Poly Blackwire 720: Best Headset For (Most) Call Centers

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While there’s no shortage of high-end equipment you can purchase for your call center, you can’t forget the essentials. And there’s nothing more important to your call center’s foundation than headsets.

So what’s the best headset for connectivity, comfort, clear communication, and of course, cost? The Plantronics Blackwire C720 stands out as the premier choice for most call centers. Its blend of affordability, functionality, and ease of use make it a solid choice, no matter what type of call center you run.

But if you have a higher budget and need an even more powerful headset for your agents, Nextiva’s Poly Voyager 4320 is the way to go. 

Both headsets offer distinct advantages tailored to different needs and budgets.

Why the Plantronics Blackwire C720 is the Best Headset For Call Centers

If you need high quality headsets but you’re on a budget, the Plantronics Blackwire C720 is the best choice for your call center. It’s also got plenty of benefits besides its cost-effectiveness.

Seamless Connectivity

The dual connectivity feature of the Blackwire C720 means that it can support both USB and Bluetooth calls, which adds a nice level of flexibility.  

This feature also allows your agents to transition between devices without any hassle, so they can stay productive regardless of their work setting. 

Setting it up is easy, especially with USB. Just plug it in to get started.

Enduring Battery Life

The Blackwire C720 is engineered for the long haul, with a battery life that stretches up to 10 hours. That means if your agents start the day on a full charge, they won’t have to waste any time recharging the headset, as it can accommodate a full shift.  

Long battery life also ensures your agents can focus on their conversations without worrying about mid-call power loss. This is especially important for lengthy shifts and makes it a great choice for high-volume call centers.

Comfortable Design

That long battery life is no good if agents find your headsets uncomfortable. Luckily, the Blackwire C720 is ergonomic and comfortable. 

Its soft leatherette ear cushions provide a comfortable fit for extended wear. This might sound like a small point, but consider the stress that agents already have to deal with. Giving them a comfortable headset goes a long way toward overall job satisfaction. 

The adjustable headband and bendable microphone arm add further personalized fit options. Each user can customize these aspects of the headset to find their perfect position for all-day comfort.

Superior Call Quality

And then we get to the most important feature—call quality. 

Thanks to its noise-canceling microphone, calls on the Blackwire C720 are crystal clear. So it’s a great headset for especially noisy call center environments. 

Filter out background disturbances so that your agents and customers can engage in smooth, uninterrupted conversations. 

Versatile Use

Beyond its primary function, the Blackwire C720 can also handle multimedia without any issues. Rather than just being a headset, this turns it into a multipurpose device for agents. 

Whether transitioning between calls, listening to music, or attending webinars, this headset can handle it all by supporting a range of audio inputs with ease. 

Integrated smart sensors for automated call management and easy-to-access controls make it even more convenient to use. 

Visual On-Call Indicator

The on-call indicator lights on the ear pads are a thoughtful addition, signaling to others when the user is engaged in a call. This visual cue helps minimize disruptions during agent conversations.

It’s a simple feature, yet it can enhance calls and your work environment by visually communicating agent availability and reducing interruptions.

Affordable Pricing

Priced at just $78.99 per unit on the Plantronics store on Amazon, the Blackwire C720 won’t break the bank. But as you can see from the feature-set above, the cost-effectiveness doesn’t mean it’s a compromise in terms of quality, either. 

Simply put, this is the best choice for most call centers because it’s budget-friendly and feature-rich, giving agents everything they need to have high-quality customer calls.

When You Can Afford More, Choose Nextiva’s Poly Voyager 4320

Have a bit more room in your budget? If so, it could make sense to upgrade to Nextiva’s Poly Voyager 4320. For call centers seeking a premium option, it’s the best of the best. Here’s why you should upgrade when your budget permits.

Exceptional Audio Quality

The Poly Voyager 4320 goes above and beyond in terms of audio quality. Agents and customers alike will appreciate the crystal clear clarity that the headset provides.

It uses Dual-Mic Acoustic Fence technology to create a virtual barrier around the conversation, effectively blocking out unwanted background noise. 

So no more disruptive ambient sounds—your agents will be able to convey information accurately, and customers will understand every word.

Comfort for All-Day Wear

The dual-ear coverage of the Voyager 4320 enhances sound quality, but is also engineered for comfort. 

The headset is designed for continuous wear, and its ergonomic features will keep agents comfortable and focused even during long shifts. 

The combination of padded ear cushions and an adjustable headband means that the headset can be customized for the perfect fit, minimizing the risk of headset fatigue.

Extended Battery Life

With up to 18 hours of battery life, the Voyager 4320 is built to support even the longest workdays.

There’s no need for agents to pause their work for recharging, even when they work a long shift. Instead, they’ll remain connected throughout the day, with no interruption from power or battery issues.

Mobility and Connectivity

The Voyager 4320 is USB and Bluetooth friendly. This gives agents freedom to move around their workspace if they desire. 

This mobility isn’t just about comfort. It allows agents to fetch documents, consult with colleagues, or simply stretch without interrupting the customer call. 

The freedom to move without being tethered to a desk can significantly enhance an agent’s work experience and efficiency. And it’ll probably make them happier, too.

USB and Bluetooth support also means it can be integrated into any call center’s tech environment. It’s compatible with a wide array of devices, so it’s good for versatile call centers that might use a mix of desktop computers, laptops, and mobile devices. 

Priced at $190.00, the Voyager 4320 is a premium investment. But when your budget is ready, your customers and agents will thank you. This headset’s exceptional audio quality and long battery life are more than worth the extra investment. 

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