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Ridiculously Easy A/B Testing

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Use A/B Testing to know you’ve implemented the best solution

Crazy Egg A/B Testing is a tool which keeps it simple. No complicated set-up here, simply select an element you want to test ideas on, and get testing! Try experimenting with different headlines, sales copy, or product descriptions and quickly learn which idea converts the best.

Start A/B Testing in 3 Easy Steps


What type of test?

Test tweaks to your website with our page editor, or tell us which URLs you’d like to test.


What’s your traffic split?

Use our AI automated split testing (multi-armed bandit method), or set the traffic split manually how you think it’s best for you.


Set a goal for your test

Measure the success of your test by setting a goal. Review your conversions to see how your test results have impacted your website goals.

AI Powered

Super simple set-up

Getting started is easy. Add your unique Crazy Egg snippet to the web page you want to test, and you're ready to go!

We integrate with all your favorite apps and services to make your set-up as seamless as possible.

Start A/B split testing in a flash

Create a new test in minutes with our quick and easy to use test creator. No more getting bogged down with endless settings and confusing interfaces. Choose your element to test, add your ideas, and let our multivariate engine do the heavy lifting.

Continuous optimization with real-time results

See how your ideas stack up against each other and quickly see which are working better than others. Add new ideas, retire old ones, and keep optimizing for the best results.