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Website owners have an option: create AI content, or employ human writers and editors. Although the idea of taking advantage of artificial intelligence is anything but recent, the best way for businesses to use it is still up for debate.

AIContentfy is an AI content generation tool that attempts to speed up the process of creating content. AIContentfy promises to create high-quality content in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost. However, this type of service won’t work for everyone.

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AIContentfy: The Good and the Bad

Using an AI service quickly to generate an avalanche of content for you cost effectively may seem like a simple decision.

However, there are some drawbacks to using this type of service. Like other AI-generated content services, AIContentfy has plenty of pros and cons.

What AIContentfy Is Good At

Generating articles is incredibly easy: AIContentfy makes it extremely easy to create content for website owners who simply don’t have time to generate content traditionally.

First, pick a topic keyword. Then AIContentfy generates a list of additional related keywords, as well as secondary topics that you may want to add to the article.

From there, AIContentfy creates an editable outline with H2 and H3 headlines. Or you can have it generate the content immediately after creating the outline. It will place an image at the top of the article, although the relevancy of the images on the test articles was hit and miss.

The entire process only takes a couple of minutes if you accept all of AIContentfy’s suggestions.

Edit whatever you want with generic articles: Even though the test articles AIContentfy generated for us had odd formatting with bullet lists, many articles are of a good enough quality that you may not have to do a lot of editing to end up with decent pieces of content.

One smart way to make use of AIContentfy would be to publish large numbers of articles. You may have some formatting errors and inaccurate information, but you can feel comfortable publishing the articles after minor revisions.

Afterwards, you can go back and do detailed editing on certain articles that have traction with search engines and site visitors.

Screenshot of AIContentfy test article for "10 Effective Strategies for Improving Sales in Your Small Business."

Edit your articles your way: With AIContentfy, you will probably need to spend more time editing niche, complex articles than those covering general topics. The good news is, AIContentfy gives you options for migrating articles into another piece of editing software, including:

  • Downloading as a word processing document
  • Downloading as an HTML formatted file
  • Publishing directly through your CMS

You also can edit directly in the AIContentfy content generation window, automatically saving changes while maintaining a copy of the article on your account. However, most people will prefer downloading into another editing format, as the AIContentfy editor is extremely basic.

If you want to have different copies of your article, track changes, or go back to an older version, the AIContentfy content editor doesn’t do this for you. You’ll have to download the content and save it in another format.

Help with SEO results: Even though AIContentfy is a content-generation service, it also can help you improve your SEO results by finding internal links on your website and generating content for you automatically.

Search engines will rank your content higher when you have internal links, helping you move up the rankings list.

Depending on the subscription model you select, AIContentfy can also help you obtain backlinks from other high-quality, trusted websites. This is a key to improving your site’s search rankings and to becoming more authoritative on preferred topics.

You also can receive a free email course on SEO from AIContentfy, helping you learn more about how to make the most of SEO.

Integrating your preferred CMS: AIContentfy can work with your preferred CMS, including HubSpot, Webflow,, and, to automatically send the content it generates for immediate publishing.

Rather than copying and pasting the content from within the AIContentfy content editor, you can speed up the process through integrations. This will be a key benefit for many subscribers who are almost certainly using AIContentfy to save time with content generation.

AIContentfy interface with integrations options listed, including HubSpot, Webflow,, and

Once you integrate with your CMS, AIContentfy will begin to create internal links for your articles for you. It cannot generate the internal links without this integration.

AIContentfy may add more integrations for Squarespace, Wix, and others in the future.

Go beyond basic content generation: You can create specialized settings for generating items in your content beyond the text by accessing the Settings window. The items you can control, some of which are currently in beta testing, include:

  • Language: Select among dozens of different languages in which to generate your content.
  • Automatic screenshots: AIContentfy will identify brand names in your content and then can automatically add screenshots of the brand’s website to the article.
  • Add images: Add stock photos or AI-generated artwork.
  • Image style and size: You can pick between more than a dozen stylistic preferences and colors for your images from AIContentfy, or select the preferred image ratio and size in pixels.
  • Internal links: You can tell AIContentfy if you want to add internal links—or a certain amount—automatically to each article.

AIContentfy’s Potential Drawbacks

Strange pricing model: AIContentfy’s doesn’t give enough details about how its pricing plans work. This is, unfortunately, a common theme.

Rather than just charging you a certain amount per article, it uses a complex credits system to allow customers to purchase articles.

AIContentfy’s full SEO management process subscription and its link building subscription also don’t include a lot of details. These other services allow you to contact the sales team, but it seems the only option to make this connection is via email.

AIContentfy service pricing with two options shown, including Link building subscription and Full done-for-you SEO.

It’s difficult to determine whether you’re receiving a good deal by relying on the information listed on the website. You’ll probably need to have an email conversation with the sales team to determine whether AIContentfy is going to deliver the services that your particular website needs at a reasonable price.

Quality of AI-generated content: Although AI-generated content like AIContentfy’s is sure to improve in future years, it often presents inaccurate, biased information with the possibility of plagiarism.

After running a few test articles with AIContentfy, the content appeared to be of a good quality, despite a few formatting and structure problems that needed cleaning up before publishing. Topics didn’t have a lot of expert in-depth information, either.

It is a little odd that the SEO management subscription option gives you 100 AI-generated articles and five human-optimized articles. By including human-optimized articles, it almost seems as though AIContentfy doesn’t fully trust the ability of its AI content generator to fully optimize the articles.

Lack of details: Even though AIContentfy provides multiple case studies and graphics to describe how its service is helping various entities have success with AI-generated content, they are missing key details.

There’s no reason to doubt the accuracy of this data. However, It doesn’t always specify whether the websites in the case studies had some or no content before using AIContentfy.

You can sign up for a free test and create a few articles on your own to see whether the quality will match your website’s needs. But the site doesn’t have examples of the AI-generated content that AIContentfy creates, so it’s hard to get a feel for the quality yourself.

Besides that, the site doesn’t mention the length of articles that it creates other than to say that one credit will purchase one article. For our test articles, the length ranged from 2,000 words to 3,500 words, with no option to set a word count beforehand.

Landing page for AIContentfy results with a button to read full case study.

Struggles with complex topics: During our testing, the more complex and focused the topic of the article, the more AIContentfy struggled to generate a highly informative piece of content.

Generic content usually produces better AI content in our experience than an article in a niche topic that requires the touch of an expert to drill down into relevant details. This is no surprise.

For example, AIContently handled a generic test article about improving sales for a small business well without too much detailed information. However, another test article discussing specific tips for raising a puppy for a particular dog breed did not have enough details on that breed. Most of the article covered basic puppy-raising tips.

Another test article on wagering on football discussed wagering on both soccer and American football in the same article. AIContentfy combined both topics, creating a confusing piece of content that would not impress your website visitors without extensive editing.

AIContentfy Plans and Pricing

AIContentfy has a few different features available with different pricing plans for each one. At this point, AIContentfy is not offering a monthly subscription for its AI-generated content and long-form articles. Tts marketing materials indicate it may offer such features in the future.

AIContentfy pricing with a list of tiers that include 1-50, 51-100, and 100+.

AI Content Tier

At this level, customers can purchase credits that they can use to exchange for long-form articles generated with AI. One credit generates one long-form article. You’ll pay:

  • $1 per credit for 1 to 50 credits
  • $0.75 per credit for 51 to 100 credits
  • $0.50 per credit for more than 100 credits

This is strange pricing to say the least. If you ordered 50 credits, you’d pay $50. If you ordered 51 credits, you’d pay $38.25. Go figure. Additionally, it’s not overly clear from the website how you purchase credits, so you’ll have to email the AIContentfy sales team for more information.

In the process of creating an AI-generated long-form article, you get:

  • Content based on a single keyword topic and on additional keywords
  • Internal links created automatically
  • Inclusion of stock photos or AI-generated images

You can try the AI-generated content tier for free when you sign up for an account after providing your email address. You also can receive free credits by creating backlinks to the AIContentfy site, and you receive access to a free keyword research tool and priority support when you purchase credits.

AIContentfy says it is able to offer volume discounts through the use of credits, but it should be able to offer such discounts through direct payments as well.

Link Building Tier

For $80 per month per link, you can purchase an AIContentfy link building subscription package. These backlinks will come from websites with a minimum domain rating of 50 on Ahrefs SEO metrics.

The service generates contextually relevant links and unique links for you. Nevertheless, you have to contact the AIContentfy sales team to purchase this subscription tier.

Full SEO Tier

AIContentfy offers a full SEO management service subscription for $950 per month. Subscribe to this tier and receive some benefits from the other two pricing tiers, plus:

  • 100 AI-generated articles per month
  • Five backlinks
  • Five human-optimized articles
  • Keyword strategy suggestions
  • A monthly SEO audit of your website

You are under no contract with this pricing tier, and you can cancel it at any time. However, you do have to contact the sales team to sign up

Of course, if you just purchased 101 AI-generated content pieces with credits, you’d only pay $50.50. It’s not entirely clear whether the other benefits you’d receive are worth the additional $899.50 of your monthly subscription cost. Clearly, the pricing structures are strange for all of AIContentfy’s services.

Final Thoughts

AIContentfy product landing page with text that reads "Effortless content generation."

If you need more long-form content for your website and don’t have the time to create it on your own, AIContentfy is worth considering. Just make sure you clearly understand the pricing structure before you proceed.

As long as your website doesn’t focus on extremely niche or complex topics, AIContentfy should be able to deliver enough decent, generic content to keep your website growing. However, Its pricing structure seems extremely odd and its content certainly isn’t perfect. AIContentfy certainly appears to be a lifeline for a website that needs to scale content generation immediately.

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