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When you need to keep track of project requirements from multiple angles, software like Helix RM can help you stay organized and your team aware of the right way of doing things. Delivering the desired results can make or break a business. But is Helix RM the best requirements management tool around? Explore this review to find out. 

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Helix RM Compared to the Best Requirements Management Software

You’ll find our Golden Eggs in this section, our three favorite choices from our list of the top requirement management software brands. These options can handle a wide range of needs.

Confluence is a document collaboration service where your team can work together to outline and organize detailed requirements. Try Confluence out on a 30-day free trial. offers requirements management alongside robust project management features. Get started today and test it out with a 14-day free trial. 

ClickUp is full-featured project management software with tools to set requirements for largely remote teams. Get your team going on ClickUp for as little as $7 per user

Helix RM: The Good and the Bad

Even though Helix RM didn’t make our list of the top requirements management software, there’s still a lot to like about it. We’ll look at the software’s strengths and weaknesses below to help you decide whether or not you think the tool could fit your needs. 

What Helix RM Is Good At 

Traceability is Helix RM’s standout feature, but there’s plenty more going for it, too, between instant syncing across and standout customer service. Let’s delve into what we love most about this requirements management platform.

Traceability: Helix RM excels at showing how you’ve met the requirements of other parties, such as clients, executives, or other stakeholders. Track which tests you run, which requirements each test supported, who ran the tests, and when they ran them, among other key information points. Helix RM automatically tracks each step in a requirements fulfillment process, no matter how many steps there are. You can also generate a traceability matrix to help you—and your stakeholders—visualize exactly how you validated each requirement. 

Example of Helix RM traceability results

Seamless updates: When working on an intricate project with a group of other people, the last thing you need is a system that doesn’t show updates immediately in real-time. Helix RM does a great job keeping the actions on a project updated and easily visible across every user’s dashboard. This saves users the time they might otherwise spend waiting for updates to sync or, worse, working on a task that’s already been done. 

Pricing: Even though Helix’s parent brand, Perforce, doesn’t publicly list the prices for the Helix ALM (application lifecycle management) suite, user reviews praise the suite’s affordability. Plus, you can purchase Helix RM on its own or as part of the Helix ALM toolset, which includes Helix Test Case Management and Helix Issue Management. This modular pricing design is part of what the users love about Helix RM’s affordability, as you’ll only pay for the tools you need. 

Customer support: Learning the Helix RM software can be confusing as it is so broadly capable. But, if you run into any roadblocks, the Helix customer support team will provide prompt and friendly service. As one user puts it, “a warm, knowledgeable body” is consistently reachable via the customer service portal within minutes. 

If you’ve ever found yourself begging automated phone receptionists and customer service chatbots to speak with a flesh-and-blood representative, you’ll find Helix’s dedication to real-life support refreshing.  

Integrations: Helix RM comes with an out-of-the-box Jira Software integration, which means if you use Jira Software for project management and product development, you can keep doing so while also tracking your requirements in Helix. Helix RM also integrates with Slack, Microsoft tools like Word and Excel, GitHub, and Perfecto. Plus, you get a REST API to create any custom connections to the rest of your tech and software stack. 

What Helix RM Is Lacking

There’s plenty we like about Helix RM, but it’s not quite complete on its own without its fellow modules. As you’ll see in this section, the software could benefit from a few key updates. 

Distinction between modules: We praised Helix RM’s traceability features earlier, but the brand could make more clear that the full traceability lifecycle—defining the requirements, testing different aspects of each requirement, and addressing the issues raised by the tests—is only possible if you purchase all three Helix ALM modules.

Even though we like that you only pay for what you need, users should be aware that something they need might only be included in one of the other Helix ALM modules. Perforce and Helix don’t make it very easy to find out which features are included in which ALM module, either. There’s no pricing plan page or feature list available on the Perforce/Helix website. 

Outdated training and interface: If you look at some of Helix ALM’s how-to videos, you’ll notice that they seem dated. Some of the video tutorials we viewed showed users how to navigate a Helix ALM interface from 2011—back when it was still called TestTrack. 

So much about software has changed since 2011. Despite this, Helix ALM tutorials have not been updated to reflect Helix’s slightly more modern-looking user interface. To us, this indicates that the UI is basically the same as it was in 2011 and could use some improvement. Reviewers agree, with many reviews calling Helix RM out for its unfriendly UI, limited customization options, and steep learning curve. 

Reporting capabilities: Since traceability is such a big and successful selling point for Helix RM, we found it surprising that reports aren’t easy to make. After all, an integral part of requirements management is showing your stakeholders how you fulfilled requirements. And this is best done using detailed reports.  

Sure, Helix RM can build you a traceability matrix. But Helix RM and ALM customers have expressed a desire for an updated report creation feature. If you click on the tutorial link for creating reports in Helix ALM, you’ll be taken to a video from 2012. Again, this indicates that a feature update is long overdue. 

Helix RM Options and Pricing

Helix RM is part of a modular suite that includes Helix Test Case Management (TCM) and Helix Issue Management (IM). When used together, these three tools provide users with a robust requirements management solution that allows for a full traceability lifecycle. However, Helix RM can be used as a standalone product if your work doesn’t require testing and issue management. 

Helix RM 

Helix’s results management software allows users to track, prioritize, and review project requirements. It also helps you break requirements into smaller pieces, making the overall requirement more manageable.  

Helix RM landing page with header that says "What the Best Requirements Management Tool Should Give You" and a list of Helix RM features

Helix RM also fosters collaboration between your team and your stakeholders. The commenting tool helps everyone reach a consensus on each requirement without tons of back-and-forth on email threads. For example, if you are building a medical device intending to gain FDA clearance, you can use Helix RM to track the many requirements you’ll need to fill. 

For pricing and additional plan information, you’ll need to reach out to Helix’s sales team. Helix ALM offers a free 30-day trial of all three modules. 

Helix TCM

Helix Test Case Management module helps you manage complex testing for all your projects. It’s especially helpful for software developers, medical device manufacturers, and project managers in any industry that requires continuous testing to ensure product quality. 

Helix TCM landing page with header that says "Why Helix TCM Is the Best Test Case Management Tool" and a list of features

If you get Helix RM and Helix TCM, you can connect your tests back to their requirements for seamless requirement management. You can learn more about pricing and features by contacting a Helix sales agent. 

Helix IM

Many companies need more than just requirements management and testing, and that’s where Helix Issue Management comes in. When a Helix TCM test is marked as failed, Helix IM creates an issue that you can then assign to someone on your team. 

Helix Issues Management landing page with header that says "Why You Need Defect Tracking Tools and Issues Management" and a list of Helix IM features

Once the issue is resolved, Helix TCM re-tests and updates the status. If you also have Helix RM, the test, issue, resolved issue, and re-test will all appear on the traceability matrix for the relevant requirement.

This is especially useful for utility companies that constantly need to test and troubleshoot their services. It’s also ideal for automotive enterprises that must continually test, refine, and test again to ensure their vehicles comply with industry safety standards. 

As with the other tools in the Helix ALM suite, you’ll need to reach out to the Helix sales team for pricing and plan information. 

Helix RM in Summary

Helix RM provides teams with advanced traceability and requirement-reviewing features that achieve their full potential when used alongside the rest of the Helix ALM toolset. With its Jira Software, Slack, Word, and Excel integrations, Helix RM can be part of a successful project and results management plan. 

However, some negatives we uncovered might make it a less-than-perfect fit for your team. Confluence,, and ClickUp each sport more modern interfaces, and the latter two focus first on project management with ample tools for supporting requirements management. 

Want to dive deeper into this category? Check out our full list of the best requirements management software, where we recommend a few other products and examine the key features you should make sure to look for. 

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