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Real estate agencies have to lean hard on CRM software to be successful. Building a portfolio of happy clients who will recommend you to others starts with solid communication between them and your team from first contact through close. From our research, we’ve found Pipedrive offers the best real estate CRM for most agencies and realtors. It rises above the competition because it comes with everything you need to nurture relationships, work with your team, and close more deals.

The Best Real Estate CRM for Most

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Best for Most

Pipedrive is an industry-leading CRM software that's an excellent choice for real estate. Its specialized features and simple user interface make for a dynamic experience with automated task management, one-click meeting scheduling, and deal tracking from cold calls to handing over the keys.

From outreach and lead generation to signing the contract and handing over the keys, Pipedrive helps real estate businesses of all shapes and sizes stay on top of their sales activities at every stage of the funnel. You also get a fully functional mobile app that puts the most important details in the palm of your hand whether you’re at the office or in the field.

The best part about PipeDrive is how incredibly easy it is to learn and get started. It’s so intuitive that you can get your new CRM system up and running in less than three minutes (even if you have no experience).

The 5 Best Real Estate CRM Software Options to Consider

  1. Pipedrive – Best real estate CRM for most
  2. Market Leader – Best lead generation in a real estate CRM 
  3. Apptivo – Best integrations for a real estate CRM
  4. Follow Up Boss – Best real estate CRM for team collaboration
  5. reThink – Best commercial real estate software CRM

When It Makes Sense to Invest in Real Estate CRM Software

Building and maintaining client relationships is at the heart of viable real estate businesses. General CRMs may do okay, but a real estate-focused CRM is crucial to your growth with features designed specifically for how you work.

If you are tired of not maintaining leads effectively or looking to enhance your agents’ productivity, investing in a real estate CRM is the best decision you can ever make. 

Why? Because CRM software will boost your revenue, whether you’re an independent agent or part of a larger firm.

Not only will CRM help you track where your clients are in the purchasing process, but it also gives you automated tools for following up or touching base with leads you haven’t converted, leading to fewer lost opportunities. It also gives your agents a more organized daily workflow leading to better productivity. 

CRMs give your team the ability to identify what critical parts of your daily workflow need attention. Plus, if you lack the reporting needed to identify the pain points your business is suffering from, investing in this software will instantly shift team members towards a better understanding of how to improve operations. 

CRMs can also help on the marketing side, too, with website creators for advertising your available properties, email campaign tools, and easily pushing announcements to social media channels. 

Also, you can manage your payment collection better while helping your team stay organized when you have multiple agents juggling multiple clients. 

#1 – Pipedrive — The Best Real Estate CRM Software for Most

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Best for Most

Pipedrive is an industry-leading CRM software that's an excellent choice for real estate. Its specialized features and simple user interface make for a dynamic experience with automated task management, one-click meeting scheduling, and deal tracking from cold calls to handing over the keys.

Pipedrive empowers small real estate businesses with an easy-to-manage CRM dashboard and full visibility into your listings, appointments, sellers, and potential buyers in one place. If you’ve been on the hunt for a better way to manage customer relationships, this is the way to go.

One of the coolest features of Pipedrive is that it can pull relevant information and establish a list of potential buyers based on the information in your listings.

So, with less work, you get more leads and more opportunities to close the sale.

As leads come in, you can keep them organized and stay on top of even the finest details in one inbox. From here, you and your team can label and organize leads in a way that makes sense for you.

Then, anyone can take over a lead and the whole team can track its progress through the process.

You can even sort leads in order of upcoming dates, like appointments, closings, and follow-ups so no one ever falls through the cracks.

Built-in intelligent notifications help keep you and your agents in the loop on when to set appointments, touch base with interested buyers, and send reminders of crucial dates. As progress happens, Pipeline automatically moves prospects to the next stage of your funnel.

The built-in note-taking feature also helps centralize all the important details about your clients directly within their contact records. Your whole team can communicate seamlessly through calls, emails, and prospect history reports.

And everything stays tied back to the prospect so anyone can pick up where the other left off.  

There’s even an AI-powered sales assistant to provide tips to move interested buyers through the pipeline. It’s like having a little birdy tell you when it’s time to push harder and when it’s time to back off.

Pipedrive offers a whole lot more for any real estate business, including deep insights and reporting, tools for building chatbots and web forms to prequalify leads, a mobile app for management on the go, and integrations with many of your favorite business tools.

Pipeline offers four pricing plans, including:

  • Essential: $12.50 per month
  • Advanced: $24.90 per month
  • Professional: $49.90 per month
  • Enterprise: $99 per month

The first three come with a free 14-day trial to test it out before you invest. There are also two add-ons: LeadBooster (a lead generation toolkit) for $32.50 per month and Web Visitors (in-depth info on who’s visiting your site and where they came from) for $41 per month.

#2 – Market Leader — The Best Lead Generation in a Real Estate CRM

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Market Leader

Best Lead Generation in a Real Estate CRM

Managing your leads for your residential and commercial real estate is a walk in the park with Market Leader. The intuitive dashboard helps you respond quickly, send relevant listings, and leverage lead conversion that helps drive revenue and stay on track.

Market Leader is a real-estate-specific CRM made just for realtors with a major focus on lead generation.

With it, you get the essential tools you need, like robust contact management to keep tabs on leads and conversions, detailed reporting (such as seeing which properties were viewed or saved by users), easy website integration for showing off your listings, and automation tools for keeping your pipeline flowing. 

But the major benefit of Market Leader is the two separate lead generation platforms you can use to bring more contacts into your network.

One of Market Leader’s lead generation platforms is through its online home appraisal tool at There, any visitors interested in knowing what their home is worth will input their name and email. 

The website then offers home buyers a free comparative analysis for their property and their information is provided to you through your Market Leader dashboard.

While they may not be a hot lead at the moment, you’ll have their contact information the moment they’re looking to buy.

The second platform is through Leads Direct. It’s a pay-per-click advertising tool that Market Leader sets up on Google and other search engines that push searchers directly to your home listing websites, where you can capture information of both home buyers and sellers 

You can automatically sync with 100 property websites, set up featured listings, run multi-channel campaigns, and review all the reporting attached to those listings in a central dashboard. 

The leads are then sold based on specific ZIP codes, so they’re always targeted and relevant. By using Leads Direct, you can target specific areas you work in and maximize your transactions and commissions. 

Regardless of the channel, Market Leader offers two guarantees for both lead generation methods. First, you’ll be delivered a specific number of leads per month for one flat fee. And, second, they also promise you will never be sold the same lead as another agent. 

Because this is a custom service, pricing is based on a free consultation. For more details contact Market Leader for your special quote. With Market Leader, not only are you better organized and able to maintain client relationships, but you never have to worry about your pipeline running dry.

#3 – Apptivo — The Best Integrations for a Real Estate CRM

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Best for Integrations

Connect all your business tools in one place with the latest CRM technology that incorporates cloud-based apps specifically designed to highlight opportunities, work orders, competitor details, and sales planning to give you the most comprehensive insights at a glance.

If you use a lot of different business tools and want an easy way to connect them all together, Apptivo is the way to go. While the software itself is powerful, the suite of in-CRM apps you can install to add functionality and integrate your other apps is what makes it stand out as an excellent real estate CRM.

With all of those in-CRM apps and integrations, you can easily customize your client relationship management processes as you discover what works—and what doesn’t.

Say you have an appointment set and you want to streamline your sales process. The Apptivo sales planning app helps you develop a sales strategy that establishes your critical tactics and outlines the steps you should take based on your end goals.

With just a little input, Apptivo helps you choose strategies that are suited to your target market allowing you to make faster decisions with enhanced accuracy.

Apptivo also has CRM apps to help with territory management, competitor research, and managing opportunities, to name a few. 

Through this software, you also get robust listing management, workflow automation and oversight, and great lead management tools.

Apptivo’s lead generation assistance starts with a web-to-lead form, which automatically generates leads when prospects provide their contact information. 

You can also generate leads through the email-to-lead system, assisted by Google Suite and Office 365 integration. Both allow you to sync your email contacts with your lead database, then share customer information among team members, import appointments into your Google or Outlook calendar, and even save important documents.

The integrated services give you access to not only a CRM but also project management tools, online invoicing, expense reporting, and email marketing services. 

Apptivo is versatile and available to use for businesses of any size. Plus, with its powerful mobile app, your CRM is accessible from anywhere, so you can manage relationships, finances, and opportunities either from a desktop or directly from your pocket. 

The Starter plan is free and offers base features, while the other three tiers are priced as follows:

  • Lite: $8/month per user
  • Premium: $12/month per user
  • Ultimate: $20/month per user
  • Enterprise: custom pricing

Sign up for a free 30-day trial to take Apptivo for a test drive today!

#4 – Follow Up Boss — The Best Real Estate CRM for Team Collaboration

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Follow Up Boss

The Best Real Estate CRM for Team Collaboration

If your team struggles with organization and following up on leads this is the perfect CRM software for you. Collaborate and clearly understand the important leads, organize leads centrally, never lose a commission from forgetting to follow up again.

If you work with a team, knowing who responded to what, when they did it, what they talked about, and what happens next isn’t easy. To make matters worse, what happens if no one got in touch with a lead because everyone thought someone else was going to do it?

Without the right CRM in place, leads fall through cracks and you’re faced with more missed opportunities than you’d like to admit.

Follow Up Boss understands that in real estate, the follow-up is the most important action next to bringing in a lead in the first place. It also understands all too well the challenge of staying organized as a team.

Their motto is “never lose another real estate lead” and they mean it. Follow Up Boss gets you in front of more qualified prospects, makes sure your leads are managed properly, and offers an opportunity to bridge the gap between your entire team.

How many times have you looked in your calendar to find you missed an appointment? Or you misplaced a client’s contact information? 

Follow Up Boss makes it 10 times faster for you to call, text, or email your prospects from one central place, all while keeping your team in sync on what’s been done.

You can integrate your leads from over 200 sources, so managing them—no matter your favorite lead generation platform—is a snap. 

Let’s see how you can instantly assign leads to agents, send notifications, and remind your team to take action on the most important leads.

First is the smart calling software. This informs you of how many calls your agents make, helping you forecast your growth and see who is struggling with closing. 

Follow Up Boss is the only real estate CRM with integrated group texting. You can automate your texting responses, sync your texts between your mobile device and desktop, or have your lender and transaction coordinator in an exclusive chat to keep both up-to-date on a deal in real-time. 

Here are a few other critical CRM tools available to your team:

  • Email management: Simple and automated email sending that saves time and keeps things organized
  • Smart iOS and Android apps: Giving you your entire CRM right in your pocket
  • Team inbox: Track all incoming calls and texts from your entire team, focusing on the most important leads.
  • Lead routing: This allows you to control which lead goes to which agent with advanced lead flow technology and keep all of your leads in one place

Follow Up Boss is made for teams and offers pricing to coincide with that structure. There are three plans:

  • Grow: $69/user per month, which includes all core CRM features, a company number, two-way texting, batch email and more. 
  • Pro: $499 for up to 10 users per month. You get everything in Grow plus CRM migration, call recording and reporting, inbound calls, plus priority support, and strategy calls with Follow Up Boss professionals. 
  • Platform: $1000 for up to 30 users per month. Here, you get the most advanced features, including everything in the Pro plan. Receive deep website integration, API access and support, a dedicated success manager, and more. 

The best realtor teams use Follow Up Boss, and it’s easy to see why. 

If you want to double or possibly triple your sales every year, take advantage of the free 14-day trial today. Manage your leads, your team, your marketing, and more through this perfectly developed real estate CRM. 

#5 – reThink — The Best Commercial Real Estate CRM

reThink Logo


Commercial Real Estate CRM

reThink is revolutionizing the way commercial real estate is sold with its deal making CRM technology. With it, you can automate tedious tasks, identify potential prospects, use data driven reporting to improves sales, and share critical data firm-wide or department-specific with custom notifications.

What to know the secret to closing more commercial real estate deals? If you are a broker, investor, or landlord, I bet you thought it was sales. 

Really, its software and reThink has proven that closing more deals starts with them. 

This CRM focused on commercial real estate is a “broker-friendly solution,” as reThink calls it,  with specialized and systematized dealmaking technology. 

Being able to track and identify prospects from a single console is where it all begins. You can create contact calling lists that walk you through key prospects one at a time with details and requirements from previous conversations. 

The commercial market is tough and time is of the essence when closing deals, so ensuring tasks are not forgotten saves money and time. Automated follow-up reminders keep that from happening. 

Activity reports give your clients a snapshot of all you have completed for them. What if you need to find a particular property or a listing with clear specifications? No problem—reThink’s map-based search tool will allow you to quickly filter through properties based on your criteria and find the property you need. 

reThink empowers and encourages renewal business, which is the lifeblood of commercial real estate. In this platform, you can create elaborate property brochures with the click of a button, find the perfect new space for a client through geolocation, and access crucial information on lifetime pricing, rent renewal rates, and everything else you need to find the right building for your clients.

If you are looking for a way to manage client relationships, listings, property, deals and so much more, reThink is the seamless solution that combines a CRM, commercial real estate-specific tools, and integrations that offer cutting edge solutions for your commercial real estate business.  

Contact reThink to schedule a demo and get pricing specific to your business needs. 

Methodology for Choosing the Best Real Estate CRM Software

As we constructed our list of best real estate CRM software options, we tried to focus on features and pain points that are most important to real estate agents, businesses, and firms. 

We also wanted to offer you a simple guide to use when you decide which software works best for your business. 

Business and Team Collaboration 

When you are dealing with multiple clients and have a medium to large team of agents, it’s easy to lose sight of what everyone is doing. A team that communicates well and knows what leads have been nurtured and which ones need more stimulation is important. 

The recommendations on this list offer excellent contact management software but also internal team collaboration to some degree. 

Follow Up Boss takes first place in this category and its primary purpose is to make sure your team is always on the same page. 

reThink also does this very well for commercial real estate transactions and communication between departments and individuals. 

When you are thinking about what you need in a real estate CRM, remember that building relationships with your clients is important, but communication between your team is where it all begins. Select a software that simplifies this for your firm. 

Mobile Accessibility and Cloud-Based Services

It’s necessary to be available to your clients and prospects 24/7 as a broker or real estate agent. This is not a 9-to-5 career. 

So, you need software that caters to your constantly moving professional lifestyle. 

Cloud-based services give you an edge by always being plugged in, giving you the opportunity to respond to a client efficiently every time. One of the leaders in this category—Apptiva—has a set of intuitive apps that work with each other to give you access to your clients from anywhere you are.

Features like Follow Up Boss’s team inbox allows you to manage every incoming call and text message for improved organization and connectivity.

Having a mobile device that pairs as a home office on the go will help maximize close rates and catapult commissions for your business. 

Lead Generation and Marketing

Today, the information superhighway is at our fingertips and consumers are thirsty for the best information, delivered now

Market Leader and Pipedrive understand that particularly well. They make it easy to list your properties on the top sites, and bring in phone calls and leads like clockwork. Market Leader’s  lead generation guarantees are a particular boon.

Marketing is a major part of growing your business. But growing your business and not increasing marketing costs is a very enticing proposal. The lifeblood of any real estate business is a sales pipeline that’s always full. 

You can easily find a CRM that offers great features to help with this without paying for a lead generation service, like built-in website creators for posting special listings or pushing listings and company info to your social media channels. 

Depth of Reporting and Analytics

Earlier, when discussing reThink, we mentioned that that software allows you to see how many calls your agents make, helping you to improve the areas that need more attention. 

This is critical to growth. Detailed reporting on expenses, project completion, lead generation, and conversions will provide more tangible guidance on how to improve you and your team’s operations. 

Using a central dashboard that provides you this data instantly will give you a deeper understanding, as well as helping you log detailed information about clients and prospects. 

The more information, the better. That way you can make your sales journey much more unique and appealing for your clients. 

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Best for Most

Pipedrive is an industry-leading CRM software that's an excellent choice for real estate. Its specialized features and simple user interface make for a dynamic experience with automated task management, one-click meeting scheduling, and deal tracking from cold calls to handing over the keys.


Real estate CRM software offers specialized tools to help realtors and business owners improve productivity depending on your needs. 

Do you want to stay organized? Do you want to capture more leads? Enhance follow ups? Create automated tasks to free up more time from ? What about improving employee productivity? 

Answering yes to any of these questions means you want to use this methodology and start looking for the best real estate CRM for you as soon as possible. 

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