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Are you struggling to make sense of SEO analytics for your website? Senuto attempts to help decipher the numbers, giving you a realistic picture of your SEO plans.

Senuto doesn’t stop there. It also helps you manage your content with a variety of easy-to-learn tools. We’ll break down what makes Senuto a good choice, while also alerting you to its potential drawbacks.

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Senuto: The Good and the Bad

Senuto can walk you through the process of planning, developing, and measuring the performance of your content. This is especially important if you are just starting with SEO for your website.

But Senuto isn’t the perfect SEO analytics tool. Particularly when it comes to backlink tracking and potentially needing to purchase virtual currency.

What Senuto Is Good At

SERP Analysis landing page for Senuto with a button to start free 14-day trial.

Strong SERP analysis: Senuto can help you move up in the rankings for important keywords by analyzing the top pages for each one you use and providing information on factors that Google takes into account on searches.

You then can use that data to create your own content that fulfills more key factors.

Senuto even shows you how top pages have been trending recently, helping you figure out which of your competitor’s pages are on the rise. From there, target your content to go against that page rather than a top-rated page that is sinking in the rankings.

Learn more about your competitors: You can use Senuto’s insights on your website’s Google performance to gauge the performance of your SEO campaigns versus competitors.

Through its visibility analysis tool, Senuto will compare the following data points against the closest competing websites:

  • Performance of important keywords
  • Organic search performance of keywords
  • Overall SEO results
  • Gaps in your content

Senuto tells you exactly what steps competitors are taking to adjust their SEO campaigns. When your competitors are shifting strategies, Senuto will give you a heads up. You then can keep a close eye on the success or failure of these campaigns, improving your SEO strategy.

Senuto Content Writer landing page with a button to start free trial.

Help with creating content: Through its content writing tool, Senuto encourages you to create content matching certain key factors on Google.

Based on these factors, you receive a score for your content after which you can make tweaks to improve your chances of moving up the ranking list. Senuto will also generate a series of related keywords to use for your content, boosting relevance.

Throughout the process, Senuto tracks your word count, headers, frequency of keywords, internal links, and more. Plus, it’s all in real time, allowing you to make quick adjustments while writing.

AI content writing assistance: Senuto’s new AI-powered content writer reduces the amount of time spent generating content while also enabling you to create more than you ever used to in the past.

No AI content generator is going to be perfect, especially if you operate a niche website. Even if you don’t use the AI-generated content word for word, you can simply edit the AI content presented to you and save time writing overall.

This is a new tool, so usage limits may change. As of now, Senuto allows you to generate three AI articles and 15 AI meta tags per month as part of your subscription or purchase additional AI articles, if desired.

Senuto Content Planner landing page with a button to start free trial.

Help with putting together a content plan: Senuto’s content planning tool helps ensure your website always has fresh content available, day after day.

It generates a calendar with guidelines for article creation. This is a great tool to stay on track with your topics and keywords, rather than inadvertently straying into areas that don’t actually benefit your website.

Senuto’s content planning tool uses tracking data that automates the keyword research process for you. At the same time, it measures the types of content that are succeeding on your competitors’ websites, helping you fill in the gaps on your own site.

Data about important keywords: Senuto’s keyword explorer tool will find the keywords that give you the best chance to match your content with what your visitors want to see.

Senuto tells you about related and long-tail keywords that can add relevance to your site. It even generates common questions that people are asking on Google, giving you ready-made blog and article ideas.

Should you want to keep an eye on trending keywords in Google, Senuto can track the ups and downs of all searches for certain keywords related to your website.

Senuto’s Potential Drawbacks

Senuto virtual currency, named Senucoin, with a table to show functionality.

May need to buy virtual currency: If you exceed the monthly limits on your subscription tier using, for example, visibility analysis queries or articles written inside the content tool, you must purchase Senucoin. This is a virtual currency within the Senuto service.

Senuto certainly isn’t the only subscription service that uses virtual currencies and tokens. However, it’s a confusing addition. It would be easier if customers could purchase add-on features using actual money. Keep in mind, Senucoin does not expire.

No backlink tracking: Senuto has been under development for some time, and backlink tracking has yet to appear as a feature.

Search engines see backlinks as proof that your website is an authoritative site. They are important if you want to improve website performance as long as the backlinks come from high-quality websites.

Several SEO analytics packages provide this service, but not Senuto. Backlink tracking is a must when you have an established website and you need your SEO analytics package to help you make tweaks that enhance your search rankings.

Form to register for Senuto and test it free for 14 days.

Free trial for the Basic tier only: Senuto offers a 14-day free trial period, but you cannot select your usage tier. For that, you must subscribe to a paid plan.

If you are planning to subscribe to the Basic tier, this isn’t a major drawback. However, if you think you might want the Lite or Advanced tier, we would prefer to try those tiers during the free trial.

Pricing tier features are similar: The main difference between each of the pricing tiers is all wrapped up in guessing how many queries you plan to use each month. Otherwise, every feature is available on all pricing tiers.

It’s tough to know if you’re receiving a good value in a certain tier when you don’t know what kinds of limits you need. Contact Senuto’s sales team to help you figure out which pricing tier will fit your needs.

Senuto works best for those new to SEO and content planning techniques. However, the software lacks the highly detailed advanced features that more experienced website owners need.

Senuto Plans and Pricing

Senuto pricing and plans with four options shown.

Senuto lists its prices in euros, but we’ll include the price in dollars based on the exchange rate at the time of this writing. Keep in mind, all pricing plans include a 23% value-added tax (VAT) as part of the listed price. You can pay with PayPal, Blik, or a credit card.

All of the pricing tiers include training materials, premium support, and basic access to Senuto’s AI tools for content generation.


The Lite plan is best for small websites and novices, with a cost of $41.10 per month (€39) or $404.60 (€384) for the yearly contract, an 18% annual discount.

At this tier, you can make 100 visibility analysis queries per month and 50 keyword explorer queries per month. Senuto allows you to run five monthly articles through its content writer tool.

You have to pay extra for access to site rankings, SERP analysis, access to the Senuto API, and extra SEO tools.


The Basic plan is perfect for small businesses starting out with an SEO analytics tool. It costs $83.25 (€79) month to month or $834.50 (€792) for the annual contract, which is a 16.5% discount over the full year.

Senuto allows for 200 visibility analysis queries and 100 keyword explorer queries per month in the Basic tier. You can create 15 articles in the content writer tool per month.

You receive access to site rankings at this tier, but you have to pay extra for SERP analysis, add-on SEO tools, and the Senuto API. When you sign up for the 14-day free trial period, you receive access to the Basic tier.


The Advanced tier fits the needs of small and mid-sized businesses that may have a good handle on SEO basics but want to become more active on online rankings.

You’ll pay $167.50 (€159) month to month or $1,669 (€1,584) or for the year, which is a 17% discount annually.

Here, you receive 400 monthly visibility analysis queries and 200 monthly keyword explorer queries, plus 35 monthly articles through the content writing tool. You get access to site rankings, but you must pay for SERP analysis, extra SEO tools, and the Senuto API.


The Prime tier is made for larger businesses that require significant content generation and SEO analytics measurements. It costs $420.40 (€399) per month or $2,933.50 (€2,784) for the annual contract, which is a whopping 42% discount over the full year.

This tier allows 30,000 visibility analysis queries per month, 30,000 monthly keyword explorer queries, and 150 monthly articles in the content writing tool.

Most of Senuto’s add-on features are available at this level, including site rankings, SERP analysis, extra SEO tools, and the Senuto API.


Senuto Enterprise Plan landing page with a button to contact Senuto.

Should you need a customized plan, Senuto offers an Enterprise tier. Contact the Senuto sales team to learn more about building your own plan.

Senucoin for Adjusting Limits

If you want to increase the number of queries you can make each month or run additional articles through the content writing tool, you can purchase Senucoin, their virtual currency.

The cost for Senucoin is:

  • €5 (or $5.25) for 1,000 Senucoins
  • €69 (or $72.70) for 15,000 Senucoins
  • €99 (or $104.30) for 23,000 Senucoins

For example, the cost of buying an extra keyword explorer query is 20 Senucoins. Sending an extra content article through the content writing tool will cost you 400 Senucoins.

Final Thoughts

If you’re just starting to analyze website SEO performance, Senuto delivers data in a variety of areas. It also helps you set up a content plan while generating content.

However, Senuto may not be so helpful if you already have extensive knowledge of SEO and content campaign creation. It’s fine to start out using Senuto, but you should understand that you may need to upgrade to a new SEO analysis tool when your site’s analytics demand more depth.

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