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Accelo is a unique project management software that lets you manage your business end-to-end, systemize sales management, and anticipate mistakes so you can execute better. Accelo helps thousands of business owners and teams reach their KPIs every quarter. Let’s find out what makes them so good and if they can help you do the same. 

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Accelo Compared to the Best Project Management Software

Accelo did not make our list of the top project management software tools, but it still could be a good fit for you, depending on your needs. Otherwise, plenty of excellent options might fit your business even better. Here are our Golden Eggs, the best platforms we found in our research: allows you to customize workflows with unusual ease for your team. Every use case you can imagine is available through a template or web app. Get your free account now

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Accelo: The Good and the Bad

Finding project management software usually takes an enormous amount of time. But here, you can skim the best and worst parts of Accelo in minutes, find what speaks specifically to your business, and dive deeper if you want. Ready? Let’s make it happen. 

What Accelo Is Good At

Accelo helps you see the end in the beginning because they provide everything you need from the start. You can begin with sales and lead generation, then organize your projects and ongoing client work, and even send invoices and calculate billable hours in a few clicks. It’s all extremely easy once you set everything in motion.  

End-to-end business management: Accelo pools all facets of your business into one application. You can start with creating a systemized sales approach with templates and quoting software or jump right into planning and collaboration with clients on your deliverables. Managing and tracking ongoing client work, analyzing core business metrics with custom reporting that’s easy to create and read, and syncing email accounts are also easy. You can even manage emails for team members on vacation, so accounts don’t go cold. 

Cooperative ecosystem: Handling customer tickets and concerns is a breeze. Accelo lets you track multiple clients from different departments within the same platform so that you can keep customer relationships in the green with quick response times on follow-ups. 

With what Accelo calls “Adaptive Project Management,” you can easily navigate different project methodologies depending on your client. This gives you the power to work with clients in a way that makes them feel comfortable, allowing you to scale and acquire more business. 

Flexibility to customize important features: Accelo allows you to view and customize each project you have differently depending on the team you’re working with. Having the visibility available to pull in insights that matter most for specific projects can help you ensure on-time delivery and profitability. 

This means you’ll see real-time staffing and budget insights and can customize project plan templates without limits. You can even automate project time because Accelo smartsheets and timers are integrated into every project you create. Keeping accurate time isn’t a headache anymore. 

Easy to learn—beautiful to look at: It’s usually draining to learn new software. And we’re not saying it’s a cakewalk here, either. But with Accelo, it’s easier than most. In fact, several users particularly highlighted how easy it is to get started and customize the software how you need it to work. 

Finding billing data, setting up retainers, and easy client communication directly through the platform are just a few examples. And that’s saying a lot considering all the features you get with Accelo. There’s a lot to learn, yes. But having an intuitive platform with tons of educational resources makes your learning curve a little straighter. 

Communicating updates and platform development: Accelo has a dedicated idea forum with a very active community. It’s designed to help current users learn things, include personal opinions on how to improve features and stay aware of the most recent changes you can use to improve your daily workflow. 

The cool thing is Accelo actually makes changes that users suggest. They consider their software an ever-evolving ecosystem. Updates are constantly made to the software, making it more functional and easy to navigate. It’s extraordinary to see Accelo has no problem listening and making changes. 

What Accelo Is Lacking

Below we tackle the issues we found with Accelo because, let’s face it, no company is perfect. Even with constant improvements and updates, every business has areas where they fall short and have room for improvement. So, let’s look at what they are. 

Tons of services to learn: Accelo is easy to learn, but it’s also a lot to learn. You can easily feel overwhelmed with the many available features and may never truly feel you will master all of them. The simplicity of many other project management software platforms is their biggest strength and that may put some of them ahead of Accelo. 

Constant updates: We know we talked about this as a positive above. But it can also be a problem for some users. When a system is constantly being updated, you have to continually adapt to those updates–especially ones that change the features you’re just starting to get comfortable with. It’s nice that Accelo listens and makes changes based on user feedback, but if you don’t like learning something new regularly or adapting on the fly, those changes can start to feel excessive. 

Limited integration with newer systems: Accelo integrates with most established software tools, but its integrations with newer platforms seem to lag behind other project management tools. So if you are using something new, you may be unable to integrate with Accelo. This can be a deal breaker, especially if you are a current user and get a new software you love. 

Mobile experience needs work: We found nothing calling Accelo a web-first software. But that seems to be the preferred way to use the software because many customers struggle to use Accelo on mobile devices like cell phones and tablets. Specifically, the features are not as robust on mobile and often run into glitches, which is a big loss compared to most competitors with solid mobile apps. 

Also, this complaint has been a conversation for years, which is surprising given Accelo’s robust idea forum and track record of responding to user feedback. We’d expect them to have resolved this issue by now, but users are still unhappy with their mobile experience.

Accelo Options and Pricing

Below you will find the product and pricing details Accelo offers. The unique difference between them and most other providers is how they isolate their services. 

Accelo Platform

Accelo homepage with examples of four Accelo dashboards and header that says "Finally. A system to boot productivity and profitability across your service business."

Accelo has one primary platform. Six different products make up the full suite, and within that suite of products, you’ll select one or more to help you improve client workflow. Each product has specific services to help you do that. 

But pricing is not all-inclusive. You pay for each product within the platform individually, depending on your needs. For example, if you want project management software, you’d pay for access to that and only that, and if you decide later that you need sales or billing software, you will pay an additional price to add them on. 

The easy part is each individual product is the same price. So it’s easy to add up your spending for each one. 

The suite of products includes:

  1. Sales and Quotes
  2. Project Management
  3. Tickets
  4. Retainers
  5. Billing 
  6. Reports

Pricing Plans

There are two plans which you pay for annually: 

  • The Plus plan starts at $24 per product, per user, per month with a minimum of 5 users
  • The Premium plan starts at $39 per product, per user, per month with a minimum of 5 users

These plans include specific features included in each plan on top of the services you receive depending on the product you select. 

Accelo in Summary

End-to-end business software that’s easy to learn and flexible enough to let you mix and match your business needs is a game changer. Managing everything from one platform with the ability to add more services as you grow is what so many successful business owners love about Accelo.

But if this is not what you are looking for and you need something a little less robust, check out our golden eggs listed within this article or our top project management software post. Here you will discover all our thoroughly researched top picks for managing projects like a pro from day one. 

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