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Teamwork is an aptly named software that delivers serious features for collaboration and task and project management. Utilize Teamwork’s capability for setting milestones, managing resources, and automating aspects of your workflow to make project work happen smoothly. This is an excellent PM software solution, particularly for client-based businesses, but we’ll delve into the good and the bad of Teamwork below. 

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Teamwork Compared to the Best Project Management Software 

While we’ll go into what makes Teamwork a great option for a lot of teams, it’s far from the only compelling project management platform available. We’ve reviewed several other leading options in our post on the best project management software, taking our top three picks from that post to serve as our Golden Eggs below. is known for its built-in CRM, easy access to automations, detailed task management, and moderate pricing. Try on its free-forever plan or a 14-day free trial. 

ClickUp offers big-picture or granular views of project progress, resource allocation, budget, and priorities, allowing you to keep track of project health in real-time. Pay for your first year upfront and save up to 45% on any paid ClickUp plan

Smartsheet is a more modern and efficient take on traditional spreadsheets, with powerful automations to eliminate busy work permanently. Try Smartsheet free for 30 days to get started. 

Teamwork: The Good and the Bad 

If you’re considering options for a new PM platform for your team, it’s always good to zoom in on one and then assess its strengths against its shortcomings. Teamwork has many terrific features and a few weak points that could be improved upon. It’s up to you to examine the virtues and flaws we list below and see if Teamwork is a good fit for your organization on aggregate. 

What Teamwork Is Good At 

Teamwork has done a commendable job creating this user-friendly project management software that also sports a robust free-forever plan. The platform delivers an array of features teams crave to handle client work more effectively and efficiently. 

Generous free plan: Most project management software platforms offer a free plan for individuals and small teams. However, Teamwork provides more features in its free tier than most of its competitors. The free plan is suitable for up to five users and two projects and delivers premium features like automations (rare to get on a free plan), time tracking, team availability, Gantt chart views, and milestones. It also comes with phone, live chat, and email customer support. 

Made for client work: Teamwork is a versatile software that can handle multiple use cases. However, the software’s feature set really rises to the occasion of handling client work, making creatives, agencies, and consultancies feel at home. 

For example, Teamwork offers features like custom branding, billable time tracking, unlimited client and collaborator access, intake forms, and billing and invoicing to manage client work seamlessly. The software even lets you choose where to store and process data for optimum speed, security, and legal protection, with data centers in North America, Europe, and Australia. 

Robust risk management: Many PM software providers offer risk management templates and not much else to manage project risk. Teamwork has a powerful risk management feature built into the platform to help mitigate potential issues throughout any project’s lifecycle. You can create details like risk source, impact, probability, and status. 

Teamwork One product bundle: Most project teams use separate platforms for project management, customer relationship management, company-wide communication, and customer service. While Teamwork integrates with most other software you likely use, the company also offers a bundled set of products to eliminate the need for extra tools. 

Teamwork One combines five products into one bundle at a single price. This bundle includes Teamwork’s project management software, along with its Chat, Desk, Spaces, and CRM platforms. It is a terrific solution for companies that want to reduce or eliminate context switching. 

Easy in-platform actions: Teamwork’s Quick Add feature lets you perform actions depending on your location in the software. For example, you can add a task, date, project, log time, people, message, or event in one click at the site level. 

Similarly, Quick Add is also available at the project level, letting you add people to the project by clicking the main menu, for instance. It’s a super-convenient feature since you no longer have to leave the screen you’re on to perform actions like adding a milestone, adding team members, or setting a timer.  

Easy to use: Teamwork features seamless onboarding to help personalize your experience from the get-go. On top of that, the user interface is also very intuitive and easy to use. 

Teamwork also isn’t bloated with features, and it allows you to turn most project features on or off, so you never have to worry about a cluttered UI. Simplify available features and views for every project you create in the software, so you only have what you need to support your workflow. Teamwork strikes the perfect balance between feature-rich and easy-to-use, making the learning curve gentle on every member of your team. 

What Teamwork Is Lacking 

Teamwork is a very likable tool. We had to nit-pick to find a few cons, to be honest. But there are a few downsides to this software worth noting. Most users will easily overlook these flaws, but if any of these aspects are important to your business, you may want to compare Teamwork to other options before committing to it as your PM software. 

Poor 2FA management: Teamwork provides Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for added security. However, only individual account users can enable 2FA from their profile settings. As a result, there’s no way for an administrator to enforce 2FA or see what members haven’t activated 2FA, and that eliminates some of the benefits of having it in the first place. Other providers let you enforce 2FA for all or select account members and allow the admin to reset 2FA for any member on the account. 

Pricey for smaller organizations: Teamwork isn’t the most expensive project management software, and it delivers one of the best free-forever plans around. However, if you need the features on one of its paid plans, it can be more expensive than competitors like ClickUp and, whose paid plans are around $2 to $5 cheaper. 

Excessive notifications: Teamwork sends email notifications for just about every activity that occurs on the platform. Fortunately, you can quickly solve this problem by adjusting your notification settings. Just be aware that the default settings will be noisy right out of the box. And it can take some time to find the right balance between excessive notifications and too few, leading to missing key updates.  

Teamwork Options and Pricing 

Teamwork’s pricing structure is similar to most other project management software, with four plans to choose from. Let’s delve into the four plans, their pricing, what they deliver in terms of features, and a look at Teamwork’s special product bundle to extend their PM software’s functionality.

Teamwork Free Forever 

Most, but not all, project management software providers offer a free-forever plan. But Teamwork’s free-forever plan rises above the rest of the pack in terms of just how much access you get on it.

Teamwork project management landing page

The free plan of Teamwork allows up to five users and gives them access to a wide array of PM features, including: 

  • Time tracking 
  • General teams and subteams 
  • Templates 
  • Milestones 
  • Dependencies 
  • Dashboards 
  • Gantt, calendar, and table views 

The big differentiator is your access to 100 automation actions per month. Most other platforms don’t give you any ability to automate on their free plans at all.

Storage is limited, as you’re only getting 100 MB of shared drive space. And there are some other key limitations to be mindful of, such as being restricted to Zapier integrations with other software, 10 milestones per month, and some aspects of the software’s Kanban boards.

But, all in all, you get a great suite of PM features, plus key tools to help with client work, without having to pay a dime. That makes this a good option for freelancers simultaneously managing one or two client projects.

Teamwork Deliver 

Most users prefer to jump straight to the paid plans since they unlock most (if not all) of the full core and advanced features. 

Teamwork Deliver is their starter paid plan—costing $9.99 per user per month when paying annually or $13.99 per user when billed month-to-month—which adds the following features to what you get on their free plan: 

  • Reporting and dashboards
  • Process intake forms 
  • Project-level teams
  • Integrated team chat
  • 500 automation actions per month 
  • Billing and invoicing 
  • Multi-level subtasks 
  • Unlimited collaborator and client access
  • Custom branding

You can also try this plan out on a 30-day free trial with no credit card required.

Teamwork collaboration webpage highlighting its instant chat feature

Teamwork’s Deliver plan shines with its client work features. For instance, you get unlimited client seats and collaborators, which platforms like charge you for (usually to the tune of four guest accounts for the price of one paid user seat). 

The handy process intake forms for internal and external account users can quickly capture critical project information. You can also customize the form to suit your purposes.

Plus, Teamwork allows custom branding at this pricing level and higher, letting you add client logos to projects for a professional touch. 

Teamwork also provides automation templates for common priority, progress, and assignee-based actions. Alternatively, you can create custom automations that support your specific workflow preferences and needs. 

On the downside, Teamwork Deliver is still short on integrations. You get ten native integrations, including popular tools like Slack, Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft Teams, and QuickBooks. However, you can still overcome this limitation by using Zapier to connect Teamwork to your favorite tools. 

Teamwork Grow 

The Grow plan is Teamwork’s higher-octane plan designed for larger agencies. It lifts some of the limitations in the Deliver plan and offers more project management and client work features, including: 

  • Resource scheduling
  • Workload resource management
  • Project time budgets
  • 2FA security 
  • Utilization reports
  • Billing and invoicing

The workload feature is limited in the Free Forever and Deliver plans, but the Grow plan unlocks its true power. Manage tasks daily or within a selected date range by adding employees’ working hours in their profile settings. Then, the software calculates the individual’s capacity based on work hours, unavailable time, and the estimated time to complete their tasks. 

Teamwork client work landing page highlighting its time tracking tool to properly bill for all hours worked

Teamwork also lets you set budgets for billable and non-billable time. Again, it is a well-developed feature that is a boon when doing client work. Many competitors offer this feature as an add-on or integration, so thumbs up to Teamwork for delivering it within their software. 

Other note-worthy features in this plan include: 

  • 2,000 monthly automation runs
  • Built-in team chat
  • Support for Agile PM 
  • Burndown reports
  • Project-level tags
  • Change log and history
  • Custom fields

The Teamwork Portfolio View deserves special mention. It helps get a birds-eye view of what’s happening across multiple projects simultaneously—filter projects by owner, company, tags, status, or health. 

The Grow plan offers the best value of all Teamwork plans at $17.99 per month. But, again, it is slightly more expensive than the competition. However, you can access premium client work features on Teamwork Grow that aren’t available with most other PM software at all. 

Teamwork Scale 

Finally, Teamwork offers its Scale plan for users needing an enterprise-grade solution. This custom-priced plan unlocks advanced features like profitability reports, scalable resource scheduling, custom reporting, budgets for task lists, and 10,000 monthly automation actions.

Teamwork webpage with headline that says "Visibility into performance and profitability" with an example of a project health report

You’ll need to contact Teamwork for a custom quote. However, the plan might be helpful for agencies that want to zero in on financials, budgets, and resource planning and management. 

Teamwork One Product Bundle 

Many organizations use PM software for work management and integrate additional apps for communication, customer relationship management (CRM), customer care, and document collaboration. Integrating disparate apps can help with context switching. 

However, it would be easier to get multiple solutions for all those needs from one provider. This way, you have a familiar interface and smoother interconnectivity than can be achieved with integrations. This idea is what Teamwork has in mind with the Teamwork One product bundle. 

Teamwork Management Suite landing page

The product bundle includes the Teamwork project management software plus the following software suites:

  • Teamwork Desk is help desk software providing critical customer service features like business hours, ticket management, and agent productivity. 
  • Teamwork CRM is a robust customer relationship management solution that includes sales pipeline management, reporting and forecasting, contact management, and a powerful API and webhooks. 
  • Teamwork Spaces is a document management solution delivering a powerful editor capable of creating dynamic content. You also get helpful features like embedded media, info panels, status chips, and widgets. 
  • Teamwork Chat is an app for in-platform team communication that includes video chat and temporary channels that can be dedicated to specific projects.

These add-on products are well-designed and feature-rich and can easily replace your current software stack. This way, you don’t have to pay for, maintain, and manage multiple software applications in your daily workflow. 

You can bundle one or more of these add-ons with your base Teamwork PM software. 

Teamwork in Summary 

Teamwork is one of the few PM solutions that has mastered the art of providing quality over quantity. Without a bloated feature list, this software delivers all the essentials of project management while also rising above its peers with regard to features for managing client work. In short, Teamwork should be at the top of your list if you are an agency of any size. 

There are other terrific alternatives to explore, just in case Teamwork doesn’t tick all the boxes for your organization. and ClickUp are generally more affordable options, though limited in some ways compared to Teamwork. Smartsheet, meanwhile, is a flexible, robust project management tool that delivers on a lot of fronts for a lot of different use cases.

You can check out more information on these alternatives and others in our post covering the best project management software on the market today.

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