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ProofHub is project management software that offers an all-in-one solution for all your projects and team collaboration. With extensive collaboration, reporting, and admin control measures, you can take ultimate control of your projects and manage them more intuitively. Used and trusted by more than 85,000 teams and businesses worldwide, ProofHub could be the solution for you. 

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ProofHub Compared to the Best Project Management Software

ProofHub is one of the best project management software options because of its ability to provide an extensive collaborative solution for its users, but it’s not the only powerful company on the market today. After reviewing dozens of options for our top list of the best project management software, we found a few Golden Eggs that would make excellent alternatives. is one of the most well-known and affordable software on the market today, making it a perfect solution to help you plan and execute projects of any size. Try for free today, or sign up for an annual plan and save up to 18%

ClickUp is better software for remote teams because of its collaboration tools, pre-built templates, and workflow customization options. Try ClickUp for free today or save up to 45% on a yearly plan

Smartsheet helps you manage and modernize your project management processes through its simple yet scalable program filled with collaboration features and nifty integrations. Try Smartsheet for free today for up to two editors

ProofHub: The Good and the Bad

ProofHub stands out for its extensive collaboration measures and its variety in project views, reporting, and admin control. However, every project management software will have good and bad features to consider. In your search for the best software for your needs, there’s a high chance you will find a variation in pricing, accessibility, and collaboration. Let’s take a look at the good and bad of ProofHub and see if it’s the right platform for you. 

What ProofHub Is Good At 

ProofHub is excellent at offering tools for collaboration and reporting while simultaneously allowing its users complete freedom with a wide variety of project views, admin control, and quick accessibility for flexible project management.  

Extensive collaboration capacity: ProofHub makes it incredibly simple to communicate and collaborate with your team to execute projects seamlessly. With discussion boards, and one-on-one and group chat boxes, you can communicate with clients and team members without the back-and-forth of long email threads or time-consuming phone calls. Not only does ProofHub support effective communication, but you can find effective collaboration features, including notes, proofing and review, announcements, mentions, and events. The notes and proofing features can help you share essential details about your projects with file attachments and comments, while proofing allows you to markup documents and approve them with members.

Clear reporting features: Measure your team’s progress with ProofHub’s detailed reporting features that can support different areas of your business. With ProofHub’s project reports, you can get a complete overview of every project, including details such as the manager, status, due date, and task progress. You can also see how your team members are performing and how many tasks have been completed by each individual. ProofHub supports workload and custom reports to help you understand the amount of work allocated to different team members, making it easier to manage workloads, while custom reports can give you up-to-date insights on tasks, milestones, and time logged. 

Variety of project views: With ProofHub, you can find a variety of project views that can help you view every detail from diverse perspectives. For example, you can oversee projects in table view or utilize ProofHub’s Kanban boards or Gantt charts to make planning easier and to divide tasks into workflows. To make navigation easier, ProofHub offers “Me View” and “Profile View” features that allow you to see all your tasks, milestones, events, announcements, assigned projects, and individual activities all in one place. 

Customizable admin control: Ensure every team member has access to the right projects and vital information with ProofHub’s admin control features. You can gain ultimate control with features such as custom roles, guests, IP restrictions, and white labeling. You can create custom roles and give any level of access according to your organizational workflow, or you can collaborate with individuals who don’t have a ProofHub account by inviting them as a guest. ProofHub also offers activity logs, which allow you to keep up to date on all projects without manually looking through each project. 

Quick accessibility: Instead of manually searching for project files or needing to translate text for team members, ProofHub does all the work for you with its effective accessibility features. With a quick add button, you can create new projects, discussion boards, announcements, or assign tasks in just one click. Meanwhile, keyboard shortcuts and bookmarks help you save time by allowing you to smoothly move from different sections and access projects, task lists, and discussions from your ProofHub dashboard. You can also use ProofHub “Stickies,” which allows you to write down quick notes you can access. 

And feel free to change the language of your ProofHub interface between English, French, Polish, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese, Dutch, and Turkish—making it easier for you to communicate and collaborate with team members and clients across the globe. 

What ProofHub Is Lacking

While ProofHub offers excellent features overall, it still needs improvement in certain areas. Some of these areas include more organizational features for ease of use, more notification control to prevent burnout, and less HTML code customization for a more user-friendly interface. 

Notification control: One of the most common criticisms of ProofHub’s platform was its lack of notification control. Reviewers reported issues from an inability to filter notifications in the platform to glitches in email notifications.

Organizational features: According to a few user reviews, some ProofHub users felt that the platform lacked organizational features for ease of use purposes—in particular, it lacks a folder system or similar structure to segregate files and projects.

Less HTML code customization: Usually, customization of any kind will always be useful because it helps the user personalize the platform and make it easier for them to use. However, a few users found that wasn’t exactly the case for ProofHub’s platform. ProofHub currently uses HTML code customization, meaning you will have to know how to edit code to customize certain aspects of the platform, including request forms and reports. 

ProofHub Options and Pricing

ProofHub only offers one product, which is its project management software. The software has two flat-rate pricing tiers for scalability with increased storage, unlimited projects, and unlimited users.

ProofHub Project Management Software

ProofHub’s project management software makes planning and executing your projects easy without the need for long processes or additional applications. You can organize your projects and teams, manage tasks successfully, and deliver high-quality results, all with the help of ProofHub.  

ProofHub diagram showing how to create a custom project workflow

ProofHub lets you define specific project goals, delegate tasks, and get an overall view of each project and team by allowing you to create a completely custom project workflow. With ProofHub’s collaboration features, such as live chats, discussion threads, feedback, and online proofing, you can map out project scopes, track progress, and finish each project with a communication line with your clients. You can also utilize multiple features to manage different projects, including addressing requests, task management, custom roles, and real-time reporting. 

If you need an all-in-one, scalable project management solution, ProofHub offers two different pricing tiers, including: 

  • Essential — $45 per month, billed annually. Includes 40 projects, unlimited users, and 15GB of storage.
  • Ultimate Control — $89 per month, billed annually. Includes unlimited projects and users and 100GB of storage. 

ProofHub’s Ultimate Control pricing package is the most beneficial for project management success. 

ProofHub in Summary

ProofHub is an excellent project management software for its collaboration features and extensive flexibility, but it still needs improvement in areas that other project management software might excel in.

While ProofHub is good at servicing its users, there are other platforms we would recommend if certain areas of ProofHub aren’t currently up to your standards. is an affordable option that can help you plan and execute projects of any size, while ClickUp is the best for remote teams due to its customizable workflows and built-in templates. And if you need to modernize your spreadsheet-heavy project management processes, Smartsheet is the perfect platform to choose from. 

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