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VivifyScrum is web-based project management software that can accommodate small teams and larger organizations alike. As the name implies, VivifyScrum delivers tools and features to support Agile project work and processes, helping make project creation and completion as seamless as possible.

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VivifyScrum Compared to the Best Project Management Software

While VivifyScrum is an excellent option for Agile teams, it’s not the only powerful PM platform on the market that could work for your organization. We’ve analyzed the leading options available in our post reviewing the best project management software, and we’ve pulled a few versatile options to spotlight here as our Golden Eggs—solutions that are excellent alternatives for a wide variety of project work needs. lets you streamline your workflow through extensive project views, dashboards, and integrations for maximum productivity. Get started on and pay as little as $8 per user.

ClickUp encourages teams to stay productive, especially for remote workers, with its collaboration capabilities and pre-built templates. Sign up for ClickUp for free and start using it today.

Smartsheet works the way you do by offering popular integrations that can help you modernize spreadsheet-heavy project management processes. Try any Smartsheet plan for 30 days.

VivifyScrum: The Good and the Bad

VivifyScrum ends up being a pretty potent option for a lot of teams and project types. It is well-suited for Agile project work, supported by features for people management and visibility. But it’s not without its flaws, either. Let’s take a look at the good and bad of VivifyScrum and find out if it’s the best software for you. 

What VivifyScrum Is Good At 

You’re getting a full-featured PM platform on any VivifyScrum plan. Enjoy tools and software elements that help you easily organize work and team members, save time on everyday actions, and even accommodate and support your work for clients. 

Manage your team: VivifyScrum can fit however your organization is structured and who does what regarding project work. Set roles with labels, permissions, engagements, and time off. If you have a larger team, the variety of roles in this software will certainly help. Add owners, admins, members, and guests to any board and differentiate who controls each project. You can also make team profile cards in minutes by adding members’ names, email addresses, phone numbers, permissions, roles, and maximum weekly working hours. 

Simplified pricing: We’ll get into all the pricing plans and details for VivifyScrum below, but a huge benefit of going with this platform is that their price points are transparent and quite affordable for medium-sized teams compared to other leaders in this category.

For instance, the entry-level Starter plan includes many core features but costs just $96 for an entire year. Not only is that a comparable rate to and ClickUp, but it actually allows for up to 10 users on the plan with no change in the cost. That’s right—while and ClickUp can cost between $600 and $1,000 for a year for 10 people, VivifyScrum stays at an appealing $96 for the year, no matter what.

Extensive board configuration: With VivifyScrum, you can create a scrum or Kanban board to organize your projects efficiently. But just because you only have two options, it doesn’t mean you’re left wanting customization.

You can tailor so many things in VivifyScrum to fit your organization’s style. Set work days and hours, establish board defaults for assignees, followers, and item types, and create hotkeys to streamline new tasks that regularly involve the same actions or team members. You can also add elements to boards like a project progress bar or integrations with tools like Slack, plus view board history at any time.

Simplified reporting: To make it easy to visualize project health, VivifyScrum sports a streamlined reporting tool that can display your team’s progress, burndown charts, work log charts, and other statistics. Each visualization makes it easy for anyone involved in your projects to understand how they’re progressing. Use these reports to view how much work remains, how quickly your team has completed tasks, and predict when your team will complete each task, milestone, or project at large. 

Invoicing capabilities: Not every project management software comes with invoicing capabilities, but VivifyScrum delivers a built-in way for teams to create invoices for their clients, add a client base to their dashboard, and turn recurring invoices into templates to save time. 

Each invoice captures key information, like issue date and due date, PO number and invoice number, applicable taxes, and other modifiable, custom fields like discounts applied, status, or subject. You’ll find all your invoices in the VivifyScrum dashboard, where you can filter and search for existing ones by date issued, due date, client, status, or balance. 

Helpful shortcuts: VivifyScrum offers keyboard shortcuts that you can utilize to make navigation easier—something you won’t always find with other PM platforms. Different shortcuts help you save time with adding tasks, searching and adding new items to boards, navigating through the interface, and more. 

What VivifyScrum Is Lacking

While VivifyScrum offers excellent features across the board, not everyone has had the best experience using the software. There are some legitimate criticisms regarding its design and interface that can present major obstacles to some teams’ ability to match the platform to the way they like to work. Let’s examine these shortcomings in some detail. 

No non-board views: VivifyScrum offers card-based boards you can use to organize your projects, but it’s surprisingly lacking in other project views that most other PM platforms provide. That means no timeline or Gantt views and no built-in calendar. That can be a major deal-breaker for teams juggling multiple projects, deadlines, or milestones and need a way to see how those dates line up from a single visualization.

Somewhat clunky UI: While VivifyScrum’s software offers features that make the platform easy to use overall, one repeated criticism is its problematic interface. Many users think it’s too clunky in its current state, and we noticed trends among those reviews that the search field functionality doesn’t work properly, boards can be difficult to edit, and reorganizing cards is tedious. 

That also extends to missing features that we think should be standard, like the ability to save changes to a board to duplicate it for future use. Overall, it seems an outdated layout makes it difficult to navigate and use VivifyScrum seamlessly.

Slow load times: Continuing on its lackluster UI, a few other users felt that VivifyScrum’s page loading times were slow. Sometimes, clicking on links doesn’t register immediately, and software updates take a long time to complete while blocking you from opening the application until it is completely downloaded and installed. 

VivifyScrum Options and Pricing

VivifyScrum offers one main product: its project management software. However, it currently has a few add-ons that can be coupled with the core product, including its package for agency needs and its education portal for learning Scrum.

VivifyScrum Project Management

Organize everything you need with VivifyScrum’s Agile project management solution. With collaborative boards, people management, and time tracking, you can improve your project management whether you have a team of three or 100.

VivifyScrum project management landing page

VivifyScrum’s project management software has four different pricing tiers. What’s incredible is that they all include every feature the platform offers, with the only difference being the maximum number of users it can support.

The Starter plan is an incredible deal, a flat-rate package for teams of up to 10 members. That’s right: no more paying per user per month for smaller teams. Simply pay $96 for a year or $10 per month and cover your entire team of one to 10 users. You can even try it out for seven days, free of charge.

Larger teams will need the Standard, Growth, or Enterprise plan. The first two are charged per user per month, while the Enterprise plan is custom-priced for more than 100 users.

The Standard plan costs $4.80 per user per month when you pay for a year upfront, going up to $6 per user on monthly billing. This plan can accommodate between 11 and 50 members.

Growth, meanwhile, supports teams of 51 to 100 members and runs you $4 per user per month on annual billing ($5 per user when paying month-to-month). 

VivifyScrum WhiteLabel

If you are an agency looking for a powerful project management solution that can be fitted with custom branding, VivifyScrum’s WhiteLabel solution is here to help. Apply your branding, let clients access the platform via your own organization’s URL, and unlock unique tools for invoicing clients and getting paid. 

VivifyScrum WhiteLabel landing page

Whether you are a reseller, a service provider, or a large operation, VivifyScrum’s WhiteLabel solution can provide you with the features you need to take your project management to the next level. In addition to the client work features mentioned above, you’ll get individualized training and support, access to new VivifyScrum features before anyone else, and even custom-developed features to make the platform fit your organizational needs. 

You can send an inquiry to VivifyScrum’s customer service team to find out more information on becoming a WhiteLabel partner and then work with the VivifyScrum team to customize the pricing model for your business.

VivifyScrum Education

Learn Scrum online with VivifyScrum’s comprehensive online course for beginners. You can learn the basics and advanced techniques without needing to book an appointment or attend an in-person class. 

VivifyScrum Education features: Learn on the go, Real life practice, Have fun

VivifyScrum’s online course even allows you to learn on the go with its in-app tools that you can use on any device. Each lesson will offer best practices and implementation guidelines to help you understand Scrum, with each lesson offering real-life examples and tips. 

VivifyScrum makes sure that each lesson is fun and digestible, and you can earn rewards, belts, and badges as you progress. 

The VivifyScrum online Scrum course comes in two pricing tiers: 

  • Individual Ronin — $100 one-time fee. Includes single-user permissions, individual practices, two-year course access, and course certification. 
  • Team Shinobi — $80 one-time fee per member. Includes role assignment, team practices, course access for two years, and course certification for each member.

VivifyScrum in Summary

VivifyScrum is an excellent project management software option for Agile teams of all sizes, especially when combined with its WhiteLabel add-on. But it still needs improvement in some basic areas that other project management software already excel in.

If you want other options, look no further than the Golden Eggs we listed above. and ClickUp lack the UI issues that users of VivifyScrum have noticed, while a powerful tool like Smartsheet might be better for you if you need project views outside of boards (like Gantt charts) and automations. 

Want to read more about project management software providers? We’ve reviewed plenty of alternatives to VivifyScrum and gathered our findings in our full post on the best project management software

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