Best Fleet Maintenance Software Compared

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We tested dozens of fleet maintenance solutions. We compared them across their automation capabilities, mobile apps, analytics, and paperless features to get to the bottom of which ones are the best in the industry. Along the way, we found Fleetio to be the best choice for most because it cuts out manual data entry, offers a deep look into fleet management for managers and stakeholders, has an intuitive interface, and works on any device.

The Best Fleet Maintenance Software for Most

Fleetio logo


Best for Most

Fleetio is a fleet maintenance software that facilitates team communication, automates tasks, and uses reporting to keep managers up to speed. Best of all, it can be purchased for as low as $5 per vehicle per month with unlimited users.

If you need fleet maintenance software, Fleetio is most likely the best option for you. It’s simple to learn how to use, yet delivers helpful reporting and team connectivity. Everyone can stay on the same page with ease about the status and usability of your vehicles.

Fleetio can be used via desktop or through its mobile app, and its automatic notifications save time on manual data entry. It also has no limit on the number of users a manager can collaborate with, so this solution can work for fleets of five to 500 vehicles. 

The Best Fleet Maintenance Software Options to Consider

  1. Fleetio – Best for most
  2. Avrios – Best for saving on unnecessary fleet costs
  3. Cetaris – Best for warranty capture
  4. AUTOsist – Best mobile app
  5. Whip Around – Best for vehicle inspections

When It Makes Sense to Invest In Fleet Maintenance Software

Fleet maintenance software should be purchased if you need to track more than three assets or vehicles, if your fleet costs are getting too high, or when you are ready to go paperless. 

While manually managing a couple of vehicles can be done, trying to keep track of four or more every day starts to become a pain. One vehicle is having engine problems, one needs an inspection, one is running late, and one is on schedule…that’s hard enough to keep straight. Imagine doing the same thing with a fleet of 10 or 20 or 50! A fleet maintenance software will help you keep track of these vehicles automatically and efficiently. 

If the costs of running your fleet are getting too high, fleet maintenance software will help solve this problem. This is done by maximizing warranties, saving money and insurance and vehicle damage, and finding discounts. A fleet maintenance software tool will also keep all expenses in one place so you know where you may be bleeding costs. 

If you are sick of filling out spreadsheets, keeping track of insurance cards, and filling out vehicle inspection checklists, it’s time to invest in fleet maintenance software. Most options allow you to go paperless in some capacity by storing files and digitalizing documents. If you prefer to stay old school, then fleet maintenance software may not be needed.

#1 – Fleetio — The Best for Most

Fleetio logo


Best for Most

Fleetio is a fleet maintenance software that facilitates team communication, automates tasks, and uses reporting to keep managers up to speed. Best of all, it can be purchased for as low as $5 per vehicle per month with unlimited users.

Fleetio is an all-in-one fleet maintenance software with a sleek and simple look. It has countless features that give real-time updates, and its detailed data reporting keeps fleet managers informed. 

Fleetio aims to eliminate the lack of communication between admins, technicians, drivers, vendors, owners, fleet managers, and other operations personnel. It’s used by thousands of fleets globally including AAA and Subaru. 

Its software lets users manage their fleets from a desktop or through its mobile app. Fleetio uses automatic data integrations and powerful operational workflows to make manual data entry obsolete. It has no limit on the number of users a manager collaborates with. 

Users can set up automated triggers like recall notices, inspections, preventative measure (PM) reminders, repair requests, oil changes, and engine faults. Managers can set up notifications for vehicle problems like A/C outages, a nail in a tire, or a cracked windshield. 

If there is an airbag recall, the fleet manager will be notified so he or she can take effective action. Managers can also set notifications that these issues are resolved. 

Fleetio’s reporting system helps users keep track of things like fuel costs, service costs, cost per mile, total cost of ownership, expense tracking, and maintenance cost trends. The Fleetio Go mobile app can be used to conduct vehicle inspections. The app also helps drivers report issues and updates in real time from the field. 

Fleetio comes with a 14-day free trial and has two pricing plans. Fleetio Pro is for fleet managers that outsource repairs and maintenance. It costs only $5 per vehicle per month billed annually or $6 per vehicle per month billed monthly. It includes features like asset profiles, VIN lookup, fuel management, reporting, unlimited users, and access to the mobile app. 

Fleetio Advanced is intended for fleets that handle at least some repairs and maintenance. It costs $7 per vehicle per month billed annually or $8 per vehicle per month billed monthly. It has everything included in Fleetio Pro plus work orders, parts management, inventory tracking, purchase orders, webhooks, and custom password requirements.

Start your free trial here.

#2 – Avrios — The Best for Saving on Unnecessary Fleet Costs

Avrios logo


Best for Saving on Fleet Costs

Avrios is a software designed to cut down things like vehicle damage costs, insurance expenses, and time wasting. With Avrios, customers save an average of 15% on fleet management costs.

Avrios is a fleet maintenance software that stresses the extra importance of saving on fleet costs. It has helped its customers save an average of 15% on costs including insurance and vehicle damage. It manages over 110,000 vehicles and saves fleets an average time of 25%. Avrios connects all expenses onto one platform so users know exactly what needs improvement.  

The software tracks fuel consumption, mileage, and CO2 emissions. It ensures users are compliant with environmental standards and legal regulations. Many fleet tasks can be automated, and drivers can be pre-checked and trained easily. 

Along with its software platform, Avrios also keeps fleet managers educated. It gives them access to like-minded professionals and educational webinars. The Avrios Academy lets managers connect with others in the industry to exchange advice and share challenges faced. Avrios also has an educational blog for fleet managers. 

Avrios has a marketplace where fleet managers can shop for parts and get discounts. It lets managers compare repair prices to receive an average savings of 30%. It includes tire packages, replacement vehicles, and delivery services. It’s important to note that Avrios is headquartered in Europe and not every marketplace feature is available in the U.S.

Avrios is broken down into three pricing plans. The first plan is free and is called Avrios Essentials. It includes task management and centralized fleet data. Users who want more out of the tool will want to upgrade to Avrios Pro which costs $11.94 (€10) per vehicle per month. It includes comprehensive reporting and unlimited automation functions. 

The third plan is called Avrios Enterprise, and its price depends on your individual needs. It includes access to Avrios’s fleet experts and application programming interface (API), HR, and single sign-on integrations. 

Try Avrios for free today

#3 – Cetaris — The Best for Warranty Capture

Cetaris logo


Best for Warranty Capture

Cetaris is a software that helps managers maximize the amount received from warranty capture. Cetaris has helped customers double their warranty goals. In addition, this software integrates with over 150 third-party apps to increase productivity.

Cetaris is the best fleet maintenance software if earning reimbursements through warranty and core capture is an important part of your business. Warranty capture alone helps businesses increase their ROI. Customers report that Ceteris helped them hit their warranty goals and even double them.

It lets users centralize warranty agreement documentation, flag warrantable parts during repairs, and create auto-filled claims that maximize reimbursements. Users can use Cetaris to report chronic repairs and missed warranties. They can also track failure patterns and chronic repairs that happen outside the range of a warranty. 

It lets users estimate warranty and extended warranty values and use trial balance reports to expedite payments from suppliers. Users are able to create messages and send them along with warranty claims to set follow-up dates. Reports can be created to track previous uncollected warranties. Claims can be created directly from a work order, reducing the need for manual labor. 

In addition to warranty features, Cetaris integrates with more than 150 third-party enterprise apps. These help reduce manual data entry, transport data between all your systems, and improve data accuracy and productivity. 

Cetaris also has insightful reporting capabilities. Fleet managers can use industry-specific key performance indicators (KPIs) to benchmark operations. They can use predictive analytics to predict future performance and decide where changes are needed. Users can create manage-by-exception reports to monitor real time changes. 

This software digitizes work order management and automates PM scheduling. Managers can decrease downtime by pre-scheduling shifts. Cetaris helps fleet managers stay in compliance with industry standards and capture audit trail histories. They can also use codified standard repairs to benchmark vehicle labor. 

Cetaris does not reveal product pricing on its website. You can schedule a demo on the website or call a representative to find out more information. 

#4 – AUTOsist — The Best for Mobile App Use

AUTOsist logo


Best for Mobile App Use

AUTOsist has the best mobile app for fleet maintenance on the market. Team members can use it to check fuel, complete inspections, and get reminders on the go. Drivers can also use it to store documents so there’s no more need to keep track of paper copies.

If you primarily need fleet management software for use on a mobile device, AUTOsist is best for you. It is a mobile-focused software with an app that works with iOS and Android tablets or phones. Team members can use it to complete inspections, get new reminders, check fuel, and see service history. 

Managers can use the app to assign vehicles to certain employees. When employees open the app, they will only see the vehicles assigned to them. They will see the name of the vehicle, make and model, odometer reading, license plate number, and VIN number.

Users can set reminders for things like upcoming appointments, tire rotations, and oil changes. Custom checklists can be created so a driver can make sure everything is working before leaving. When fuel data is entered, users will get to see a full cost analysis of fuel spending. It also shows stats like miles per gallon and trip length. 

The app can be used to store images of registration cards, insurance cards, and driver’s licenses. If a physical copy is left behind, drivers can simply open the app if these are needed. Without even having to open the images, drivers will be able to see notes added and expiration dates. 

AUTOsist has two pricing options and includes a 14-day free trial. The first option is to pay by asset/vehicle. The price ranges from $1 to $6 per asset per month depending on the asset type and volume. This option provides unlimited users and devices. 

The second option is to pay by user. The price ranges from $25 to $100 per user per month depending on the number of users. Users of this plan receive unlimited assets. Both plans provide unlimited records and storage, 24/7 phone and email support, access to the mobile app, customizable inspection checklists, and parts inventory management. 

Choose the option that works best for you here!

#5 – Whip Around — The Best for Vehicle Inspections

Whip Around logo

Whip Around

Best for Vehicle Inspections

Whip Around’s fleet maintenance software has everything you need for vehicle inspections. Take pictures, sign documents, create templates, and store documents all via the desktop or mobile app.

For a fleet maintenance software that puts extra emphasis on vehicle inspections, Whip Around is your best option. We have not seen another fleet maintenance software with as many inspection features as this one. It has fully customizable inspection software that includes a mobile app, faults management, customized digital forms, and document reporting and storage. 

Whip Around lets users create digital forms by starting from scratch, using templates, or customizing their own. Users can use the mobile app to inspect equipment and vehicles, manage defects, take pictures, and see engine and mileage hours. Users can also set up checklist forms and collect signatures on the app. 

The software keeps track of documents like compliance and vehicle maintenance history without the need for physical paper copies. When a vehicle has an issue, fleet managers can use the software to hire and schedule a mechanic and manage the entire repair process. 

Whip Around has a free trial and three pricing plans. The exact pricing is not listed on the website, and you need to contact Whip Around for more information. The Standard plan includes the mobile app, reporting, document storage, customized digital forms, and faults management. 

The second plan is called Whip Around Pro. It includes maintenance history tracking, work order creation, exception reporting, and maintenance reminders. Finally, the Enterprise plan includes API access, discounted volume pricing, and fixed-term contracts.

Start your free trial now!

Methodology for Choosing the Best Fleet Maintenance Software

Before you decide on fleet maintenance software, you need to see if it has reporting tools, a functioning mobile app, automates tasks, and eliminates the need for paper. 

Reporting and Analytics

Choosing a fleet maintenance software with reporting capabilities is important to most fleet managers. This will give you feedback on things like maintenance cost trends, fuel costs, travel expenses, cost of ownership, service costs, and cost per mile. Using reports to keep track of this information will save you costs and point out opportunities to further slash expenses. 

Mobile App

A decent mobile app is crucial for fleet maintenance software. With drivers constantly on the go, they must have a way to send quick feedback to the fleet manager. Things like flat tires, oil changes, and A/C outages need to be reported without having to pull out a desktop. An effective mobile app will save your fleet time and keep you up to speed in real time. 

Automation Capabilities

A good fleet maintenance software cuts down the need for manual data entry. It is supposed to save you time, and if you still find yourself entering data manually into spreadsheets then you are wasting your money. Choose a software tool that automates tasks like PM reminders, repair requests, recall notices, oil changes, and service check-ups so you don’t have to. 

Paper Elimination

Fleet maintenance software can eliminate the need for physical paper copies of everything. Most let you take pictures of your driver’s license, vehicle registration, and insurance card. They also allow inspections to be done virtually and collect e-signatures instead of physical ones. If you like dealing with physical copies then this criteria isn’t as important to you. 

Fleetio logo


Best for Most

Fleetio is a fleet maintenance software that facilitates team communication, automates tasks, and uses reporting to keep managers up to speed. Best of all, it can be purchased for as low as $5 per vehicle per month with unlimited users.


If you need a fleet maintenance tool, your best choice is most likely Fleetio. However, there are a few other great software too. If you need to do a better job of tracking expenses and cutting costs, go with Avrios
Cetaris is best for fleet managers who need warranty capturing capabilities. AUTOsist has the best mobile app, and Whip Around has powerful vehicle inspection features. Before picking one, make sure to check it for the four criteria mentioned in the methodology section.

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