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Disclosure: This content is reader-supported, which means if you click on some of our links that we may earn a commission.

The best software can make you a maestro that stays booked solid for years. We plucked the best providers for event management and researched each one. The best for most event planners is Bizzabo. If you want to keep a clear, personalized path to managing events with complete flexibility no matter the event type, keep reading.

The Best Event Management Software For Most

Bizzabo Logo


Best For Most

Bizzabo is an award winning all-in-one holistic platform with streamline tools to create rewarding events that will escalate revenue, provide actionable analytics, and maximize attendance providing a harmonious audience experience.

Bizzabo is your event management software GPS; you start by knowing where you want to go and this tool organizes each step effortlessly and eliminates headaches along the way. 

You are the mastermind behind the entire event. Bizzabo helps you arrange the million tiny details that we mere mortals wouldn’t recognize. It’s the swiss army knife for event planners and keeps you ready for any situation.

The 5 Best Event Management Training Software Options:

  1. Bizzabo – Best for most 
  2. Whova – Best enterprise event management software
  3. Adventri – Best hybrid event software
  4. EventMobi – Best customizable attendee engagement management app
  5. TicketTailor – Best event ticket selling software

When It Makes Sense to Invest in Event Management Software

Prosperous event planners will confirm, event planning is an art that relies on a series of calculated steps. 

If you’re an alumni outreach director who organizes fundraiser dinners, for example, you need to maximize every cent while drumming up interest from a wide array of potential attendees.

If you’re an HR director, you may need to simply set up and organize a series of team events, both at work and outside of it.

Event management software can help with aspects big and small, from enabling virtual meetups to help more people attend to making visitor and vendor check-in at massive events easy and fast.

Not only do planners of weddings, parties, and fundraisers take advantage of this software, but marketing managers and sales departments can benefit from it for internal and external events. 

If this sounds like something that could make your life easier, keep reading—because you’re going to love this article. 

#1 – Bizzabo — Best for Most

Bizzabo Logo


Best For Most

Bizzabo is an award winning all-in-one holistic platform with streamline tools to create rewarding events that will escalate revenue, provide actionable analytics, and maximize attendance providing a harmonious audience experience.

Bizzabo prevents you from neglecting any key components of your event planning cycle, while enhancing customization.

This robust all-in-one event management platform streamlines your tasks and offers support every step of the way. If you are looking for a way to provide futuristic event planning experiences now, Bizzabo has the software to help you deliver them. 

Registration and ticketing are simple automated tasks with the software, while the event website builder makes it simple to build personalized websites and pages for each event you organize. 

That personalization extends to reminders for pre-registration or just quick facts about the upcoming event you want attendees to know. And the networking and event application makes virtual attendees’ personalized experience as enjoyable as being there in person.

And with over 1,500 pre-built integrations, you can connect, engage, and measure data for your entire organization; becoming a proactive event planner instead of a reactive one. 

Want to avoid your event registration from going haywire? Problem solved. 

With Bizzabo’s onsite solution suite, its white-glove service offers self-service kiosks, wristband printing, and RFID technology for attendee check-in—all you do is design the experience you want attendees to have. 

Those are just some of the reasons why Bizzabo won the People’s Choice Award for Favorite Event Technology Supplier four years in a row. 

Other helpful features included are:

  • Event marketing tools
  • Speaker and partner management
  • Customizable Integration
  • Automation tools and countless other features and benefits 

Something else:

Being able to accurately measure ROI is a major performance indicator for drumming up new business or justifying an enhanced budget. 

Bizzabo’s analytics and data-driven event cloud open up mind-blowing customer acquisition and retention opportunities for you. 

And let’s not leave out the virtual experience. Live webcasts make any event virtual. Attendees can chat in real-time, network, answer polls, and much more all while you monitor things as they happen.

Pricing is customized and not available on the website, contact Bizzabo for more details.

#2 – Whova Review — The Best Enterprise Event Management Software

Whova Logo


The Best For Enterprise Event Management

This enterprise event management is the best solution for any large business or institution. Its award winning event app, provides all event details at the attendees fingertips. Push notifications and a mobile brochure makes sure every attendee is current on all event information, in real time even if your phone is offline or your without a signal.

If your events aren’t handled by a person as much as your entire public relations department, you need serious software that can handle your ever-full calendar and sprawling attendee lists.

Whova specializes in assisting large enterprises and corporations with their events. HBO, Stanford University, American Express, Oracle, and Ford are just a few names on its client list.

With large-scale events, it’s incredibly helpful to automate any tedious tasks of planning.

Whova makes this simple with time-saving automation, like sending follow-up emails after a new registration and name badge generation. 

As the overseer of your event, you want your attendees notified of any changes instantly. Whova’s award-winning event app sends push notifications and gives access to event calendars regardless of cell service or WiFi capabilities. So, no signal, no problem.

Imagine organizing the biggest event you’ve ever done and you want to create a captivating experience. Whova’s virtual booths and discussion rooms bring engagement to a whole new level. 

And so does networking with its attendee matchmaking. 

This allows for an unforgettable experience through targeted networking, as attendees are matched with others with similar interests.They can also share images, articles, and tips with the entire conference on relevant topics.

Plus, pre-event icebreakers—a virtual feature exclusive to Whova—kick the networking and introductions off before your event is live. 

Here are some other useful features:

  • Online registration
  • Event marketing
  • Lead retrieval
  • Virtual career fair
  • Networking e-business cards
  • Ticketing agenda management
  • Name badge generation
  • Sponsor showcase

Whova takes the guesswork out of event management, allowing you and your organization to focus on more important things. With so many benefits to list, it’s easy to see why thousands of reviews yield Whova a perfect five star rating. 

If you’re a corporate or large business event planner, Whova is a clear winner in event management software. Try it today.

#3 – Adventri Review — The Best Hybrid Event Software

Aventri Logo


Best Hybrid Event Software

Aventri has changed how technology interacts with people around the world, organizing your events for virtual, hybrid, or in person attendees all from one platform. The ability to engineer hybrid events creates a seamless experience for both virtual and in person participants, live or prerecorded your events will reach and engage the largest audience possible providing new streams of revenue not previously accessible.

Aventri uses a fresh approach to event management software, allowing you to host a live event in-person while streaming the same event to virtual attendees. You’re also given power to make your event on-demand for virtual users for later viewing without needing to install software. 

This gives you an all-encompassing approach to hybrid events, a solution to a problem many event planners face. 

Hybrid event software gives you better a way to reach more people with your event. It helps optimize the in-person experience with self-check in, engaging surveys, and customizable icebreakers during the event to make networking easier.

It also addresses problems event planners have been facing for years. Aventri helps you avoid missing out on revenue because of a venue’s space limitations and cater to those who don’t like going to large events but still want the experience of the event itself.

Plus, you can engage with attendees before the event and allow them a way to digitally introduce themselves to one another. 

Did you know that opening a networking channel three days before an event is proven to increase partnerships after events? Aventri can help lay the foundation for attendees to come away from your event with valuable, lasting experiences.

Furthermore, custom reports on attendee engagement analytics provide actionable data for future events, accessed through Aventri’s custom engagement analytics dashboard.

More state-of-the-art features include:

  • Real-time insights
  • Behavioral data
  • Customizable engagement panels
  • Live Q & A
  • Strategic meetings management
  • Personalized webinar attendee registration links

This all comes with industry-leading security and privacy, making the fully integrated registration experience seamless and hassle-free for your attendees. 

Pricing is unavailable on the website, so you’ll need to contact Aventri for more details. 

If you need to promote or organize events that will have both in-person and virtual members, Aventri is the hybrid solution that will breathe more life into your next function. 

#4 – EventMobi Review — The Best Event Management App

EventMobi Logo


The EventMobi App provides your event details on the go, engage with attendees during the event. Completely customizable to fit your specific event, set up the events full agenda, ask questions with live polls, and once registered, in app messaging allows networking to begin before the event starts.

EventMobi is a gift from the planning gods when you’re on the move. 

Event planning can be organized chaos, but it can also just be chaos. You can be going non-stop all day, on the road, looking at venues, meeting with presenters, and much more. 

If this sounds like you, EventMobi is for you. You have complete control over the app and what it includes. 

EventMobi’s app allows you to stay on track, monitor how things are going while having dinner, or just pop in and engage with attendees during the event. Also, it gives you a chance to put out fires before they start, which is always key in real-time event management.

For attendees, the app also presents interactions and information like a Facebook news feed, allowing participants to post how they feel, add comments, and more while the event is in progress. 

Using EventMobi, a registered participant can network and speak with others going to the event days or weeks before your event is scheduled to happen, getting to know who’s going to be there and their common interests. 

Engagement like this can create an uptick in social media shares and excitement about the big day, leading to greater organic buzz and traffic. 

The app also permits you to send targeted messages, send/receive alerts, and get push notifications from registered attendees about specifics regarding your event. 

EventMobi can handle virtual and hybrid events, too. 

This flexible platform can also be used for virtual training sessions, sales conferences, trade shows, and webinars. It even offers its own training hub for everything related to EventMobi. 

Plus, the award-winning customer service team is at your disposal if you should need a hand. 

More features that improve your event management include:

  • Appointment booking
  • Registration
  • Attendee behavior reporting
  • Gamification
  • Live polls & surveys

What’s special about EventMobi is it lets you test drive the virtual event app before you even sign up with them. It’s fully functional and available to try on its website right now. 

You get to click around, see an agenda and keynote speakers, and send fake messages. Then, change devices and see how the app works on desktop and tablet for a complete user experience.

Being on the go is a common scenario for event organizers. Having a mobile app with this type of flexibility makes your work life easier.

#5 – TicketTailor Review — The Best Event Ticket Selling Software

TicketTailor Logo


TicketTailor is the easiest and best way to sell your events tickets. It’s affordable and has so many customizable options to promote your event you are sure to sell more using TicketTailor

TicketTailor is an event organizing platform that makes it simple for you to sell tickets to your events. 

Now this is important because it can work in tandem with another platform that handles the venue, registration, and such. 

TicketTailor’s custom software allows you to add a widget to your website that has a ticketing form with a payment gateway baked in, allowing you to sell tickets to any event on any website you own. 

The technology used also allows you to create your own box office website, or sell tickets on your Facebook page.

And whether you decide on a box office site or personal website, your ticket booth is mobile-friendly with a pleasing design. It’s extremely versatile.

How versatile is it?

Well, you can plan a fundraiser for 400 people or you can promote and organize a concert and sell tickets to 40,000 fans. Either way, the technology works flawlessly. 

You can even decide if you want your event private or searchable by anyone. 

The best part:

TicketTailer doesn’t make any profits from the ticket sales. The money goes directly to you, instantly. 

TicketTailor is the #1 ticket selling platform in the world, with over 17 million tickets sold, 30,000 event organizers who have used it, and tickets sold in over 180 countries. 

And its dedicated mobile app allows you to see how well your sales are doing, make updates to your event on the fly, and so much more. 

Here’s a few other features available with TicketTailor:

  • Manage your guests
  • Order confirmation 
  • Email ticket delivery
  • Custom reporting
  • Online tool Integration (Mailchimp, WordPress, Stripe, and PayPal, just to name a few)

There are over 60 additional features to help with your event, and they all come standard in any plan you choose. 

TicketTailor is straightforward about pricing, letting you know how much you’ll need to pay before committing to a purchase.

There isn’t a better way to sell tickets for your event then TicketTailor.

If you want the best support in filling your planned event to capacity, using TicketTailor is a smart way to get ahead. 

Methodology For Choosing The Best Event Management Software

This can be a lot to take in, I get it.

Who knew so many options were available? Or, that you could improve your event planning lifecycle so seamlessly and create events that perform so well?

It’s pretty awesome, and now you’re almost to the end. 

But before we finish, let’s explain our methodology behind how we selected these five recommendations with the hope of leaving you with your own little mental model to help pick one that’s best for you now or later. 

Project Management 

Does the software make it easy to collaborate with vendors and other organizers? Does it streamline your work by automating routine tasks for you? 

You don’t have time to bounce here and there like one of those 25-cent rubber balls you buy at the supermarket to keep your kid busy while you shop. 

You know what happens to those, don’t you? Yup, they get lost… fast

Having a clear end goal and capable software to help you manage your event will keep you on track like the GPS in your car. 

You can make a wrong turn but you’ll get reminded when you’re off track (“…recalculating…”). Having too many platforms allows for misplaced data and confusion.

Which, consequently, creates weak links in your event.


This is a big deal. If you work for a corporation, you might have a budget for publicizing your events. But there are a lot of you running your own businesses, and having marketing tools baked in is a hefty bonus to receive. 

No matter what type of event you are organizing, you need to create buzz and let others know about it. 

All the software options on this list offer marketing tools that help you get the word out, integrate with software you might be currently using to simplify things, or help you monetize your event with state of the art technology. 

Whatever tools you get for marketing, use them.

But for Pete’s sake make sure it’s an option. 

Event Registration

If you’re a seasoned event planner, you know how hairy registration can become. 

Long lines and frustrated people can put you and your attendees in a bad mood before your event even begins. 

And this can happen virtually, too.

I’ll explain:

Have you ever had a Zoom meeting that was supposed to start at 10 a.m. but your organizer forgot or was late, so you’re sitting there watching that little spinner spin while waiting to be let into the meeting room? You’re sitting there thinking, “do I have the right day or time?” 

You don’t want that for your virtual attendees, right? Of course not.

But that’s what can happen if you work with a cut-rate event management software provider and their event registration software has the hiccups. 

That’s what you call an attendee engagement gutterball.

Ask about this. Make sure registration protocols are solid and there are plans in place to make sure people are registered and can confirm it. 

Because no matter what… it all comes back on you.

Attendee Engagement App

Piggybacking off the above registration a little, tools to encourage engagement are a huge plus. And you absolutely want this as an event planner. 

It’s like someone asking you if you need a ride in the dead of winter and for some strange reason you’re walking outside in shorts and sandals. Uhh… yeah, you want that ride. 

A solid event app allows you to interact with your attendees during and before the event while letting them ask questions, network, check the event schedule, read the brochure, get updates and alerts, have group discussions, and more. 

This feature is offered by all five of the recommendations above because it’s so vital. 

Normally it comes standard with all-in-one platforms. But you should always double-check that an event app is included in the package you’re considering.

Integration with Event Software

This one can easily be overlooked but is critical to your success.

Here’s why:

Being able to integrate your CRM with your event management software makes things very simple to manage, allowing you to pull data from the event registration and migrate it with a click of a button. You can bring over email metrics, engagement scores, and other analytic reports with your event management software. 

Having the capability to review core reporting makes targeting participants for future events easier but, more importantly, shows you how to improve upon your events in the future.

Managing your relationship and interactions with your customers, presenters and potential attendees must be as seamless as possible. Look for integrations with Salesforce, Mailchimp, Slack, and other tools that will make your job so much easier. 

Having event management software with a robust integration system will be invaluable to your daily planning goals. 

Hybrid Capabilities 

This should go without saying—especially with the year we’re having—but I’m not going to assume anything.

Remote and virtual outreach is extremely important to getting your event in front of as many eyeballs as possible. 

Yes, we hope in-person events become a thing once again. However we are forever going to have people who have become accustomed to virtual learning and online events. 

You want to make sure your events are engaging to those that choose to stay home, as well as to your in-person audience when those days return. 

Reporting and Analytics 

In event planning, you’re only as good as your last event.

No one remembers an almost-good event. 

Being able to get feedback quickly to improve your event on the fly ensures your success while not having to guess what went well and what didn’t. 

It also gives you tangible proof that you can deliver what businesses and attendees want, cementing your elite event planning prowess. 

Bizzabo Logo


Best For Most

Bizzabo is an award winning all-in-one holistic platform with streamline tools to create rewarding events that will escalate revenue, provide actionable analytics, and maximize attendance providing a harmonious audience experience.


Being an event planner is hard work. It requires focus, poise, nerves of steel, a love of adrenaline, and complete confidence in oneself to be an artist of connection (a cool combination).

You know what else it requires? Event management software that, through guidance and technology, helps make your events memorable and deliver the expected results. 

Remember this methodology and this roadmap when choosing the best planning software for you or your organization.

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