Crazy Egg Surveys vs Hotjar Surveys

Looking for the best on-site surveying tool? Compare Crazy Egg Surveys with Hotjar Surveys across features, pricing, and service.

Find out what your website visitors think, instantly.

Surveys should be 100% free, no gotchas

Hats off to Hotjar. They built a quality product suite and popularized the on-site survey popup, bringing awareness to how important it is to gather rich, qualitative feedback. But candidly, Hotjar has moved upmarket and has priced out the majority of the market who need a surveying tool. We get it — things change once you get acquired. You have to raise prices and focus on making investors happy. But is that what’s best for customers?

Whether you’re a UX researcher or marketer, selling products or services, running NPS or post-purchase surveys… we’re dedicated to helping you keep your finger on the pulse and connect with your customers like never before.

Surveys is 100% free no matter how much traffic you have or how many responses you gather.

Why choose Crazy Egg Surveys vs Hotjar Surveys

You already spend so much time gathering and analyzing feedback — why spend even more time comparing capabilities when you can start using Crazy Egg Surveys right now, for free, forever?

  • 100% free — unlimited surveys, responses, and page views

  • Collect responses free of PII

  • Fully WCAG AAA accessibility compliant

A deeper look into features


  • Creating Surveys

    Both Crazy Egg Surveys and Hotjar Surveys allow you to create unlimited surveys, however, Hotjar does limit your page views and the number of monthly responses you can collect depending on your plan.

  • Storage Limits

    Both Crazy Egg Surveys and Hotjar Surveys allow you to keep survey responses as long as you want with no time limit on storage, however, Hotjar does limit the number of monthly responses you can collect.

  • Anonymous Data Collection

    Crazy Egg Surveys is the only tool that allows you to collect insights free of personally identifiable information (PII).


  • Audience Targeting

    Both Crazy Egg Surveys and Hotjar Surveys use advanced targeting options to show surveys to specific groups of visitors based on their behavior, location, or device.

  • Traffic Allocation

    Whether you want to survey a small segment of visitors or your entire audience, Crazy Egg Surveys gives you complete control over your traffic allocation.

    If you’re using Hotjar’s full suite of tools, you’ll be paying for both daily sessions and survey responses, which greatly limits the portion of customers you can reach.


  • Customizable Design

    Both Crazy Egg Surveys and Hotjar Surveys allow you to adjust the colors and choose between light and dark themes to match your branding.

  • Accessibility

    Crazy Egg Surveys meets all 61 criteria of the WCAG AAA standards – so you can be confident of reaching your entire visitor base.

    Hotjar does not report on their accessibility compliance.

  • Templates

    Both Crazy Egg Surveys and Hotjar Surveys have a large selection of templates available.

Customer testimonials

"Crazy Egg Surveys are a simple way to ask questions of users without spending any developer time configuring pop ups."

Kristen Carney

Co-founder, Cubit Planning

"Crazy Egg Surveys stands out as an exceptionally straightforward tool that offers superior value and just the right degree of customization. Including some neat platform extras on the side."

Farid Asadi

Conversion & Experimentation Manager at SelectHub

Crazy Egg, the original creator of the on-site popup survey

Would you believe us if we told you that Surveys was actually conceived 14 years ago? Flashback to 2009: We launched KISSinsights as a sister tool to KISSmetrics. We ended up selling it to Sean Ellis, who rebranded it to Qualaroo and grew it into the behemoth that it is today.

Fast forward to today… we couldn’t help but notice that all these companies providing the same on-site surveying capabilities we pioneered were all moving upmarket and greatly limiting what people got for free.

We believe everyone deserves an on-site surveying tool that can be used by anyone, for free, no matter how many page views or responses you get.

It’s never been easier to stay in touch with your customers

Go beyond numbers and metrics — understand users' needs, preferences, and pain points in the moments they're primed to give high quality feedback.

  • Product feedback

    Gather more insights from users by getting feedback on features as users experience them.

  • Post-purchase feedback

    There’s no better time to ask customers for important insights than right after they’ve made a purchase.

  • UX improvements

    Identify usability issues and optimize your website’s user experience.

  • User research

    Conduct user research automatically to help inform what to build and what not to.

Everything you need to learn
from your customers

  • Snapshots

    Snapshots generate five different reports, each providing a unique and valuable look at how your visitors are engaging with your webpages.

  • Recordings

    Watch recordings of actual visitors using your website to learn the truth about their behavior and what makes them tick (or frustrated!).

  • A/B Testing

    Experiment with different headlines, sales copy, or product descriptions and quickly learn which idea converts the best.

  • Traffic Analysis

    Compare the performance of referring traffic, campaigns, and landing pages against each other.

  • Error Tracking

    Automatic error detection can tell you which visitors are getting errors, and which ones are most important to fix.

  • Goals

    It can be easy to lose sight of your main website objectives. Let us help you not only keep them in focus, but continue to improve them.

  • CTAs

    Increase engagement with CTAs to highlight promotions, direct traffic to key pages, or even grow your mailing list.