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Simply starting a website, posting some content, and hoping for the best—that’s far from the best strategy. You need a high-quality SEO tool that delivers analysis and measures performance data if you’re going to make the best decisions about managing and configuring your website.

Seobility attempts to serve as the only SEO tool you’ll need. It offers a number of features for auditing and configuring your website while showing you areas where it’s underperforming.

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Seobility: The Good and the Bad

Seobility has a surprising set of wide-ranging features for a product in its price range. However, it is unlikely to give those who need highly advanced features the desired level of complexity and detail they’re looking for.

What Seobility Is Good At

Making it easy for novices: Everybody has to start somewhere when it comes to analyzing the SEO performance of a website. Seobility gives beginners that jumping-off point.

When Seobility started nearly a decade ago, it was exclusively a free SEO analysis tool. It maintained a free tier for beginners, yet now it has added fee-based pricing tiers.

Despite adding more features, Seobility kept things simple in the design. Even novices and small businesses should be able to pick up the basics quickly and start using the tool relatively easily. You can see all the stats that Seobility is tracking for you from the dashboard and act on them right away.

Seobility’s data driven tools are perfect for small businesses looking to improve their content marketing strategy. Its keyword research tool is especially helpful, as it allows you to identify valuable content opportunities and discover keywords that your competitors are ranking for.

Seobility dashboard with a project list shown.

Auditing your website: Seobility makes it easy to run an audit on your website at any time. This is a great way to gain key information about the structure of your website, unveiling problems that you may not know you have.

Such issues can involve technical errors in the configuration of the site that affect its appearance in search results as well as SEO-based problems.

Seobility audits the site for three specific categories, including:

  • Technical errors with the website, such as poorly constructed URLs, meta tag problems, and crawling issues. If Seobility detects severe issues that impact the crawling and/or indexing of the complete website, it sends you an alert.
  • Structural errors in the organization of the website, which may leave parts hidden from search engines. Problems with internal links and site hierarchy also show up in this area.
  • Content errors such as duplicate and irrelevant content, which could affect the way search engines gauge the quality of the site.

As part of each audit, you’ll receive a downloadable PDF report so you can compare the progress that you are making with your website from audit to audit.

Free website checkup: With Seobility, you can perform a quick check on your website and learn about any basic problems that you may have.

You can run this checkup without having to give away any of your personal information or having to register with Seobility. This is a great way to simply check out their service without ending up on a sales or marketing email list.

Your options for running the site check include:

  • SEO checker
  • Keyword checker
  • Ranking checker
  • Access to TF*IDF tool

You can select any of these site checkup tools directly from the Seobility home page, but you’ll only have a limited number of checks that you can run per day without registering.

Seobility SEO Checker tool with a SEO Check report for

Offering new topic analysis: Seobility’s TF*IDF tool is a great way to perform research on online campaigns to determine if a new topic will be worthwhile for your website.

Seobility analyzes the keywords that competitors commonly use for your proposed topic, giving you an idea of what keywords you should use. With the TF*IDF tool, it’s easy to narrow the results to the most important keywords that will give you more relevant results.

You can even use the tool to analyze the content of existing web pages, allowing you to check how well they’re optimized for certain keywords compared to the competition.

Detailed keyword ranking analysis: Seobility helps website owners use SEO analysis tools to track their search rankings in three key areas. When it comes to monitoring your website’s keyword rankings, it’s a great way to:

  • Analyze your website’s current search rankings on traditional search engines.
  • Monitor your rankings for mobile search engines.
  • Identify improvement opportunities where your website is not ranking as well as you hope.

Seobility doesn’t just give you a generic analysis of your keyword rankings. Instead, it gives you detailed reports on the keywords that you decide to add for monitoring.

Seobility ranking anaylsis for

Monitoring competitors’ results: Seobility can help you keep an eye on your competitors by analyzing their websites and reporting on their performance. You can use this data in a series of ways, including:

  • Making comparisons of your keyword rankings with those of your competitors for each keyword you add.
  • Looking out for new competition by checking the top 100 pages that are ranking for each keyword you monitor.
  • Leveraging the keyword research tool to identify areas and niches where your competitors are having success so that you can catch up.
  • Finding trends where your website is clearly outperforming your competitors, so you can continue to build and strengthen those areas to maintain your advantage.

Being able to see how you compare to competitors in terms of your web presence at a glance is invaluable. The data Seobility generates for you helps you maintain an edge.

Analyzing your backlinks: Seobility can help you monitor your backlinks and provide a link rating for each link.

When your website has multiple backlinks from other high-quality websites, it can help with your site’s search rankings. Meanwhile, backlinks from poor-quality sites can have the opposite effect.

With Seobility, you’ll see an analysis of the backlinks on your website, as well as backlinks that your competitors have, alerting you to potential opportunities to seek out new ones. From there, you can try to create higher-quality content than your competitor and request a backlink to your new content.

Backlinks report for within the Seobility interface.

Should Seobility find some backlinks that are pointing to broken or deleted pages on your site, you can make requests to the sites that created the backlinks to fix the issue. It will also give you advice on new backlink opportunities to request.

Reasonable prices: If you simply don’t have a large budget to spend on an SEO analysis tool, Seobility does a nice job of giving you the basic features you need to start without breaking the bank.

Seobility offers lower prices than its competitors because it sticks to the basics when it comes to offering features. If you need more complexity and detail in your SEO analysis tool, you may end up needing to spend a bit more money for a competitor’s offering.

However, the free tier is a good option for hobbyists or beginners looking to have more success with their websites when they are just starting the process.

Seobility’s Potential Drawbacks

Seobility report with poor page titles shown.

Lack of help with solving problems: We found ourselves wishing that Seobility would propose specific solutions to the problems it discovers rather than simply creating a list of those issues.

Of course, offering tailored solutions for each user is not very feasible when one kind of problem can have different effects on any two given websites, but those who are new to website management may not understand what to do with the supplied list of issues no matter what their effects are.

That said, Seobility has been expanding its optimization tips and adding new tutorials for many reports, so it’s possible that the suggestions could be helpful for some.

Seobility report with the Tech. & Meta report shown.

Limited feature set: Beyond automating some large parts of SEO analysis, Seobility won’t be an overly helpful tool for those with extensive SEO experience or those who have complex needs for their businesses. Its feature set works better for novices or those with simple demands, especially in the free tier.

It’s difficult to compare Seobility to some of the most well-known SEO analysis tools out there. They often have significantly more features and offer a more detailed analysis suitable for larger websites.

However, Seobility’s price point is significantly lower by comparison, and its features are still well-rounded, checking off several important yet basic needs.

Seobility Plans and Pricing

Plans and Pricing page with three plan options shown for Seobility.

Seobility is extremely affordable, in our opinion. You have three different pricing plans that you can consider, with plans for complete novices all the way to those for larger organizations.

As with most subscription-based plans, you receive a discount for paying annually instead of monthly. You must agree to an auto-renewal of your plan each month or year, so you have to cancel the plan before the renewal date, or else you receive a charge.


The Basic plan is a simple and free analysis service made for people who want to try an SEO tool without risk.

You’re not going to find any high-end tools in this free tier. Still, it’s a good introduction to how SEO tools work, with features including:

  • One website managed
  • Up to 1,000 web pages analyzed
  • Up to 10 keywords analyzed
  • Up to 100 external links checked
  • Up to three competitors monitored


For $50 per month or an annual contract of $480, most small and medium-sized businesses will start with the Premium tier. It offers a 14-day free trial.

This plan offers a significant feature upgrade from the Basic tier, including:

  • Up to three websites managed
  • Up to 25,000 web pages analyzed
  • Up to 300 keywords analyzed
  • Up to 25,000 external links checked
  • Backlink analysis and monitoring
  • Priority customer support
  • Automatic regular crawling
  • Unlimited re-crawls
  • Location-based search results
  • Up to 20 competitors monitored


For month-to-month pricing on the Agency tier, you’ll pay $200 per month. If you want the 20% discount for paying annually, the subscription costs $1,920. This is a pricing plan that’s ideal for large or mid-sized companies running multiple websites.

Here are the details on the upgrades you get in the Agency tier over the Premium tier:

  • Up to 15 websites managed
  • Up to 100,000 web pages analyzed
  • Up to 1,500 keywords analyzed
  • Up to 50,000 external links checked
  • Backlink analysis and monitoring
  • Priority customer support
  • Automatic regular crawling
  • Unlimited re-crawls
  • Location-based search results
  • Up to 30 competitors monitored
  • Can set up sub-accounts

Final Thoughts

Seobility report for Page Details and the status of a specific page on

You simply cannot get the best performance out of your website without having an SEO tool to help you with analysis, and that’s where Seobility shines. It works especially well for those who need an affordable all-in-one tool, like novices who are deploying it for the first time. Plus, the free tier gives you a chance to test the waters of SEO tools without risk.

Website owners looking for specific advice and the ability to track highly detailed information may prefer one of Seobility’s competitors, however. You may outgrow its capabilities down the road.

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