PostcardMania Review

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Social media marketing agencies are everywhere these days. You’d be hard-pressed to throw a digital rock and not hit one. Still, every once in a while you come across something unique—like a marketing company that mails out physical postcards to strategically targeted neighborhoods.

Say hello to PostcardMania.

Yep, we were surprised that sending postcards could be a viable marketing strategy in our current digital age, too, but hundreds of positive reviews on Trustpilot and over 1,000 ratings left on the PostcardMania site suggest that regular ol’ mail marketing is still alive and well. And believe it or not, the campaigns seem to be working.

PostcardMania does a lot more than just mail postcards and brochures for you, however. In fact, you can get all kinds of help with digital marketing, graphic design, and web development to go along with your direct mail campaigns.

If you’re a small business looking to get a leg up on the competition, PostcardMania can be a one-stop shop for you to reach more customers online, on social media, and in their mailboxes.

PostcardMania logo for Crazy Egg PostcardMania review.

PostcardMania: The Good and the Bad

First things first, PostcardMania seems a little hectic, like there’s too much being offered all at once. Of course, many business owners will love that they can find nearly 50 marketing products and services in one place, but for first-time visitors it can be overwhelming.

Second, the website experience and PostcardMania’s customer service staff are overtly sales-oriented, and although that makes sense when you’re selling to other businesses, there’s upsides and downsides to any system that requires visitors to request a quote or hop on a call with a sales rep before being able to purchase a product or service.

What PostcardMania Is Good At

Impressive marketing options: Though the name might suggest that it’s all about mailing postcards, PostcardMania offers a comprehensive suite of marketing services that extends far beyond that. It’s truly a full-service marketing company, equipped to handle everything from creative advice to blog design, email marketing, and multi-channel advertising campaigns.

Rather than outsourcing different aspects of the marketing package, PostcardMania handles everything with in-house teams. This allows for seamless coordination across services and campaigns.

The graphic design team can develop eye-catching brand assets like logos, web graphics, packaging, signage, and more. For online efforts, PostcardMania provides services such as SEO optimization, PPC (pay per click) ad management, drip marketing, and lead capture testing.

With this diverse range of in-house skills and capabilities, PostcardMania can execute full-scope marketing campaigns that leverage both print and digital channels. Rather than just direct mail, they deliver multi-channel strategies encompassing creative design, production, and execution.

Four services provided by PostcardMania.

Long-time expertise: With over two decades of industry experience, PostcardMania is a true veteran in helping small businesses generate leads and sales. It was the first company to provide a complete suite of direct mail marketing services all under one roof.

Today, PostcardMania has served over 100,000 customers and businesses, constantly testing and evolving with marketing best practices to determine what creative strategies work best. The company taps into responsive mailing lists to reach qualified prospects, and it experiments with mailing volumes and frequencies to find the optimal rate of return.

With this wealth of hands-on experience, small businesses can be confident they’re getting strong, industry-leading guidance and services from seasoned experts.

Diversity of print products: Beyond just postcards, PostcardMania’s print production services also include brochures, sales sheets, door hangers, banners, and many other promotional materials. This empowers businesses with tons of options for executing cross-channel marketing that’s not bound to any singular medium.

The vast product variety is not just a spray and pray tactic either. Targeted mailing lists can be sourced to reach your ideal demographics, and end-to-end mailing services can handle addressing, sorting, postage, and delivery.

Business owners can also take care of other printing services with custom letterheads, envelopes, business cards, pocket folders, door hangers, flyers, holiday cards, and there’s still a whole lot more.

For example, you can get snap-pack mailers that cleverly stand out like urgent notices to boost open rates, and you can eliminate response friction with business reply cards that gather leads and feedback—so clearly it’s not just postcards.

List of prices for various products including postcards, rack cards, and business cards.

Bulk savings: PostcardMania’s integrated bulk printing and mailing services provide significant savings of both time and cost for direct mail campaigns.

You can take advantage of discounted USPS bulk mailing rates from $0.09 to $0.12 per piece below standard public pricing, including optimized discounts for size options like 4.25 x 6 inches, 5 x 7 inches, and 6 x 9 inches.

By handling the logistics in-house, PostcardMania eliminates the need for clients to navigate complex USPS rate tables and compliance themselves. This also removes the labor involved in sorting, bundling, traying, bagging, and manifesting for bulk mail approval, so clients can avoid that operational hassle.

For on-time deliveries, PostcardMania even selects the ideal rate class based on each campaign’s card size, budget, and timeline. You truly don’t have to do much, just sit back and let the existing infrastructure provide you with built-in cost advantages from start to finish.

Custom design services: PostcardMania eliminates the creative burden by providing custom products tailored to each client’s brand and campaign goals.

The team of graphic designers follows a proven, 12-point checklist focused on high-response elements such as bold headlines, vibrant colors, compelling imagery, special offers, clear calls-to-action, and more. This formula optimizes engagement and conversions.

Rather than generic templates, PostcardMania crafts bespoke designs aligned to your specific offerings, voice, and target audience. From first draft to final approval, the team handles the entire creation process—and you can ask for unlimited artwork revisions until you’re fully satisfied.

Turnaround times for design services are fast, too. Simple designs can be completed in just one or two days. More complex projects take three to four days. And for urgent timelines, expedited services are available for even tighter deadlines.

By providing fast, customized designs guided by data-backed principles, PostcardMania removes the creative burden and sets campaigns up for maximum impact right out of the gate.

List of 12 graphic design elements.

Hands-off, interconnected services: PostcardMania takes the work out of putting together a direct mail campaign by offering a full suite of integrated services to do it all for you. For small businesses owners, this can be an effective way to add leads without diverting focus from running core business operations.

For customer acquisition, PostcardMania can send customized postcards to your website visitors for timely follow-ups so you don’t lose touch with prospective customers. To recover shoppers who leave items mid-checkout, direct mail postcards can give cart abandoners a personalized nudge to complete their purchases.

Already have your own customer mailing list? PostcardMania can seamlessly mail your existing contacts, and national change of address updates are included.

For businesses with common local services such as food delivery, salons, gyms, and car repairs, PostcardMania suggests its Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) service to hit an entire mail carrier route with postcards for a discounted rate of $0.20 per piece.

Other specialized campaigns include automatic birthday mailers and automatic welcome postcards for freshly moved-in residents, both for $0.81 per piece, with printing and mailing included. And for nonprofits, the bulk mailing rate varies from $0.15 to $0.55 depending on what type of product you mail out.

With this suite of capabilities, PostcardMania removes all direct mail complexities so you can focus on your business without having to deal with mailing strategy and logistics.

Modern upgrades: PostcardMania offers several direct mail upgrades to amplify campaign response and provide enhanced analytics. These value-added services connect the old and the new to increase engagement and convert more customers.

For example, for $49 you can add QR codes to any postcard campaign so that recipients can access your offers and landing pages instantly by using their smartphone cameras, and there’s even built-in campaign tracking that shows you who scanned the code so you can plan targeted follow-ups.

Another interesting upgrade is informed delivery, which sends recipients an email preview of what they’ll be receiving in the mail from you that day, allowing you to drive traffic before it even arrives. This one costs $0.02 per card, with a $50 minimum.

With other add-ons that include things like Google Street View images, magnetic strips for postcards to go on refrigerators, and scratch-off elements for an interactive experience, PostcardMania’s upgraded campaigns enable you to engage audiences in creative ways that spark action.

Ten different upgrades listed for direct mail with an advertisement for 1000 free postcards.

PostcardMania’s Potential Drawbacks

Overloaded offering: If you’re looking for a simple, straightforward marketing plan or solution, you may need to look elsewhere. With nearly 50 different products and services, PostcardMania presents an overwhelming amount of choice and an underwhelming amount of direction. This can be problematic for companies looking for a streamlined marketing package that they can simply buy and execute.

Instead, PostcardMania offers an abundance of mix-and-match options that make it hard to know where to start. After that, tacking on upgrades and add-ons across several of its service categories creates an a la carte pricing structure that can get complex fast. Without simplifying the offerings and consolidating upgrades, PostcardMania leaves you with a buying experience that might induce analysis paralysis and decision fatigue.

Undisclosed pricings: One of the biggest issues we encountered with PostcardMania is the lack of clear pricing for many of its services, especially its marketing packages. Not all users are comfortable with being forced to make a phone call just to know the price of something, so many visitors may not get through the first door.

It’s common practice for most B2B companies to post their product pricing tiers clearly on their websites so that people can compare it with competitors as well as their own budgets. PostcardMania, however, keeps everything behind a metaphorical curtain, waiting for you to make a mixed-metaphorical “curtain call” with a sales rep to get any useful information.

Even then, at least in our experience, the customer service representative may refuse to disclose pricing for the advertised marketing packages up front, claiming that many factors determine the costs. It’s certainly understandable that every project is slightly different and requires a custom bundle with a custom price, but it would probably do more help than harm to disclose some kind of average price so that people can at least get a sense of what they’re dealing with before potentially wasting their time.

Website feels spammy: Just about every single user journey on the PostcardMania website ends with you being asked to enter your email or call the 1-800 number to get started. There seems to be no product that you can set up and buy directly from the site, and there are no tools for previewing what any of your physical products might look like if you used the service. This can be a bit of a turnoff for many visitors.

To make things worse, once you’ve bypassed the free samples buttons and pop-ups that offer 1,000 free postcards, you might be thinking that the Get Started For Free button might lead you to a genuine product-building page. Not the case.

Instead, you’re met with two or three consecutive pop-ups offering you a free $50 voucher if you enter your phone number, a free marketing kit if you enter your physical address, and an invitation to chat online with a representative—all before finally landing on a pop-up that asks you to call the 1-800 number yet again.

Pop up window for $50 off any every door direct mail campaign when you enter your business email.

This persistent sales push happens all across the site, and many visitors may view it as distracting at its best, and disingenuous at its worst.

Additionally, when we filled out the Get Started form to request free samples, we received an email from a PostcardMania marketing consultant with a “call me” subject line and a body of text that made no mention of the free samples whatsoever. This felt misleading, like a tactic meant for gathering email contact info and nothing else.

Example email from PostcardMania marketing consultant with call me as subject line.

One caveat is that there is in fact a way for you to upload your design files to the PostcardMania website, however you have to add all of your contact information as well, so it’s more for those who have already placed orders, if not another way to gain all of your information for sales pitches.

Of course, for businesses who call the number straight away, these problems may never come up, and they don’t have much to do with the actual end products being sold. For others, however, the aggressive approach to sales may leave them so uncomfortable that they never try the products in the first place.

PostcardMania Plans and Pricing

PostcardMania offers a lot of services, many with clear prices, some without. For the prices that are available online, PostcardMania’s pricing structure is designed to be affordable for small businesses while still offering a variety of features and services to help them create and execute effective marketing campaigns. For any other service, you’ll have to call to find out the price for your particular case.

Information on how much it costs to print postcards with a bright green background with money.

Print Products

The PostcardMania website lists different prices for the same products on its Postcard Printing page and its Price page.

For example, standard 4.25 x 6 inch postcards start at just $0.05 per piece for high volumes and $0.12 or $0.13 for low volumes depending on which page of the site you’re on. The jumbo 6 x 8.5 inch postcards start at $0.10 per piece for high volumes and $0.24 or $0.26 for low volumes.

You’ll find similarly staggered prices for all of the remaining print products, from colossal postcards and folding brochures to door hangers and business reply cards.

Snap-pack mailers start at just $0.06 each including printing, folding, gluing, and perforating. Bulk postage for these is said to be around $0.21 to $0.26 per piece on top of the initial cost.

Yellow handwritten sales letters create a personalized look, though pricing for these requires a personalized phone call or email.

Direct Mailing Services

When PostcardMania handles addressing and mailing 4.25 x 6 inch postcards, rates are around $0.36 to $0.36 per piece. The addressing and presorting service costs just $0.07 per card.

PostcardMania doesn’t list a price for its website to mailbox service, but calls it “surprisingly affordable.” The same can be said for its mailing list services, for which it suggests a cost of “just a few pennies a record.”

For graphic design services with unlimited revisions, PostcardMania charges a flat fee. Its website does not disclose what that fee is.

Direct Mail Upgrades

Many of PostcardMania’s advanced add-ons have prices listed on the individual upgrade pages. For example, QR codes can be added to any campaign for just $49 flat, and informed delivery previews cost $0.02 per card, with a $50 minimum.

Additionally, personalized postcards with recipient-specific info start at $0.14 per card, and you can have Google Street View images added to postcards for as low as $0.05 per card depending on order size. Mail tracking codes are just $0.01 per piece, postcard magnets start at $0.10 per magnet, and scratch-offs postcards are less than $0.10 per card.

For other upgrades, the pricing is not as clear. Adding sticky notes to your mailers, for instance, costs “just a few cents more per piece,” and the call tracking system add-on costs “a very small monthly fee,” saying that, “It’s practically free!”

Automatic Mail Campaigns

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) lets you saturate a carrier route for $0.20 per piece, though there’s a minimum of 200 pieces and it must completely cover one full carrier route. There’s also a maximum of 5,000 pieces per day.

For printing and mailing of welcome postcards for newly moved-in residents, prices start at $0.89 per piece. Automatic birthday mailers start at just $0.81 per piece, and for nonprofit mailings, USPS postage rates range between $0.15 and $0.55 per piece depending on the type of mailer.

Web Development

PostcardMania’s standard website design package is $795 and includes a professional and SEO-friendly design, a generic marketing component for converting visitors to customers, professional copywriting, and “flawless” programming.

Custom blog design and integration begins at just $650. Discounts apply when added to an existing site order.

PostcardMania offers a lead capture tool for $149 to set up and then $49 per month to manage and optimize via A/B testing. You can also add an automated follow-up email campaign to this, which PostcardMania says happens behind the scenes, but the price for this happens behind the scenes as well.

Individual landing page designs are available for $300, and logo design services are available for $975 per pack of 10 design concepts with unlimited revisions.

Digital Marketing

PostcardMania has an assortment of digital marketing offerings, such as follow-up ad campaigns through Google, targeted newsletters, and drip email services. It’s not clear how much these cost without calling for quotes.

The service for local SEO, however, begins at $995 per month, and pay-per-click management starts at $800 per month, and is based on campaign complexity.

Additionally, PostcardMania offers a few bundles and packages.

The Everywhere Small Business bundle takes every person who visits your website through your direct mail campaign and funnels them into an automated targeting system for ads via Google, Facebook, and Instagram. It also comes with a free QR code add-on for your mailer, a free landing page for your website, and a unique phone number that tracks and redirects calls for your business.

PostcardMania doesn’t list any standard or average prices for this bundle, though it does call it “ridiculously inexpensive.”

Pricing screen on PostcardMania site.

In order to add YouTube ads, Gmail ads, browsed content targeting, visited-locations targeting, and free informed delivery, you can upgrade to the Everywhere Small Business Platinum bundle. In order to get a price for this bundle, there’s a 1-800 number you can call.

Finally, PostcardMania offers three digital marketing packages, including a “Brand New Business” package, a “Ready for a Boost” package, and a “Next Level Results” package.

Each of these packages come with a variety of relevant services tailored for each one, such as a new website, custom logo, and social media account setups for the Brand New Business package. The Ready for a Boost package comes with a new website, a lead conversion tool, and an automated email follow up campaign, while the Next Level Results package comes with landing pages, pay-per-click advertising on Google and Facebook, social media management, and SEO services.

Three packages offered by PostcardMania.

All three of these packages also come with a direct mail campaign with online follow-up tracking and results, though none of them come with pricing information other than a suggested 15 to 25 percent savings with an unclear anchor point—though the assumption is it’s a savings on the individually listed services added up.

Final Thoughts

PostcardMania has been in the marketing industry for over 22 years and has helped thousands of businesses across various industries achieve their marketing goals. With a team of experts who are passionate about what they do, PostcardMania has earned a reputation as a trusted partner in the marketing space.

Despite its name, PostcardMania covers a wide range of services and should be viewed as a one-stop shop for comprehensive marketing solutions. After all, most of the drawbacks we found were about the company’s website and its approach to make sales rather than the quality of its products and services.

Thus, if you’re a small business owner looking for a multi-dimensional marketing platform that also includes direct mail products, you may find exactly what you’re looking for with PostcardMania—just as long as you’re okay to jump on a call to get started.

That said, you might want to make sure your inboxes—and mailboxes—are ready either way.

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