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From determining the best ways to connect with prospects to finding accurate contact information, sourcing quality leads can take a ton of time and energy. Fortunately, thanks to useArtemis, finding the right leads and reaching out to them doesn’t have to be so laborious.

As a lead generation tool, useArtemis does a lot of things well. It also has some room for improvement, but for what it’s worth, you may find it fits your lead intelligence needs.

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useArtemis: The Good and the Bad

When it comes to lead generation software, sales and marketing professionals have almost too many choices. With useArtemis, businesses can expect a powerful tool that combines ample features—including LinkedIn scraping—with a user-friendly design. However, while it has many positive aspects, it also has some notable shortcomings.

What useArtemis Is Good At

Google Chrome extension: Finding contact information for your prospects shouldn’t require hours of digging through search results and company websites. For sales and marketing professionals, every minute spent manually searching is time not connecting with potential customers.

That’s why useArtemis allows you to extract lead information and export organized prospect data straight from your browser with just one click. No more copying and pasting bits of information from various sources, and no more toggling between tabs and spreadsheets. useArtemis simplifies the entire process so you can focus on building relationships.

useArtemis extension for a LinkedIn search.

The Chrome browser extension effortlessly captures names, job titles, phone numbers, emails, and linked social profiles from any search result or company site. With useArtemis, prospect details are automatically aggregated into a spreadsheet ready for outreach. You can even customize the information it extracts based on your unique needs.

Overall, useArtemis is an invaluable tool to maximize productivity and accelerate the growth of your sales pipeline. With the headache of piecing together contact information out of the way, sales and marketing teams can save significant time.

Easy-to-use interface: You’ll find that useArtemis lives up to its name by making prospecting as effortless as if the Greek goddess of the hunt were guiding it herself. Its intuitive and uncluttered design lets you obtain accurate prospect details with just a few clicks.

The clean layout places your contacts front and center without distractions. Meanwhile, navigation options are clearly labeled so you can zero in on prospects and accounts as efficiently as Artemis draws back her bow.

For at-a-glance analysis, there are clutter-free reports on the metrics that matter most for actionable insights. Like a hunter’s keen eye, useArtemis picks out the telling details and displays them in a crisp, readable way.

Fast and accurate lead generation: Generating leads is crucial for sales, but sifting through outdated or inaccurate data wastes time and effort. With useArtemis, finding relevant leads is fast, focused, and frustration-free.

The comprehensive search filters help you narrow down thousands of prospects to the most qualified leads for your outreach. You can specify the company size, industry, job titles, technologies used, and more to pinpoint relevant targets.

The useArtemis platform also verifies data in real time so you can connect with the right people and receive fewer bounced email notifications. The system also checks contact info across sources, so you can trust you’re emailing and calling the proper decision-makers.

LinkedIn scraping tool: Many sales and marketing professionals struggle to build targeted lead lists, and manually searching LinkedIn to locate contact information is tedious and time-consuming. That’s why useArtemis has a LinkedIn scraping tool for quick and easy extraction of lead data right from LinkedIn search results.

In just a few clicks, you can scrape an entire page of LinkedIn profiles. The tool neatly organizes and exports the name, job title, company, location, and URL for every search result. This allows you to compile a clean, accurate list of leads in seconds rather than hours.

List of contacts for a LinkedIn import into useArtemis interface.

The tool works for both basic LinkedIn and premium Sales Navigator accounts, so no matter your access level, you can leverage useArtemis to build targeted lead lists with minimal manual effort.

Any sales or marketing pro looking to maximize their LinkedIn prospecting can benefit from the useArtemis scraping tools. It’s one of the quickest and most efficient ways to gather quality leads from LinkedIn, freeing you up for higher-value sales activities.

Wide range of lead enrichment tools: Finding the right email address or phone number can be the make-or-break difference between connecting with your ideal prospects and losing them in the void. With just a few clicks, useArtemis can take your basic contact list and enrich it with the details you need to turn cold prospects into more promising leads.

If you have a pre-existing CSV file full of names and companies, you can upload it and let useArtemis work its magic. Its bulk email finder will comb through top sources to locate professional email addresses and direct dial phone numbers related to your list. Before you know it, your barebones lead list will be populated with actionable contact info.

If you want to supplement your research with details from LinkedIn, the LinkedIn Revealer tool can automatically search for contact info as you browse profiles.

The best part? One-click automatic enrichment makes updating your data easy every time. Once you’ve exported your newly enriched lead list from useArtemis, you can rinse and repeat the process to find fresh contacts for your next campaign.

Multichannel outreach campaigns: The useArtemis platform intelligently helps you automate outreach at scale while sending personalized messages to each prospect.

With conditional sequencing, you can create automated workflows tailored to how prospects engage with each message. For unresponsive leads, the platform gets progressively less intrusive to prevent you from becoming that annoying sales rep. Meanwhile, for engaged prospects, timely and relevant follow-ups take care of your drip campaigning.

Outreach campaign workflow steps with multiple delays and a condition in the steps.

Similarly, useArtemis offers AI-powered message personalization, so you’ll no longer have to reuse copy-pasted templates to make each message resonate like you handcrafted it yourself.

Sending targeted messages at scale also builds brand awareness and gets meetings booked faster than manual outreach ever could. Plus, with detailed analytics, you can see what messages convert best.

useArtemis’ Potential Drawbacks

Limited outside of LinkedIn: While the useArtemis tool excels at scraping prospects from LinkedIn, you’ll quickly realize that it has limited usefulness beyond that. Thus, if your business values connections with leads on other platforms like Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, useArtemis won’t be quite as handy.

Of course, you can always enrich leads by uploading CSV files. Still, for businesses not laser-focused on LinkedIn, other tools may provide cross-channel lead intelligence to suit their needs better.

Inconsistent customer support: In our experience with useArtemis, the customer support experience was hit or miss. Sometimes the support team would swoop in with prompt and thoughtful solutions to our issues, but at other times we felt like we were left stranded at sea.

The response times for our support requests varied wildly—from rapid-fire replies within minutes to radio silence for days. We often found ourselves checking and rechecking our spam inboxes just in case we missed something.

Chat support window on the useArtemis site.

In addition to reliability, the depth of the support we received fluctuated as well. Sometimes the agents would dive deep into the intricacies of our account, but other times we received boilerplate responses that didn’t address our specific concerns.

If having a steady hand to guide you through the stormy waters of lead gen is a priority, you may want to consider alternatives with more anchored customer service before hopping aboard the useArtemis ship.

Software bugs: When we first started using useArtemis, the software looked to provide an ingenious way of finding and extracting key prospect data.

However, our enthusiasm dimmed as we began encountering bugs. Crucial information would randomly not display, and many dropdown menus were spontaneously unresponsive.

These issues impeded our workflows and hampered productivity.

While useArtemis is still a fledgling product, your patience may wear thin.

To its credit, the useArtemis team was apologetic in response to the bugs we encountered, and these glitches will most likely subside as useArtemis matures. If so, the tool shows a lot of potential.

useArtemis Plans and Pricing

In general, useArtemis is cost-efficient and provides a generous amount of leads compared to similar lead intelligence software.

On top of a 14-day free trial, access to useArtemis comes in four different plans:

  • Starter
  • Plus
  • Pro
  • Enterprise
Four plan options with prices for useArtemis.


The Starter plan can either be billed monthly at $49 per user per month or annually at $39 per user per month if you want to lock in some upfront savings. This plan comes with 2,000 enrichment credits to augment your prospect data with key details like direct dials, email addresses, and seniority levels.

For small teams that need accurate data fast, the Starter plan delivers. A total of four campaigns can be run at once so you can segment and target your prospects in a personalized way that resonates.

Overall, the Starter plan offers a good balance of features and affordability for lean sales teams ready to scale up. The key is those enrichment credits—better data means better conversations and faster deals for your growing business.


The Plus plan is billed either monthly at $99 per user or annually at a discounted $79 per user per month.

This plan comes with everything the Starter tier has—only now you’ll have 7,000 enrichment credits instead of 2,000. You’ll also be able to run up to six simultaneous campaigns, so you can easily segment and target different regions or groups with specific products and services.

Another benefit of the Plus tier is the introduction of personalized LinkedIn invites powered by AI, which handles the tedious task of writing custom messages for each prospect.

By combining a more generous offering of enrichment credits, ample campaigns, and AI-powered invites, the Plus plan gives growing teams a viable data prospector and outreach engine.


With the Pro plan, you can pay either monthly at $129 per user or annually at $109 per user per month. Either way, this plan is perfect for growing businesses who want to scale their outreach efforts, as it offers a very generous 35,000 enrichment credits.

Just like the Plus tier, Pro includes the AI tool for LinkedIn invites. Unlike the Plus tier, however, the Pro plan makes it super easy to cast a wider net—letting you manage up to 15 active campaigns at once.

The bottom line is that the Pro plan brings serious firepower for established businesses looking to scale their sales and marketing efforts. You’ll get the data you need to find and engage prospects quickly, the tools to juggle multiple campaigns with ease, and the automation to accelerate previously manual tasks.

Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise plan is useArtemis’ top offering, designed for large organizations that need unlimited enrichment capabilities.

One of the biggest differences with the Enterprise plan is that it can only be billed monthly, and the price starts at $299 per user per month. For specific pricing for your business, you’ll have to get in touch with the sales team at useArtemis.

In return for the monthly price, your business gets maximum flexibility as your usage scales up and down—the Enterprise plan allows for unlimited usage each month.

Speaking of unlimited, you get unrestricted access to all of useArtemis’ cutting-edge enrichment capabilities with no allotment of credits to worry about.

That said, there is a limit to the number of concurrent campaigns you can run with the Enterprise plan, which is 50.

That may sound like a lot for a small team to manage, which is why the Enterprise plan also adds multiple seats and powerful team management capabilities so you can control access and user permissions.

Altogether, the Enterprise Plan is a perfect choice if you want maximum enrichment capabilities and the flexibility to manage user permissions. For large sales and marketing teams, it’s an invaluable tool to enrich all of your data and get accurate contact information for your prospects.

Final Thoughts

useArtemis is a promising lead generation tool that provides fast and accurate lead generation with an easy-to-use interface at a competitive price point. Its unique prospecting tools make it easy for businesses to connect with prospects, especially through LinkedIn.

For businesses that primarily use social media platforms other than LinkedIn to source leads, it may not be the best choice. Otherwise, provided you can put up with the occasional bug, useArtemis makes prospecting feel effortless—letting you focus on connecting with potential customers rather than wrestling with your tools.

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