Toggl Plan Review

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Toggl is a time-tracking software with project management elements, including team timelines, flexible tasks, and client collaboration. With additional products in planning and hiring, Toggl is the perfect all-in-one software that can help you shorten your lengthy project management process.

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Toggl Compared to the Best Project Management Software

Toggl is one of the best project management software tools for its extensive time tracking, valuable integrations, and flexible project management tools, but it’s not the only powerful company on the market today. After reviewing dozens of options for our top list of the best project management software, we found a few Golden Eggs that would make excellent alternatives. is an affordable and flexible project management software with built-in CRM tools and the option to build your own workflows. Try free forever or save up to 18% on an annual plan. 

ClickUp is the best remote work platform due to its intuitive, all-in-one interface that allows you to track progress, monitor work in real-time, manage workloads, and collaborate on any project. Join ClickUp for free today with 100MB storage and unlimited tasks

Smartsheet is trusted by more than 90% of fortune 100 companies for its ability to modernize spreadsheet-heavy project management processes. Try Smartsheet for free today

Toggl: The Good and the Bad

Toggl offers project management, flexible planning capabilities, and informed hiring tools for many different industries, but all project management software will have good and bad features to consider. In your search for the best project management software, there is a good chance you will find variations in pricing, add-ons, and storage space. Let’s take a look at the good and the bad of Toggl to find out if it’s the right platform for you. 

What Toggl Is Good At 

Toggl offers extensive features for a time-tracking-based solution. You can expect to benefit from an expansive list of integrations, flexible project management features, team and data management, and reporting.

Time tracking capabilities: Toggl offers sleek and intuitive time tracking software with accurate time reports you can export in just one click. You don’t need to worry about the hassle of extensive admin time with Toggl’s time-tracking solution with filtering, sorting, and exporting your data by user, task, or project. Toggl’s time tracking comes with unique apps you can use on the web, desktop, mobile, or even stopwatch. 

Expansive integrations: Easily track your time and expand your workflow with Toggl’s comprehensive list of integrations. Choose from over 100 tools via browser extensions and sync any additional data. Toggl has many different categories of integrations, including calendars, HR and accounting, IT and development, and sales and customer support. You can find some of the most popular apps, including Asana, Evernote, GitHub, Google Calendar, Jira, Notion, and Outlook, to name a few. 

Flexible project management: Whether you need to plan projects, track progress, or balance your team’s workloads, Toggl’s project management solution is stress-free. With drag-and-drop scheduling, you can create unlimited project timelines and team schedules in seconds. To make it easier to view and understand your team’s schedule, Toggl ensures you get a clear overview of team plans with color-coded tabs. Toggl can also help you streamline your communication through task collaboration, where all information, such as file attachments, checklists, and feedback, is in one place. 

Toggl’s project management also comes with several other nifty features, including project estimates and alerts, recurring projects, fixed fee projects, and historical billable rates. 

Strong team management features: Make sure everyone is on the same page with Toggl’s team and data management features. With Toggl’s team management features, you get access to user groups and team member audits, ensuring you can assign members to different projects and allow them access to the same project permissions. You can also use filters to find users who haven’t tracked time and receive automated email team reminders. Some other features include team access level management, single sign-on, required fields to prevent incomplete time entries, and locked time entries to avoid unnecessary changes to time logs.

Transparent reporting: With Toggl’s time reporting dashboards, you can see how your team is progressing at a glance by filtering time entries by project, team, or date to create insightful and collaborative reports. Understand how your team works with profitability projections, earnings-per-client, ROI, and milestone setting. You can showcase your team’s contributions in quarterly meetings and track R&D to maximize tax credits. 

What Toggl Is Lacking

While Toggl offers extensive project management and time-tracking solutions, it also lacks in certain areas. Some users experienced a lack of customization, difficulty exporting data, and time-tracking glitches. 

Lack of basic customization: A few users found that Toggl was lacking in some basic customization, including not being able to change the color of the interface of Toggl Track. Others found the interface impersonal, while a few struggled to customize the reporting functionality.

Difficult to export tracked data: Due to Toggl’s lack of customization options, a few users found it difficult to export tracked data for external use. Reviewers were also frustrated by the limited number of exports available.

Occasional time-tracking glitches: While glitches in Toggl’s time-tracking solution aren’t the universal experience for every user, we still found a few user reviews that claimed Toggl was glitchy and didn’t work as well as expected. 

Toggl Options and Pricing

Toggl offers three different products for tracking, planning, and hiring purposes with separate pricing tiers. Toggl Plan and Track are both products suitable for project management, whereas Toggl Hire is perfect for onboarding and making informed hiring decisions without hassle. 

Toggl Plan

Plan, track, and deliver team projects efficiently with Toggl Plan. Plan projects and resources and manage tasks through simple assignments and collaboration. Toggl Plan helps you visualize and distribute equal amounts of work across your team to prevent burnout and lackluster content creation. 

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Toggl Plan offers work and team timelines, so you can create visual roadmaps and project schedules with drag-and-drop capabilities to get a clear overview of each project timeline. You can create flexible tasks with as much or as little detail as you need, including file attachments, checklists, estimates, and feedback comments. To take it to the next level, Toggl Plan offers zoom levels, which allow you to zoom out on a month, quarter, or year to get a bird’s eye view of your project plans. 

Toggl Plan offers two pricing tiers, and you can start with a free 14-day trial or save 10% on an annual plan. Here’s a rundown on the two plans: 

  • Team — $8 per user per month. Includes unlimited team timelines, visual workload management, unlimited plan boards, in-app and email notifications, and 100MB file storage.
  • Business — $13.35 per user per month. Includes time off, workspace guest users, project data exports, single sign-on, and priority support. 

Toggl Track

If you need a flexible time-tracking solution for ultimate productivity and profitability, Toggl Track might be the perfect product for you. With employee time tracking, billing and invoicing, project budgeting, reporting, and payroll—you can completely transform how you track time and save money.

Toggl Track webpage with headline that says "Time tracking for all your productivity and profitability needs" and an example of its employee time tracking interface in action

Toggl makes it easy to create timesheets with its one-click time tracking system that syncs across multiple platforms. You can track billable hours for projects and invoice clients for the exact time you customize the bill. To make project management easier, you can create realistic scopes with trackable budgets, labor costs, and project hours. 

Toggl Track comes with four different pricing plans, including: 

  • Free — $0. Free for up to five users and includes unlimited time tracking, projects, clients, tags, CSV imports, and personal desktop activity tracking.
  • Starter — $9 per user per month. Includes billable rates, time rounding for reports, project time estimates and alerts, and view tracked time in your calendar. 
  • Premium — $18 per user per month. Includes archive clients, fixed fee projects, team time tracking and reminders, project forecasts and analysis, and time tracking audits.
  • Enterprise — Custom pricing with unlimited users. Includes multiple workspaces, priority support, expert training and assistance, and customizable solutions. 

Toggl Hire

Screen and hire candidates easily through Smart Skills Tests and speedy candidate screening with Toggl Hire. You won’t need to worry about slow screening processes or biased hiring tactics with Toggl’s skills tests, candidate screening, candidate management, and video intros. 

Toggle Hire webpage with headline that says "Easy skills tests creation" and a list of skills test features

Toggl Hire lets you create easy skills tests for over 180 skills and 150 job role templates. You get access to custom options and cheat-proof infrastructure, so your hiring process can be as unbiased as possible. Toggl’s candidate screening is fast, with a customizable passing grade and automatic filtering by score, allowing you to find candidates in one click. Candidate management has never been easier either. Toggl allows you to organize, tag, and manage everything in one place with candidate export, pipeline views, notes, attachments, and rejection email templates. 

If you are hiring for multiple roles, Toggl makes it easy with video intros, where you can screen multiple candidates at once with pre-recorded video messages. Let’s take a look at Toggl Hire’s unique pricing packages: 

  • Free — $0 per month. Includes one active job, five tests per job, and five candidates.
  • Basic — $17 per month. Includes three active jobs, five tests per job, and 20 candidates.
  • Premium — $199 per month. Includes 10 active jobs, five tests per job, and unlimited candidates.
  • Business — $399 per month. Includes 30 active jobs and unlimited tests and candidates.
  • Customizable Plan — Book a demo. Tailored plan for large enterprises. 

Toggl in Summary

Toggl is an excellent project management software that offers additional products, including Toggl Plan, Track, and Hire to make it a more seamless, all-in-one solution. With that said, the software doesn’t offer many customization options, and a few users have had trouble with its time-tracking feature.

While Toggl is still a decent platform for planning projects and tracking time, there is other software we would recommend if Toggl doesn’t seem like the right fit for you. is an affordable solution with built-in CRM features, while ClickUp is perfect for remote teams with its collaboration tools and workflow customization. And if you need an easy way to transform your spreadsheet-heavy project management processes, Smartsheet is the perfect solution for you. 

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