Best Construction Project Management Software

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Disclosure: This content is reader-supported, which means if you click on some of our links that we may earn a commission.

Construction projects are some of the most hectic. Managing hundreds of contractors, facing hard deadlines, and enormous costs come with the territory. There’s little room for error. Our detailed research uncovered the best option for most construction businesses is Procore due to its ease of use and tailored features.

The Best Construction Project Management Software for Most 

Procore logo


Best for Most

Powerful, cloud-based project oversight is yours with Procore. Make coordination, document sharing, field management, and more easy with this construction PM platform.

Procore provides everything that you need to eliminate surprises, coordinate multiple teams across multiple projects, and track results in real-time. Better yet, it will do all this and more with convenient cloud-based software. Meaning you can manage your construction project from anywhere.

Important information will never get lost in communication as Procore makes it easy for diversified teams to work together by eliminating silos and establishing a single source of information. 

The Best Construction Project Management Software Options to Consider 

  1. Smartsheet – Best for Project Efficiency
  2. Procore – Best for Most 
  3. eSUB Subcontractor Software – Best for Subcontractors
  4. CoConstruct – Best for Home Builders
  5. Fieldwire – Best for Jobsite Coordination
  6. PlanGrid – Best for Blueprints and Document Management
  7. STACK – Best for Estimating

When It Makes Sense to Invest Into Construction Project Management Software 

It’s understandable that construction project management software can come with a hefty price tag. But what’s it costing you if you don’t stay organized and finish your project on-time on above budget? Or if you’re spending most of your time putting out fires or scouring emails for a single piece of information? 

It makes sense to start investing in construction project management software if:

  • You are struggling to keep up with change orders.
  • You’re manually tracking job costs, and the figures are not adding up.
  • You’re manually estimating with the help of a spreadsheet, often leading to missed costs or inaccuracies in projections.
  • You are spending tons of time on reporting and accounting instead of managing your project.
  • You have no current system to assist you with tasks such as day-to-day planning or issue management.

The good news is, there are some tools out there with a lower price tag or that offer free trials, so you can get a feel of how the software can make your life easier before you commit.

But we think that after reading this, you’ll know whether or not you need construction project management software in your life (and we think you’ll agree that you do!).

Alright, let’s get started!

#1 – Smartsheet — The Best For Project Efficiency 

Smartsheet Logo


Best for Project Efficiency

Boost the efficiency of your construction jobs with Smartsheet by gaining better visibility of issues and needs.

Most people in construction would agree that construction is the ultimate “get it done” industry. There is always something that needs to be done, and quickly. If you’re looking for software that will help you maximize your projects’ efficiency, Smartsheet is the one for you. 

Smartsheet is a project management software relied upon by many of the world’s largest construction companies. It helps them to stay productive and communicate effectively with a spreadsheet-like interface.  

Smartsheet’s project scheduling solution allows you clear visibility over the entire project. You can match tasks to suitable employees, as well as set start times, buffer, and lead times, ensuring ultimate transparency on project deadlines. 

Some other things Smartsheet will assist you with are:

  • Capture issues in real-time
  • Increase collaboration among project teams, vendors, and clients
  • Reduce testing and inspection errors with collaborative solutions
  • Improve job satisfaction by maintaining transparency between client and crews

Smartsheet is an excellent option for small companies or growing organizations. Their standard pricing plans start from just $21 per month for an individual or $37 per user per month for a business. They also have plans to suit larger organizations underneath their enterprise pricing. 

You can try Smartsheet for free today. 

#2 – Procore — The Best For Most 

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Best for Most

Powerful, cloud-based project oversight is yours with Procore. Make coordination, document sharing, field management, and more easy with this construction PM platform.

Procore is a cloud-based construction project management software trusted by over 1.3 million users. It’s an all-in-one project management powerhouse explicitly tailored to the construction industry. 

Procore’s platform is easy, which allows you to manage projects, resources, and financials from the initial project planning stages through completion. The platform seamlessly connects project contributors such as owners, head contractors, and subcontractors, all in one centralized dashboard. 

Some other great features Procore has to offer include:

  • Exchange data and documents in real-time across multiple companies
  • Project management features such as field productivity tools
  • Built-in quality and safety protocols
  • Design coordination tools
  • Access to over 250+ integrations and apps
  • Excellent customer support extended via phone, email, knowledge bases, and online chat

The only downside to Procore we’ve discovered is that the price may be a touch out of reach if you’re just starting out in construction. However, they do offer three pricing plans in an effort to provide an option for every budget. 

Plans start at $667 per month, billed annually. No matter which plan you choose, you’ll receive access to unlimited users, unlimited documents, photos and data, and unrivaled customer support. 

If you want to see Procore in action, you can request a demo. 

#3 – eSUB Subcontractor Software — The Best For Subcontractors

eSUB logo


Best for Subcontractors

Manage an array of subcontractors with ease through eSUB’s project management software. Track and log actions and maintain accountability all in one dashboard.

As the name suggests, eSUB was specifically designed with commercial subcontractors in mind. It will help you to manage day-to-day operations and standardize project management procedures so users can stay up to date with their workload in real-time.

Something we love about eSUB is the built-in accountability features designed to help navigate the risks that can come with being a subcontractor. eSUB’s project management module allows users to create, log, and track important documents such as requests for information (RFIs) and change orders. 

Add in the feature of two-way communication with the receiving party, and subcontractors have a platform for fast turnaround of RFIs and flags for late responses, letting the accountability for project continuance, or delay, rest where appropriate. 

Some other notable benefits of eSUB include:

  • Cloud-based software also available in mobile app
  • Automates labor tracking and communication
  • Timecard module tracks subcontractors’ hours and labor costs
  • Capture field notes and complete daily reports in minutes
  • User-friendly interface

eSUB starts with loads of core features to suit all your construction needs and offers add-ons to assist your business as it grows. Contact eSUB directly for a free demo and pricing. 

#4 – CoConstruct — The Best For Home Builders

CoConstruct logo


Best for Home Builders

As the construction software built specifically for home builders, CoConstruct offers you the tools you need to build and remodel with fewer headaches.

In 2004, the founder of CoConstruct hired a custom home builder to build their new home. The process was “an endless, horrific mess.” Hence, CoContruct was born, built from the ground up, especially for home builders and remodelers. 

This construction project management software will give you everything you need, all in one place. You can coordinate your project, communicate with clients and your crew, and control your financials. 

One particularly cool feature of CoConstruct is that you have access to a mobile app. This app not only lets you run your projects from anywhere but will also impress your prospects. You’ll be able to add to-do’s, clock in, manage shift schedules, and communicate with all parties at all times. 

Some other things you’ll be able to do with CoConstruct include:

  • Track jobsite and activity progress 
  • Streamline bidding
  • Track change orders and expenses
  • Invoice your clients
  • Budget and forecast project costs
  • Share files and photos

With CoConstruct, you’ll never be left out in the cold. All pricing plans include a dedicated implementation coach, custom branding to match your builder’s website, and ongoing phone and online support. 

You can get started for as little as $49 per month for up to two months while you learn the ropes and decide which features you can and can’t live without. 

#5 – Fieldwire — The Best For Jobsite Coordination

Fieldwire logo


Best for Jobsite Coordination

When you have many workers deployed to job sites, Fieldwire is the software you need to coordinate with everyone and make sure projects are on schedule.

Fieldwire is a leading field management solution for construction teams of all sizes. In a nutshell, it’s a hub where the entire project team comes together to collaborate. 

Fieldwire makes jobsite coordination a breeze with its task management and scheduling features. 

Project-specific tasks are organized around plans and trades, making it easy for engineers, supervisors, and contractors to stay on top of their workload and optimize their schedule two to three weeks in advance. 

The software’s scheduling side allows users to organize, assign, and schedule tasks via a Kanban priority, Gantt chart, or calendar view. Furthermore, you’ll be able to action these tasks from any device, meaning no job will ever fall through the cracks. 

Some other great features of Fieldwire include:

  • Plan management
  • Easy document and photo sharing
  • Real-time messaging
  • Generate a range of reports instantly and automatically
  • Powerful issue tracking for quicker site inspections and walk-throughs

Fieldwire is an excellent construction project management solution, even for the smallest of teams. They have a free plan suitable for teams with up to five users, and paid plans start at $29 per user per month. You can check out all of their plans on their website. 

#6 – PlanGrid — Best for Blueprints and Document Management

PlanGrid logo


Best for Document Management

On construction jobs, everyone needs to be working off of the same plan. Eliminate miscoordination and mistakes with PlanGrid’s PM software.

While PlanGrid is not a comprehensive construction project management software, it is an excellent choice for those looking for the perfect place to store their never-ending stacks of construction documents. 

It’s easy to use, lightning-fast, and built for the field. Created with specialty contractors and design teams in mind, PlanGrid provides project teams with access to all project drawings, blueprints, and related documents such as specifications, shop drawings, and progress photos. 

You’ll keep the entire project team in the loop with the ability to markup and make amendments to plans in the field via the tablet or mobile app. If you’re not ready to make significant changes to the plans, you can attach notes and photos for the project team to view and make revisions.

Some other key features of PlanGrid include:

  • Hyperlink any contract documents including RFIs or specs from your blueprints
  • Easy handover with comprehensive as-built reports
  • Pin issues to specific locations and track them end-to-end
  • Easily overlay different blueprint versions to spot differences

PlanGrid is user-friendly and boasts strong customer service, so we know you’ll be in good hands. Pricing starts from $39 per month for 550 sheets. Start your 21-day free trial today. 

#7 – STACK — The Best For Estimating 

STACK logo


Best for Estimating

Gain laser accuracy into estimating job costs for clients with STACK, helping you to win more bids and exceed expectations.

As you know, planning and accuracy are two critical components of construction project management. These elements can also easily fall victim to human inaccuracies, spelling trouble for your project’s success.

Enter STACK, a cloud-based solution designed to be your all-in-one go-to for a simplified pre-construction process. It offers a hub for centralized plan management, team collaboration, document sharing, and project reporting. 

Where STACK stands out is its estimating capabilities. With this construction project management software, you’ll no longer spend hours manually measuring and calculating the quantity of material required for project takeoff. 

STACK will help you to measure digital plans and calculate required quantities in a heartbeat. You can then export these details to Excel with a single click. 

Some other features STACK has to offer include:

  • Sophisticated document management sorted by discipline
  • Overlay multiple drawings
  • Collaborate and connect with your team at any time
  • Increase speed and eliminate mistakes with digital plans
  • Create professional proposals that are sure to win you the client

STACK is suitable for subcontractors, general contractors, or suppliers, and manufacturers. They offer a range of pricing packages starting at $1,999 per year for single estimators. If their pricing plans don’t suit your team, they’ll custom build a package especially for you. 

If STACK sounds like the one for you, you can give it a try for free. 

Methodology For Choosing The Best Construction Project Management Software

Construction is a far-reaching and wide-ranging industry that encompasses many different trades and workers. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that there are so many software options out there for construction project management. 

Some of the software listed today, such as Procore and Smartsheet, are wide-reaching and suitable for just about any construction business. While others, such as eSUB and CoConstruct, tighten their focus a little more. 

So, knowing which construction project management software to pick is inevitably going to boil down to two things:

  1. What your specialty is and whether the software will support your specific needs, and
  2. Whether you want software that is highly focused or prefer an all-in-one construction management powerhouse.

While you ponder those thoughts during your research, you should also consider the following when choosing the best software for you.

Desktop or Cloud-Based Softwares

Every single software listed here today is cloud-based, meaning you can have it up and running in no time at all and take it with you wherever you go. Handy right?

But, not all software is cloud-based – some are built to be installed on your desktop. And in our opinion, when it comes to any type of project management, the benefits of cloud-based software will trump desktop-based every single time. 

Project management is a fluid process. Being able to change schedules, adjust project plans, and delegate tasks on the fly means you’ll always have a finger on the pulse of your project. 

Reliable Job Costing & Accounting Features

This is not something that we’ve mentioned heavily today, as all of the best construction project management software does feature this. But having access to reliable job costing and accounting features is really important to your project’s financial success. 

The last thing you need is to be going over the project budget again and again due to budgeting and forecasting inaccuracies. 

A good construction management software will be able to weed out any human inaccuracies related to finances, track labor and material costs as the project progresses, and easily generate key financial reports. 

Strong Project Management Capabilities

Construction managers’ roles and responsibilities can vary significantly, but almost all of them will have to deal with some project management. 

While most construction management software does include project management capabilities (even those that specialize in document sharing or estimating), it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re built for that purpose. 

So, if you want your software to provide real-time updates, automatically generate project-wide reports, or track issues for you, you should definitely consider looking for a construction project management solution that does precisely that.

Procore logo


Best for Most

Powerful, cloud-based project oversight is yours with Procore. Make coordination, document sharing, field management, and more easy with this construction PM platform.


At the end of the day, the best construction project management software for you is that one that ticks all of your important boxes. 

For some, this may be a simple project management solution that focuses on a particular task like estimating or managing blueprints. If this is you, we’d recommend you consider specialized software such as PlanGrid or STACK. 

For others, it may be an end-to-end construction project management solution that takes away the majority of their project headaches. In this instance, we’d recommend you consider software like Procore, CoConstruct, or Fieldwire. 

Regardless of which software you choose, don’t forget to consider our methodology to help you dial in on what’s most important to you in your construction project management software, and wherever possible, try before you buy!

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