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Finding ways to streamline your customer service interactions while maintaining a level of useful responses that will actually help customers is a significant challenge for businesses of all sizes. For live chat, making use of artificial intelligence is an intriguing option—as long as it works as advertised and doesn’t alienate your customers.

LiveChatAI attempts to solve this problem by helping your team manage customer interactions automatically in a way that seems perfectly natural to the end user. You can train LiveChatAI to use the terminology that’s actually relevant for your business. It even can recall past chat sessions with each customer, giving it a baseline for advancing the interaction in a positive way.

We’ll spell out the pros and cons of LiveChatAI to help you decide whether it’s a good fit for you.

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LiveChatAI: The Good and the Bad

LiveChatAI provides an AI-powered chatbot that not only learns all of the information you provide it, but also continues to learn and improve its responses over time. The platform has a ton of high-end features that appeal to many types of businesses, though it may not be perfect for everyone. We’ll outline what we like most about the platform as well as a few potential drawbacks to consider.

What LiveChatAI Is Good At

High customer resolution rate: One of the most frustrating aspects of delivering customer service is when your team members are spending time answering questions that customers could easily find on your website.

Among its other benefits, LiveChatAI delivers answers to these basic questions quickly and accurately. LiveChatAI claims a 70% resolution rate from its AI bots. It has customer case studies that claim a greater than 80% AI bot resolution rate.

When the AI bot can take care of such a high percentage of customer requests via live chat, it frees up your human customer service employees to answer more complex questions or to be available when customers specifically request to move from an AI chat to a human chat.

During our tests using chat at the LiveChatAI website, the responses from LiveChatAI were extremely fast on basic questions about the service. Delivering fast answers is great for giving customers a satisfactory experience as well.

Additionally, should you have customers across the globe who are looking for information, LiveChatAI supports nearly 100 different languages.

List of features of LiveChatAI compared to features of other software.

Multiple free tools: LiveChatAI offers more than a dozen free AI-powered tools that you can use to generate useful information. These tools do not require a subscription to the LiveChatAI service, but you can use them to gain a feel for how AI can help you.

You start by typing in the information you would like the tool to use to do things like creating a chart, for example. After several seconds, LiveChatAI creates something that matches the data you introduced.

Screenshot showing six free tools offered by LiveChatAI.

These free tools then will generate HTML code that you can copy to your website to display the AI-generated information. Some of the tools you can use with this feature of LiveChatAI include:

  • Bar graph
  • Line graph
  • Pie chart
  • Table chart
  • Column chart
  • Instagram posts
  • YouTube posts
  • Meta title generator
  • Meta description generator
  • Tweets on X
  • QR codes

Easy oversight to ensure accuracy: One common question businesses have when they begin to rely on AI tools to interact with customers is whether the AI-generated answers are accurate. This is understandable. You don’t want to turn over large chunks of your customer service operation to artificial intelligence software, only to have it mislead customers.

With LiveChatAI, you receive a number of safeguards that you can use to monitor the performance of the AI bots. For example, LiveChatAI can deliver the text of all AI-generated chat conversations with customers to your inbox for your review.

LiveChatAI allows you to use your website’s data to train the AI bot. This is helpful when you’re operating a business that requires some specific industry knowledge or that has unusual jargon that customers would use.

LiveChatAI can scrape your website as part of the training process, which speeds up its ability to find the information it needs versus you having to enter it manually. Should you have additional information you need to provide to the AI bot, you then can add it manually.

Additionally, there are options for human handoff as well. Users can choose right in the chat window if they want human support. This is an awesome feature that gives the power to your customers and may lessen any potential frustration they’ll feel if they’re not getting the answers they need.

Screenshot of Live Chat Support landing page with information on this feature.

Simple pricing structure: If you’re tired of trying to figure out exactly what you’re going to pay with many of the subscription software services on the market, LiveChatAI has you covered.

LiveChatAI sets up its pricing tiers with an easy-to-understand structure. You have one price that you pay for each tier with no add-on costs for features or overages. It’s simple and straightforward.

Some customers might prefer to be able to set their own message limits or to purchase features separately. However, we like that with LiveChatAI, you know exactly what you’re going to pay, allowing you to budget for the service easily.

Testing through Free tier and demos: If you want to test how LiveChatAI works and how it will feel for your customers to interact with the AI bot during a customer service interaction, this is an easy process.

LiveChatAI has multiple demonstration AI bots that you can use to see the service in action. These are bots available through third parties, rather than through LiveChatAI itself, giving you multiple insights into how it works for different businesses and industries.

Additionally, you can run the LiveChatAI software in the Free tier to test the service.

Can recall past conversations with a customer: To make the conversations with customers feel more natural, LiveChatAI is able to recall past chat conversations that customers had.

This is an important feature for an AI bot, as customers who are reaching out about situations for a second or third time don’t want to have to start over completely. LiveChatAI can access the past interaction and start the chat from there.

LiveChatAI’s Potential Drawbacks

Occasional outages: Because LiveChatAI relies on the ChatGPT servers to provide its AI-powered live chat service, it occasionally may run into outages that are beyond LiveChatAI’s control.

In the early days of ChatGPT, which initially appeared in late 2022, outages were especially common during times of high usage and demand. Such issues have become less common as the technology has become more stable.

Although ChatGPT’s outages are less frequent, they may still occur. If you’re relying heavily on the AI bots to cover your customer chat requests because you have a minimal number of human customer service agents available, an unexpected outage could leave you short-handed at unexpected times.

May need to rely on GPT 3.5: At the time of this writing, LiveChatAI was relying on ChatGPT 3.5-turbo and ChatGPT 4. GPT-4 is an improved version of the application—it’s also spendier.

LiveChatAI gives you a certain number of chat message credits that you can use each month. One AI reply using the GPT-3.5-turbo model uses one message credit. One reply using the GPT-4 model uses 20 message credits.

If you’re approaching the end of the month and are running short on credits, you could switch to ChatGPT 3.5-turbo to try to conserve them. However, you then lose the added benefits of using the newer ChatGPT 4 technology.

Message credit limits: Depending on the pricing tier to which you subscribe, you must remain within a message credit limit.

Message from LiveChatAI that all credits have been used in the selected plan.

Unfortunately, once you hit the limit, your AI bot becomes inactive, and you cannot use LiveChatAI for the remainder of the monthly period. You then would have to rely completely on your human customer service team for live chat with your customers.

As one of the drawbacks to maintaining a simplistic pricing plan that doesn’t allow for add-on costs, you cannot purchase more message credits for the final few days of the month. Your only option would be to subscribe to a higher pricing tier the following month to receive more message credits.

For an extremely busy business, having only 8,000 total message credits in the highest pricing tier (Expert) may not be enough.

LiveChatAI Plans and Pricing

Four plan options with prices for each for LiveChatAI.

With LiveChatAI, you can select from five different subscription tiers, one of which is a completely free tier. You can subscribe either on a month-to-month payment schedule, or you can pay for the entire year up front and receive a discount that’s equal to two free months on the month-to-month plan. LiveChatAI also offers a 100% money-back guarantee.


The Free tier of LiveChatAI is one you can use forever without paying. It has significant limitations, meaning it probably won’t work for most businesses, even small businesses. However, if you simply want to try out AI-powered chat or deploy it for personal use, the Free tier is a good option.

It offers 100 messages per month from one AI bot. One human from your customer service team can be logged in to field questions if the customer requests to move from AI chat to a human interaction.


The Basic tier costs $39 per month on the monthly plan, which totals $468 for the entire year. You can save two months’ worth of payments by selecting the annual plan, which costs $390.

Individuals or businesses with limited customer interactions should be able to use the Basic tier successfully. It allows 2,000 messages per month from one AI bot. You have one live chat seat for a human, and customers can select to have the chat routed to the human.


For the Pro tier, you’ll pay $89 when paying month to month, which totals $1,068 across 12 months. If you pay for the annual plan, you save two months of payments with a total cost of $890.

This tier is most popular among small businesses that have regular interactions with customers.

Here’s what you get with the Pro tier:

  • 4.000 Messages Per Month
  • 1 Seat
  • 3 AI Bots
  • Live Chat
  • AI Actions
  • GPT4 Access


With the Advanced plan, you pay $189 per month on the monthly plan, which equals $2,268 per year, or you can opt for an annual plan and pay $1,890 per year.

At this tier, you get everything the Pro plan has, plus increased limits and additional features:

  • 6.000 Messages Per Month
  • 3 Seats
  • 5 AI Bots
  • Live Chat
  • AI Actions
  • GPT4 Access
  • API Access
  • Slack


Businesses that have constant interactions with customers will want to make use of the Expert tier. When subscribing to Expert, you’ll pay $389 per month on the monthly plan, which results in a cost of $4,668 for the entire year. If you pay for the annual plan, it costs $3,890 over the year.

You get an increase in limits and additional features with this tier:

  • 8.000 Messages
  • 6 Seats
  • 10 AI Bots
  • Live Chat
  • AI Actions
  • GPT4 Access
  • API Access
  • Slack
  • Whatsapp
  • Remove Branding

Final Thoughts

There’s a lot to like about LiveChatAI. This isn’t just some generic AI solution that takes information it finds online and spouts it off to customers. Rather, you can train it with your company’s specific data to provide accurate and helpful responses to customer queries. We also love that the customer has the option to request to speak to a human at any time. This is a smart way to show customers you truly do put them first—which is a win on both sides of the customer service experience.

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