Using WordPress?
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The Crazy Egg WordPress plugin makes installing Crazy Egg a breeze.

WordPress Plugin

One out of four websites runs on WordPress, so it would be crazy not to have a Crazy Egg WordPress plugin.

Download the Crazy Egg WordPress Plugin

One of our core tenets at Crazy Egg is to make life simpler for users as well as our own team. So we don't want you to have to dig through your website source code to get started. Just install this plugin and you're ready to rock!

1. Go to the plugins section of your WordPress website

Just click on the Add New button. When you arrive at Add Plugins, search for “Crazy Egg” in the Search Plugins field.

Heatmap example

2. Click Install Now

WordPress will automatically download and install the Crazy Egg WordPress plugin. Be sure to go to the plugins section of your WordPress website and click on the Activate link.

Heatmap example

3. Go to your WordPress Settings and click on Crazyegg Heatmap Tracking

Enter your Crazy Egg tracking script and press Save Changes. The Crazy Egg tracking code will be active on all your webpages. You will be able to run any Crazy Egg Report on any URL of your choosing.

heatmap example


What about accounts? accounts and respective websites do not offer Crazy Egg functionality. This plugin is strictly for self-hosted websites that use WordPress content management system software.

Can I view Crazy Egg reports from my WordPress website?

You will have to log in to your Crazy Egg account from in order to view your reports. This plugin simply installs the Crazy Egg tracking code on all your webpages.

Is this plugin free?

Yes! It's our gift to you for being a Crazy Egg user :).

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