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Creating a storefront that’s fast for your customers and easy to build for you—that’s a challenge. It’s even harder if you’re a small or medium-sized business without dedicated coders.

With Aasaan’s zero-code platform, you can create a digital store with no coding expertise at all. Plus, it uses AI to help you build and manage your store from day one. We’ll help you decide if you want to subscribe.

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Aasaan: The Good and the Bad

Aasaan offers quite a few benefits for novices and experienced online businesses alike, with features like sales predictions, a Help Center, and more. But it’s not a perfect fit for everyone.

We’ll break down the advantages and disadvantages of this service to help you determine whether it fits your needs.

What Aasaan Is Good At

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AI store-building: Thanks to artificial intelligence, Aasaan does a good job simplifying the process of building your ecommerce store. Some of the AI-powered features include:

  • Creating product descriptions that incorporate SEO
  • Rewriting existing product descriptions
  • Generating images to use with your product listings
  • Monitoring the actions of your users to help them find related products
  • Delivering a more personalized shopping experience

Predicting sales trends: Aasaan also harnesses AI to measure the number of visitors to your store and their browsing and buying habits. When you pair this information with overall market trends for other ecommerce sites, Aasaan can generate predictions about how your sales may trend in the short- and long-term.

These predictions are generated automatically, so it’s easy to decide what kinds and quantities of products to purchase without worrying about inventory. They also help you determine whether you need to increase your marketing spend or offer discounts to boost sales.

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Useful Help Center: When it comes time to start setting up your digital store, Aasaan spells out the steps. You can watch how-to videos, read step-by-step guides, and look at screenshots to figure out what you need to do in the Help Center.

Despite this feature, we found that the Aasaan website doesn’t provide a lot of detailed information on the service’s features on the whole. There is certainly room for improvement, but the Help Center can be useful for novices in search of guidance.

Simplified store management features: On Aasaan, it’s easy to manage your product catalog while also creating useful product descriptions and images that grab the attention of your customers. The customer experience is always a top priority.

On top of that, Aasaan makes it easier for visitors to check out quickly because it streamlines the loading of your store pages and product pages. The entire process of selecting products, setting up shipping, and placing your order is smooth, ensuring customers are more likely to return in the future.

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AI assistant for basic tasks: The Aasaan AI assistant is a helpful tool for reducing the amount of tedious tasks you have to do on your online store. It will build out categories, remove background clutter on a photo, or add new photos for you, for instance.

The assistant isn’t perfect, so you may want to redo or edit some of its changes if you’re not completely happy with the result. Nevertheless, it can save you quite a bit of time over the long run.

SEO help: Aasaan can help out if newcomers are struggling to take full advantage of SEO when starting out, driving more organic traffic to your online store.

Aasaan provides a lot of guidance when it comes to search engine optimization. It will ensuring proper SEO techniques are available in your site’s:

  • Meta tags
  • Meta titles
  • Meta descriptions
  • URL structure
  • Canonical tags
  • Structured data markup
  • Product descriptions

Additionally, Aasaan can organize your sitemap to ensure that search engines find your pages efficiently. Having the right hierarchical structure in your website is a big advantage for improving organic search results.

Aasaan landing page to get started for free or sign up with Google.

Simplify building your product catalog: Aasaan delivers several features to help you grow your catalog of products, such as importing product data through spreadsheet files or APIs.

You can then make bulk edits to your product SKUs or product categories, ensuring you have continuity throughout the store. Or, you can set up bulk pricing for certain products or categories. You can even create product coupons that are available to certain customers or customers that spend a minimum amount.

Lastly, Aasaan lets you set up cross-selling opportunities and upsells within individual product pages. You can select these options manually or have Aasaan create them for you.

Aasaan’s Potential Drawbacks

Aasaan analytics feature with a button to contact sales.

Unclear what analytics you receive: Aasaan offers some analytics, but it doesn’t do a great job explaining the precise information that you receive.

Some of the links about analytics on the site simply send you to a page where you can sign up for a sales demo, for instance. Inside the Help Center, discussions about analytics usually revolve around using third-party analytics apps instead of Aasaan.

Subscribing to the analytics tracking features in Aasaan costs extra. The starting rate is $20 per month for 100,000 monthly page views. You also have to contact customer service to determine your exact cost, which is based on page views.

Limited customer service options: The only customer service option available in the Aasaan Standard, Premium, and Business pricing tiers is email and chat support.

To receive priority support and a dedicated account manager, you need to subscribe to the Enterprise tier, which is only available when you contact the sales team directly. Aasaan does not list a price for this tier on their site.

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Mobile app access only in upper pricing tiers: Unfortunately, you can’t manage your digital storefront through an iOS or Android mobile app unless you subscribe to the Business tier or higher.

Aasaan Plans and Pricing

Three plan options with prices shown for Aasaan.

With Aasaan, you have four pricing tiers to choose from, paying month-by-month or annually. You’re free to switch from one plan to another in the middle of your subscription period with access to new features immediately. The new pricing plan will go into effect right away, though you will not receive a refund for any unused portions of a subscription if you cancel.

Aasaan does not have any setup or transaction fees when you create your storefront. You also do not have to pay extra to use themes or templates from the Aasaan library.

You can take advantage of a seven-day free trial period and begin selling items immediately. The free trial period is available for any pricing tier.


The Standard tier gives you access to the Aasaan page builder and the theme and template library. You can use one template and two commerce integrations, sell up to 500 products on your storefront, and offer discount coupons.

You receive SSL security and SEO features in this tier as well as abandoned cart recovery services. 250 GB of storage are included with your subscription, an amount that remains the same at every tier. Aasaan also provides 24/7 email and chat customer support.

You’ll pay $24 per month on the monthly plan or $216 per year with the annual package, which is a 25% discount over the course of a year.


Here, you receive all the Standard tier features along with a few upgrades such as no limits on the number of products and variants you can offer in your digital store.

You can also use up to three storefront templates and build up to five custom pages in the Premium tier. You’ll also be able to add a custom domain name and your own branding to the site.

Inside your store, you can offer advanced shipping features for customers, as well as wholesale and group pricing. You can have up to 10 commerce integrations.

You’ll pay $75 on the month-to-month plan in the Premium tier or $600 for the year with the annual option, which adds up to a 33% discount.


The Business tier contains everything in the Premium tier plus access to iOS and Android mobile apps.

Beyond that, you can use up to five templates and 10 custom pages on your digital storefront and as many as 15 commerce integrations.

This tier is especially helpful for developers, who receive access to the backend API and up to five configurable webhooks. You can customize your monthly API request and API usage limits to meet your needs.

The Business tier costs $199 per month on the monthly plan, or $1,980 with the annual plan. Paying annually will net you a discount of about 17% versus paying month-to-month.


If you need instant access to technical support and you would like to customize some of the service’s features, the Enterprise tier is where to start.

The price of this plan isn’t publicized on the website, but it is based on the number of features you’d like to use. Reach out to the Aasaan sales team to learn about your options.

With an Enterprise subscription, you receive all the features in the Business tier along with a few extras primarily related to customer support. Notably, you gain access to priority support and a dedicated account manager.

Here are some of the features you can customize in this tier:

  • Number of templates in use
  • Number of custom pages
  • Number of commerce integrations
  • Monthly API requests
  • API usage limits
  • Configurable webhooks

Final Thoughts

Aasaan homepage.

Those new to building a digital storefront can glean a lot from Aasaan. You don’t need to learn coding to get started, and you have access to numerous advanced features thanks to Aasaan’s AI-driven features.

Larger businesses that need detailed analytics and significant customized features are probably going to need more, however. These more demanding customers could also try the Enterprise tier, if interested. Ultimately, newcomers and smaller businesses are going to receive the greatest benefit from this service.

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