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MailerLite is an email marketing company servicing more than 1 million users worldwide. With incredible email-based tools and products, from website building to signup forms, MailerLite is an excellent platform to simplify your marketing campaign while taking it to the next level without excessive fees. 

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MailerLite Compared to the Best Email Marketing Services

MailerLite is one of the best email marketing services for its beginner-friendly platform and customizable campaigns. But it’s certainly not the only option that made our top list. After reviewing dozens of options, we found a few Golden Eggs that also offer excellent email marketing services.

Constant Contact is our number one recommendation for most people because of its fundamental tools in list building and campaign management. Solid reporting and analytics can take your campaigns to the next level on an affordable budget.

Omnisend is the perfect platform for ecommerce websites that need more flexibility and shoppable email options. You can try Omnisend for free and reach up to 250 contacts today. 

AWeber offers unlimited lists for agencies with advanced campaigns. You can connect all your websites and manage your entire marketing campaign from one secure place.

MailerLite: The Good and The Bad

Just like for all email marketing services, there will be good and bad features to consider. After extensive research, we found that MailerLite offers excellent features that most users are happy to continue using, with a few drawbacks that won’t necessarily break the product. Let’s take a deep dive into both sides of the spectrum before you decide.

What MailerLite Is Good At 

MailerLite offers excellent features for a brand in any industry. Whether you have an ecommerce website or a personal blog, you can benefit from customizable campaigns, easy monetization options, automated workflows, and extensive reporting. MailerLite also has an email verification system that ensures you build a genuine email list to reduce bounce-back rates and improve deliverability.

Customizable campaigns: MailerLite offers three different editors to improve your campaigns through customization. You can use MailerLite’s drag-and-drop editor to create engaging and responsive emails in minutes. The drag-and-drop editor lets you use pre-built design blocks or interactive content blocks to encourage engagement. 

MailerLite also offers a rich text email editor and an HTML editor to create more personal emails. The rich text editor lets you add links, images, bullet points, tables, signatures, and videos to enhance your messaging and connect with your subscribers. With the HTML editor, you can create emails from scratch with custom code, variables, field tags, and an automatic CSS inliner. 

Easy monetization options: If you want to create the perfect ecommerce website, MailerLite offers simple features for monetization, including digital products, email marketing, and newsletter subscriptions. To start selling a digital product, pick an ecommerce template, connect to Stripe, and utilize a customizable design block to create engaging product pages. To further supercharge your ecommerce sales, MailerLite offers a suite of tools, including platform integrations, product imports, and sales tracking. 

Not only can you monetize your website, but MailerLite allows you to monetize your newsletters and handles all aspects of the process, from collecting payments to automatically delivering paid subscription emails. You can A/B test content to see what works best for your audience, and MailerLite will do the rest, including subscriber management and automatic payment integrations.

Automated workflows: You can build an automated email workflow to reach the right people at the right time with MailerLite’s intuitive tools for campaigns and custom audiences. MailerLite offers a variety of actions that can trigger an automatic email delivery, including when a subscriber joins a group, completes a form, clicks a link, updates a field, has a birthday, or has an exact match of a specific date. For users looking for more advanced functionality, MailerLite has multi-trigger automation, which lets you add up to three triggers in one automation to save time and create multiple entry points. 

MailerLite also lets you resend unopened campaigns for an extra opportunity to connect with your audience and sends new content automatically with its RSS to email pipeline. With a simple setup, you can start sending emails on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis within minutes. You can also target specific audience segments and connect your Facebook and email audience for unique advertising and optimization. 

Straightforward analytics: Closely monitor your campaign performance through extensive analytics and reporting measures. With embedded surveys, sales tracking, and visual click maps, you can make the best of your campaigns and improve every time. MailerLite’s reports include unsubscribe count, spam complaints, bounces, link activity, new subscribers, and total active subscribers to help you measure success. 

Not only do you get access to subscriber reports, but MailerLite has automation reports and email campaign tracking for additional analysis. MailerLite uses a simple dashboard with clear graphs and subcategories to help you decipher your reports accurately. You can also benefit from click maps for link tracking, A/B split testing for top-performing emails, and geolocation reporting to understand which countries have the highest engagement. 

Email verifier: Protect your email list with MailerLite’s intuitive email verifier feature, MailerCheck. As an instant email verification system, MailerCheck can clean and optimize your email list in a matter of minutes. You can receive real-time verification any time a new email address is collected, and as a bulk verifier, MailerCheck will scan hundreds or thousands of subscribers at a time. You can also decide to check one email address at a time and get instant results. 

MailerCheck identifies issues to boost deliverability and limit the risk of emails bouncing back. MailerCheck does this by filtering out low-quality email addresses, detecting errors including typos, syntax errors, or return mailbox not found, and revealing catch-all email addresses, which typically aren’t monitored by a real person. MailerCheck easily integrates with MailerLite, and you can also connect it with other apps for maximum reliability.

MailerCheck is separate from MailerLite and costs $10 for every 1,000 credits, which equals one email verification per credit.

What MailerLite Is Lacking

While MailerLite has some excellent features overall, it does have some drawbacks that a few users weren’t too happy about, including outdated API, unfair policies, and no live chat support. 

Outdated API: While MailerLite offers extensive documentation on its API, many users still said it felt outdated and lacked functionality. In particular, many users found that even though they paid for a certain amount of subscribers, they couldn’t exceed a certain number of emails, which was less than the amount they originally paid for. One user said MailerLite wasted their time because, to fit the criteria, they had to split their mailing list into two subsections, which was not convenient or easy. 

Subpar customer support: Most of the negative reviews we found involved MailerLite’s poor customer support. MailerLite does not offer live chat support unless you pay for the Advanced plan, which can be as low as $19 per month and as high as $1,600 per month depending on how many subscribers you currently have. And if you have fewer than 1,000 subscribers, you only get access to email support, which many users have said is slow, unreliable, and unhelpful. 

One user claimed that MailerLite’s customer support team would only get back to them in the middle of the night and when they would respond in the morning, they wouldn’t hear back until the next day. Another user said that most of the representatives they spoke to didn’t understand MailerLite’s product and couldn’t give answers to seemingly simple questions. 

User concerns: While MailerLite has thousands of satisfied customers, we’d be remiss if we didn’t point out a few potentially concerning reviews. One user said that within a few months of using the software, MailerLite failed to notify them that they were exceeding their plan limit, which meant thousands of emails were not getting sent to their subscribers without their knowledge.

Another user alleged that MailerLite processed their plan payment, but then failed to approve their email list and terminated their account without a refund. According to the user, MailerLite claimed they had a few unauthenticated subscribers, but once the user asked for a refund, they were not given one despite the circumstances—essentially making them pay for a service they couldn’t use. 

These concerns are only a fraction of MailerLite’s user reviews, but they may be enough to give more cautious users pause. 

MailerLite Options and Pricing

You can try MailerLite for free for up to 1,000 email subscribers and 12,000 monthly emails. While MailerLite’s primary offering is its email marketing features, you can pay between $10 and $21 per month for more advanced tools in website building and creating custom landing pages.

MailerLite Website Builder

With MailerLite’s website builder, you can create a beautiful and functional website from scratch or use industry-leading templates. You can use MailerLite’s website builder to craft an online store, blog, or personal website.

Screenshot of MailerLite’s website builder interface, which makes it easy to add content, buttons, and photos.

MailerLite utilizes a drag-and-drop builder to make it easy for you to add different categories of content to personalize your website. You can also drag and drop content blocks to create a custom page layout for additional space.

If you want to engage with your visitors without the extra effort, MailerLite lets you create interactive blocks for quizzes or surveys. You can also promote limited offers on your homepage and encourage visitors to take action on countdown offers, which is perfect for ecommerce websites. 

In fact, MailerLite is an incredibly intuitive platform for ecommerce websites because of its monetization options. You can offer exclusive content behind a paywall and sell digital products using its Stripe integration. 

Integrations are an important part of MailerLite’s platform, and you can seamlessly grow your website by integrating its email marketing tools into your website, letting you collect leads and build relationships with your visitors. MailerLite’s integration system in its website builder also lets you gain new subscribers with sign-up forms, all from one simplified dashboard.

With built-in SEO features, your MailerLite website is ready to rank on the first page of Google and scale with unlimited bandwidth and storage. You can connect a custom domain, add content for social sharing, and measure traffic with heatmaps. 

You can use MailerLite’s website builder for free for one website. However, if you pay $10 per month, you will receive building tools for unlimited websites and access to the blog option. If you pay $21 per month, you get custom code injection and password protection. 

MailerLite Signup Forms

Grow your audience with MailerLite’s custom signup forms. With embedded forms and promotional pop-ups, you can collect subscribers and spotlight important messages without needing to code. 

Screenshot of MailerLite design settings to seamlessly create a custom MailerLite email signup form

MailerLite lets you create custom landing pages to incorporate into your email signup forms. With interactive blocks and responsive templates, you can create a highly effective marketing campaign that matches your brand. 

Blend your signup forms with your website by adding custom images, fonts, headers, colors, borders, and backgrounds. To give your European audience a more seamless experience, every form is GDPR-compliant—add checkboxes, pre-written permissions, and pop-up forms for ultimate subscriber segmentation.

With MailerLite, you can pick your favorite form type and shape to better suit your brand. From embedded forms to promotional pop-ups, MailerLite has you covered. Each form type comes with a gallery of templates you can personalize. 

When someone subscribes to your email list, you can use the hidden fields feature to group subscribers from the get-go. Instead of your audience subscribing to an email list with topics they aren’t interested in, MailerLite allows your subscribers to opt-in to the content topics they want to receive in the first newsletter signup form.

You can also verify your subscriber’s consent through a double opt-in feature to ensure you only receive genuine subscribers. For extra security and to prevent bots from infiltrating your system, enable reCAPTCHA in signup forms. 

With MailerLite’s reporting dashboard, you can track new email subscribers, visitors, and conversions through a simple visual graph. You can also export subscriber data to make it easier for you to analyze further. 

You can use MailerLite’s signup forms feature for free or pay $10 or $21 per month for more advanced features, including promotional pop-ups and a custom HTML editor. 

MailerLite in Summary

Overall, MailerLite is an excellent email marketing service because of its customizable campaigns and beginner-friendly solutions. You can easily scale your website for monetization and create automated email workflows for convenience. However, you shouldn’t ignore some of its drawbacks, including the experiences some users have had with its policies and customer support—and while it might not break the product, it’s still an aspect you should consider before investing. 

Luckily, MailerLite isn’t the only email marketing service that’s affordable with flexible options. We think Constant Contact is an outstanding alternative for campaign management and reporting measures. Omnisend is perfect for ecommerce websites that need flexible shoppable email options. And if you need one centralized platform with unlimited set features, AWeber is a great platform to choose from. 

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