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Disclosure: This content is reader-supported, which means if you click on some of our links that we may earn a commission.

One of the best things you can do for your business is taking a proactive approach to security, including the hardware and software surrounding your network. To help you do just that, we took a deep dive into the top network security solutions on the market and identified BitDefender as the most comprehensive option for most businesses. It uses a combination of machine learning and automated incident responses to continuously monitor traffic and stop attacks in their tracks before they can wreak havoc on your business.

The Best Network Security Software for Most

Bitdefender Logo


Best for Most

Protect your business from even the most sophisticated cyber-attacks with machine learning and behavioral analytics that defend against attacks on any entity or device. Includes autonomous incident responses, real-time traffic monitoring, BYOD protection, and IoT device security.

Bitdefender’s security solution protects your entire infrastructure from cyber-attacks by monitoring network traffic, detecting attacks as early as possible, and deploying autonomous incident responses without anyone on your team having to lift a finger. In return, you get peace of mind and continuous reassurance that your network is secure, even when you’re not around.

From unencrypted BYOD environments to fully managed IoT device security, Bitdefender is flexible enough to suit the needs of businesses and networks of all sizes.

The 8 Best Network Security Software Options to Consider

  1. Bitdefender — Best network security software for most
  2. Avast CloudCare — Best for MSPs managing multiple networks
  3. Firemon — Best for automated network security
  4. Watchguard — Best for real-time network visibility
  5. Qualys — Best for network vulnerability management
  6. FireEye — Best for threat detection and response
  7. Cisco Network Security — Most versatile network security solutions
  8. Webroot — Best for small businesses

When it Makes Sense to Invest Into Network Security Software

Every organization needs a solution to protect its network. It’s particularly critical for businesses leveraging cloud-based processes and software since there are more variables to manage. While it may seem complicated, even smaller organizations without in-house IT can benefit from network security software. 

BYOD (bring your own device) in the workplace has also made securing your network more challenging than ever. While it’s great for employees, it presents a brand new set of hurdles for network security.

But even the most complex network is no match for the tools on our list.

Whether you have two devices or thousands, the best time to implement network security processes is before it’s too late. Don’t wait until your network gets breached—a proactive security approach is the way to go.

#1 – Bitdefender — The Best Network Security Software for Most

Bitdefender Logo


Best for Most

Protect your business from even the most sophisticated cyber-attacks with machine learning and behavioral analytics that defend against attacks on any entity or device. Includes autonomous incident responses, real-time traffic monitoring, BYOD protection, and IoT device security.

Bitdefender is a global leader in cybersecurity software with dozens of products to keep your business and home protected. In fact, it’s protecting more than 500 million devices across more than 170 countries right now.

One of its most popular solutions is Bitdefender GravityZone. There are specialized solutions for small businesses, enterprises, service providers, and Amazon Web Services.

While the wide range of products can feel a bit overwhelming, the wide selection means you can choose a tailor-made solution to match your needs without having to sacrifice security or pay extra for features you don’t need.

It leverages machine learning and behavioral analytics to detect attacks on your network and business assets in real-time. It detects threats for all types of entities, whether encrypted, unencrypted, managed, or unmanaged. So, you can rest easy knowing your network is safe regardless of what the environment looks like.

There are also different levels of security, depending on what types of risks you face and how much network protection you want.

Regardless of the plan you choose, you can manage your entire system from a single console to streamline your network security processes and keep an eye on everything in a centralized location.

You also get granular security controls to further protect your network from harmful websites and apps.

From ransomware attacks to the exploitation of network vulnerabilities, you get complete protection even with Bitdefender’s most basic package.

It also comes with layered endpoint risk management features, a two-way firewall, a web-based console, application behavior monitoring, and a sophisticated machine learning algorithm, you get top-of-the-line defense against even the most malicious attacks.

Pricing starts at $77.99 for the first year for the protection of three devices and one server. You can scale the service by adding as many devices and servers as you need to secure your entire network with ease.

There are also higher tiers of protection if you need more advanced functionality like coverage for mailboxes, and protection for every end-point you can imagine. The advanced security package starts at $202.99 for the first year for up to five devices, two servers, and eight mailboxes.

Request a free demo or sign up to get started protecting your business today!

#2 – Avast CloudCare — The Best for MSPs Managing Multiple Networks

Avast CloudCare Logo

Avast CloudCare

Best for Multiple Networks

Get everything you need to secure multiple networks as a managed service provider handling security for clients at scale. Known for its ease of use, you get everything you need to stay on top of client security and all of their endpoints in one centralized location, complete with alerts, backups, and more.

Avast CloudCare is unique compared to some of the other solutions on our list. It’s designed specifically for managed service providers looking for a better way to stay on top of network security for their clients. It’s not for everyone, but it’s phenomenal at what it does.

Aside from being one of the easiest options on our list to use, it also means you can keep costs low while still delivering exceptional endpoint protection and network security.

Clients may not understand the importance of protecting their network, but you can take a proactive approach to keep them safe before something bad happens. Both you and your clients will be really glad you did.

The intuitive dashboard makes it easier than ever to stay on top of multiple networks in one place. And you can add or remove security services as you and your clients’ needs change. It’s completely customizable, scalable, and versatile enough for MSPs of all sizes.

For such an advanced network security solution, Avast CloudCare is surprisingly easy to use. It’s truly an all-in-one security platform for MSPs. 

From monitoring threats and configuring real-time alerts to managing security patches, remotely controlling client devices, securing email servers, creating device policies, and filtering out malicious content, Avast CloudCare seriously does it all.

Even if something goes wrong, you can remotely connect to approved client devices and resolve issues, install software, transfer files, and reboot without ever stepping foot outside your office.

The best part is that you can easily push new security features to your clients remotely in a few clicks.

If you’re an MSP seeking a simple way to deliver robust network security to your clients, look no further than Avast CloudCare.

Try it for free with a 30-day trial.

#3 – Firemon — The Best for Automated Network Security

Firemon Logo


Best for Automated Network Security

Firemon is the only agile network security policy platform that also helps increase network speeds while reducing network inefficiencies. Simply set up your policies and let the software do the heavy lifting for you. Ideal for businesses with multi-cloud environments.

If you’re looking for a better way to manage your network without adding more work to your plate, Firemon is the gold standard for automated network security.

As the “only agile network security policy platform,” it comes with everything you need to standardize policies and introduce automations to decrease workload while boosting efficiency and keeping an eye on your network.

While other tools come with basic automation features, Firemon takes the crown of all the solutions we tested with its advanced policy automation that works seamlessly regardless of how much (or how little) you want to automate. It’s also completely customizable to match your infrastructure and compliance requirements.

The software delivers extensive automation capabilities that drive network security processes. These can be tailored to meet varying compliance requirements, custom infrastructures, and unique use cases. 

Once the policies are in place, operators can stay hands-off, knowing that the network is secure. 

Some of the other features, benefits, and highlights of Firemon include:

  • Real-time visibility, control, and management for network security devices
  • Automated workflows and provisioning
  • Proactive and continuous compliance
  • Risk analyzer for real-time vulnerability management
  • Firewall cleanup
  • Compliance solutions for HIPAA, PCI, and NERC/FERC 

Firemon is ideal for organizations with multi-cloud environments. It has the advanced capabilities to secure enterprise networks. The software is trusted by big brands like Costco, Salesforce, Wells Fargo, IBM, Sony, Airbnb, and other industry leaders. Their reputation speaks for itself.

Overall, Firemon has a wide range of network security software solutions for you to choose from. Schedule a demo on their website to see which one is right for your business.

#4 – WatchGuard — The Best for Real-Time Network Visibility

Watchguard Logo


Best for Real-Time Visibility

Get award-winning network security, endpoint security, cloud wifi security, and multi-factor authentication in one package. Includes advanced network visibility capabilities with real-time reporting and world-class analytics for timely decisions and the prevention of data loss across your business.

If you’re on the hunt for real-time visibility into your network, endpoints, wifi network, or multi-factor authentication setups, WatchGuard is the way to go. From Fort-Knox level wifi security (complete with secure physical access points) and remote work solutions to completely custom firewalls and total network visibility, it’s an enterprise-grade security suite with everything you need.

It’s built for IT professionals, so it’s a great choice if you have an in-house team of experts who can run, man, maintain, and manage the software.

With a heavy focus on helping you make decisions, avoid costly outages, and eliminate data loss opportunities, visibility and reporting are key pieces of WatchGuard’s network security solution.

Plus, you can use it to secure your entire network, including devices, endpoints, data, and software.

The solution leverages a multi-thronged approach to security to ensure no malware, threats, or phishing attempts make their way into your network. There are also additional security packages you can add to the base package if you need even more peace of mind and protection.

The real-time visual dashboards provide a comprehensive view of network activity. You can view crucial information at a glance, like unusual traffic patterns, suspicious activity, and who is consuming the most bandwidth. 

This advanced network security solution includes features like:

  • Built-in SD-WAN
  • SSL inspection and prevention
  • 100+ comprehensive reports and dashboards
  • Special reports for PCI, HIPAA, and KCSiE compliance

Request a quote and demo online to get started. 

#5 – Qualys — The Best for Network Vulnerability Management

Qualys Logo


Best for Vulnerability Management

Stop vulnerabilities in their tracks with continuous monitoring and vulnerability management, including categorized inventory analysis, vendor lifecycle tracking, and more. Identify dangerous exposure to stop attacks before they happen.

Qualys is a cloud-based network security solution built to help you protect your network’s deepest vulnerabilities and prevent attacks from happening in the first place.

With an extensive list of network security tools, it has everything you need for asset management, IT security, legal compliance, container security, and web security. It’s a one-stop shop for detecting and protecting every weak point across your entire business.

With a strong focus on monitoring, it makes it not only possible to pinpoint all of your assets and vulnerabilities, but also easier than ever before. As Qualys says, “You can’t secure what you can’t see or don’t know.”

Even better, the Global AssetView tool is 100% free. With it, you can identify all of your assets, including endpoints, containers, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, mobile devices, cloud deployments, and on-premise deployments, without paying a single penny.

Once you know what you have, it becomes exponentially easier to keep your eyes on it.

You can easily view reports of categorized inventory with data like vendor lifecycle information, location, employee, and more. The vulnerability management features will help identify exposures so network attacks occur less often or stop altogether.

Qualys also offers continuous monitoring solutions that send real-time alerts for things like network irregularities, new hosts, unauthorized software on the network, expiring certificates, unexpected open ports, and more.

All Qualys subscriptions include:

  • Unlimited scans
  • Free training and support
  • Unlimited cloud agents
  • Access to all Qualys cloud platform apps

Overall, Qualys is an all-in-one solution for vulnerability management, detection, and response. 

Create an account to start your free trial. Qualys offers additional free services beyond network security, like a 60-day free trial for remote endpoint detection. 

#6 – FireEye — The Best for Threat Detection and Response

FireEye Logo


Best for Threat Detection and Response

Identify threats, attacks, and vulnerabilities before they cause damage with FireEye’s network security solution. Includes riskware detection, advanced attack detection, and the ability to automatically block attacks as they occur.

FireEye is a well-known cybersecurity company. They provide a wide range of hardware, software, and services to prevent attacks and respond to network vulnerabilities.

Network security is just one of FireEye’s many popular security solutions.

FireEye stands out from competitors in the way it detects and responds to potential network threats. The software makes it easy for organizations to control their networks and data centers. They have solutions for file content security, on-demand threat detection, malware analysis, network forensics, and more. 

Choose from multiple deployment options, including on-premise, hybrid cloud, public cloud, and more. Other top features and benefits of FireEye include:

  • Real-time inline blocking
  • Riskware detection
  • Signature-based IPS detection
  • Advanced attack detection for ransomware, zero-day, multi-flow, and polymorphic
  • Automatically blocks and validates attacks across multiple vectors
  • Real-time and retroactive threat detection

FireEye offers several different network security solutions. They have software for networks and endpoints, networks and emails, and a complete cloud network security solution. 

#7 – Cisco Network Security — Most Versatile Network Security Solutions

Cisco Logo


Best for Versatility

Cisco is an incredibly popular and versatile network security solution for businesses of all shapes and sizes. From enterprise security to the smallest of businesses, Cisco offers a solution to match your needs, regardless of your industry. Get everything you need to monitor, track, and protect your network.

Cisco is a name that you’re likely familiar with. This international conglomerate is a global leader in IT and cybersecurity. They have solutions for companies of all sizes across a wide range of industries.

Regardless of your needs, Cisco has a network security product for everyone.

Cisco DNA is a solution for enterprise network security. This software offers unified access policies and reduces vulnerabilities with automated security patches, wireless security, and DNS protection. You’ll also have full visibility into your network with details related to users, devices, and encrypted traffic. 

The enterprise solution even has a tool for AI endpoint analytics, which can verify the identities and analyze unsecured IoT devices’ traffic. 

Cisco also offers a variety of other basic and advanced products to secure networks, including:

  • Firewalls
  • Intrusion prevention
  • Network access control
  • Secure web gateways
  • Network traffic analysis
  • Application security
  • User and endpoint protection

The list goes on and on. For those of you who want network security software but don’t know which option is right for your business, Cisco will be perfect for you. Whether your needs are basic or advanced, this provider has a solution. 

#8 – Webroot — The Best for Small Businesses

Webroot Logo


Best for Small Businesses

If you’re a small or midsize business looking for a network security solution that’s easy to deploy, scalable, and affordable, Webroot is an excellent choice. It’s lightweight and designed to secure networks, endpoints, and their users without the overwhelming complexity that comes with most network security tools.

Webroot is another expert in the cybersecurity space. They have solutions for MSPs, homes, and businesses of all sizes.

One unique standout of Webroot is its purpose-built cybersecurity for small businesses. They have lightweight software designed to secure networks, endpoints, and users without the complexity often associated with some enterprise-grade solutions.

Webroot understands the challenges faced by SMBs. So, they offer cybersecurity software built to scale as your company grows. MSPs will benefit from Webroot’s remote monitoring and management integrations. These cloud-based solutions can protect your business and clients alike. 

Some noteworthy advantages of Webroot include:

  • 100% cloud-based
  • Endpoint protection
  • DNS protection
  • Automated management
  • Simple deployment
  • Multi-vector protection
  • Threat intelligence services

Overall, Webroot is more than just a network security solution. It takes network security to the next level by protecting endpoints as well. 

Small and midsize businesses and MSPs are viable candidates for Webroot’s software. 

Methodology For Choosing The Best Network Security Software

With so many options to consider, there are certain factors you need to evaluate when comparing network security software services. Use the following factors as a buying guide to help narrow your choices as you’re shopping around.

Malware, Privacy, and Phishing Protection

Malware protection is a crucial component of any network security solution. The software should also be able to fight adware, spyware, and phishing. 

These are fairly basic security standards. But they are the foundation of a good network security system. You’ll need to have them regardless, so it makes sense to get everything from the same provider.


Firewalls are essential for network protection. As the name implies, this feature acts as a barrier between your trusted network and external networks. Generally speaking, a firewall can monitor all of the traffic on a network and prevent harmful access. 

The best firewalls monitor all of the applications running on your network and restrict inappropriate use. They usually keep a closer eye on new or unknown programs running on the network. This helps neutralize any stop suspicious behavior before it becomes a problem. 

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)

VPNs extend network security to internet connections. It secures your traffic and can even hide details like your IP address and location. 

Not every network security software comes with a VPN out of the box. You may need to get this as an add-on or upgrade to an all-in-one security suite. 

Network Access Control

This feature prevents intruders and attackers from infiltrating your network. You can set up access control policies and rules for users and devices. 

For example, you could give employees full access to your network from work-issued devices but deny network access to their personal devices. This is an important factor to consider for devices in the workplace. 

Bitdefender Logo


Best for Most

Protect your business from even the most sophisticated cyber-attacks with machine learning and behavioral analytics that defend against attacks on any entity or device. Includes autonomous incident responses, real-time traffic monitoring, BYOD protection, and IoT device security.


Network security is not something that should be taken lightly. That’s why it’s so important to find the right network security software for your business. 

But which one is the best? It depends on your unique scenario.

Firemon specializes in automated network security. Watchguard is the best option for real-time network visibility, and Qualys is our top recommendation for network vulnerability management. FireEye and Bitdefender both have robust software for advanced threat detection and response. 

Managed service providers should consider Avast CloudCare or Webroot. Cisco offers network security solutions for all business sizes.

Regardless of your network security needs, use the recommendations and methodology described in this guide to steer you in the right direction.

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