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AWeber is a top email marketing service that offers excellent tools for advanced campaigns. With pre-designed reports and automated solutions, AWeber can transform the way you market your business and help you engage with your audience in one single platform. By looking at the good and the bad, let’s find out if AWeber is the right service for you.

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Comparing AWeber to the Best Email Marketing Services

Compared to other email marketing services on the market today, AWeber made it onto our top list due to its advanced marketing tools for high-volume campaigns and its award-winning support. AWeber also offers pre-designed reports and email templates to help you craft and share your most popular emails with ease.

We reviewed dozens of email marketing services on the market and narrowed them down to the top six. We looked at each option to see who it’s best for, what features to consider, and how to find the best option for your needs. Want to scope out all of your options? See all of our top picks here

AWeber: The Good and the Bad

Just like for all email marketing services, there will be good and bad features to consider. After extensive research, we found that AWeber offers excellent features that most users are happy to continue using, with only a few drawbacks. Let’s take a deep dive into both sides of the spectrum before you decide. 

Screenshot of AWeber landing page with headline that says, "Grow, sell, and engage with your audience--all from a single platform"

The Good

Pre-Designed Reports: AWeber offers some of the best marketing tools for campaigns and strategies, including an advanced email tracking system that delivers intuitive reports to help you target your audience and make more sales. This excellent tool offers pre-designed reports that are easy to read and help you find the best send times and most popular content for more clicks and sales. 

These reports use line charts to showcase your analytics, including email opens, clicks, sales, web hits, and unsubscribes. You also get details on the total amount of emails you’ve sent over time, how many email bounces occur, and how many complaints you receive from subscribers. You also can split test your emails to discover what’s the best with minimal mistakes.

Automated Newsletter: AWeber makes automation as simple as possible, especially for emails. Instead of wasting time writing up and sending consistent daily emails and risk burnout, AWeber lets you craft an auto newsletter that can help you get more traffic, video views, or sales. Whether you want to welcome new subscribers, promote a new project, or send an abandoned cart reminder email, AWeber’s auto newsletter function can ensure your audience never misses your content again. 

Subscriber Segmentation: If you want higher open rates, clicks, and sales from your emails, AWeber can help you with its segmented subscriber function. You can segment your subscribers into different categories, including custom tags, opens, clicks, purchases, visits, location, and sign-up forms. AWeber’s system can create dynamic segments to help you send more relevant and personalized emails to your audience. 

With AWeber’s sign-up form segment option, you can request specific information from your prospects, such as name and email. You can take this information and apply tags to specific forms or create custom tags based on custom form responses. You can create an even more personalized segment by encouraging your audience to fill out custom fields or letting them tell you about a product or service they are interested in. 

Award-Winning Support: Award-winning isn’t just a buzzword in AWeber’s case, as its customer service team has won more than 15 awards for support, dating back to 2015, including the 2022 Stevie Award for contact center of the year. As a user, you can contact an AWeber customer representative 24/7 through phone, email, and live chat support. 

Not only does AWeber offer award-winning support from its customer representatives, but it also offers a wide range of support documentation, video tutorials, and a detailed knowledge base. You won’t have any trouble finding the answers you need. 

Email Templates: If you need help designing beautiful emails or newsletters, AWeber offers the largest variety of templates on the market today. You can choose from more than 600 email templates that are responsive, fully customizable, and completely free in your AWeber account. With AWeber’s email templates, you can choose from multiple color schemes, layouts, and designs that look excellent on any device—add your logo, a photo, and your content, and you are ready to send the email. 

Here’s a list of templates you can choose from: 

  • Newsletter templates
  • Holiday templates
  • Industry-specific templates
  • Special occasion templates
  • Event-based templates
  • Promotional templates

You can also use an unlimited number of templates and switch between different templates with ease.

Stock Images: If you don’t have the time or money to hire a professional photographer, you can use AWeber’s free stock images instead. With more than 6,000 images, you can find the best image for your business through categories such as people, business, travel, finance, arts, and entertainment. If you have your own images, AWeber lets you upload them to its system with unlimited hosting. 

The Bad

Outdated Interface: The most common issue we found when looking through user reviews for AWeber was that its interface seems to be outdated. One user claimed that the system only allows you to do one thing at a time and prohibits bulk actions, which makes it difficult to create a seamless workflow. Another user said that the interface is confusing, making it harder to navigate the program without seeking customer support. 

A few other users expressed disappointment with AWeber’s interface being too slow and clunky. Overall, an intuitive interface is an integral part of any software, and it’s not ideal that AWeber is lacking in this department. 

Inaccurate Reports: While AWeber offers pre-designed reports that are usually extensive and easy to decipher, a few users said the reporting feature was glitchy and inaccurate. Some reports would show either inaccurate data or nothing at all. Another user claimed that on top of the inaccuracy, the reports were generally lackluster and weren’t as advanced as AWeber claimed. One user even claimed that AWeber’s report functionality was incompatible with their device, and they couldn’t retrieve the report to begin with. 

Installation Learning Curve: Because many users found AWeber’s interface severely outdated, many also found it difficult to install the software in the first place. Many users said there was a steep learning curve to fully implement AWeber. Some users found that installing AWeber was too hard to do without using a help guide, but others mentioned that there wasn’t enough documentation for setting up your account either. 

Deliverability Safeguards: Making sure your emails get delivered is imperative for email marketing, especially if you want a higher open rate and more clicks. A deliverability safeguard is usually a measure put in place by software to ensure that your emails will always be delivered consistently. Unfortunately, AWeber doesn’t currently have a system to help you sort through delivery statistics by clients to spot any delivery issues. There also isn’t a safeguard for misspellings and email accuracy, meaning that an inaccurate email could pass through your list without AWeber being able to check and alert you. 

AWeber Pricing and Options

AWeber offers one paid plan and a feature-rich free version of its email marketing hub. Here’s a quick overview of the plans: 

Screenshot of AWeber pricing plans with options for AWeber Free or AWeber Pro

AWeber Free

  • $0 per month. For up to 500 email subscribers. 

AWeber’s Free plan is the perfect place to start marketing your business. This free version offers a lot more features than most email marketing services. You get landing pages, web push notifications, a drag-and-drop builder, and email templates.  

If you need to steer your marketing efforts in the ecommerce direction, you get access to sign-up forms and additional ecommerce features that can help you sell your products with ease.

AWeber Pro

  • Starting at $16.15 per month. For up to 25,000 email subscribers.

AWeber’s Pro plan is excellent for growing your business and scaling for up to 25,000 subscribers. You get access to everything in the free version, plus unlimited email lists, advanced email automation, the removal of AWeber branding, and detailed insights and analytics. If you need more expansive ecommerce features, you also get webpage and sales tracking with split testing. 

AWeber Ecommerce Solution

Finding decent marketing tools for your ecommerce business can be difficult, but not with AWeber’s comprehensive ecommerce solution built into its all-in-one marketing hub.

Screenshot of AWeber website page with headline that says, "Grow your revenue with custom sales pages"

AWeber’s ecommerce solution can help you grow your revenue and connect with your customers in minutes. Whether you sell a small number of products each month, AWeber gives you unlimited sales pages to maximize your earning potential. 

Not only can you make unlimited sales, but you can increase these sales through retargeting ads. AWeber lets you use tags to retarget your audience and send automatic abandoned cart emails, helping you increase overall sales. 

With AWeber’s drag-and-drop builder, you can create and manage your payment system. You can collect payments at checkout or set up a subscription billing service. You don’t have to offer one payment method either, as AWeber offers multiple payment options, including credit card and PayPal. 

You can track your sales performance over 30 days for visitors and total sales. AWeber has an intuitive analytics dashboard that lets you view the amount of money you make per month in whatever currency you need. 

AWeber Web Push Notifications

Instantly reach and engage with your target audience and sell more products with AWeber’s web push notifications solution. 

Screenshot of AWeber landing page with headline that says, "Reach your audience faster with Web Push Notifications"

The best part about this specific solution is that AWeber offers it in all plans, so you don’t have to miss out if you choose the free version. AWeber’s web push notifications can help you deliver messages to your subscriber’s desktops when they have a browser open. 

It can be difficult to get your customers to open your emails, and if your open rate is low already, AWeber’s push notifications can help you instantly notify your audience without needing to craft the perfect email. These notifications are short and clickable, so you don’t need to worry about taking up too much space. 

Some of the additional benefits of AWeber’s web push notifications include:

  • Instant notification
  • High engagement
  • High deliverability
  • Increased web traffic
  • Send straight from your AWeber account

How AWeber Ranks

AWeber ranks on our top list for its advanced marketing campaign tools that help larger agencies market their business. With pre-designed reports and automation tools, many users are happy to invest in AWeber for their marketing efforts.  

Here is a short overview of the best email marketing services:

  1. MailerLite – Best email marketing service for most
  2. Omnisend – Best for boosting ecommerce with shoppable emails
  3. AWeber – Best for agencies with advanced marketing campaigns
  4. Brevo (formerly Sendinblue) – Best for getting unlimited contacts and emails without upgrading
  5. HubSpot – Best for merging your CRM with email marketing
  6. Constant Contact – Best for small businesses with simple marketing needs


Overall, AWeber is a good email marketing service for providing its users with advanced marketing tools for high-volume campaigns. AWeber offers award-winning support and automated functionalities to help you create the perfect campaign. 

With its additional ecommerce solutions and web push notifications, you can completely transform your email marketing strategy and reach your target audience faster. 

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