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The process of setting, sharing, and managing business requirements sounds like an easy task. However, it involves a lot more than simply documenting how the business will work. Various requirement management tools are available in the market today. 

Among the many options, Jama Connect, a successful product of Jama Software, has become a prominent requirements management tool in a short time. It allows integrations with various DevOps, risk management, PLM, and PLE tools. Some powerful features of Jama Connect, like live traceability, test management, review management, and risk and requirements management, can transform the development process of any organization. 

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Jama Connect Compared to the Best Requirements Management Tools

Jama Connect did not make our top list of best requirements management tools. Below you’ll find our Golden Eggs, the best project requirements management tools among the dozens we researched.

Confluence is the most popular requirements management tool. It makes it easy to collect requirement specs from different sources, assign tasks, prioritize requirements, open up the discussion to the team, and organize brainstorming sessions. Try its Free Plan for $0 for ten users to document project info and other decisions is ideal for managing simple requirements because of its flexible approach to requirement management. It has a friendly user interface and doesn’t have a steep learning curve, which makes it an ideal tool for beginners. Try the Individual Plan for $0 to see if it suits your needs.

ClickUp assists teams with versatile requirements management needs. Its adaptability and flexibility handle a broad spectrum of requirements with ease. It offers plenty of useful tools and robust features. Try its Free Plan for personal use or invest $7 a month in its Unlimited Plan, an ideal option for small teams

Jira Software is a useful requirement management tool for software development. It provides security and conveniently covers all your programming and other software development-related needs. Its Free Plan for $0 a month for ten users is a good starting point for those who want to test the platform before a long-term commitment. 

Trello is considered the best requirements management tool for collaboration. It uses easy kanban organization with useful integrations to keep a team on the same page at all points in a particular project. It also offers a $0 a month Free Plan that can be appropriate for individuals and teams looking to organize their projects.   

Jama Connect: The Good and The Bad

All requirements management tools offer a wide array of features, and Jama Connect is no exception. Let’s dive into Jama Connect’s strengths and weaknesses. 

What Jama Connect Is Good At

Jama Connect offers various unique and useful features. It promotes uninterrupted collaboration between team members and allows practical customizations. Its detailed analytical reporting system provides an in-depth analysis of various aspects of the project. It also allows different powerful integrations and makes it easier for users to access and utilize other resources. Moreover, it has a unique traceability model that is in continuous sync and delivers live traceability. 

Solid collaborative tools: The several collaborative tools offered by Jama Connect help it stand out among its competitors. It provides real-time and secure collaboration through excellent collaborative tools. Each tool enables one team to collaborate with another dynamic and cross-functional team, and it also encourages collaboration between members of the same team. Moreover, these tools help communicate any issues promptly, which helps remove friction throughout the development process.

Detailed analytical reports: It provides data-driven and in-depth reports that help team members to identify potential problems and stay on track. These reports also help understand the impact of different modifications as they happen. It also collects reviews, feedback, and approvals from all stakeholders and uses a data-centric approach to help assess the success of a project.

Variety of powerful integrations: Jama Connect allows users various integrations with other tools like Slack, Jira Software, and Microsoft Teams. All these integrations make it easier to complete tasks efficiently. Overall, each integration promotes collaboration and streamlines the requirements management process.   

Easy customizations: It allows you to customize your experience and add or subtract features based on your organization’s needs. You can add custom fields of different types, including URL, text, roll-up, and more. The customization process is straightforward, and tailor-made additions improve the project. 

Exceptional traceability: Jama Connect allows full traceability with other systems and provides users with a clear link between requirements management and other aspects of the development process. It also has a test module that helps users build a traceability matrix incrementally throughout the cycle of a project. 

What Jama Connect Is Lacking

Like any other software or tool, Jama Connect has its limitations and areas where it can improve. It can be a complex platform for beginners with a steep learning curve. Therefore, it can prolong the onboarding process of new members. It provides limited mobile support and fewer customization options. Moreover, it can be an expensive choice for small organizations. 

Complex user experience: It offers a wide range of features and can be tricky to use. Beginners may find it difficult and take a lot more time to become proficient. These complexities also make employee onboarding a lengthy process. Additionally, mastering all the features requires regular use and dedicated time beyond the initial training period, which may affect the project’s efficiency. 

Limited customization options: Although the customization process is straightforward, the options are limited. It only allows you to customize a few aspects of the process. However, the rest of the features are pre-defined.  

Pricing issues: Jama Connect doesn’t have defined paid plans. Instead, it offers custom pricing. According to data, the custom price is often higher and can be expensive for small businesses. This pricing model ignores transparency and acts as a barrier to entry for small teams.  

Limited mobile support: It has a dedicated mobile app. However, the mobile app’s functionality is limited and relatively low compared to the desktop version. Limited mobile support can make it difficult for people on the go to access and use the software whenever from wherever.

Jama Connect Options and Pricing

The primary offering of Jama Connect is its live traceability service. It offers a variety of efficient requirements management features that make the entire process more agile. Some of its main features include:

Jama Connect Advisor

Jama Connect Advisor requirement analysis example

Jama Connect Advisor is a state-of-the-art add-on product for Jama Connect. It helps product managers write effective requirement specifications and uses Natural Language Processing to deliver real-time insight into requirement quality and accuracy. The tool also improves the quality of user requirements by reducing authoring errors. Other benefits of Jama Connect Advisor include:

  • Reduces the number and length of requirement review cycles
  • Enhances the effectiveness of the development team
  • Trains teams to improve efficiency
  • Standardizes different processes for authoring requirements

Jama Connect Reuse and Baseline Management

Jama Connect webpage snippet for increasing process efficiency

This specific feature helps reduce development time and ensures consistency across one or multiple projects. It helps compare different versions of a requirement, create catalogs of reusable requirements, and baselines the development success at various milestones or versions.

It automatically keeps data aligned in the project. It also compares two versions of a requirement to see any changes. Creating a baseline by taking a snapshot helps document the current state of the project or any part of the project at a given time. Moreover, it enables you to generate branches of a product to help develop a variant or an entirely new version.  

Jama Connect Risk and Hazard Analysis

Jama Connect webpage snippet for ensuring compliance and managing risk

Jama Connect simplifies compliance with integrated risk management. It performs risk analysis early and throughout each step of the requirements management process. Risk and Hazard analysis allows teams to:

  • Provide more coverage by tracing open risks and linking them back to requirements. 
  • Evaluate risk analysis through estimation
  • Build a risk management profile based on different techniques like Preliminary Hazard Analysis (PHA) and FMEA in accordance with ISO 14971 and IEC 60812
  • Ensure quality and safety even in a lengthy project
  • Ensure risk analysis is updated in real-time through every step of the process

Jama Connect Test and Quality Management

Jama Connect webpage snippet for test and quality management

This feature helps the quality assurance teams to create and organize test cases, dashboards, and test plans. It also provides reports for easy management of testing in real-time. It is better to bring your testing teams into the process earlier on to view and run test cases and log connected defects when tests fail.

A unique advantage of this feature is that it allows you to engage in conversations about prioritization and the impact of defects. Another benefit of Jama Connect is that it shows auditors the connection between regulations, tests, and requirements. Integration of trusted solutions for the execution and automation of various tests is another excellent offering of Jama Connect. 

Jama Connect Review Center

Jama Connect webpage snippet for streamlining and accelerating reviews

Transitioning from a document-centric to a data-centric approach can be difficult. However, Jama Connect makes it easier by capturing reviews, approvals, and feedback from stakeholders in one central place and empowering you to make decisions based on the analysis of the collected data. Review Center provides a collaborative and iterative approach to reviewing requirements and tests in real-time.

It shortens review cycles by 50%, making them efficient and scalable while engaging unlimited stakeholders for centralized input and decisions. The review center also facilitates compliant reviews by creating a standardized review process. It prioritizes critical decisions and aligns all stakeholders by minimizing meetings, improving response times, and reducing communication problems.

Jama Connect Real-Time Collaboration 

Jama Connect webpage snippet for enabling effective collaboration

Real-time collaboration allows secure, cross-functional collaboration. This feature enables engineers to streamline their projects and optimize processes to reduce costs and get better results quickly. Team members can mention others in questions to get a helpful response.

Additionally, the collaboration tool allows you to make time-sensitive decisions efficiently by directly responding to emails and mentioning stakeholders. It shortens milestone phases, reduces development cycles to improve efficiency, and allows teams to identify risks and opportunities. It provides a clear view of who wrote, edited, or commented on a requirement. New users or stakeholders can get an idea about the project by quickly scanning the discussions.  

Jama Connect Live Traceability

Jama Connect webpage snippet for improving traceability

Live traceability is the most prominent feature of Jama Connect. It ensures product quality and improves change management. It helps maintain a rigorous change management process and reveals interdependencies within a project to keep all processes on track. 

One of its features is to easily navigate upstream and downstream relationships to understand the impact of change. It saves time in finding gaps in the project processes. Users can also identify potentially problematic links whenever a new change is made in the original project and track any other changes across the project. Visual schematic helps track relationship rules across the project and see the impact or reach of information throughout the organization. Lastly, it helps produce traceability documentation for regulators.   

Jama Connect doesn’t offer well-defined paid plans like other platforms. However, its prices are mostly quoted to be comparatively higher. If you want to use the platform, request a price quote through its website, and you’ll get a customized pricing plan according to the needs of your business. A free consultation option is available for companies to assess whether the platform will suit them in the long run.

Jama Connect in Summary

Jama Connect is a recognized brand among the various requirements management tools available in the market, and that’s for good reason because it offers all the essential features you’d expect and a few that others don’t provide. For example, its one-of-a-kind live traceability feature ensures product quality and improves change management with complete traceability.

However, it is hardly the only requirements management tool in the market. We think Confluence is one of the best options for most users. is useful for those with simple requirement management needs. For software development, Jira Software is an ideal option. ClickUp is great for businesses with versatile and unique requirement management needs. Lastly, Trello is considered to be the top option for businesses that value teamwork and want a more collaborative requirements management tool.   

Want to dive deeper into how Jama Connect stacks up against other platforms on the market today? Head to this article where we break down the best five requirements management tools.

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