Sage CRM Review

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Sage CRM is a reliable solution that helps businesses handle their customer management processes with speed and precision. It covers all the bases for what people expect in a CRM–sales, marketing, and service–and provides excellent training resources to bring your team onboard quickly. It’s no wonder over 15,000 businesses around the globe use it daily to fuel their growth. 

Compare Sage CRM to The Best CRM Software

Overall, Sage CRM is a solid option for small and medium businesses that need a dependable CRM that can grow with them. Although it’s made our top list of CRM software in the past, Sage did not make the cut this year:

  1. Nextiva – Best for most
  2. Monday Sales CRM – Best for project management with CRM capability
  3. Salesforce – Best for fast-growth businesses
  4. HubSpot – Best free CRM software
  5. Zoho CRM – Best CRM for deeper visibility
  6. Freshsales Suite – Best automations for marketing and sales
  7. Salesflare – Best CRM for strictly focusing on sales
  8. EngageBay – Best all-in-one CRM suite for small business
  9. Streak – Best CRM for working 100% from within Gmail

To determine our top picks, especially when talking about the best CRM software you can use, we spend hours looking through, researching, and comparing some of the best customer relationship management software companies to bring you a list of choices you can pick from knowing you’ll get quality tools to run your business. See all of our top picks to learn more. 

Sage CRM: The Good and The Bad

The Good

Constant updates: Sage CRM opts to stay current in its industry by continuously releasing new updates and creating informative videos on its YouTube channel about the changes so you stay informed. 

Drag and drop appointment calendar: On Sage, you can easily drag-and-drop your business appointments in day view, week view, or month view and quickly drag-and-drop to adjust their length as well.  

Varied business solutions: Sage CRM offers dynamic software solutions for startup costs and budgeting, invoicing, accounting, HR, inventory management, supply chain management, and business intelligence that can be integrated into your CRM workflow for a more connected customer ecosystem. 

Customer contract management: Need to manage multiple contracts? Sage CRM makes it easy to create, file, and manage contracts on an ongoing basis. You can also pull up a contract anywhere you need to if you host your data through its Sage 100 cloud option. 

Google integration: Sage CRM syncs with your Google Contacts, Google Calendar, and Gmail for easier scheduling and email management. 

Advanced customization: Managers and employees are able to customize forms, views, calculations, and rules as well as create unique processes that fit their workflow. You can also grant customized access to select data and system features. 

Sage 100 cloud migration: Sage offers undeniable benefits if you decide to use the cloud to host all your data with its Sage 100 option. With it, you’re able to have instant access to customer data anywhere you are through its mobile app or desktop dashboard. 

Reporting and forecasting: Sage’s reporting and forecasting features allow you to make predictions on sales pipelines, revenue, and cash flow, and equips you to stage “what if” scenarios for more effective decision making. 

Sage University: Sage offers robust product templates, guides, support, and training in a variety of languages for you to be able to learn the ins and outs of the software and seamlessly integrate it into your existing workflow. It also offers tons of training videos on its very own YouTube channel. 

MailChimp Integration: Sage CRM system is designed to seamlessly integrate with MailChimp so you never store duplicate email addresses. It makes it easy to send segmented email campaigns as well as track open rates.

Source quotes faster: Your sales team needs speed, especially when dealing with customers over the phone. With Sage, you can easily pull up and source quotes as well as shipment and delivery information for faster customer service. 

Workflow automation across teams: Sage makes it easy and accessible for different teams to run processes faster and with more efficiency amongst each other. 

Better customer targeting: With Sage’s incredible business intelligence analytics, you’re better able to leverage reliable customer data to drive sales and close more deals. 

Sage events: Sage takes pride in hosting events year-round where it gets to showcase its latest CRM solutions. Because of the latest turn of global events, they’ve gone digital with their event schedule for easier access. 

Developer access: Sage is developer-friendly for any business that has an in-house developer that wants to personalize its CRM in depth. 

Sales pipeline management: You can be sure of where your sales deals are every step of the way with Sage’s various pipeline management tools so you’re never left in the dark when it comes to the progress of your sales team and the number of sales you’ll close.

Product and price list management: Your team will always know what products are on hand as well as an updated price list to better inform prospects and quickly take care of customer questions. 

Sage Marketplace: Looking for a particular Sage app? You can find a wide selection of options through the Sage Marketplace and shop around. Some even offer a free trial so you can see how you like it before making a definite purchase. 

Plenty of community forums: Sage hosts plenty of community forums divided by Sage product or industry where you can have quick access to the most commonly asked questions. 

Sage City and town hall: Once you’re successfully onboarded to Sage, you can also participate in the Sage town hall where you can discuss the product, connect with other Sage users, and make suggestions for future updates.  

Mobile features: Let your sales team take Sage on-the-go with its mobile support features. This way your sales team isn’t confined to only making sales in the office. 

Improved decision making: Sage houses many case studies and examples of businesses across a variety of industries that showcase how adopting a CRM has helped them increase productivity as well as their bottom line. 

Work with remote staff: Your staff doesn’t have to be confined to working from the office only with Sage’s cloud feature. They can access their work dashboard from virtually anywhere where there’s an internet connection to make sales calls, update information, add notes, share files, connect with other employees, and more.  

The Bad

Limited selection of applications: Unlike other all-in-one CRM solutions like Salesforce, Sage CRM has a limited number of compatible applications. This can mean some software you’re already working with might not be readily compatible with Sage. 

Slower customer support: While Sage provides a community forum where you can interact and exchange tips and shortcuts with other fellow Sage users, customer support can be a long process to get through depending on the problem you’re trying to troubleshoot. 

No upfront pricing: Unlike other CRM solutions on the market, Sage doesn’t publicly list its prices in easy-to-follow price plans. Instead, it asks you for your business information to receive a phone call. Though this sales tactic might be a turn-off when you’re shopping around for a CRM solution, getting in touch with one of its sales representatives might be worth the extra effort if it means you might get a better price point.

Sage CRM Pricing and Options

Sage CRM Pricing

Though Sage doesn’t publicly list their prices, sources like G2 list its starting price at $39 per month per user. 

To be sure of the exact price point they offer per user, you’ll have to request a callback to hear its price options once you get connected with one of its representatives. 

All you have to do is enter your name, organization, country, and zip code to receive a callback so you can get more acquainted with its CRM plans. 

Before you inquire about prices and payment options, you’ll want to get familiar with Sage’s specific product offerings.

Sage CRM Service

To provide exceptional customer service your team has to be equipped with the CRM tools to execute top-of-the-line service. Sage enables you to manage retention rates by monitoring and shortening resolution times. 

However, your team can also be proactive by creating a knowledge base through Sage that’s accessible to customers so they’re able to find answers to their most common and pressing questions that you review and approve in the backend.

To complement its knowledge base feature, Sage also enables you to create self-service portals so your customers can easily log in, fill out the appropriate fields, and receive the service they’re requesting quickly. 

Sage CRM Sales

Your sales team needs to feel empowered to do what they do best. With Sage, you have the ability to increase team productivity by up to 40% through features like Sage’s tracking capabilities through its mobile app and its out-of-the-box sales reports. So you always know where each deal is in the sales pipeline and where you’re lagging. 

With Sage’s sales features you can make more informed sales decisions and manage key opportunities as you read sales data and make forecasts. A prominent sales feature that can’t go unmentioned is Sage’s Quick Sale Workflow, which enables you to create sales opportunities and see them through from start to finish at a much faster rate with your most qualified sales representatives. 

You’re also able to create accurate quotes and orders, generate sales proposals with predefined templates, and quickly access key business data.  

Sage CRM Marketing

Without an effective CRM, it’s hard to know when and if your marketing is delivering the right results. With Sage, you’re able to plan better marketing campaigns with higher precision as you manage any given campaign across multiple channels. 

As any solid CRM worth using, Sage allows you to easily track new leads and sales opportunities. The more sales you make and deals you close, the more data it aggregates for you to continue to refine your sales campaigns. 

Sage also offers plenty of email marketing solutions, including the ability to integrate with Mailchimp to send and track campaigns. You can send emails to up to 2,000 customers for free and create specific segments based on the response to your campaigns. 

Not only that, you can automate a targeted drip campaign that can be running in the background for you year-round that keeps you in touch with your leads and customers. As part of your marketing strategy, with Sage you also have the ability to email and survey your customers so you’re always in the loop on how they’re thinking about your product and their intentions to buy. 

Reviews of the Best CRM Software

There are many CRM solutions available that can help eliminate redundancies, lost information, and time-consuming paperwork. Sage CRM adds easy setup to these benefits, so you can start saving time and optimizing resources within days of onboarding your management team.

Sage as a great option for small and medium businesses that are looking to cut costs, grow faster, and improve company-wide productivity. Though it didn’t make Crazy Egg’s top CRM picks this year, it’s a great option if you’re shopping for a reliable CRM solution you can onboard quickly and use with ease. 

Read our full-length review of the best CRM software to find the solutions that really impressed our research team. There is no reason for you or your employees to struggle with CRM software.

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