Best VoIP Conference Phones

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Disclosure: This content is reader-supported, which means if you click on some of our links that we may earn a commission.

If you need to find the right VoIP conference phone for your business, we are here to help. We spent six days researching the highest performing phones on the market. The best VoIP conference phone is the Anker PowerConfr S3 Bluetooth speakerphone. This is because it’s technologically advanced, has every feature you’ll need, and doesn’t break the budget.

The Best VoIP Conference Phone for Most

Anker logo

Anker PowerConf S3

Best for Most

The PowerConf S3 is a lightweight, wireless, Bluetooth conference phone with 24 hours of battery life and 360-degree audio pickup. The best part? It’s under $100.

The Anker PowerConfr S3 Bluetooth speakerphone is modern, feature-rich, and affordably priced. It connects to your mobile phone or computer, cancels out unwanted noise, and is compatible with useful software tools. It’s portable, wireless, and simple to use. It is the all-around best VoIP conference phone for most people.

The Best VoIP Conference Phone Options to Consider

  1. Anker PowerConf S3 – Best for Most
  2. VTech ErisStation – Best for Large Rooms
  3. Poly Trio 8800 – Best for Video and Content Sharing
  4. Jabra Speak 710 UC – Best for Stereo Sound
  5. Konftel 300IPx – Best for Smartphone Integration

When It Makes Sense to Invest Into a VoIP Conference Phone

The biggest reason to purchase a VoIP conference phone is that your current conference phone system isn’t working well enough. If your system’s performance is so poor that you deal with muffled sounds, scratchy voices, and poor noise cancellation on every call, you need to upgrade immediately. 

You might also consider investing in a VoIP conference phone if you’re expanding the structure, media capacity, and/or business role of your conference calls. A VoIP system can provide upgraded media capabilities, better sound quality, more microphones, and stronger reliability–all of which will increase the efficiency and professionalism of your meetings.

Since VoIP conference phones are relatively inexpensive, it’s never a bad time to upgrade. Most VoIP conference phones are available for under $350, and you’ll only have to make the investment once, so your budget likely won’t be a huge concern. 

#1 – Anker PowerConf S3 — The Best for Most

Anker logo

Anker PowerConf S3

Best for Most

The PowerConf S3 is a lightweight, wireless, Bluetooth conference phone with 24 hours of battery life and 360-degree audio pickup. The best part? It’s under $100.

The Anker PowerConf S3 Bluetooth speakerphone is the best for most because it has everything you need at a reasonable price. It doesn’t take up a ton of room. It can be easily placed on a desk or next to your laptop. 

The powerful speakerphone has six built-in microphones with 360 degrees of listening power. This allows people to stand up, walk around, and sit down while continually talking into the phone. It even has LED indicators that light up in the direction of the person speaking. 

If the surroundings aren’t ideal, the PowerConf S3 has background noise reduction and echo cancellation. Its customized DSP algorithm eliminates annoying noises like food wrappers and copy machines. 

It also balances out voices. If someone is standing too close, it automatically lowers their voice’s volume and increases it when they walk away. 

Finally, the PowerConf S3 has flexible connectivity options. You can use its Bluetooth to connect to mobile devices or use the USB port for your laptop or desktop. The mobile app incorporated with it can control the volume, the LED lights, and switch the sound modes.

The phone is compatible with tools like GoToMeeting, Chromebox, WebEx, FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, and Google Hangout. It’s wireless and has a built-in 6,700mAh battery for 24-hour call time. You can even charge your devices from the PowerConf S3. 

Best of all, it only costs $99.99 on the Anker website and on Amazon. Anker packs incredible value into one device at an affordable price.

#2 – VTech ErisStation — The Best for Large Rooms

VTech logo

VTech ErisStation

Best for Large Rooms

Lots of people in the room for that big client meeting? Look no further than the VTech VCS754. Its detachable wireless mics let everyone speak up when they need to.

On the flip side, the VTech VCS754 ErisStation conference phone is the best VoIP conference phone for large rooms. It has two fixed microphones and four wireless mics you can pick up and use from the other side of the room.

When using the wireless mics, it feels like all speakers are standing right in front of the phone. The detachable mics have an eight-hour talk time and 70 hours of standby time. When you’re finished using them, all you need to do is click them into the built-in charging bays.

The VTech VCS754 includes a 50-name and number phone book and a 50-number caller ID log. It has 10 ringtones and 10-speed dial entries available. Its user-friendly dial pad and interface allow people to quickly access its call features. It has a large backlit display for easy call handling, and it’s backed by a two-year warranty. 

It costs $599 on the VTech website, and we believe it’s worth paying for if using a larger room. It also has cheaper ErisStation variations if this price is too high for you. The detachable mics are our favorite feature, and the two-year warranty is a nice addition. It’s important to note that this is a rather large device, and the unit itself is not wireless.

#3 – Poly Trio 8800 — The Best for Video and Content Sharing

Poly logo

Poly Trio 8800

Best for Content Sharing

For conference calls with video content, the Poly Trio 8800 is worth the investment. It even includes individual content sharing and one-touch joining

The Poly Trio 8800 IP conference phone is a fantastic option on its own. But when you pair it with Poly’s Visual accessories (for enabling video on Trio phones) and webcams, you get a 360-degree conferencing solution that makes sharing videos and other material a cinch.

Conversations are more personable when you can match a face to the voice, and the Poly Visual+ and VisualPro accessories allow you to pair the Trio with video cameras. Content can be shared wired or wirelessly from personal devices, and it includes HD voice and noise blocking capabilities.

With all the steps needed to hop on a conference call, joining a meeting can be a pain. With Poly Trio’s one-touch join, all you need to do is click the Join Me button and you’re ready to go.  

This device also supports Bluetooth, can handle up to three calls at once, and has a do not disturb feature. It connects with platforms like Skype for Business and Microsoft Office 365 Cloud PBX. 

The Trio 8800 is $585 on Amazon. You can also choose from one of Poly’s camera options on their Amazon store, as well. You can get the Visual+ or VisualPro accessories directly from Poly on their website by contacting their sales team. 

#4 – Jabra Speak 710 UC — The Best for Stereo Sound

Jabra logo

Jabra Speak 710

Best for Stereo Sound

Want a phone system that plays music--or a portable speaker that can host conference calls? The Jabra Speak 710 has you covered, both ways.

If you need a hybrid between conference phone and portable speaker, check out the Jabra Speak 710 UC conference speakerphone. It has an omni-directional microphone, and it’s recommended by Time magazine.

Depending on personal preference, the speaker’s voice can be set to Siri, Google, or MS Cortana. The Jabra Speak 710 is ideal for music, multimedia, and voice. It’s ideal for meetings for up to six people. 

Setting up the device is simple. For smaller meetings, it can be placed face-up on the meeting table. It can be set up on either side of a computer for calls and music and positioned upright using its integrated table stand. 

The link button can be used to connect two Jabra Speak 710s together for a better stereo experience or a bigger meeting. During a large meeting, two of them can be set on each end of the conference room tables. 

This makes it sound like everyone in the meeting is standing right next to each other. They can also be positioned as TV or projector speakers when presenting or attending virtual meetings.

This device is Microsoft Teams certified, and it also connects with apps like Cisco, Zoom, Mitel, and RingCentral. It has a lightweight design and comes with a travel pouch. It’s completely wireless and it’s simple. It has Bluetooth connection, is portable, and has up to 100 feet of wireless range. It comes with 15 hours of battery life.

The Jabra Speak 710 UC Conference Speakerphone costs $314 on the Jabra website. This device is extremely easy to use, its audio quality is top-notch, and its portable and wireless design helps you avoid wire-causing headaches. It also has many uses, and the price is reasonable. 

#5 – Konftel 300IPx — The Best for Smartphone Integration

Konftel logo

Konftel 300IPx

Best for Smartphones

If you’ve ever wanted a mobile app that lets your smartphone call into conference calls, the Konftel 300IPx is exactly what you’ve been looking for. Plus, Konftel will let you test one for 30 days before you buy.

The Konftel 300IPx conference phone is an intuitive VoIP conference phone that integrates with mobile devices. Konftel stresses the importance of ease of use, stating the future of IP conference phones is the “art of easiness”. The conference phone itself has HD audio, USB connectivity, and is expandable with additional microphones.

Its mobile app, Konftel Unite, lets users manage their conference phones from their mobile device. It has one-touch conferencing and lets users call mobile phone contacts through the conference phone. Users can access their calendar, send invitations, book meetings, and enter meeting codes directly from the app.

It makes meeting setup more efficient by creating groups and favorites straight from the app. During the meeting, users can mute participants, put them on hold, speak with them privately, and adjust the volume from the app. 

Konftel allows potential buyers to demo the product for free for 30 days in the United States. Pricing isn’t listed on the Konftel website, but Amazon listings show it selling for over $600 from resellers. While we love this conference phone and its capabilities, we do think it’s a little overpriced. If you don’t care about smartphone integration, go with a cheaper option.

Methodology for Choosing the Best VoIP Conference Phone

When you think of VoIP conference phones, it can be tempting to believe they’re all the same. However, this is far from reality. VoIP conference phones vary dramatically. It’s important to know which is right for your team by considering three important factors.

Room Size

Room size is the most important factor to consider when selecting a VoIP conference phone. This is because if you choose a phone geared for huddle rooms, it can be hard to hear in a large conference room. You can also waste money on unnecessary devices and setup in a small office.

Some devices are tailored to small rooms. These devices put extra emphasis on crystal-clear voice quality from a short range. These do not typically have detachable microphones and only require one unit for best use. 

When using a large conference room, you need to choose a phone that specializes in this size. Conference phones tailored for larger rooms can have detachable mikes, multiple units, and more hardware to reach a larger audience.

Connection Method

When choosing a VoIP conference phone, note what the connectivity method is. Some VoIP conference phones require wires, and some don’t.

For those who hate wires, choosing a wireless Bluetooth phone is best. Wireless phones are also helpful if you plan on using separate rooms. This prevents you from having to keep plugging and unplugging when moving rooms. 

For the less tech-savvy crowd, a wired phone could be a better fit. Bluetooth isn’t perfect, and there’s no need to worry about Bluetooth connectivity with a wired phone. If you don’t plan on moving the VoIP conference phone around, then a wired option is fine. 

Wireless Accessories

There is a wide range of devices that VoIP conference phones can connect to. Depending on what you plan on using the phone for, it’s important to know what the device can connect to. This ensures your conference calling needs are being met. 

If you need to use video, make sure your phone comes with a camera or can connect to one. If you need added volume, choose one that can connect to third-party speakers or another device of its type. If you need a headset, pick a phone that can connect to one. 

Anker logo

Anker PowerConf S3

Best for Most

The PowerConf S3 is a lightweight, wireless, Bluetooth conference phone with 24 hours of battery life and 360-degree audio pickup. The best part? It’s under $100.


Picking the correct VoIP conference phone for your business requires some research. You must consider factors like room size, connection method, and wireless accessories. While the Anker PowerConf S3 bluetooth speakerphone is best for most people, it’s not the best for everyone. 

If you’re using only large conference rooms, the VTech VCS754 ErisStation is your best bet. Whichever you choose, a VoIP conference phone upgrade can make a massive difference in the quality of your daily calls.

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