versace, or even the merchandise of your favorite celebrity. By the same logic, when you have a strong brand identity and logo, you’re in a better position to establish yourself as an industry leader with a compelling set of value propositions.

Once you successfully create a meaningful differentiation between your brand and your competitors, you can justify your worth and command higher prices for your offering that will ultimately equal increased revenue.

Situation 4: When You Want to Boost Your Company’s Value

Brand equity is a powerful thing that lets you increase your price point and share price. It’s an investment whose dividends can be a welcome bonus when it’s time to sell.

Your logo and brand identity affect how your brand is perceived, which affects how your customers behave. Customer behavior, in turn, determines your brand’s financial performance. 

As you can see, the whole thing is connected, which eventually contributes to making your brand a more valuable asset in the long term.

#1 — Tenet — The Best for Most 

Tenet logo


Best for Most

Trusted by MasterCard, IBM, and Xerox, Tenet is the clear best brand and identity service for most people. Its unique blend of branding and innovation strategy is one of the most reliable systems on the market today.

Tenet is a brand innovation and marketing consultancy that provides a variety of services intended to launch new brands and transform existing ones by putting customers at the center of the business.

Tenet team members use their branding expertise and experience to design innovative visual systems to establish an appropriate brand structure and facilitate creative brand positioning. They develop a vision and growth strategy for the business by creating compelling stories appropriate for each brand’s industry and audience. 

Think of it as a roadmap for developing a new brand or refreshing a mature brand backed by advanced analytics, collaborative innovation, and creativity.

Tenet offers “Branding” and “Innovation” services to help clients create imaginative experiences to delight customers. Its “Branding” offering includes corporate branding, consumer branding, and brand management services to increase business and brand awareness.

MasterCard, Xerox, IBM, and Cisco Systems have all availed Tenant’s excellent brand identity services in the past.


You’ll have to contact Tenet for a customized quote as there’s no pricing information on its website. However, according to Clutch.co, the firm charges around $200-$300 per hour.

#2 – Catchword — The Best for Naming Recommendations

Catchword logo


Best for Naming Recommendations

Your name is your brand, and if you want a name that makes people stop scrolling and pay attention, you need to work with Catchword. They’ve helped Starbucks, Volkswagen, and Fitbit with names--they can help you, too.

Catchword is an award-winning agency that has won praise for its high-quality naming recommendations, insightful questions, top-notch customer service, and the ability to guide companies on vexing brand issues.

Regardless of whether you want a single engagement or a long-time retainer relationship, you can turn to Catchword for naming strategy and architecture and taglines in addition to product naming. It’s already a trusted leader in brand name development, having created impactful names for some of the biggest brands in the world like Starbucks, Asana, Volkswagen, and Fitbit. 

Team members work closely with clients to gain a deeper understanding of the brand and its objectives. Based on these insights, they craft names, taglines, and other support copy. 

Its signature naming service includes two rounds of creative refinement, where it yields over 2000 name candidates. Every name is then subjected to cultural, linguistic, and preliminary trademark availability screening.

Catchword also provides strategic services, such as name audit, naming protocol, and naming architecture. It also assists with brand identity and design, ranging from logos and wordmarks to identity systems and websites—all designed to ensure your new brand stands out across all brand touchpoints.


You’ll have to contact Catchword for a customized quote as there’s no pricing information on its website.

#3 — Desantis Breindel — The Best for B2B Brand Differentiation

Desantis Breindel logo

Desantis Breindel

Best for B2B Brand Differentiation

For global business branding, there’s none better than Desantis Breindel. With nine different service lines available, businesses of all sizes can take advantage of their expert guidance.

Desantis Breindel is a full-service B2B branding and marketing agency specializing in building and launching global brands from scratch, helping them find their unique voice.

Clients can choose from nine service lines to help build long-lasting brands and promote customer and employee engagement. From enterprise clients to brand-new startups, everyone can benefit from Desantis Breindel’s services designed to improve brand identity, identity development, brand strategy, customer experience design, and brand research. 

For businesses still building their brand identity, Desantis Breindel develops their logos and visual systems, along with marketing templates, business signage, and literature systems. 

It also assists with website development and digital branding, covering consulting, content development, customer journey mapping, personal development, and brand asset development for use on social media.

In the past 18 years of its existence, Desantis Breindel has created memorable brands and rich human centered-designs for a broad spectrum of clients in the healthcare, real estate, technology, financial services, and professional services industries. Verifone, Absolute Software, and Guggenheim Partners are the more prominent names that form a part of its clientele.


You’ll have to contact Desantis Breindel for a customized quote as there’s no pricing information on its website. However, according to Clutch.co, the firm charges about $200-$300 per hour.

#4 — WANT Branding — The Best for Logo Design

WANT Branding logo

WANT Branding

Best for Logo Design

WANT’s branding services include robust visual and identity design, so with them you know you’ll get a fantastic logo and everything visual that goes with it. They’ve helped over 2000 businesses so far, you won’t regret being #2001.

WANT Branding is one of the most reputed names in the market, having helped more than 2000 companies unlock their brand value over the past 30 years.

WANT’s team of certified professionals understand how compelling brand identity can help businesses thrive in the highly competitive market space and establish themselves as a progressive brand name.

It offers four service lines—brand strategy, brand identity, brand name, and brand research—all designed to help companies build strong brands. 

The firm uses its innovative BrandIQ tool to understand what customers need and expect and then apply the collected insights for effective strategizing. Their strategizing involves reviewing brand assets and conducting research to determine how customers receive a specific brand and then using this information to develop an appropriate brand strategy to improve their market positioning.

We highly recommend the identity services, where WANT experts design logos, logo style guides, and other label and packaging elements to create positive customer experiences. 

It also creates names for businesses, products, divisions, and services and carries out preliminary trademark research, consumer research, and linguistic analysis to ensure uniqueness and global appeal.

WANT’s client portfolio includes Intel, American Petroleum Institute, and Metallic.


You’ll have to contact WANT Branding for a customized quote as there’s no pricing information on its website. However, according to Clutch.co, the firm charges about $200-$300 per hour.

#5 — Traina Design — The Best for Full-Service Branding

Traina Design logo

Traina Design

Best for Full-Service Branding

If you need everything from identity design to content strategy to competitor analysis, Traina Design has your back. Their exhaustive branding research processes are second to none, and their packages cover all the bases effortlessly.

Traina Design is a full-service branding agency that strives to create authentic brand experiences to resonate with key stakeholders.

Since 2005, the firm has combined innovation with award-winning creativity to create compelling brand stories that appeal to potential customers. Brand analysis, enhancing customer experiences, benchmarking, and visualization serve as the very backbone of Traina Design’s processes. 

Staff members conduct extensive research using competitive analysis, industry research, stakeholder interview, and questionnaires to develop an effective brand strategy. They take care of every minute detail of brand identity, strategic insights, and messaging for every project to ensure better results and remove any complexity during the brand-building process.

The firm also provides graphic design, website development, and marketing services, where its designers create brochures, product packaging, trade show materials, and business publications. Logo designing, naming services, brand style guide, and messaging are also a part of its offerings.

Traina Design‘s client list includes big shots like Microsoft, Facebook, and Brooklyn Brewery.


You’ll have to contact Traina Design for a customized quote as there’s no pricing information on its website. However, according to Clutch.co, the firm charges about $150-$199 per hour.

Methodology for Choosing the Best Logo and Brand Identity Service

Choosing the best logo and brand identity service depends on various factors. But as every business has its own unique branding requirements, you should prioritize your brand version and objectives.

Nevertheless, we’ve created a definite methodology below to help you narrow down your choices and find the best solution for your business.

What’s Their Industry Reputation?

Every brand identity service will have an industry reputation. The only difference is that quality agencies will have quality digital prints, and sub-par agencies will have sub-par footprints to match.

A good factor for narrowing down good agencies is to select agencies that practice what they preach. For instance, if a service offers to boost your brand identity, find out whether they have been able to cultivate loyalty of their own. 

You can also check out client testimonials to get a fair idea about their industry reputation. Several referral sites like Clutch also highlight opinions of former clients, serving first-hand social proof about an agency‘s expertise.

Do They Have a Diverse Portfolio?

Overempathizing industry experience importance is a common mistake businessmen make. While it certainly is a nice-to-have quality, it’s not the end-all of qualifications.

Instead, you should check a prospective service’s previous work to get a clear idea of the branding agency’s expertise level and what you can expect. Try to gauge the level of diversity, innovation, and creativity in their work. Do all the designs and messaging look the same? If yes, this service may not be the right fit for you.

Do They Have a Well-Defined Process?

A good logo and brand identity service should have a clearly articulated, data-driven, and research-based process to ensure strategy and creative execution are grounded in objective evidence. This will take away the guesswork out of branding processes, resulting in authentic brands with compelling brand stories and messages.

Look for a serious agency that prioritizes research, including in-depth customer interviews and rich insights, to ensure better outcomes.

How Well Do Their Values and Culture Align With Yours?

Considering you’ll be spending an extensive amount of time brainstorming and strategizing with your branding partner, compatibility and camaraderie are a must. Let’s not forget value and culture alignment serves as the very foundation of great partnerships.

Generally, an agency’s core values serve as a good indicator of the kind of relationship you can expect. You want to partner with someone passionate, collaborative, and imaginative. Staff members should also not be afraid to tell you the hard truths and be genuinely excited to help you overcome your brand’s unique challenges.

Tenet logo


Best for Most

Trusted by MasterCard, IBM, and Xerox, Tenet is the clear best brand and identity service for most people. Its unique blend of branding and innovation strategy is one of the most reliable systems on the market today.


What’s the best logo and brand identity service?

While we highly recommend Tenet because of its wide offering range and personalized service, you can also try out Catchword and WANT Branding for effective naming recommendations and logo designing, respectively.

That said, you can always try out other options in the market. Use our methodology to find the best option for you and your brand.

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