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A virtual private network (VPN) service helps you and your employees protect sensitive data no matter where they’re connecting to the internet. A good VPN reduces security vulnerabilities while also opening up access to regionally locked aspects of the web. After digging deep into the market’s top options, NordVPN is our top pick. Whether you’re a personal user or a business buying a VPN service for your company, it delivers all the security, encryption, and privacy features you need (and then some) at an affordable price.

The Best VPN Service for Most

NordVPN logo


Best for Most

Supports up to 6 devices at once and includes 24/7 customer service, various browser extensions, 5,000+ worldwide servers, top-notch encryption, a kill switch, and more. Paid plans start at $3.30 per month with a two-year agreement.

If you’re looking for an affordable and intuitive VPN service, NordVPN is our top recommendation. Plans start at just $3.30 per month for up to six devices. Plus, you’ll get extensions that work with your preferred web browser, world-class encryption, and over 5,000 global servers to choose from.

NordVPN also utilizes a no-log policy, ensuring your online activities stay private no matter what. Whether you’re a solo user or a business looking for better security, NordVPN offers top-notch solutions for everyone.

The Best 6 VPN Service Options to Consider

  1. NordVPN – The best VPN service for most
  2. ExpressVPN – The most versatile VPN service
  3. Surfshark – The fastest VPN service
  4. CyberGhost – The most feature-rich VPN service
  5. TunnelBear VPN – The best VPN service for beginners
  6. IPVanish – The best for unlimited device connections

When it Makes Sense to Invest into a VPN Service

There are many different reasons why you should consider a VPN service. For one, you might be traveling abroad soon. If that’s the case, you’re going to want to be able to access as much public and private WiFi as possible–making VPNs an absolute must-have. That way you’ll be able to browse without someone potentially accessing your private information. 

And if you’re traveling, you might want to be able to access websites not normally accessible in the country you’re in. For example, the Chinese government has blocked many websites used in the West such as Google, YouTube, Facebook, Wikipedia, and Netflix (just to name a few). 

If you want to access those websites in Beijing, you’ll need a VPN.

Perhaps the most important reason you might want to get a VPN is security. Since VPNs encrypt your private information such as your IP address, you’ll be able to access virtually any WiFi safely with the knowledge that your identity is protected.

This can be very important for anyone who values their security and privacy. For example, VPNs are often used by political activists as well as journalists reporting from high conflict areas. It allows them to spread their message on social media and other websites privately with less of a risk of political repercussions.  

#1. NordVPN – The Best VPN Service for Most

NordVPN logo


Best for Most

Supports up to 6 devices at once and includes 24/7 customer service, various browser extensions, 5,000+ worldwide servers, top-notch encryption, a kill switch, and more. Paid plans start at $3.30 per month with a two-year agreement.

NordVPN is the gold standard when it comes to both personal and business VPNs. Many famous YouTuber’s and podcasters mention it regularly, making it one of the most popular VPN services on the market.

Luckily, it’s not just an influencer campaign to help the company make more money.

NordVPN actually offers an excellent VPN service at an amazing price that delivers peace of mind when you need it most. With more than 5,200 servers across 60 countries, you get access to a worldwide network you can tap into at any time.

It’s compatible with just about every device, including an app for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux. There are also extensions for Chrome and Firefox, so you can safely use the internet on all of your devices.

To sweeten the deal, all NordVPN plans come with airtight security, unlimited bandwidth, and speedy connections for buffer-free streaming plus seamless downloading and uploading.

A third-party IT security company even found NordVPN to be the fastest for both downloading and uploading in an independent study.

NordVPN also lets you pick the best server based on your location and current loads at any time in one click.

NordVPN uses AES with 256-bit keys to encrypt your data—the same encryption method the NSA uses to secure classified information. 

So, you can securely browse and work without worrying about a thing.

A single user account supports up to 6 devices too, which is perfect for solo travelers looking to stay connected. So, you can use your desktop, laptop, smartphone, and tablet with NordVPN.

NordVPN also offers:

  • Kill-switch protection
  • 24/7 customer support
  • A browser extension for one-click usage

However, keep in mind that ad and malware blockers are not included. So, you’ll need separate software to protect your devices from malicious attacks.

Their pricing starts at $3.67 a month for a two-year plan, making it one of the most affordable options on this list. However, a typical month-to-month plan is $11.95 a month. 

If you expect to use it for quite a while, the two-year plan is an excellent deal. But the monthly pricing isn’t too bad either compared to the other options on our list (they charge at least $12 per month or more).

NordVPN’s 2019 Security Breach

In October 2019, one of NordVPN’s servers in Finland was breached in a cyberattack. This resulted in a leaked private key. In November of that year, another cyber attack occurred that resulted in the exposure of 2,000+ usernames and passwords. 

However, NordVPN dedicated themselves to fixing these issues by severing contact with the data center in Finland where the breach occurred as well as rolling out audits and a bug bounty program to uncover more potential issues in their service. 

#2. ExpressVPN – The Most Versatile VPN Service Provider

ExpressVPN logo


Best for Versatility

With a robust set of features like unlimited speeds, 160+ servers in 94 countries, and support on dozens of platforms, ExpressVPN is a great option for anyone interested in a versatile VPN service. Pricing starts at $8.32 per month.

ExpressVPN gives you access to 3,000 servers around the world in 94 different countries with no speed throttling to keep you streaming and browsing as fast as possible. Plus, it works on just about every operating system, including Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Chromebook, Kindle Fire, and even gaming consoles like Playstation and Xbox.

You can securely browse the web and stream your favorite services from anywhere in the world. With support for so many types of devices, ExpressVPN is the most versatile option on our list.

To sweeten the deal, you’ll enjoy 24/7 access to a team of experts ready to help you out, regardless of the time of day and your time zone. Ran into an issue or something that isn’t working the way it should? No problem.

Even if it happens during a 2 am Netflix binge or while you’re working hard to close a deal at 4 am while sipping your first cup of coffee for the day.

ExpressVPN also promises never to log and record your IP address, browsing history, DNS queries, and metadata. Essentially, your privacy stays yours.

If you’re still not convinced, they also offer a network lock (or kill switch).

So, if your VPN connection is ever disrupted for any reason, ExpressVPN stops web traffic coming into or out of your device.

This means… your IP address always remains safe and secure. 

It’s also dead simple to use. With just one click, you can start browsing the web via their VPN. It’s intuitive enough that even non-techy users can quickly get things up and running.

However, there are a few drawbacks to ExpressVN. The price is pretty high compared to the others on this list. It starts at $8.32 a month for a 12-month deal.

But there’s also a $12.95 month-to-month plan, and a $9.99 a month price for 6 months in advance. All of which are expensive compared to some of the other choices on this list. 

#3. Surfshark – The Fastest VPN Service Provider

Surfshark logo


Fastest VPN Service

Moving at the speed of a Great White, Surfshark offers a blazing fast browsing experience along with handy browser extension. Pricing starts at a mere $2.49 per month, making it one of the most affordable VPN services on the market. Choose from monthly, six-month, and two-year pricing.

Surfshark is perhaps the fastest VPN on this list. In fact, it’ll provide some of the fastest connection times and download speeds of any other service out there. 

With 1,700+ servers in 63 countries, they have no problem bypassing country restrictions with ease. Like NordVPN and ExpressVPN they leverage AES 256-bit keys encryption, have a strict no-log policy, and come with a kill switch for top-performing security. Browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox were also approved by Cure 53 (a German security firm) when it was audited. 

What sets them apart along with their speed, however, is the number of devices you can support. Surfshark allows you to have unlimited devices with a single user account. That’s great for anyone who takes security and privacy seriously in their everyday lives. 

It also comes with a handy whitelist tool. This allows you to pick and choose the websites and apps you want to bypass the VPN. Very flexible. 

There are a few downsides. For one, Surfshark doesn’t have 24/7 customer support like some other competitors on this list. Their online support is a bit lacking too. If you have an issue, you’ll need to consult their help center page. If your issue isn’t there or if you need more support, you’ll have to contact them by either submitting a request or hopping on their live chat. 

Pricing isn’t bad. It starts out at $2.49 a month for a two-year plan. There’s also options for a six-month plan at $6.49 a month, and a monthly plan for $12.95 a month. Not too bad if you plan on using a VPN for an extended period of time. 

#4. CyberGhost – The Most Feature-Rich VPN Service

CyberGhost logo


Best VPN service features

There's nothing frightening about CyberGhost's wide variety of features including dedicated video streaming servers and P2P sharing capabilities. For just $2.25 per month, you can unlock the most feature-rick VPN service on our list, including video streaming servers and support for P2P sharing.

Founded in 2011, CyberGhost is committed to defending “privacy as a basic human right.” And with 6,500+ servers in 90+ countries, CyberGhost can easily help you remain private and secure while surfing online. 

Along with just the massive amount of connection points they have, CyberGhost also offers a wide variety of service features you won’t find with many others, such as dedicated video streaming servers, BitTorrent, and other P2P sharing through their VPN. There’s also the WiFi protection 

Like some of the others on the list, they also have a no-logs policy, a decent amount of simultaneous connections (7), a kill switch, as well as AES 256-bit encryption.

Their services work on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux devices. They also have apps available for Amazon Fire Sticks and Android TVs. 

They are lacking in two key areas, though: Support and pricing.

There’s no call number, and they only offer a support request form that you have to fill out online in case there’s an issue.

There’s also a page with troubleshooting guides. But you need help right away or can’t find their issue in the manuals, and your only option is to fill out a support request form—which can be frustrating when you need help. 

Pricing starts at $2.25 a month for a 3-year agreement. For a 1 year contract, it’s $3.99 a month, and the month-to-month rate is $12.99.

So it’s definitely more expensive than the other options on the list–which can be a drawback. Keep in mind they also offer more features than other VPN options out there.  

There’s also a 45-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with your service. 

#5. TunnelBear VPN – Best VPN Service for Beginners

Tunnelbear logo


Best for Beginners

TunnelBear gives VPN newbies exactly what they need to get started and you can even start for free to see if it's right for you. TunnelBear's simplicity coupled with fun and approchable branding creates a seamless experience for anyone entering the VPN world for the first time.

If an absolute VPN newbie came up to me and asked for my recommendation, I’d point them to TunnelBear. No question.

The Canadian VPN service has a strong focus on providing a simple, easy-to-use experience for its customers. It results in a great VPN for even the most inexperienced users.

The interface is also bear-themed and really fun to use if you’re a big dork like me. Simply click on the country you want your IP address redirected to, watch the bear “tunnel” it’s way to that city, and you’re done. It’s that simple.

Simplicity doesn’t mean it’s lacking in the same privacy protections you’d find in other VPNs either.

TunnelBear still offers AES 256-bit encryption, a no-log policy, and WiFi protection just in case you suddenly lose your Internet connection.

However, if you’re looking for more advanced features like dedicated streaming servers, VPN on devices such as gaming consoles, or 24/7 customer support, you’re not going to find it here. 

TunnelBear has 1,800+ servers in 20+ countries. It’s a bit on the low end when it comes to VPNs but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. You still get decent speed while surfing. Besides, 21 million+ customers who use TunnelBear don’t seem to mind. 

The VPN service is available on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. It also comes with browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

Pricing starts free. Yes, you read that right. You can just get the service completely free. There is a catch though: You only get 500MB of browsing. After that, it starts at $3.33 a month for unlimited browsing.

If you’re a part of a team you can get it for $5.75 a user per month. That comes with a dedicated account manager focused on helping your team as well as centralized team billing.  

#6 – IPVanish — The Best VPN Services with Unlimited Device Connections

IPVanish logo


Best for Unlimited Devices

Have several devices you want to connect at the same time? IPVanish is one of only a handful of VPN services that includes unlimited simultaneous device connections on every plan. Supports smart devices and IoT through an enabled router plus virtually every major operating system to protect all your gadgets.

Most VPN services limit the number of devices you can connect to at any given time. If you find those limits to be too low, IPVanish is an excellent solution.

It offers unmetered device connections so you can connect every single device in your home, including smart TVs, IoT devices, laptops, mobile phones, and more.

IPVanish manages more than 1,600 servers in 75+ regions around the world, and you can easily connect to any of them with a completely anonymous connection.

It’s also an excellent way to secure public wi-fi hotspots. The service encrypts your traffic to keep unwanted guests out.

Another standout feature is the ability to add integrated cloud storage with end-to-end encryption to protect your device backups.

The add-on is extremely affordable, costing just $0.30 extra per month for that added peace of mind up to 500 GB.

It comes with continuous file syncing, advanced data sharing controls and file organization capabilities, remote device wiping for compromised devices, and automatic backups.

Pricing for VPN services is $10.99 per month for a monthly agreement or $44.99 for the first year with an annual agreement. For VPN + cloud storage services, you’ll pay $12.99 per month with a monthly agreement or $54.99 for the first year with an annual agreement.

Try it risk-free for 30 days to see if IPVanish is right for you today!

Methodology for Choosing the Best VPN Services

When looking for a VPN service, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. Here is a list of the three things we were looking for in each of the services we reviewed above:

Strong Encryption

Since security and privacy is the name of the game with VPNs, we only chose one with one of the strongest encryption algorithms out there: AES 256 bit encryption. While it’s not the strongest encryption methods out there, a 256-bit key will hide your identity sufficiently.

How sufficiently? A 256-bit key has 2256 possible key combinations (a number 78 digits long).

For some perspective, it would take the strongest computer on earth millions of years to guess every possible combination. It’s that secure.

Of course, no VPN service is perfectly safe to cyber attacks (see NordVPN), but the encryption key is a crucial part to keeping your identity secure.  

No-Log Policy

This one is pretty much non-negotiable.

If your VPN company is recording your browsing information and keeping a log of it, that opens the doors to a host of issues including cyber attacks.

So, if the VPN you’re considering doesn’t explicitly state that they have a no-log policy, turn the other way. Your data and identity are not worth the risk.

Additional Security and Privacy Measures

On top of no-logging and encryption, there are numerous other security layers and privacy measures that come standard with a lot of VPN service providers, including:

  • A kill switch for automatic disconnects if VPN connections go down
  • Split tunneling to split device traffic between two connections
  • Anonymous browsing by removing your IP address

However, there are various advanced security measures as well, including things like double-hopping, random port connections, and automatic encryption key randomization.

The level of security you need depends on what you’re doing and the types of data you’re dealing with.

Many providers charge extra for more advanced security, but some don’t.

So, be sure you understand the level of security and privacy protection you’re getting before making any decisions.

Multiple Devices

If you’re investing in a VPN, you should be able to use it with most of the devices you own. But being able to browse safely no matter if you’re on your desktop, laptop, or mobile device is important. 

Most VPN services offer the same level of protection across devices, however, that’s not always the case.

So, don’t forget to look for a free mobile app that extends the same protections and capabilities to your phone before making your final decision.

Some providers, like ExpressVPN and IPVanish, even fully support smart devices and IoT devices through an approved router, so you can protect every gadget you own.

However, some plans limit the number of devices you can have connected at one time, so watch out for that when making your final decision.

NordVPN logo


Best for Most

Supports up to 6 devices at once and includes 24/7 customer service, various browser extensions, 5,000+ worldwide servers, top-notch encryption, a kill switch, and more.

Paid plans start at $3.30 per month with a two-year agreement.


Bottom line: NordVPN or ExpressVPN are fantastic options if you’re looking for an easy-to-use VPN along with robust platform.

However, if NordVPN or ExpressVPN don’t feel like a great fit, be sure to use the method outlined here to find the best VPN services for your needs.

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