Best Video Surveillance Systems Compared

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If you get robbed don’t you want to see who did it? We spent seven days reviewing over 20 surveillance systems to determine the cream of the crop. As a result, we concluded that Protection 1 was the best system for most due to its extensive range of hardware and software choices. 

The Best Video Surveillance System for Most 

Protection 1 logo

Protection 1

Best Video Surveillance System for Most

Protection 1 offers its users 24/7 professional monitoring and a robust mobile app to control your system from afar. With a $1000 theft protection guarantee and a range of hardware and software options, it’s a great choice for most businesses.

The best video surveillance system for most is Protection 1. It offers a wide range of software and hardware options for businesses of all sizes. The 24/7 professional monitoring service is a particular highlight, along with the dedicated mobile app that allows you to use it wherever you are.

We also like the range of affordable plans, excellent customer support, and the touchscreen control panel feature. If you’re having trouble, it’s a worthy video surveillance system for most businesses.

The Best Video Surveillance Systems To Consider 

When It Makes Sense To Invest In Video Surveillance Systems

Video surveillance systems help to defend your business from theft, intrusion, fire, and burglary. Security is imperative for almost all businesses because assets and employees need to be protected.

The rapid increase in technology has allowed businesses of all sizes, particularly smaller companies, to harness powerful systems at affordable prices.

For instance, you may have recently been broken into and require a surveillance system to provide valuable information. This scenario is specifically true for retailers that are frequently victims of theft and burglary. A surveillance system is an excellent choice to protect both your assets and staff.

Another scenario would be that you need a clearer picture of what’s going on inside your business. Maybe you’re away from your business a lot but need a surveillance system to monitor daily activities remotely. Of course, you’ll need to consider privacy and legal concerns here.

A surveillance system is also a wise move to help prevent workplace harassment and violence. No good business owner wants to see their staff harassed, and surveillance systems can reduce rates and stop perpetrators. Not only that, but they can provide crucial evidence when needed.

If any of these scenarios sound familiar, then investing in a surveillance system is a sensible move.

#1 – Protection 1 – The Best for Most

Protection 1 logo

Protection 1

Best Video Surveillance System for Most

Protection 1 offers its users 24/7 professional monitoring and a robust mobile app to control your system from afar. With a $1000 theft protection guarantee and a range of hardware and software options, it’s a great choice for most businesses.

Protection 1 is the best video surveillance system for most businesses. It’s a great choice because of its extensive range of hardware and software.

Protection 1 has positioned itself as the surveillance system you should use for most business security problems. We’re pleased to say its range of packages and equipment helps it achieve that aim.

The system most notably provides 24/7 professional monitoring, backed by its parent company ADT. The professional monitoring features triple redundancy protection, which means that multiple other systems take over when one monitoring center goes down.

On top of that, Protection 1 comes with a $1,000 theft protection guarantee: it’s a $1,000 insurance deductible if your premises are burglarized during the service.

Protection 1’s mobile app is also fantastic. It allows you to access and manage the entirety of your business’s security from your phone. With the app, you can monitor and configure your system as you like.

You have the option of professional installation where Protection 1’s technicians perform all consultations and installations as part of the package. It’s a great choice for those that want everything completed in one go without requiring further services.

Protection 1 starts at $34.99 per month with professional monitoring for your business. It goes up to $54.99 per month on the highest plan. It’s best to contact the company to get a top offer on a complete business surveillance system.

#2 – Alibi Security – The Best Hybrid System

Alibi Security logo

Alibi Security

Best Video Surveillance System for Hybrid

Alibi Security is an effective hybrid video surveillance system. It offers high-quality cameras, reasonable prices and connects existing analog systems to modern IP cameras. Log events, receive email and mobile alerts, and protect your business with a future-proof solution.

Alibi Security offers the best hybrid video surveillance system. High-quality cameras with affordable prices help it to stand out amongst the crowd.

By hybrid, we mean that Alibi allows you to connect an existing analog surveillance system with modern IP cameras, effectively meaning you get the best of both worlds.

The company’s plug-and-play video surveillance systems feature up to 16 BNC connections compatible with HD-TVI, HD-CVI, AHD, and CVBS cameras, along with two additional IP channels for Alibi cameras.

Fret not: the system also includes HDMI and VGA video outputs and a CVBS auxiliary monitor output if needed. The Hybrid+ recorder allows users to capture 720p or 1080p HD video at 12 frames per second.

The IP capability means the system effectively upgrades a formerly analog system and can search and log events, receive email and mobile alert notifications, and more. If you need to enhance your analog system, this is a top choice overall.

Unfortunately, prices aren’t outright listed. You’ll have to contact the company for more information.

#3 – Arlo – The Best for Self-Installation

Arlo logo


Best Video Surveillance System for Self-Installation

Arlo is for those that like to get things done independently. Easy installation and a quick setup process are the names of the game here. With full plug-and-play installation and seven days of free cloud storage with every camera, there’s plenty of choice for small businesses.

Arlo is the best surveillance system for self-installation. It offers an easy installation and setup process for those who are more independent-minded.

Arlo itself provides numerous wireless and wired camera options that range from basic to advanced, and there is an ample number of choices for small businesses.

Most importantly, Arlo’s cameras have complete plug-and-play installation.

In other words, you don’t need the professionals to come around or expert-level knowledge to install them.

The system comes with absolutely everything required to set up the security system. 

The operation of the system boasts the same level of ease. For instance, with the Arlo app, businesses can receive alerts, video clips, manage settings, and add team members to a dedicated chat within the app.

On top of that, every Arlo camera comes with seven days of free cloud storage and a 30-day video history with the simple purchase of one of the smart plans. For people that don’t like the cloud, you can even store footage locally.

As for the price, this is mainly based on the cameras themselves. Cameras can be purchased alone, as add-ons, or as a part of camera kits. All camera kits include the all-important base station and installation materials.

There are also two smart plans starting at $2.99 a month for one camera and going up to $14.99 per month for up to five cameras. There’s an assortment of camera bundles and cloud recording subscriptions to fit your needs.

Blink logo


Best Video Surveillance System for Budget

Blink is the best video surveillance system for those on a strict budget. It’s integrated with Alexa devices like Echo and controllable with your voice. With both local and cloud storage and a user-friendly design to boot, you’ll wonder how it’s done it in the first place.

Blink is the best budget surveillance system on our list. It’s a user-friendly video surveillance system that you can set up quickly and without breaking the bank.

Amazon owns Blink, so all of its cameras integrate with Alexa devices such as the Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Show, allowing you to control the system easily with your voice and the Alexa app.

Blink lets you choose between using local and cloud storage, which for some, is an important differentiator.

The cloud storage option, for example, is both safe and easy to use, but local storage is useable for the video data if you find that to be more secure. You can even use a USB flash drive that plugs directly into the system.

One thing that ultimately unites both options here is that they’re incredibly budget-friendly.

There are three main types of cameras available, including the Blink Indoor, Outdoor, and Mini. The cameras cost $79.99, $99.99, $34.99, respectively, and all of them connect to the Sync Module system that costs $35.

Small businesses use Blink cameras every day, so rest assured they are more than capable, whatever your needs.

#5 – Eagle Eye – The Best for Cloud Video Surveillance

Eagle Eye logo

Eagle Eye

Best Video Surveillance System for Cloud

Need a video surveillance system that works with any camera across desktop and mobile? Eagle Eye has you covered. This one is for cloud-storage lovers and those willing to embrace the future. Tweak your storage and camera resolutions exactly how you want and protect your business today.

Eagle Eye is the best cloud video surveillance system. The entire system is designed around the cloud rather than as an optional extra like some of its competitors.

The cloud focus means you won’t find the use of digital video recorders and network video recorders here. Instead, the system receives and buffers video, audio, and event data from its cameras and sends it to the data center as required.

In reality, it’s a system that offers powerful flexibility for maintaining video surveillance. The cloud infrastructure allows it to work with any type of camera across computers and iOS and Android mobile devices.

Another immediate benefit of this is that no plugins are needed to view video, configure cameras, or set up new ones. You adjust the storage and resolution of each device as required. Need a 4K camera in one place, but only a 1080p one in another? You simply change this in the surveillance system itself.

Eagle Eye is focused on a future where any camera will do as long as you have the system itself. It’s a forward-looking option and an excellent choice for cloud fans.

Unfortunately, prices aren’t listed publicly, and you’ll have to request a quote. A free demo of the system is also available.

Methodology for Choosing the Best Video Surveillance System

Here you’ll find the most significant factors to consider when choosing the best video surveillance system for you.

Number of Cameras

How many cameras you need is based on your circumstances, and it’s one of the critical things to think about before purchasing a system.

For example, are you a small business that needs several cameras and a simple system to watch and protect your business? Or are you a larger company that needs a dedicated system with a hundred cameras or more?

Keep in mind some surveillance providers offer free cameras through subscription plans, and there are special offers available for more extensive operations.

Type of Cameras

The type of cameras available often confuses people. Simply put, there are two main types: internet protocol cameras (known as IP) and analog cameras. Both link to a surveillance system.

The difference is that IP cameras send data via a network, while analog cameras require a local recording device and capture footage locally.

IP cameras are more versatile and are essentially the future, while analog cameras represent a more traditional choice preferred by some. It’s worth mentioning that IP cameras are more powerful with better image quality and offer extra features like video analytics.

Ultimately, it comes down to what you need, so think carefully. Keep in mind there are surveillance providers that offer hybrid systems for the best of both worlds.

Video Storage

Similar to the above: your surveillance storage is relative to the cameras the system uses.

Most surveillance providers now offer a combination of both cloud and local storage, but not all do.

The benefit of having both is that while local can act as your standard copy, the cloud can back it up for future use. Ideally, providers that offer both are the best choice, but some prioritize one over the other.

Think about what you need for your business when deciding the best storage options.

Protection 1 logo

Protection 1

Best Video Surveillance System for Most

Protection 1 offers its users 24/7 professional monitoring and a robust mobile app to control your system from afar. With a $1000 theft protection guarantee and a range of hardware and software options, it’s a great choice for most businesses.


Video surveillance systems have rapidly advanced, and now is a great time to invest in one for the future.

The best for most businesses is Protection 1 due to the vast range of options on offer and the 24/7 professional monitoring service, but Alibi Security offers a compelling hybrid option too.

If you want easy installation and independence, then Arlo has you covered, while Blink represents the most affordable choice on our list. Eagle Eye is also a top pick for cloud enthusiasts.

When choosing your surveillance system, think about your business needs first and foremost and go from there.

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