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Kristi Hines is a freelance writer, ghostwriter, and professional blogger who helps develop blog content and lead magnets for businesses.

10 Best Infographics on Web Design And Development

by Kristi Hines

Best Infographics Web Design

Need some inspiration when it comes to web design or development? Whether you are just getting started building your own website or you are an experienced web designer or developer, here are 10 great infographics about the history of web design, color, programming, typography, templates, technology, and more that should…

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How to Convince Your Clients To Use Social Media

by Kristi Hines

As a marketing professional, one of your toughest challenges will be explaining to your clients why they need to be on social media. While it’s great to boast about the standard social media factoids like 901 million active members on Facebook or 140 million active users on Twitter, your clients…

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