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LeadSquared is a sales execution platform that helps businesses capture, cultivate, and retain leads. Supported by a built-in customer relationship management (CRM) suite and marketing automation tools. LeadSquared’s tools are designed to help streamline the process of acquiring leads and turning them into dedicated customers. So, how does LeadSquared stack up? In this review, we’ll explore the pros and cons of this popular software. 

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LeadSquared: The Good and the Bad 

LeadSquared offers so many different ways to organize and track sales information that the software can become overwhelming. But, if you’re willing to put in the time to learn the ropes of this powerhouse software, you’ll benefit from exceptional insight and organization. Here’s what we love about LeadSquared—and where we think it could improve.

What LeadSquared Is Good At 

LeadSquared excels at helping companies organize data about their leads and customers. We love its advanced reports, notifications, and highly customizable interface. The competitive pricing doesn’t hurt, either!

Organization: As a software service that helps manage thousands of leads, LeadSquared does wonders for keeping tabs on everyone in your pipelines. In the customer reviews that we studied, users praised the many facets of organization that LeadSquared offers. From segmenting leads into different stages to tracking customer communication, LeadSquared makes it easy to stay on top of an enormous amount of information.

This is especially important when lead information gets transferred from one person to another. With LeadSquared, the lead’s journey is captured from beginning to end. When your employees join a project already in progress for a certain lead, they’ll be able to get up to speed within minutes with all the key information at their fingertips. 

Visibility: With LeadSquared, you can get detailed reports on just about anything in your database. Track field sales, gain insights, analyze customers, and create administrative reports—LeadSquared can summarize and present information in dozens of ways. With a few clicks and a quick analysis of a report, you gain valuable insights into your company and the health of your sales efforts.

Get reports generated for both your sales and marketing analytics. The former is supported by LeadSquared’s powerful platform, SIERA, which lets you pull reports in minutes using templates or create custom reports that present any data you need. SIERA is also potent enough to synthesize massive amounts of information, so you’ll never be waiting on the software to generate insights you want to see.

Wide-ranging automations: LeadSquared is versatile software that lets you customize a lot, including workflows, dashboards, and notifications. You should expect that from a powerful sales management platform, but that versatility extends to what you can automate within the platform, too.

Set rules that assign new leads to the right salespeople, make sure notifications happen automatically by making events trigger an alert for someone within your team, put aspects of your pipeline on autopilot by automating hand-offs in the customer journey, and a whole lot more. You can make automations as specific as you need to fit your processes and get really granular with them, such as marking missed calls as specific leads that automatically get assigned to the right reps.

Unique use cases: All of the above are qualities and features you likely expect, to some degree, from a sales empowerment platform. But LeadSquared has a lot of unique features that can make it particularly appealing and functional for some businesses.

Lending companies and other financial services can tap into the LeadSquared CRM’s capability to help with debt collection and borrower management. They’ll also love the built-in know your customer (KYC) verification that can be done in the software via video or biometrics. Meanwhile, field service organizations can leverage a broad array of features for managing field work, tracking workers, and field work-specific automations.

Pricing: When compared with competitors in the CRM and sales empowerment marketplace, LeadSquared is surprisingly affordable. We’ll get into the details of pricing soon enough, but the fact that you can get their Sales Execution CRM for as little as $25 a month per user is a huge check in the win column for LeadSquared. 

Essentially, you can get access to an enterprise-grade sales solution at a price that’s cheap enough for some smaller teams and organizations to stomach. The Marketing Automation module isn’t nearly as accessible in terms of price point (starting at $400 per month) and the field service suite of features is custom-priced, but the low starting price of LeadSquared’s sales-centric features is still a key benefit.

What LeadSquared Is Lacking 

LeadSquared is a platform for ambitious sales, marketing, and operations teams, which means some customers may find it challenging to use at first. There are also some other drawbacks that we noticed were brought up often in real user reviews. Let’s dive into some factors to carefully keep in mind when considering LeadSquared.

Easy integrations: Even though LeadSquared touts its ability to integrate with platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook Ads, BigCommerce, BotPenguin, and other helpful tools, these integrations aren’t as intuitive as you might be accustomed to. Whereas other platforms provide one-click sync that immediately connects platforms together, LeadSquared’s integrations all require you to contact the partner in order to get the ball rolling.

That means it’s unlikely that you can instantly implement a connection between, say, LeadSquared and your email platform. It also means you may end up having to pay extra in order to use these integrations. And, even when you do spring for these add-ons, you might get frustrated when you try to connect the third-party apps. Many of the reviews we studied complained about failed integrations and other connectivity issues. 

Streamlined setup process: Once you figure LeadSquared out, it’s pretty smooth sailing. Automations, sequences, pipelines, and more can all be custom-built without using any code or a complex builder. But, you’ll have to work your way through high winds and 10-foot waves first because learning LeadSquared at the outset is often a challenge for users. 

There’s always a trade-off between power and ease-of-use in software, but we still think LeadSquared could make its initial implementation and setup more intuitive. You can utilize the how-to guides and webinars they provide for new users, but be prepared to set aside plenty of time to read through long articles, watch videos, and generally learn the software.

Customer service: While LeadSquared does offer customer support via email and phone, reviewers have largely found it lacking. Since the software is already complex to learn in the first place, a robust customer support team would be a big asset to the company and its users. Unfortunately, at the time of this writing, it can take up to 24 hours for a customer service rep from LeadSquared to return a call or reply to an urgent support ticket, unless you have a dedicated account manager (only available on their most expensive plans).

LeadSquared Pricing & Options

LeadSquared offers three core products: its Sales Execution CRM, its Marketing Automation platform, and its Field Force Automation module. Let’s dive into what each of these do and what each of these might cost you to use.

LeadSquared Sales Execution CRM

LeadSquared’s sales empowerment platform is the premier product from the company. Streamline the journey from prospect to customer—not only on your end but also on your prospective client’s end. 

There are three plans to pick from, with each delivering more key features. The entry-level Lite plan offers essential lead management tools like lead tracking, qualification, and scoring, plus basic sales management, sales communication, and mobile CRM tools. This plan costs $25 per month per user, billed annually.

The next tier up, Pro, gives you everything in Lite along with email campaign features, advanced lead management, broader customization of the platform, and advanced sales management. Think lead distribution, roles-based access, and sales performance reports. Each user will pay $50 per month for this plan. 

The Super plan gives you everything in Pro and then some. This is where you can really tap into the automation tools LeadSquared is known for, such as communication automation and sales automations. Along with these, you’ll also get advanced reports, permission templates, and advanced lead distribution features. This plan costs $100 per month per user.

LeadSquared Sales Execution CRM works well for companies of all sizes, but it’s accessible and affordable enough for SMBs who don’t need marketing automation for thousands of leads. 

LeadSquared Marketing Automation 

LeadSquared began its journey in the early 2010s as a marketing automation software, and this product is still its meat and potatoes. LeadSquared Marketing Automation puts tasks on autopilot that would normally become overwhelming when you have hundreds or thousands of leads.

Plans break out the same way as their CRM. It begins with an entry-level plan that delivers the essentials, from responsive landing pages and SMS campaigns to conversation tracking and a visual workflow builder. Manage up to 10,000 contacts for $400 a month, billed annually. 

The Standard plan supports up to 50,000 contacts and adds CRM integration, forms, processes, lead scoring, ad retargeting, webhooks, advanced reports, and more to what you get in the previous plan. This plan will run you a flat rate of $1,200 a month, billed annually.

Then, there’s the Enterprise plan. This lets you manage up to 200,000 contacts and is the first Marketing Automation plan to deliver split testing, developer support, custom reports, and a dedicated account manager from LeadSquared. You’ll pay an annual rate that averages out to $2,500 per month for this plan.

This isn’t usually in the price range for smaller businesses, but ambitious or established ones can really benefit from this combined with the Sales Execution CRM to gain masterful control over all facets of their customer recruitment and engagement.

LeadSquared Field Force Automation 

LeadSquared’s Field Force Automation module makes life easier for teams that send reps, agents, or service providers to job sites. You get a mobile workspace that functions in both offline and online mode that helps you manage team members, send them to job sites or appointments, and track the progress of work without losing the ability to enter lead information into the software. 

Your field reps will essentially be carrying your company’s onboarding software with them wherever they go. Meanwhile, GPS tracking and geofencing help give you peace of mind that your team is staying on track and going where they’re supposed to.

LeadSquared Force Field Automation lead details info boxes.

Field workers are also able to log meetings, collect payments, create custom quotes, and place orders from wherever they are. 

We were impressed with the attention to detail LeadSquared gives to this product. With Field Force Automation, your in-the-field team members get to carry an end-to-end lead generation and nurturing tool in their pocket wherever they go. 

To receive pricing information for the Field Force Automation software, you’ll need to reach out to the LeadSquared sales team.


LeadSquared takes time to learn, but it’s worth the effort. It’s an affordable yet powerful suite of sales, operations, and marketing solutions, led by a CRM that helps you organize mountains of data into manageable bites. 

And, with its sophisticated automations, you’ll find yourself doing way less busy work and making more moves that help spur your company’s growth. From small real estate agencies to giant hospitals, businesses of any size can benefit from LeadSquared.

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