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Deliverr is a fulfillment solution with all-inclusive pricing and a user-friendly platform. Deliverr offers flexible features, including Prime-like shipping badges, a simple pricing structure, and a hassle-free experience with under a two-minute setup. But is Deliverr all that it’s stacked up to be? Let’s take a look at the good and the bad to find out. 

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Deliverr Compared to the Best Ecommerce Fulfillment Services

Deliverr is a relatively new platform to the ecommerce fulfillment industry but has affordable rates and a user-friendly interface. Although it didn’t make our top list, it’s certainly not the only option on the market. After reviewing dozens of options, we found a few Golden Eggs offering excellent fulfillment services.

Shopify Fulfillment Network is our number one recommendation for most people because there are no up-front costs, 24/7 support, and seamless returns. You can apply for a Shopify fulfillment account and receive up to 45% off on all orders over 4lbs.  

ShipBob is trusted by more than 7,000 companies for its global omnichannel fulfillment, and with extensive integrations, you can transform your order processing in minutes. You can request a free quote on ShipBob’s website today

Easyship is the best ecommerce fulfillment platform for international orders, as it services more than 220 countries. Create your account today and receive exclusive discounts for up to 91% off

Deliverr: The Good and the Bad

Just like for all ecommerce fulfillment services, there will be good and bad features to consider. After extensive research, we found that Deliverr offers decent features that only a select few were happy to continue using, with a few critical drawbacks that might break the product. Let’s take a deep dive into both sides of the spectrum before you decide.

What Deliverr Is Good At

Deliverr has affordable shipping rates and all-inclusive pricing, which is excellent for small businesses. Its platform is also user-friendly and offers one-click integrations and shipping badges to expand your platform and give your customers the best shipping experience possible. 

Affordable rates: Deliverr has some of the most affordable fulfillment rates compared to other services on the market today. For example, Deliverr’s fulfillment services start at $4.15 per unit with two and three-day delivery—with its storage starting at $0.75 per month. Deliverr also offers a pricing calculator that lets you get a full breakdown of your pricing to help you fit your budget before purchasing the product. 

Simple shipping badges: Shipping badges can help you increase sales and create a more unique and satisfying shopping experience for your customers. Deliverr offers free two-day delivery shipping badges for various channels, including Facebook, Instagram, Shopify, Google, eBay, Wish, and Walmart. Many users have claimed that Deliverr’s shipping badges are incredibly simple to use, as you can integrate them into your chosen sales channel in just a few minutes. 

All-inclusive pricing: Deliverr has a very inclusive pricing structure that is affordable for most users. Its pricing is inclusive because it includes four different sizing options for shipping, with respective pricing for each area. With Deliverr, you can choose from a small, medium, large, or extra-large item that comes with a unique fulfillment cost, which already includes shipping, so you don’t need to worry about paying extra. Each item comes with an estimated cost for its website and eBay fast tag, making it easier for you to calculate the total cost without the extra work. 

The item pricing is as follows: 

  • Small item — $4.15
  • Medium item — $12.04
  • Large item — $13.69
  • Extra-large item — $16.33 

User-friendly platform: Amongst hundreds of user reviews, the most agreed-upon aspect of Deliverr was its user-friendly platform. Many users found it easy to navigate Deliverr’s system, with the setup being even easier and faster to do. Deliverr has an expansive help center with documentation for account setup, from general setup, all the way to how to install integrations and connect with different sales channels. Many users claimed that after getting set up and connecting to their sales channels, they could process their orders immediately. 

One-click integrations: Whether you need integrations for direct sales channels, inventory management systems, listing tools, returns solutions, or promotions—Deliverr has got you covered in every area. While Deliverr doesn’t have a massive range of integrations, the available options are popular, easy to install, and the perfect fit for your Deliverr platform. You can choose from integrations like WooCommerce, Google Shopping, Sellbrite, Loop, and Wish. 

What Deliverr Is Lacking

While Deliverr offers affordable and all-inclusive rates—which can be hard to come by—many users feel that this might be because you get what you pay for, especially as a new company. 

Delivery and inventory issues: Unfortunately, Deliverr seems to run into frequent problems in delivery. Quite a few users have complained about late deliveries, particularly with Walmart and Amazon connections, and sometimes even after paying for expedited shipping. Others have received deliveries with missing or damaged items, often in conjunction with those deliveries being late.  

Slow/limited customer support: While many users found that Deliverr’s customer support was helpful and had friendly representatives, the most common downfall was how slow it was. You also need an account to access support in the first place, and from what we can tell that support is limited to email and live chat.

Relatively new company: Deliverr was only founded in 2017, which is relatively new to the fulfillment service industry, especially compared to other companies on the market today. While being new to the industry isn’t a dealbreaker for most users, it could be the reason why so many users experienced late deliveries, lost inventory, and poor customer support. An inexperienced company could certainly be the reason for Deliverr’s downfall. 

Deliverr Options and Pricing

Deliverr offers additional fulfillment services, including freight options, reserve storage, and inventory management. Each service has a different pricing structure and integration options, which we will cover in greater detail below. 

Deliverr Freight

Deliverr’s freight service offers one point of contact and one invoice, so you don’t have to deal with multiple vendors for logistics. Whether you are looking for drayage, transloading, time-guaranteed LTL, or truckload services, Deliverr offers services in each area.

Screenshot from Deliverr website describing logistics of freight service

Deliverr’s freight service allows you to reduce costs, avoid delays, and be in control of your entire delivery process. Deliverr handles everything, from when your container comes off the ship to the final destination, including container returns and routing. You also don’t need to worry about handling things with its truckload services, as Deliverr arranges shipments between any two points.

The pricing for Deliverr’s freight services is as follows: 

  • Los Angeles, CA — $950 for drayage and $650 for transload 
  • Savannah, GA — $850 for drayage and $650 for transload 
  • Charleston, SC — $850 for drayage and $650 for transload
  • Houston, TX — $850 for drayage and $650 for transload
  • Newark, NJ — $950 for drayage and $650 for transload
  • Jacksonville, FL — $850 for drayage and $650 for transload

Deliverr Reserve Storage

With Deliverr’s nationwide network, you can rapidly adjust to the on-demand market through its flexible storage options. Deliverr can help you create optimal inventory flow by allowing you to conveniently store your inventory across the country. 

Screenshot from Deliverr website describing features of their unified storage services

Instead of manually prepping your inventory or meeting multiple vendors, Deliverr removes any hassle by providing you with its integrated services without needing to pay excess fees. With its all-in-one simplicity, you can pool inventory across different channels and have one partner across logistics services. 

Deliverr offers pallet-based pricing for inbound, outbound, general storage, and administration. For the sake of this post, we will take a look at Deliverr’s general storage pricing below:

  • Receipt storage — $14 per pallet
  • Monthly recurring storage — $25 per pallet
  • Monthly recurring storage — $60 per pallet if no activity has occurred for six months

Deliverr Inventory Management 

Deliverr’s Prep service helps you organize and store compliant, sales-ready inventory for every channel. Deliverr takes care of compliance regulations, prepping for multiple channel sales, and simplifies your operations. 

Screenshot describing Deliverr's prep service features.

Deliverr can help you avoid costly inventory issues, including breakages, rejections, constrained inventory, or lost cycles. You also don’t need to pay excessive fees for additional vendors or move inventory elsewhere for prep. 

Whether you need kitting, bagging, variety packs, floor containers, or wipedowns, Deliverr has it all and can prep whatever you need at an affordable price. Deliverr has transparent pricing for packaging prep and inventory prep, but for the sake of this post, we will take a look at its inventory pricing below:

  • Labeling units — $0.35 per unit
  • Box contents labeling — $0.50 per unit
  • Carton building — $100 per carton
  • Floor-loaded container — $650 for 40’ or $325 for 20’

Deliverr in Summary

Overall, Deliverr is a fulfillment service with all-inclusive pricing and a user-friendly platform—which makes it a great option for beginners—but its downfalls are too concerning to avoid caution before investing in its services. 

Luckily, Deliverr isn’t the only fulfillment service on the market that offers affordability and ease of use for the absolute beginner or small business owner. Shopify Fulfillment Network doesn’t have any up-front costs and offers 24/7 support. ShipBob is an excellent alternative for omnichannel fulfillment due to its extensive integrations. And if you are looking for a platform to fulfill international orders with exclusive discounts, Easyship is the best option. 

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