Volusion Review

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Volusion is a leading ecommerce platform that has been providing companies with online shopping solutions for the last 20 years. It is an all-in-one tool that enables beginners to create an online store and sell products or services from anywhere in the world. Volusion delivers solid features for payment processing and order tracking.   

Comparing Volusion to the Best Ecommerce Platforms and Software

Starting at a reasonable price of $31.50 a month with minimal transaction fees, Volusion is a great option for businesses doing substantial sales. A lot of ecommerce platforms have transaction fees that can rack up to be quite significant, but Volusion’s fees start at just 1.25% and go as low as 0.35% on the most deluxe plan.

While it lacks some of the features that other top-notch ecommerce platforms provide, such as built-in automation options, it more than makes up for it with its ease of use and affordable rates. If you want to compare Volusion to our other top solutions, read our picks for the best ecommerce platforms to find the ideal option for you or your business. 

Volusion: The Good and the Bad

The Good                                     

Easy integration: Volusion’s integrations enable you to expand your online store’s capability. In addition to in-built functions, Volusion also works with third-party apps like CRMs, accounting software, shipping and payment processing providers,live chat tools, order management platforms, and more. These additional functionalities help streamline your business operations and increase your growth potential. 

Competitive prices: Volusion offers some of the better pricing plans for an ecommerce platform. Its four subscription plans range from $31.50 per month (when paying annually) to a bespoke package with pricing based on your gross merchandise volume. All subscription plans provide online customer support and security features. Plus, you can use a 14-day free trial period to check the platform out and commit to a paid plan only if it fulfills your needs.

Volusion home page

Low transaction fees: Volusion’s plans compound the affordability by starting with low transaction fees (1.25% on its lowest-priced plan) and going even lower as you scale up. Its two mid-tier plans both sport rates under 1%, with the $79/month Professional plan’s 0.65% much lower than similarly priced plans on some other big names in the ecommerce platform category.

Variety of templates: Choose from 300 beautiful ecommerce templates to match the look of your online store to your branding. Getting this part of your web store’s design matters almost as much as your product or service. Users notice and respond to the design, color, and overall appearance of your website. All Volusion templates are also device-responsive, allowing your shoppers to get the same experience across all devices. 

Reporting tools: Efficient reporting tools are necessary for an online business so you can get interesting insights into purchases, shopping cart trends, product views, ROI, and more. Using Volusion’s reporting features, analyze what metrics are working for your store and build reports that deliver you the information you need to grow.    

Deep SEO control: SEO tools are necessary to build an optimized and reputable website that ranks well on Google. Volusion provides multiple, powerful ways to control your SEO strategy, from managing metadata and content optimization to editing your Volusion site’s robots.txt file. Moreover, Volusion also offers SEO audits to help you figure out where to make changes in your URL, design, meta tags, and more. 

Extensive support options: Volusion fully supports its users whenever they need help. It offers 24/7 live support through a phone call, an email, or an online chat. Volusion has a website knowledge center, too, that offers comprehensive guides and video tutorials. Higher-level plans include a dedicated account manager and access to Volusion’s in-house design and marketing team.

The Bad

No blogging: One downside to Volusion is the lack of a built-in blog feature. Blogs are efficient marketing tools that also help to inform the customers about the latest developments in your store. Additionally, a blog can help reinforce your brand’s image and bring in more shoppers from search results. The lack of a blog feature can really affect your marketing strategy and overall reach. 

Slow support on lower plans: One of the most common complaints about Volusion is that people with Personal (entry-level) and Professional subscription plans have been kept stuck waiting for quality customer support. If you’ll need swift support on a cheap plan, you might consider another ecommerce platform on our list. 

Other entry-level limitations: Another drawback of Volusion’s most basic plan, Personal, is that it provides only limited integration options. You can only connect to social media platforms for external selling and no options for Amazon and eBay, for example. However, all the other plans priced above Personal offer better integration options and allow you to link your site to Amazon and eBay.  

Volusion Pricing and Options

Volusion has four pricing packages, starting with the entry-level Personal plan and scaling up through Professional, Business, and the customized Prime.

Volusion Personal

Volusion Personal is $35 per month, but you can save a bit by paying annually, bringing the monthly cost down to $31.50. This allows you to upload 100 products and sets transaction fees at 1.25%. It is an ideal subscription plan for small businesses. 

Features on the Personal plan include safe checkout and payment, free access to responsive themes, support for selling on social media channels, and built-in inventory management. However, it only provides limited marketing features and no integration with Amazon or eBay.   

Volusion Professional

The Professional plan costs $79 per month or $71.10 per month when paying annually. This lowers transaction fees to 0.65% and expands the number of products to 5,000. An additional benefit is that you get access to five staff accounts, which enables you to delegate tasks and restrict access to certain areas of the site and information. 

The biggest upgrade in the Professional plan is the array of selling and marketing tools. It reports abandoned carts and gives you a chance to convert those hesitant buyers into customers. It also gives you access to email tools, CRM features, and importing and exporting of site data.

This is ideal for well-established small businesses looking to further expand their business, especially with those reduced transaction fees.    

Volusion Business

The Volusion Business plan allows you to upload an unlimited number of products, which is a huge step up, and lowers transaction fees down to 0.35%. You also get 15 staff accounts, so you can further loop in team members such as your office and warehouse staff.

Business plan users are given Volusion’s priority support, plus access to the services of their marketing and design experts to optimize your site’s appearance and strategy. Sites on this plan seamlessly integrate with Amazon and eBay and give you API access, which provides you with unique tools to customize your website. You can also use an advanced reporting system to track and compare the performance of two or more products.

The price of the Volusion business plan is $299 per month, or $269.10 per month when paying annually.     

Volusion Prime

The price and transaction fees of the Volusion Prime plan are calculated based on your gross merchandise volume. It provides access to unlimited staff accounts and is an ideal option for large-scale enterprises or high-end brands. You receive VIP access to support, and experts in finance, design, and marketing are just one message or phone call away to help you achieve your goals. An account manager can help optimize your site, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business. You will still manage most of the functions of your web store but can always contact your account manager for help and advice. 

How Volusion Ranks

Volusion is among the top ecommerce platforms in the market today. It offers some of the best transaction fees in the category and provides access to plenty of beautiful templates and efficient reporting tools. 

Volusion is not an ideal ecommerce platform for some, though. Therefore, you may want to consider other platforms if Volusion lacks something you need. To help you in that decision, check out our top list of the best ecommerce platforms and software:

  1. Bluehost – Best for automatic WooCommerce store setup
  2. Shopify – Best all-in-one ecommerce platform
  3. Wix – Best ecommerce platform for beginners
  4. Squarespace – Best portfolio-based ecommerce builder
  5. BigCommerce – Best for multichannel sales
  6. Ecwid – Best free shopping cart extension
  7. WooCommerce – Best ecommerce plugin for WordPress
  8. Shift4Shop – Best ecommerce platform for developers
  9. Easy Digital Downloads – Best WordPress plugin for digital products
  10. Volusion – Best ecommerce platform for large stores
  11. Magento – Best enterprise ecommerce platform


Volusion’s plans offer easy-to-use features at competitive pricing. The Business plan is the most comprehensive and gives users access to sell unlimited products across several channels and priority customer support, while sporting some of the lowest transaction fees (0.35%) we’ve seen.

Overall, we recommend Volusion for businesses that sell a lot of products. And, if your operation has grown enough to afford spending over $200 per month on your ecommerce platform, you can reap the benefits of all Volusion has to offer, opening the doors for more serious growth beyond what you’ve already achieved. 

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