Best Digital Asset Management Software

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Let’s make managing digital assets easier for you, with less effort than ever. We reviewed the top digital asset management (DAM) software providers out there on the market. The best for most agencies and teams is MediaValet. It’s a cinch to use with its clean, organized, drag-and-drop interface and allows you to share assets with ease.

The Best Digital Asset Management For Most



Best for Most

Easy-to-use and powerful, MediaValet makes organizing, sharing, editing, and publishing large, high-quality assets no trouble at all. Supported by AI-driven advanced searching and Microsoft Azure, this platform can handle asset libraries of any size or complexity.

When you’re creating and storing assets in high volume, DAM software becomes a necessity. But good digital asset management involves being able to sort and share them with ease, no matter what size or state they’re in.

With MediaValet, it’s easy for you to search and organize your content at scale. You can set tags for easy later access of assets that are finished or still in progress. Or, lean on the smart AI search within MediaValet to look through your massive library for certain colors, objects, or people. There’s no better software for handling massive libraries, massive files, and far-flung clients, making it our pick for the best DAM software for most use cases.

The Best Digital Asset Management Software Options to Consider:

  1. MediaValet – Best for most
  2. Pimcore – Best for supporting over 200 file types
  3. Filerobot by Scaleflex – Best for streamlining operations
  4. Wiredrive – Best for digital media assets
  5. WoodWing Assets – Best DAM features
  6. Nuxeo – Best custom DAM software
  7. MediaBeacon – Best for marketing teams
  8. Image Relay – Best for small teams and content creators
  9. Brandfolder – Best for digital asset distribution

When it Makes Sense to Invest Into Digital Asset Management

Digital asset management software isn’t for everyone. But if you have large numbers of photos, videos, 3D renderings, or other large, high-quality collateral, you’ll find it very useful.

Teams that create and manage hundreds of digital assets benefit greatly from these solutions.

Marketing teams and brand managers are commonly the primary users of DAM software.

They use these tools to ensure brand consistency throughout the organization and external digital touchpoints alike. 

Truthfully, any team that struggles to find files that were created or used a year or two ago can use digital asset management software to help make it easier.

If you’re bouncing back and forth between multiple platforms to manage your digital assets, then you should consider consolidating to a single DAM solution.

Smaller businesses can typically get by with cloud storage tools for a while.

But as your asset library grows, you’ll need something more advanced to manage everything at scale.

Cloud storage tools aren’t really ideal for asset distribution either.

#1 – MediaValet — The Best for Most



Best for Most

Easy-to-use and powerful, MediaValet makes organizing, sharing, editing, and publishing large, high-quality assets no trouble at all. Supported by AI-driven advanced searching and Microsoft Azure, this platform can handle asset libraries of any size or complexity.

Digital asset management only rises in importance with the size of the files you’re creating, sharing, and publishing.

That’s why big players like Experian, Hard Rock Hotel, and Razer use MediaValet.

This digital asset management platform performs well, regardless of the number of assets or users you add, allowing you to upload massive libraries in one step, even when those file groups get up into the terabytes.

It’s simple for any user to upload, with MediaValet’s drag-and-drop interface.

Once files are uploaded, organization becomes a cinch. Everything from photos and videos to 3D renderings and VR is held in the centralized, cloud-based library. MediaValet also functions as useful collaboration software—your team can collaborate on proposals, presentations, and any other documents you need within the platform.

And, with MediaValet’s AI features, you can search for assets quickly and easily, even if they aren’t tagged or named in a convenient way.

That’s because the software can intelligently pick out details in your images—like color, gender, age, objects, or text—allowing you to enter a search term and be amazed by the accuracy of the results.

The secret ingredient in MediaValet is its use of Microsoft technology. Not only is it the only digital asset management software that allows you to view and edit your document and spreadsheet assets in Word and Excel within the application, but Microsoft Azure keeps your assets secure and helps with smart tag suggestions.

Sharing assets is a breeze, as well. Files of any size can be sent to anyone within or outside of your organization, no matter the size. If need be, you can zip or compress assets within the platform.

MediaValet also allows permission-controlled downloads of your materials. Users can download and share images and videos in their preferred formats, file types, sizes, or aspect ratios. There’s even the option for color scale customization.

This streamlines internal and external asks for your assets since you can set the parameters of what others are able to download and use. Plus, you can have the software automatically add watermarks to downloaded assets.

MediaValet is customized for each client solution, so pricing isn’t immediately available. But you can reach out to the company to start a free demo of the software whenever you’d like.

Altogether, the capability and scalability of MediaValet is almost endless. Unlimited users, unlimited 24/7 support, and best-in-class security make this software a top choice for any organization dealing with large asset libraries of high-quality images, videos, and more.

Try MediaValet on for size by getting started on your free demo.

#2 – Pimcore — Best for Supporting Over 200 File Types



Best Range of File Types

Complete DAM content hub that supports 220+ file types, from videos and images to office documents and PDFs. Plus, convert video formats within the software! Top features include digital asset delivery, metadata management, and advanced workflows.

More than 82,000 businesses rely on Pimcore for digital asset management. This includes big brands like Burger King, Audi, Peugeot, and T-Mobile. So you know they know what there doing, making it best for most users looking for DAM software.

The Pimcore platform is an open-source solution for data and experience management. Digital asset management is just one of its many popular products.

As an flexible business size solution, this platform can accommodate any type and amount of digital assets. Pimcore makes it easy for organizations to reuse digital assets and optimize data dissemination at scale. It can improve your operational efficiencies with automated workflows from the initial asset production to the final distribution.

What’s fantastic is how well it can manage anything you throw at it. Not only can Pimcore handle over 200 file formats for images, videos, and documents, but you can even convert video file types within the software itself. Preview any video and convert it from or to .mp4, .mkv, .mov, and more. You can even change bitrate, resolution, and encoding type.

Some of the top features and benefits of using Pimcore for DAM include:

  • Digital asset delivery
  • Simple integration with third-party systems
  • Advanced workflow management
  • Digital asset consolidation
  • Metadata management
  • Asset portal image libraries for marketing teams

Overall, Pimcore can become your complete DAM content hub. It integrates with your PIM, CMS, and desktop publishing software as well. 

Request your free demo to get started.

#3 – Filerobot by Scaleflex — The Best for Streamlining Operations

Filerobot by Scaleflex

Filerobot by Scaleflex

Best for Streamlining Operations

Filerobot by Scaleflex is a DAM solution that works as well for developers as it does for marketers. Organize, optimize, and publish assets from a single platform. Deliver a better digital experience to every customer, with fewer headaches for your team.

Filerobot by Scaleflex is an incredibly useful DAM software for companies that publish media-heavy content across the internet. We like it a lot because it comes with Scaleflex’s media performance software, Cloudimage, which allows you to optimize your assets directly in the DAM system.

This is a huge advantage for teams that have content on their site, various social media platforms, and so on. Resize, compress, crop, and ship without having to jump into various editors.

You’ll be able to cut down on the time it takes to deliver high quality content to your audience with even faster load times. Everything you need to upload, optimize, publish, and archive can finally be managed in one place.

Filerobot by Scaleflex homepage

Another unique element of Filerobot by Scaleflex is the platform’s design, which allows you to implement it as two types of DAM:

  • Headless DAM: A developer-facing solution designed to manage a high number of media assets. Developers configure APIs to publish media assets that look good on any device, operating system, or channel.
  • Collaborative DAM: A perfect tool for content teams to coordinate their work and accelerate publishing. The Asset Hub serves as a single place for all media, making it easy to stay organized and communicate about specific assets.

The Collaborative DAM is very easy to navigate despite the fact that you can address virtually every aspect of an asset in the platform. Mark up images, leave comments, and tag the relevant team member.

You can create and track new versions of the files you optimize, set rules for eliminating duplicate assets, and add tags. It’s possible to automate much of this work by building custom workflows.

Everything you publish is delivered over Scaleflex’s worldwide content delivery network (CDN), which decreases load times even more.

If you are looking for a DAM that decreases the time it takes to publish high quality media assets, Filerobot is a great choice. Faster to create for you, faster delivered to your readers.

Request a demo of Filerobot by Scaleflex today.

#4 – Wiredrive — The Best for Digital Media Assets



Best for Digital Media Assets

Wiredrive makes it easy for creative teams to manage and distribute media assets. Benefit from robust search, filtering, bulk file tagging, and collaboration made easy.

Wiredrive is a DAM software built for creative companies. The software helps organizations share media assets and collaborate more efficiently.

From creation to distribution, Wiredrive has you covered.

The platform is trusted by big brands like Nike, Cisco, Tory Burch, FX, and more. Here’s a closer look at some of the features and benefits you’ll get with Wiredrive:

  • Robust search and filtering
  • Collaborative decision-making with reviews and approvals
  • Share branded presentations
  • Bulk file tagging with taxonomy
  • Simple search, filter, and previews
  • Integrates with tools like Adobe and Dropbox

Wiredrive makes collaboration really easy. It can act as a shared workspace for teams and projects. You’ll have full access over the user controls and permissions. Review, track, and instantly share your work through a secure platform.

You can also use Wiredrive to match your exact workflow for managing and distributing assets.

Plans start at $249 per month. Contact Wiredrive for a custom quote and try it free for 7 days.

#5 – WoodWing Assets — Best DAM Software Features


WoodWing Assets

Best DAM Features

Manage your digital assets at scale with metadata, taxonomies, and advanced search features. The software comes with enterprise-grade security, user permissions management, and SSO.

Formally known as Elvis DAM, WoodWing Assets is another popular solution in this category. The software makes it easy for organizations to create assets and enhance collaborative efforts.

With WoodWing Assets, all of your digital assets will be stored in a single location, giving you total control over how, when, and where your assets get used.

WoodWing is the smarter way to manage your assets. It’s commonly used by publishers and marketers seeking a more efficient way to create, manage, reuse, and share their content. Compared to other DAM software on the market, WingWing is arguably the most feature-rich tool that you’ll find.

  • Complete control over user permissions
  • Metadata, taxonomies, and flags
  • Powerful search
  • Collaborative design tools
  • Fast publishing
  • Automated versioning
  • Drag-and-drop file uploads
  • Brand portals
  • Ability to publish files from anywhere
  • Enterprise-grade security and SSO

The list goes on and on. WoodWing Assets integrates with tools like Adobe Creative Cloud and gives you the ability to manage the usage rights for your content. 

Contact WoodWing for a quote to get started.

#6 – Nuxeo — The Best Custom DAM Software



Best Custom DAM Software

Low-code platform with API-first architecture allows for complete customization. Leverage AI, automated workflows, and asset audit trails with this DAM.

Nuxeo is a bit unique compared to other DAM solutions on our list. It’s a low-code platform with a configurable API that allows for complete customization.

Big brands like Fox, L’Oreal, EA, and CVS all rely on Nuxeo for asset management.

If a traditional DAM is too rigid to meet your organization’s complex needs, Nuxeo is a highly flexible alternative that should be taken into consideration. You can use this platform to manage the complete creative lifecycle of your business that adapts as your needs change. 

The API-first architecture gives you the power to change the way your content is managed on the fly. Customize your workflows and use AI to make predictions and see real-world relationships between your assets, projects, and products.

Other top features of Nuxeo include:

  • Bulk upload
  • Supports 3D and 360-degree assets
  • Automated workflows
  • Simple search and asset discover at scale
  • Publishing tools for finished assets
  • Asset audit trail

In short, Nuxeo can be anything you want it to be. The low-code nature of the platform allows you to customize it in any way that you see fit. 

Request a demo to get started with Nuxeo. 

#7 – MediaBeacon — The Best for Marketing Teams



Best for Marketing Teams

Enterprise DAM software with custom metadata fields, digital rights management, and asset tracking. Open API and 24/7 customer support.

MediaBeacon is trusted by well-known brands like Mercedes-Benz and Showtime. 

This enterprise-grade platform is designed to help marketers improve the process for asset creation, locating digital assets, and distributing those assets. 

MediaBeacon is extremely versatile. It’s used in a wide range of industries, like retail, food and beverage, media, entertainment, pharmaceuticals, consumer packaged goods, and more. 

Here’s a closer look at the features and benefits you’ll get with this solution:

  • Enterprise-grade security
  • Advanced search
  • Customizable metadata fields
  • Digital rights management
  • BPM (business process management) workflows
  • Asset tracking and ROI

You can connect this tool to any of your systems with a robust open API. MediaBeacon even provides training and certification so your entire team can learn how to use the system. They also provide 24/7 support.

Book your free demo to get started. 

#8 – Image Relay — The Best for Smaller Teams and Content Creators

Image Relay

Image Relay

Best for Small Teams and Content Creators

Image Relay has plans for small teams and individual users. Manage user permissions, license control, and metadata fields from anywhere.

While most of the DAM solutions on our list are made for large organizations, Image Relay can accommodate the needs of smaller teams.

If you’re a content creator or managing digital assets for a small business, Image Relay will improve your process and make it easy for you to distribute assets as well. 

Image Relay positions its software as a way for professionals to get their time back. It eliminates tedious tasks like complex searches and file requests. Even with the entry-level plan for individual users, you can grant view, search, and download permissions to an unlimited number of people.

Some of the top features available from Image Relay include:

  • User permissions
  • Metadata fields
  • Tagging tools
  • Branded portals
  • Access from any device or browser
  • 99.9% uptime
  • Supports any file type (including 4k video)
  • Full file previews
  • License control
  • Asset expiration management tool
  • View-only and download restrictions

Image Relay seamlessly integrates with Zapier, so you can connect your DAM software with 1,000+ third-party apps like Salesforce, Instagram, Google Drive, and more.

Plans start at just $99 per month. Try it free for 14 days.

#9 – Brandfolder — The Best for Digital Asset Distribution



Best for Digital Asset Distribution

Brandfolder provides scalable distribution and user permissions for your digital assets. It even uses AI and ML to identify your top-performing content.

Brandfolder is a safe and secure, cloud-based DAM solution. This software can become your central source of truth for digital asset management.

More than 5,000 brands, including industry leaders like Mastercard, Credit Karma, and Waste Management all rely on Brandfolder for DAM.

I like Brandfolder because the software uses artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to help you track who is using your content and how it’s being used. The software will automatically identify your highest-performing content. 

Other top features and benefits of Brandfolder include:

  • Ability to offer templated assets
  • Scalable distribution
  • Privacy controls
  • User permissioning
  • Extensive list of integrations

The software is used by agencies, retailers, manufacturers, sports organizations, franchises, tech teams, and more. It also has user-specific solutions segmented by roles like CMOs, brand managers, marketers, and creative operators.

To get started, contact Brandfolder to request a free quote.

Methodology For Choosing The Best Digital Asset Management Software

With so many DAM tools to choose from, narrowing down your options to just one can be challenging. This is the methodology that you should use to evaluate the tools in this category. So as you’re shopping around, make sure to take the following factors into consideration:

Business Size

The vast majority of DAM software is built for enterprise-sized organizations. However, there are plenty of tools on the market for small content creation teams and even solo users.

So the easiest way to start narrowing down your options is by determining what business size the software is designed for. The plan terms, user minimums, and pricing should help you figure out if the tool in question is right for your company size. 

End Users

Who exactly will be using the DAM software?

Will it be used by your marketing team? Are you a small business owner who will be using it on your own? Is the software for your brand manager or is it for a developer?

All of these examples would require different solutions based on the end-user. Lots of tools are clearly branded for specific users, while others can be fully customized to accommodate your needs.

Types of Digital Assets

What types of assets are you working with?

It’s worth noting that not all DAM solutions will support all file types. Basic files like images, videos, audio, and other simple documents will likely be supported on all platforms. However, if you have complex files, take the extra time to ensure that the software in question can manage your assets. I’m referring to digital assets like 3D files, panoramic files, AR files, VR files, etc. 

Look beyond your current asset library. You need to make sure the software you choose will support assets you’ll be creating in the future as well. 

Primary Use Case

Generally speaking, “asset management” is a pretty broad category. But your plan for those assets will help determine what software is right for you.

For example, some tools are just made for storing and accessing massive quantities of media assets that never change. Other platforms are made for organizing frequently changing assets. There are tools for managing product images, logos, and other sales materials. Some DAM software is made for digital asset distribution to third parties like clients and retailers. 

The features provided by the platform will vary based on the use case. For example, organizations that distribute digital assets will definitely want features for managing the rights of the content. But this is unnecessary if you’re just looking for a place to store files at scale. 



Best for Most

Easy-to-use and powerful, MediaValet makes organizing, sharing, editing, and publishing large, high-quality assets no trouble at all. Supported by AI-driven advanced searching and Microsoft Azure, this platform can handle asset libraries of any size or complexity.


The market is flooded with great solutions for digital asset management. But with so many options to choose from, we’d narrow your focus to the tools recommended in this guide.

For us, the best bang for most people’s buck comes with MediaValet. It’s both easy to use and powerful, offer the best step up to digital asset management software for organizations and teams that haven’t been using it previously.

From individual users and small teams to large organizations and enterprises, this article contains something for everyone.

You can always refer back to our work in this post to guide your ultimate DAM software decision.

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