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Disclosure: This content is reader-supported, which means if you click on some of our links that we may earn a commission.

A multi-level marketing software or MLM software isn’t designed to do just one thing. It can help you with everything from inventory to marketing to distribution. But before you implement one into your system, you need to select the right software. We spent days researching to narrow it down to five solid MLM tools that are user-friendly and secure. MLM Protec leads our list because it literally offers everything you need to launch, manage, and grow your business. Read on as we discuss each software in more detail.

The Best MLM Software for Most

MLM Protec logo

MLM Protec

Best MLM Software for Most

With a unique team-viewing tool, a robust training library, auto-tracking of inventory, and solid third-party integrations, MLM Protec is hands down the best option for most people.

MLM Protec is a robust, cloud-based MLM software built with the latest 21st-century technology to give users complete control over their business and its future. They provide a reliable turnkey, aiming to deliver the best support tools, compensation systems, security, user back office, and company admin to handle all your expanding business needs.

What’s more, if you find yourself getting stuck somewhere, you’ll always have 24/7 tech support to fall back on. Now you see why MLM Protec is the best MLM software on the market?

The Best MLM Software Options to Consider

  1. MLM ProtecThe Best for Most
  2. Rallyware The Best for Employee Onboarding and Management
  3. EpixelThe Best for Higher Customization and Cryptocurrency Support
  4. Infinite MLM The Best for Facilitating Marketing Campaigns
  5. VentaforceThe Best for International MLMs

When It Makes Sense to Invest Into MLM Software

Let’s discuss some of the situations when it makes the most sense to get MLM software.

When You’re Looking for a Unified Web Solution

MLM businesses often offer multiple services under one roof. However, if not handled properly, things could end up getting really messy really fast.

A good MLM software will help your business grow by streamlining all the services since it can support tons of services to promote digital growth. Moreover, you can always take advantage of several add-on services like digital marketing, hosting, and SSL as well.

Website hosting, for instance, is essential to establish the online presence of your business. Typically, you would have to host business domains from third-party web hosts like Bluehost, HostGator, and GoDaddy. But having MLM software with hosting services will allow you to manage your business website with greater ease.

In other words, you don’t need to have different tools and services for different purposes. MLM software comes equipped with several extra facilities that can help you boost your overall business growth with a single solution. 

When You Want to Integrate Multiple Payment Gateways

Receiving and sending payments from all parts of the world becomes important once you decide to go global. With several MLM businesses seeing significant growth in their online revenue streams, they’re increasingly relying on digital wallets and credit cards for their transactions.

MLM software integrates net banking portals of leading banks to offer multiple payment gateway options, which, in turn, helps reinforce a business cash flow. Additionally, most of them are developed on the Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance ensures transactional security and protects digital wallet and credit card credentials.

This makes it easier for you to carry on business in different parts of the world. 

When You’re Finding It Hard to Generate Leads

Lead generation is one of the most prominent challenges network marketers face. They have to consistently find new people and educate them about their business—that too in a way that gives them the result they need.

Another common challenge is following up with every prospect without sounding overly desperate. After all, in the customer’s eyes, anything great shouldn’t require aggressive selling.

Using reliable MLM software makes it easier to generate leads and follow-up. You can use this tool to set up an efficient email marketing process and send well-crafted emails to stay in touch with your clients. As a result, the chances of them converting becomes higher.

#1 — MLM Protec — The Best for Most

MLM Protec logo

MLM Protec

Best MLM Software for Most

With a unique team-viewing tool, a robust training library, auto-tracking of inventory, and solid third-party integrations, MLM Protec is hands down the best option for most people.

MLM Protec comes with a unique team viewer tool that lets administrators stay on top of sales activity within the downline, manage leads, and access a library of training materials—all within a unified platform.

You can use the software to create compensation plans, email campaigns, and corporate websites to ensure the efficient running of your business. It also allows you to manage merchant accounts, inventory, and contacts. Uploading product information, such as pricing, images, SKU, volume, and descriptions also becomes easy.

What’s more, this MLM software auto-tracks inventory across SKUs while simultaneously allowing managers to schedule email campaigns according to selected user types. It provides useful insights into weekly, monthly, and yearly payment types, commission payouts, other metrics, and affiliate-to-customer ratio via customized reports.

You can also take advantage of its integration with other third-party systems like Twilio, TaxJar, and I-Payout.


Pricing is available on request, so you’ll have to contact MLM Protec’s support team for a customized quote.

#2 — Rallyware — The Best for Employee Onboarding and Management

Rallyware logo


Best MLM Software for Employee Onboarding and Management

Any business with a large force of remote or distributed workers will get a lot of mileage out of Rallyware. It not only onboards these workers seamlessly, it makes their work more fulfilling through gamification, rewards, and special engagement programming.

Rallyware is a performance enablement platform that’s a godsend for companies with large distributed workforces.

It has several amazing tools to support direct selling, brand ambassadorship, sales enablement, franchisee management, corporate citizenship, and HR management. Besides this, the software supports social game-like experiences, recognition and rewards, distributor engagement programs, and genealogy map communication.

All this, in turn, enhances distributor retention, sales productivity, and recruitment.

Rallyware offers a data-driven onboarding experience, where it analyzes every employee’s performance data to identify their knowledge and skill gaps. And if that wasn’t enough, it also provides personalized paths to success through business activities and training to drive their performance growth further.

You get access to a host of engagement programs suitable for different scenarios and environments that are designed to motivate and engage your workforce. These programs are based on industry best practices to help employees enjoy quick wins throughout their journey.


Pricing is available on request, so you’ll have to contact Rallyware’s support team for a customized quote.

#3 — Epixel — The Best for Higher Customization and Cryptocurrency Support

Epixel logo


Best MLM Software for Higher Customization and Cryptocurrency Support

Customization and technology are the names of the game with Epixel, a detailed MLM platform that features robust workflow automation capabilities, multiple payment options, and even cryptocurrency options.

Epixel provides customized solutions to suit all kinds of MLM requirements.

It has several innovative features to support and favor the MLM industry on every level. This MLM software tries to bring together a wide range of MLM systems, with every module devised to address the explicit needs of diverse MLM plans.

It enables companies to manage, control, and organize their business by using its feature-rich offerings, such as e-wallet, distributor and downline member management, MLM lead management, and commissions and payout processing. What makes it unique is the software package is integrated with the latest technological innovations and upgrades like cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, smart contracts, AI, and BI tools.

The software also supports multiple options to withdraw commissions from e-wallet to real money in addition to PayPal and bank transfer. This real-time transaction feature can be helpful to understand the turnover and profitability of your business.

Moreover, you can track important KPIs with Epixel to facilitate efficient decision-making.


Pricing is available on request, so you’ll have to contact Epixel’s support team for a customized quote.

#4 — Infinite MLM — The Best for Facilitating Marketing Campaigns

Infinite MLM logo

Infinite MLM

Best MLM Software for Facilitating Marketing Campaigns

If you have frequent campaigns to promote, Infinite MLM has you covered. Not only is it a solid all-in-one platform for MLM management, but it also offers a sizable range of promotional tools at no extra cost.

Infinite MLM is designed to be an all-rounder MLM software.

It helps direct selling businesses manage their entire network marketing life-cycle, right from financial calculations across multiple compensation plans (binary, matrix, and board) to downlines. It also allows you to create templates to customize the platform and establish your brand identity among customers.

Secure payment processing via eWallets, online gateways like PayPal, Magento, and OpenCart, and debit or credit cards using security codes is another advantage.

You can easily manage user accounts, member profiles, and commissions on Infinite MLM. Its features include inventory tracking, predefined templates, lead management, and customizable branding. What’s more, the software enables you to define role-based permissions, view networking levels using the genealogy tree, and monitor activities.

Another attractive feature of Infinite MLM is its wide range of promotional tools. You can use these to handle marketing campaigns, send social or text invites, and schedule alerts about recruitments, employee birthdays, and payouts.


Infinite MLM offers two software packages:

  • Basic Infinite MLM Software — $700
  • E-Commerce Cut Package — $2000

You can opt for several other add-ons to get more functionalities.

#5 — Ventaforce — The Best for International MLMs

Ventaforce logo


Best MLM Software for International MLMs

Ventaforce is a solid direct sales software platform with a long list of helpful features, but what sets it apart is its multilingual and currency options. If your MLM empire is ready to go global, Ventaforce has your back.

Ventaforce is a powerful direct selling software tool that has been designed to include state-of-the-art features to give your MLM business that much-needed boost.

It has been developed with cutting-edge technology that helps businesses create efficient direct selling plans and view sales and marketing activities via graphs.

Plus, there are tons of features on offer! You get ecommerce management, mobile application, replicated website, tax management, email and SMS notifications, in-built security management, and tons of others that make this truly one of a kind.

Ventaforce offers multi-language and currency options to help you spread your business worldwide and can hold more than 1 million records and client-related information through the KYC data verification option. Users can also generate and export custom reports related to total income and outgoing cash.

You can accept payments through net banking, credit cards, cash, wallets, and so on. This can be incredibly helpful for business owners wanting to scale their business without worrying about data security.


The Basic software version starts from $2,200 per user. But there are various one-time purchase plans—each with its own set of features—so you can select one based on your needs.

Ventaforce’s pricing is slightly confusing, so it’s best to contact the sales team for more information.

Methodology for Choosing the Best MLM Software

An MLM software can take things from the concept stage to the “easy-go” stage. But for this, you need to know how to select the right tool based on your requirements.

Here’s a list of pointers to help you choose the right MLM software.

Security and Speed

Security is incredibly important when it comes to MLM software. Being a business makes you a target for hackers. They want to steal information, credit card credentials, and several other critical assets.

Unfortunately, several MLM software tools are vulnerable to hacking attempts. It’s best to pick a solution that’s version managed and tested before its release and preferably has a bug tracking system.

Next up is speed! To avoid getting stuck with software that takes too long to load, check if your prospect has fast processing capabilities, where it can quickly compress, minify, and gzip data before sending it to the browser.

Customization and Package Offering

Features are crucial, which also makes them a key factor for consideration.

The network marketing software you select should be able to simplify the process of compensation plan implementation and integration. However, every vendor has its own unique features, which is why it’s better to choose an option with customizable packages.

Naturally, the price will also vary from one provider to another based on the number of features offered, the technology used, and so on. New (and useful) features and good customer support should be your top priority, but make sure the price meets the quality.

Multi-Lingual Support

MLM software with multi-lingual support can be incredibly valuable for MLM businesses as they grow.

You can really benefit if you have an extensive system that allows you to overcome language barriers when carrying on business with enterprises based in another country. For instance, if you’re based in the United States and the only language you know is English, try to get an MLM software tool that helps you clear language barriers when you deal with a German-based customer who only speaks German.

While you’re at it, ensure you get extensive project support that extends through pre-project, mid-project, and post-project.

Vendor Reputation

You should choose a software vendor with a good reputation. It’s really as simple as that.

Once you’ve shortlisted your top software solutions, search the internet to learn the general feedback on the company and the support it extends. Former customer testimonials could be a great start! This will help you weed out companies that make empty claims about their products.

Performance Evaluation

We highly recommend taking a product trial to see if a prospect software’s features help you manage your business adequately before making the final decision. The good news is most MLM software offers free demos and trials.

Take a test drive to ensure the product’s live performance. This way, you’ll have first-hand experience with how well the software meets your requirements.

MLM Protec logo

MLM Protec

Best MLM Software for Most

With a unique team-viewing tool, a robust training library, auto-tracking of inventory, and solid third-party integrations, MLM Protec is hands down the best option for most people.


Picking the best MLM software for your business involves research. You have to be careful with how well the solution meets your requirements and fits within your system.

Our top choice, MLM Protec comes with several excellent features, making it suitable for most, but they can always be exceptions. For instance, if you want to handle your employees better right from onboarding, Rallyware is likely to be the more appropriate fit. Similarly, Epixel would be the better choice if you want to offer cryptocurrency support on your platform.

It all boils down to your needs and preferences!

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