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Do you need to form a limited liability company (LLC) or corporation but want to skip the service fees that come with it? Inc Authority is an online business formation service that’s free to use. It’s one of the top companies in the industry, and users can get started in three easy steps. Users also can upgrade their package for added services if needed. 

Comparing Inc Authority to The Best LLC Services

Our team researched dozens of popular LLC services. IncAuthority was one of the best we found–and not just because of the free LLC setup. As part of your due diligence, compare IncAuthority with our other top recommendations for LLC services:

  1. ZenBusiness – Best for Most
  2. Bizee (formerly Incfile) – Best Range of LLC Services
  3. LegalZoom – Best for Speaking with Attorneys
  4. Inc Authority – Best for Skipping Service Fees
  5. BizFilings – Best for Choosing the Right Entity Type

All of these LLC services can help you form an LLC or corporation, as well as provide registered agent services, EINs, business websites, and so on. IncAuthority works well for people who want an LLC and are looking to spend as little as possible on their business to get started.

IncAuthority has fewer legal resources for business owners than some of its competitors, like ZenBusiness and LegalZoom. Additionally, people who need to register a nonprofit, doing business as (DBA), or sole proprietorship should use another one of our recommendations.

Inc Authority: The Good and The Bad

The Good

Free Business Formation: The first and most obvious benefit of Inc Authority is that it’s free to use its business formation service. Users are only required to pay appropriate state incorporation fees. Most business formation services charge a one-time or annual service fee to incorporate, and Inc Authority positions itself as the most affordable option. 

Inc Authority recognizes that registering a business is expensive, and it aims to help entrepreneurs get incorporated as cheaply as possible. All overhead, labor costs, and service charges are waived. It does this to build trust with its customers. It hopes that users will upgrade to paid bundles later if they decide they need additional assistance. 

Easy Formation: In addition to its free business formation service, Inc Authority ensures incorporating your business is as easy as possible. In step one, users simply need to select their business entity type and the state of formation. Users can select between an LLC or a corporation. Its website includes helpful descriptions of each if you need help choosing. 

For step two, users need to enter their business owner details. These include first name, last name, email address, and mobile phone number. Business owners can also add business partners or co-owners during this step. Users must then agree to Inc Authority’s terms and conditions and continue to step three. 

For step three, users must enter their LLC or corporation details. Users will first enter a business name which will later be searched to determine eligibility. If your name is already taken, Inc Authority will help you find an alternate name. 

Next, users need to describe their business in one sentence and choose whether their business will accept credit cards. Finally, users need to select their business category. Selections include real estate, online, storefront, professional service, transportation, licensed contractor, or other. Finally, they will need to set a business address and choose from optional upgrades. 

Variety of Upgrades: Inc Authority isn’t just a business formation service. It includes several helpful upgrades for those who choose to purchase them. These include help with trademarks, revocable living trusts, business funding, business plans, business credit, and website and marketing upgrades. It also has three start-up bundles available for additional assistance. 

The Bad

Limited Entity Types: Inc Authority users can only register an LLC or a corporation. Other business formation companies let users register LLCs, corporations, nonprofits, DBAs, and sole proprietorships. 

While this isn’t a bad thing for every user, it limits its available business formation services to only two entity types. If you need to form a nonprofit, DBA, or sole proprietorship, Inc Authority isn’t for you. 

Lack of Legal Services: While Inc Authority does have tax, funding, and business credit experts available, it lacks a team of legal attorneys, something typically included with other incorporation services. Some incorporation services provide users with a network of attorneys to help them with annual reports, seller’s permits, business licenses, legal agreements, 501(c)(3) applications, and more. 

If you’re looking for a service that lets you collaborate with legal experts, Inc Authority won’t be a good option for you. 

Inc Authority Pricing and Options

Inc Authority’s main goal is to make forming a business a reality for everyone. Therefore, it is a free incorporation service, making it unique from its competitors. However, you need to factor in state incorporation fees when registering your business. It also has start-up bundles and services you can select to enhance your service. 

Inc Authority Free LLC or Corporation

Inc Authority Free LLC or Corporation is the company’s main product. Users of this plan only pay Secretary of State fees, and they can set it up online in three quick steps. 

With this plan, users receive a state business name check and one year of registered agent services. Entity formation documents will be prepared and filed to the state, and S-Election document Form 2553s can be filed with the IRS. Users also have access to INC CARE email and phone support. 

Through the online client portal, users can access digital copies of documents like articles of organization and articles of incorporation. Users can get advice on business credit and financing needs with one of Inc Authority’s experts and receive a federal and state tax planning consultation. 

Inc Authority Starter

Inc Authority Starter is an optional add-on that can be ordered by contacting an Inc Authority expert. The Starter product includes the following features:

  • Record book and company seal
  • Operating agreement and bylaws
  • Custom state filed articles
  • Business name availability verification
  • IRS Tax ID Number (EIN)
  • Ownership certificates initial meeting minutes and resolutions

The product also comes with one year of Inc Success Advisor access. This comes with unlimited online and phone support for help with things like lawsuit defense, local and state business licenses, IRS audits and notifications, accounting and taxes, credit cards, business banking, business funding, and payroll. 

Users also receive one hour of tax consulting to discuss things like inventory, deductions, and tax deadlines, as well as a business credit evaluation. In under 10 minutes, they can get approved for $50,000 to $150,000 in credit lines and unsecured loans for startups. 

Inc Authority Executive

Inc Authority Executive is another optional plan for users. It has everything included in the Starter bundle with some added bonuses. To inquire about pricing information, contact an Inc Authority service representative.

Executive users get a website domain to sell products and services, generate leads, and increase brand awareness online. Users also can access a business license reporting software. This software evaluates industry and location factors to determine which licenses your business needs. 

Inc Authority Tycoon

Inc Authority Tycoon is the provider’s final start-up bundle, and you can reach out to Inc Authority for pricing details. 

The product comes with everything included in Starter and Executive bundles. It also includes express processing and BizCredit Express. 

BizCredit Express comes with 90 days of one-on-one coaching with a business credit coach. Users receive a report and registration from Dun & Bradstreet, a leading business credit reporting bureau. 

Users also have access to the Business Credit LaunchPad. This is a web-based software program that goes through the business credit development process step-by-step. Users’ businesses can quickly build credit through its multi-tiered credit development system.  

Inc Authority Federal Trademark

Inc Authority users can create a federal trademark on its storefront signage, email, website, or social media to create brand recognition. Inc Authority gives you exclusive rights to your trademark in the U.S., deters infringement, secures trademark ownership, and increases your company’s value. Contact an Inc Authority expert for pricing information. 

To search for available U.S. trademarks, Inc Authority can access USPTO records and every state domain name, corporate name, and trademark database. Users receive lifetime access to the Client Success Team, and trademark applications are completed for them. Users can quickly contact trademark specialists and are notified of every renewal date. 

The product comes with 24-hour expedited e-filing, trademark specialist filing, and filing status reports. It also includes three years of direct-hit trademark monitoring. This is done to track and alert users of possible trademark infringement. The Federal Trademark product has a government filing fee for one class of goods or services. 

Inc Authority Revocable Living Trust

If someone doesn’t have a revocable living trust, their assets go through probate when they pass away. This process can take months or years and requires federal estate taxes and probate legal fees. If the decedent uses a service like Inc Authority to create a revocable living trust, no probate occurs. If the decedent is married and has a trust, no estate taxes are due either. 

Users can contact Inc Authority for its Revocable Living Trust product. This package includes the following:

  • Revocable living trust
  • Certificate of Revocable Living Trust
  • Power of Attorney for husband and wife
  • Instructions for transferring assets into a revocable living trust
  • Forms for transferring property into a revocable living trust
  • Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care for husband and wife
  • Last Will and Testament for husband and wife

Inc Authority Business Funding

Inc Authority Business Funding was created to help business owners use high-limit credit cards and personal and low-interest business loans to access working capital. Users can create a specific plan with the help of Inc Authority’s lending relationships and experts. 

To maximize approval rates, the company provides support and submits funding applications. Business owners can receive 30 to 100 thousand dollars in business funding, and they can access a consultation with a FICO Pro-Certified Underwriter. To make sure funding applications are accurate, Inc Authority guides users through an information verification and funding pre-application compliance process. 

The product includes credit card and loan programs, unsecured high credit limit personal and business credit cards, and unsecured credit lines and personal loans. Business owners can contact Inc Authority for pricing details, and they must have verifiable income and a FICO score of at least 680. 

Inc Authority Business Plan

Inc Authority’s Business Plan is a way to outsource the analysis, research, projections, editing, and writing of your business plan. This product helps with product and sales implementation, education, and raising capital. Contact an Inc Authority representative for more information. 

Users will gain access to an extension executive summary, a marketing and demographics analysis, and a mission and objectives statement. Users also receive a comprehensive financial plan which contains an operating expense model, a revenue model, a statement of cash flows, a balance sheet, and an income statement. 

To increase your chances of obtaining capital, Inc Authority guarantees to help you meet investor and bank guidelines. For questions, reviews, and edits to the business plan, users are assigned a dedicated business plan advisor. Within the first three months, users also can request revisions and adjustments to their plan at no added cost. 

Inc Authority Website and Marketing Package

Users can purchase the Website and Marketing Package to increase business credibility, attract new customers, and inform prospects and clients about their products and services. By having a 24/7 online presence, customers can always receive the service they need. To get more information, contact an Inc Authority representative. 

This product is separated into web design and marketing essentials categories. For web design needs, users get access to award-winning customer service, a private consultation with a web designer, and premium custom website design. Users receive full SEO, which includes headings, internal links, alt tags, META keywords, META descriptions, and META titles. 

Inc Authority professionals help your site be discovered on leading search engines like Google, Yelp!, and Bing. To create creative and professional website content, users can work with a dedicated marketing specialist. 

For marketing essentials, users can work with a graphic designer to create a professionally designed logo. Users can choose from different designs to create 500 personalized business cards containing a company email address, website, name, and logo. 

Inc Authority experts ensure your business has review options, a directory, and a map location. Users have access to real-time updating, over 40 location listing publishers, and mobile and tablet voice recognition. 

How Inc Authority Ranks

Inc Authority is hands-down one of the top contenders in the business formation service space. Unlike Inc Authority, other top choices like ZenBusiness, Bizee, and LegalZoom charge service fees for business formation. However, these services are better options if you need to register a business other than an LLC or corporation, or if you need advanced legal advice. 


Inc Authority is the best business formation service for those who want to incorporate their business for free. Users have the option to upgrade to one of its start-up bundles or add-ons like Federal Trademark, Revocable Living Trust, Business Funding, Business Plan, or its Website and Marketing Package if needed. 

Inc Authority users only need to pay state registration fees, and they can get started in three quick steps. The drawbacks of this service are that it can only incorporate LLCs and corporations, and it doesn’t have the legal services included with some of its competitors.

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